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  1. What a mind picture, A dog pukes and laps it up. Just like sick Fido the dog, an abused person will go back to their abuser. They will look in the mirror and see their swollen face with blackened eyes, and justify the beating they have received. Then, once again, returm to be beaten once sgain. Those sexually abused, because the have been groomed by tneir abuser, will also return for more abuse. They maybe in great pain and hate it, but will go back for more. It seems the only way out is for someone else to assist them. They just do not have the ability to completely do it on their own. Another person has to remove Fido from the vomit, or it will keep on eating their sickness. Equally true are humans who are being abused; someone, a website, a book must show them they are worth it, and assist get the help they so desperately need.
  2. Rosie reminds me of Napolean in the book, Animal Farm, Napolean convinced all the other animals in the pasture that their recollection of the past was wrong. Only he knew the accurate history of the Farm, so he could change it to meet his narrative, to control them all.
  3. Over half of the Jews did heed the warnings and exited Germany. https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/german-jews-during-the-holocaust
  4. Allen was pointing out there were signs indicating Jews should take heed and flee Germany. WW indicated some did heed the warnings and left Germany. Of course, the Germans were ultimately responsible for what they did to the jews, and the Jews should not ultimately be blamed for Germany’s actions. But if you can see something bad it is going to happen, it is in your best interest to avoid it. For example, if you are driving your car, and see an approaching automobile is exceeding the speed limit, and will blow through the existing stop sign hitting you, it is in your best interest to stop so you will not be hit. You could conclude you have the right of way, and do nothing, resulting in your car being hit, and passengers being injured or killed. You are well within your lawful rights to let the car hit you because the law is on your side. You would be dead right. True, the victim(s) would be in the right to not stop, and allow the offending driver to hit them. But one could argue, had the victims heeded the warning, they would be alive today. Using your logic, it would be improper to even consider the victims could have avoided the accident. .
  5. It is hard to image that those who were marked and avoided this time around, did not see it coming. After all, this is always the only outcome to anyone or group questioning the BOD. Plus, I am sure this round of M&A culprits, had marked and avoided others in the past who questioned leadership’s authority. They should have been able to write the story line, from start to finish, for the outcone of their insurrection. Step by step, all should have known what would happen next. Did they truly belive in their hearts, they would be immune from the crushing hand of the BOD? A possible alternative reason for engaging in such destructive behavior, is each secretly wanted to start their own off shoot, but did not want to just walk away from the Way International. If they did just up and leave, it would be impossible for them to justify such heresy. But, being kicked out for “standing on the word,” they may be able to get a few others, who are also upset with the BOD, to join their ministry. This round of M&A would also save on the payroll. These are pretty high placed people who would save money for the BOD. I remember VPW saying to the effect of, if the Wiereille family did not stand on the word, the ministy would fail. This failure of The Way Ministry happened devades ago.
  6. Who would have wanted her gone and/or would have had the power to oust her?
  7. I read somewhere bread dough could be frozen and unthawed at a later time to be baked. Cleaning out the freezer I found some dough, which could have been in there for months. It did not rise after being unthawed, and did not rise while baking either. It came out of the oven a solid brick. After cooling off, with much effort, I was able to cut into small pieces and save for the ducks.
  8. I was in the 9th corp for the first 3 months and my job was cleaning up after meals. I never got sufficient food at the meals to fill me up, so was always thankful there was a basket or two left on the tables with some bread left in them. Loved the borscht too. . I hated the head table had coffee with their meal, especially when vpw always had a can of 7up at meals.
  9. I don’t recall how I knew about this. It just came to mind the other day and thought I would post to see if there was anything to it.
  10. Teaching By Ira Hearne On Organic Gardening At The Way International https://eternallyblessed.org/archive/lessons-in-living-organic-gardening-hearne-3891
  11. Nancy Hearne obit. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/wapakdailynews/obituary.aspx?pid=180506061
  12. “Be Ye Fruitful” book. https://www.amazon.com/Fruitful-Hearne-Organic-Gardening-Dept/dp/B0024H6358
  13. Way back when, I recall some long lost seeds were found in an ancient tomb, and Ira was one of the gardners selected to attempt to germinate them. Anyone know more about this?
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