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  1. It's not much but better than nothing. Is it the same as here in the U.S. in that the pharmaceutical companies can't be sued and having a jury look at damages and compensation?
  2. Know what will give me a little peace of mind? the ability to have the option to sue drug companies for damages: but these drug companies have immunity from liability in the event the shot causes some damages and death. As the story goes, in the mid-80's the U.S. govt. gave pharmaceutical companies liability protection against lawsuits because the drug companies lobbied and complained they were losing too much money on lawsuits and may go out of business. And now the govt. is on the verge of forcing the shots on kids so what happens if someone's kid get hurt in some way? According to this piece there's some recourse thru the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program but they haven't approved the covid-19 shot for this program: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/12/16/covid-vaccine-side-effects-compensation-lawsuit.html
  3. Only curious to see the numbers of a double-infected, unjabbed person, and//or the number of a single or double or triple jabbed person.
  4. Allan, you shared earlier that you got the disease, twice. I'd be interested in knowing what your antibody numerical value is.. have you considered taking the "quantitative" blood test? I would bet your value is higher than mine and I'm curious. Also curious how high a jabbed person's value is too... please consider getting the blood test and share the results... Thx...
  5. My score on the "quantitative" covid-19 antibody test was 187. So now I can track it quarterly.
  6. Just tried joining the video meeting and the capacity was full... missed it...
  7. Sorry about that... the first date they gave was a typo... all else is the same the memorial is this evening at 5pm eastern.
  8. Received this information in an email about a memorial for John Lynn. Open to all interested parties, starts tonite at 5pm eastern time:
  9. Re: Vitamin D3: I've 'heard' from multiple sources that in cases of death by covid-19 the one constant was that the Vitamin D3 levels were low; it appears to be an important element...
  10. I put in quotes because there's another test that only gives positive or negative results without offering a numerical value and I was told the Dr. must state "quantitative" on the script to get the antibody numbers.
  11. Here's one I took a look at and decided on Ivermectin, which I've seen displayed as successful on many testimonials so I've been taking it: NIH COVID Treatment - Approved or Under Evaluation (Ivermectin is 2nd on the list) but look at Adverse Events under Remdesivir - https://www.covid19treatmentguidelines.nih.gov/tables/table-2e/
  12. I feel like they're making billions on people's fear. When this whole thing started, I said to myself "God gave me an immune system so I'll trust God to take care of me through that attack system" and do what I can naturally to help it along. Thx.
  13. Thx for this info. I plan on getting the antibody blood tests regularly just to make sure. Somebody told me that anybody can schedule a "quantitative" test with Labcorp for 10 bucks.
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