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  1. Something about Genesis 1:7 -- And God made the expanse and separated the waters that were under the expanse from the waters that were above the expanse. And it was so. So the expanse is the water bubble. That's what I once heard from someone at twi don't remember who.
  2. Never heard anything about a dome that's news to me. Are you referring to the teaching that the universe is a big water bubble?
  3. No signs prohibiting cameras, and they couldn't do that legally because it was a public forum. I believe she didn't want her answers to tough questions up on the internet for all to see. There were friends who encouraged me to sue, but at that time in my life (December 2015) I wanted to stay out of the news if possible. This whole incident was very interesting to me! Oh and, my "video name" is Mert Melfa. You guys know my real name!
  4. Yes-- I've done a few videos where the authorities have wanted me to stop. In one video that made the local and state news, I went to a state senator's public open forum where she demanded I stop filming. I didn't, so she called the sheriff on me. The sheriff told me that I was at the brink of getting arrested so I turned off the video. Ironically, that video made the news and it looked bad for the senator, but had she simply let me peacefully film her forum it would have been no big deal. But I really like Amagansett Press, am subscribed on YouTube and he does a very good job of exercising his rights. As he always says "rights are like muscles; if you don't exercise them, they tend to go away."
  5. Yes, I plan to Your advice is VERY good. Unfortunately, I don't think she has the motivation and ambition to do all that.
  6. Don't know. She's considering having a friend of the deceased move in and be a caretaker of the place and do work around the house to pay off his rent.. This guy apparently lived there before and wouldn't mind moving back in, and he's also a handyman. Then once that is arranged, have one of the floors rented, and that income going toward taxes and expenses. Its seems like it could all work on paper.
  7. Got some new info.- she said she was told by an atty that she can repair and rent the place out without the consent of the absent owner. Problem is, as it was from the beginning: she cannot sell without the consent of the other owner. So now she's considering doing repairs, then renting the place to pay for all expenses and upkeep. Sounds like the only reasonable plan at this point.
  8. Yes, if the one wants to buy from the other. Problem is the one cannot be located, she's either out of town, moved permanently to another area, and/or deliberately hiding. Doesn't make much sense and so irresponsible!
  9. Thx for that information. I think its worth checking out... but the impression I get from her is she doesn't or cannot spend the extra money right now on the cost of it.
  10. She asked the atty about 'constructive notice' and was informed that would not work in this case.
  11. She's checking into whether she can do it legally without the permission of the other owner.
  12. She was informed from an attorney that instead of a 'skip tracer' she'd want to hire a private investigator to track down the whereabouts. She said the investigator would do what the skip tracer does, but she's checking out skip tracers in general. Either way its not a very pleasant position to be in having to spend that money.
  13. It's an option but she doesn't want to.
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