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  1. It also has a very stong pungent taste, that even smothered in butter, won’t mask.
  2. BecomingMe I can only imagine the trauma you have gone through, and continue to deal with in your life. And the fortitude and strength it had to take to finally break from the Way, and especially from your dad. I can only look back at myself after bring M&A and the trauma it dealt to me. However, in retrospect, it does not compare to what you have, and are probably, still experiencing. I hope you still enjoy a loving relationship with your siblings. Whenever I read of posts such as yours, I am so thankful GSC is still here. I seriously do not know what my life would be like if GSC had not been around 20 some years ago. My life was at such a low point, opening my eyes each morning was terrible. All the love I received from other greasers pulled me through it though. (Although some of the political arguments were quite intense, LOL).
  3. BecomingMe said most, if not all of Craig’s followers, are ex-Way folks. That seems so crazy to me, as Craig probably M&A’ed many of them. Why would he want to associate with anyone who would be a grease spot by midnight? And why would the ex-Way people want to be associated with a disgraced preditor? But, since Craig is now included in the grease spot crowd, is it possible he realized he was spewing nothing but BS, and only wanted to instill fear in people if they were contemplating leaving? He must have to wrestle in his mind with all the lies he has told and the lives he has ruined.
  4. I am skeptical of BecomingMe being Craig’s oldest kid. Why has she waited this long to present herself to contribute to this site? Do not know if it is possible to vetify her idemtity? In the past GSC was able to verify that The Way actually posted here in response to a post from JP Wierwille.
  5. The July/August 2022 Way Magazine’s cover declares “We are moving the Word Over the World.” On the inside there is an article entitled, “Word Over The World Report.” Apparently the Prevailing Word is no longer established around the world. https://store.theway.org/store/jul-aug-2022-way-magazine/
  6. I am really taxing my 75 year old memory attempting to recall the names of my branch leaders who died, let alone their bosses, an event that happened over 40 years ago. Neither names presently comes to mind amd probably never will.
  7. I was raised a RC and did everything to be the best young man possible. Went to mass twice a day, being the alter boy at 6:30am low mass, and singing in the choir at the 8:15am high mass. After a number of years realizing all the masses, studying everyday after school, did nothing to make me closer to God. On the contrary, feeling nothing towards God was quite disheartening and led to hating the whole mess, and after graduation, the only time attending mass was at weddings and funerals. However, I did feel God was still important, and when witnessed to at a cafe by a TWI WOW, jumped at the idea to once again do something God wanted me too. I ate PFAL up like a hungary kid. My bible had all the believing and faith markings, and anthing else heard in a tape or from a leader. However, after my branch leader and his wife died in a horrific car accident, and no leader had any intentions of raising them from the dead, but condemned them for missing the revelation God was attempting to give them to avoid the accident, my faith went South. I stuck around for years after that, only because of the fear of becoming a greasespot my midnight overtook me. When I filed for a divorce I was M&A so was forced to leave. Thank goodness I was finally out and able to recover sanity. Being out and able to think for myself, started realizing the only actions I saw about God performing miracles, was in a book written thousands of years ago. Why no parting of water in a lake when people were overtaken in a storm? Why no water being turned into wine, or the hungry getting their meager food multiplied to them? At this point, questioning the bible and God really made sense. I can’t put a label on the kind of unbeliever I am, but have determined God, Santa Clause, and the Easter Bunny are in the same class. I believe there is some kind of supernatural powers, but don’t believe anyone of them will ever be my savior. Like Sam Harris said, being an atheist allows me to expand my knowledge of life. I cannot explain it all for sure, but can study things I do not understand.
  8. Not only do some religious people refuse medical treatment, but also purists of herbal treatments do too. That is partially why Steve Jobs died. Here
  9. You can call it a rant or anthing you want. The subject of the thread is comparing god to the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy, and Santa Clause. I set forth my reason for the thread, and anyone can chose to respond to, or ignore it. But don’t expect me to dance around what I said because some cultural context is thrown out as a way justifing belief in something that doesn’t exist.
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