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  1. Hey, am trying to post this in a relevant recovery thread... So! Review- What is it that attracts some ppl to the claims of a cult leader especially in uncertain times? And what are some better paths? My thoughts for starters: 1) Do NOT Look for safety in an uncertain world without tools to discern con artist leaders with their abusive practices. Recommended: GET TOOLS! Look Only to God, or do what grounds You if you need that. 2) Do NOT Latch on to the idealistic idea that ONE human leader or system (theology, culture, political group, denomination, etc) can have THE corn
  2. Wow, JJ, well done! I so ID with the highlighted sections above!! Pretty amazing what we can endure sometimes... So glad you have reconnected well with families, and thank you for processing/telling your amazing Life Story here!
  3. Last post for now! Re: the fear factor for some who stayed in twi into the 2000's (that I know of), and another contrasting person: I may have shared before... When I visited HQ in '09 and had my car tires about 3 inches onto the property, the Security guy told me to leave. I engaged him a little, told him I just wanted to pray there for a bit as I had not been back in 21 years. Got no where of course. Then I asked "What if I don't leave?" The paranoia was very apparent- his eyes just kind of glazed over and he appeared to dissociate; the terror of not doing his job well enough? Outer da
  4. Food for thought? Hope of interest to some... Am processing a little/lot more, heh heh: from an article based on the book ‘Terror, Love and Brainwashing: Attachment in Cults and Totalitarian Systems’ by Alexandra Stein © 2016 (She quotes other authors from time to time); "There are five features of a totalist system I had identified based on Arendt and Lifton’s work." - 1) "... the leader is both charismatic and authoritarian. ... "Not all leaders want to get rich, gain sexual favours, or grab political power. But all want utter control over others." [Yep] 2a) "‘In the centre sits t
  5. Ah, gotcha T-bone, Rocky, and Galene And thank you waysider for the colorful table-stabilizing idea! Seriously, I suppose some ppl who have never known any Bible whatsoever would benefit from learning about Romans 10:9-10 e.g., SITing, and various other Bible verses. Maybe they could benefit from some truths, and then SPLIT! when the pressure starts being applied. (I know about a friend's son who was being pressured to give up his epilepsy medications and save $$ for their foundational class, and who finally stopped attending local fellowships...) So I will resist the temptation to respo
  6. Well, I connected w/ John Schoenheit et al for a bit about 3-4 years ago, and was talking with a very respected leader in S&TF who teaches/counsels on recovery from various spiritual and sexual abuses. She clearly intimated that for a good while up til rather recently(??) JAL had enough of that "helping himself" mind set that S&TF would not have anything to do with him or his ministry. Of course JAL has had serious health issues, and I pray for him, BUT just sayin... She (am protecting her anonymity), also shared the statistic that 1/4 - 1/3 of all pastors/priests have been sexually ab
  7. Hello any reader or poster, thank you sooo much for the replies from awhile ago! I'm doing a book purging thing, and am ripping out old way ministry book pages to recycle/toss- Feels Good! No GREAT!! The mental, emotional, and sexual abuse, mind control, career sacrifices, etc I experienced in that "ministry" are the cause for my writing here in the midst of my recovery. Been thinking- In my early 20's I had seen what group think did in several racist southern churches (I stopped attending), so vowed NOT to get involved in any Christian group to Belong Somewhere. But was desperate for Ch
  8. Still very beneficial for me to read these succinct stats, summaries, and crystalized critiques! Appreciate them and you all!!
  9. Thanks MUCH Twinky, and all others who are continuing to post their VERY valuable insights and documentation, and share their humorous hitting-the-mark remarks!!! So, gotta repost GrouchoMarxJr's great line from 10/12009, if I may- "Wierwille was to Christianity what Jeffrey Dahmer was to gourmet dining." . 'Course, I doubt that it will help anyone still embedded in the No man's/woman's land of way cult world to come out, but it sure as heck blesses me to re-share it, and maybe someone else is ready to process more as I have been... Best to ALL of you still here!!!
  10. Quote- WordWolf replying to Mike B- [There's some who claim it's evil for us to expose what vpw and lcm did- but those same people are not outraged that they did it. To them, it's worse to expose vpw as a plagiarizing rapist who drugged women than for him to have drugged and raped the women. I'm NOT exaggerating.] Me- Yes, keep the image/idol sacred, do NOT pull it off the pedestal. Protect the abuser not the abused since he is 1) their HOPE, they have too much invested in "the way" and 2) re: connecting to the suffering caused by him, they are afraid, mind-controlled, and disconnected i
  11. Well, since I started this with a kind of dual-subject post, will just say how much I appreciate the responses, and how cool it is to view ppls interactions and thoughts as a way of yes, gaining critical thinking confidence when one gets to think about different positions, different perspectives, and what one does or doees not agree with. Thank you GSCers!!
  12. Hi Ghosted, I just saw your post and want to respond even if kinda late... (I post here irregularly but read posts more often to keep me balanced in my own PTSD recovery from the way, among other things.) Wow, you have been through a lot, but I am very glad that you have some good support, and are able to put these unimaginable things into words so well. Yes, I too trigger when I hear certain songs, and just reading about your story sent me to the kitchen for some comforting hot tea and a break... The motherly side of me comes out when I hear of these very difficult things that we paren
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