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  1. A friend just sent me this piece. It's well written; no argument here. It belongs here as a reference if its not here already. https://charleneedge.com/part-1-of-2-victor-paul-wierwille-and-plagiarism/?fbclid=IwAR3c5Qzp-dyweO2WC8lD-OWdwDuqakubjg3dHyg0u5gwGrZWlffSPZr9q2o
  2. I wasn't sure about my post so I'm glad it was removed. Thank you.
  3. I always thought that homosexuality is a perversion and still do. I remember in high school a homo challenged me on it and said I was perverted for believing that. What did I say to him? Nothing... nothing I say would change his mind. Now, today I don't call them homos anymore I call them sodomites. "God made male and female". This is still the truth; I believe the people and society are in deep trouble, straying from this truth and is in peril, perhaps like Sodom and Gomorrah once was. I don't wish ill on anybody but I think we're in deep doo doo. Now we have Drag Queen Story Hours in libraries. ugh.
  4. I can share what I've experienced: The Novus Ordo mass and church is a much watered-down service of the original Latin Mass and service. They say it all changed in the '60s. The traditionalists (trad Catholics) say the Novus Ordo is infiltration of "protestants" to the church back when they passed Vatican 2 in the late '60s. "Trads" do not consider the new church valid and they don't even believe that Bergoglio is the Pope. I can't explain it all but if you google "novus ordo catholic church" a few good articles and explanation will pop up. Me, I go to both services and consider both valid but I think the traditional way is more serious and reverent.
  5. Yes. The word she specifically used was "charisms". Here is a source that I thought was interesting: http://ccro-msp.org/charisms-holy-spirit/ Notice what they say about interpretation of tongues "tongues along with interpretation amounts to prophesy". Sounds like twi! I have been to a few Catholic charismatic services where there was a word of prophesy (much like twi = edification, exhortation and comfort) but some of them spoke in tongues without interpretation. I didn't talk to them about interpretation or holding back the tongues without interpretation; there wasn't much of it. Then at the end of the service the priest has a short Mass with Eucharist communion service. Then later praying, laying on of hands. This is all in the new Novus Ordo church not the traditional (which considers SIT and other manifestations invalid.)
  6. Hi Folks, I recently attended a teaching on the manifestations-gifts of the Holy Spirit inside the Catholic Church. Some history of them inside the church, how and where it resurfaced in the early 1900's; then the lady actually demonstrates it with audience participation and testimonials. Most curious was the excellor session on the word of knowledge she demonstrates. Do you remember if we had done those in twi? It seems to me this woman is right on. What do you think?
  7. HI Raf, thank you for the welcome back! I have a real good friend where I live in NY who's a devout Catholic who urged me to go and I'm so happy that I did. Although I still retain some TWI teachings, its a process to put them off and put on profound truths that I didn't learn in TWI. Perhaps somebody taught it but I wasn't paying much attention? https://www.biblestudytools.com/rhe/passage/?q=john+6:51-71;+john+6:66 Eat Jesus' flesh, drink his blood.? Never delved into those in TWI but He said it. Catholics believe Jesus comes back spiritually in the Eucharist its a spiritual mystery, spiritual phenomenon. I have heard it said that the Mass is like time travel... you are there with Jesus experiencing his sacrifice and all that it means. WOW. In God there is no time, God dwells in eternity. Here's something else. Jesus is returning? How about he is returning all the time in the Eucharist? How about he already returned in 70 A.D.? Have you studied Preterism? They say that Catholics are partial preterists? It's the doctrine that the body of prophesy of the end times has already been fulfilled in 70 A.D. There is no "return" as we thought of in TWI. No "gathering together."
  8. Now I hope to get notified when somebody posts on this thread because I haven't been for months. Don't remember how everything works.
  9. Thanks Raf, it was a mistake for me to post under the mod name.. complete brain fart. So yeah I go to both the Novus Ordo Mass and also the Traditional Latin Mass, and guess what I do most during those? You guess it, SIT.
  10. oldiesman


    Good morning folks! Hope everyone is doing great. Dropped in to find out if anything is new? Or coming back to the "proverbial soap opera" where 10 years has passed and nothing changed? I still speak in tongues much daily.... LOL...
  11. Happy New Year Everybody http://www.icq.com/img/friendship/static/card_16961_rs.swf
  12. My mother-in-law was getting beat up by 6 large men A stranger passed by and asked "hey buddy, aren't you gonna help."? I responded "nah, 6 are enough..."
  13. give-em hell Catcup! Attend the wedding, stand up during the ceremony and object to the union, and storm out
  14. yeap, returned to take part in the bitter end :o
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