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  1. Reading posts here at gsc has helped greatly in processing things and in discerning the good from the bad and the ugly in the way organization. And I wrote the following: Well, am feeling as if I never had closure, never got to really say good-bye to a dear friend, the twi-with-a-lot-of-good that I got involved with in '74... And yes, am also saying good-bye to a dream, naive as it was, that a human organization or leader or Bible interpretation, could actually be a "rock of certainty in the ocean of uncertainty..." Guess it is time to do another round of mourning and letting go... And I want to keep moving ahead "fool-proofing" my life, and testing the spiritual waters for what I can believe and trust; which I think more and more is a still-alive-Jesus, Scripture minus any dogmatic closed system of interpretation, and ppl who pass character tests. (And I will continue recovering from trauma that occurred before, during, and after the way- a profitable [ad]venture.) Re: the idealistic dreams for finding rock-solid certainty and perfection on this inhabited earth... they are not for this Life, me thinks, but rather the Next. Duh!! And YAY!!
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    'Preciate it Rocky!
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    to all you nice folks! And LOLS Twinky :D Say, where is the best place to talk about/process a bit of left over emotional stuff? Like not having closure after leaving the way suddenly... Thanks.
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    Thank you! Yum, amaretto :-) And am finding posts here so needed and interesting, that my mental to-do lists disappear... Hence may have to limit time spent here! But not today! Blessings <3 <3
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    Moved to Bloomington IN in '85 and am still here; fellowshipped with the Englishes, Sutherlands et al here, and Rich Watkins and Co in Indy until 2005ish? And you? (Was in Eden Prairie MN '83-'84...) And you?
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    Hey, new poster here. Am definitely still recovering from 14 years in the way, and 18 years with Geer followers. Is GREAT to find liars being named liars here, and to know that truth is being told personal-testimony-wise. Blessings to all!