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  1. Charity

    Server Upgrade

    I add my thanks as well to everyone mentioned above. GSC posters showed me the damaging lie of twi's "absent Christ" doctrine and the enlightening truth of having a present and personal Christ with me 24/7. There's a lot of other great stuff, but this is the biggest and bestest ( ) ever.
  2. Thank you Chockfull for bringing up "inherit the wind" (which I just found out is from Prov 11:29) and Oldiesman for the clip from the movie. I looked it up as well and learned the main theme of Inherit the Wind is freedom of speech. In the play, freedom of speech is closely related to freedom of thought. More interesting themes were listed in this website. https://www.litcharts.com/lit/inherit-the-wind/themes
  3. This may be a silly question but why wouldn't or couldn't they have just sold everything and split the money how ever many ways and move on? Did they really think they could build up twi to make it the golden goose that it was in the 70's and 80's.
  4. "Time to come home is a strategic plan to reach out to individuals who once fellowshipped with The Way Ministry, but, for whatever reason, currently do not." This "strategic plan" of twi is a pathetic and deceitful lie to tempt people to return to the dog's vomit whereas Jeremiah 29:11 speaks the truth, "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." I think the song below also speaks of what it truly means to come home for anyone who is missing loving fellowship. ("come home" is in the chorus )
  5. That's the real kicker in this. It's like their way of saying, "If what you're saying about vp, lcm and twi are true, let's just pretend what they did never happened." or "What you're saying about vp, lcm and twi is not true and never have been true, but we'll pretend you never said it (yeah right) and we graciously invite you back." And the egotism lives on...
  6. Hmm - let me see, I get to - lack nothing - lie down in green pastures - be lead beside the still waters - have my soul restored - be lead in the paths of righteousness - walk through the valley of the shadow of death without having fear of evil - be comforted by his rod and his staff - sit at a table prepared for me in the presence of mine enemies - have my head anointed with oil - have my cup running over - assuredly have goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life - (last but not least) dwell in the house of the LORD forever. I think you're right T-Bone - this does describe the more abundant life . Hand me the green card where I can sign up for all this .
  7. Strange how some things change - I used to pity the ones who didn’t but they were the smart ones after all.
  8. Being introspective would definitely be a two-edged sword for the corps - all that criticism causing you to look inside your thoughts and feelings and see nothing but sin and weaknesses would cause anyone to loathe themselves plus with Christ being out of the picture - there was no light, truth and love to bring wisdom and inner strength. I know how dark and painful sin-consciousness and self-loathing are and that was just with me pointing all the fingers at myself - coming to know Christ after leaving twi is such deliverance.
  9. I knew about the legalism in twi, but the introspective part is new to me. OldSkool, can you explain how that worked?
  10. Thank you so so much. I used to listen and sing along to the song "Love Child" during my first pregnancy - I haven't heard it in over 40 years. I'm sure it'll be both a joyful and tearful reunion when I listen to it again. Thanks again Stayed Too Long.
  11. No problem Annio. Grieving such a loss over what you missed out on in your relationship with Christ because of twi will be according to your own personal timetable. Check back in if and when you want - the best thing I learned from being on GSC was that I'm not alone and neither are you.
  12. Thanks OldSkool - you brought up so many poignant points and truths about twi and their hold on people. One can see from your post how great our deliverance was once leaving this cult.
  13. I really like how you spoke about the ocean. Being in or nearby any body of water has been a soothing place for me. Your connecting it to what truth is was notable. And that's why I find it a problem being too focused on just one thing like a Bible class (pfal) or what one person says about the Bible (collaterals) or in looking at scriptures through the lens of what one man taught (vp) - it is so confining when one truly wants to understand how immense God is.
  14. By the words Mike used above, I think he is believing that we have problems with a certain devil spirit. OldSkool mentioned something to this effect in a recent post of his. I once stumbled across an old thread titled Are Grease Spotters "Possessed?" There were some pretty humorous comments I enjoyed reading.
  15. I agree with So_Crates when he said "Here's a wild idea: why don't YOU become meek and I'll tell you about all the fruit in my life since I stopped making PLAF the center of my life." There have been so many testimonies from posters of how their lives have improved spiritually, mentally, financially, etc. after leaving and recovering from twi. Either you are skipping over them because they make you feel too uncomfortable or you can't allow yourself to believe they're true - and maybe there are other unknown reasons for your doing so. The point is that although you may miss the impact of their testimonies, many others like myself, did not.
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