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  1. The only thing coming home to these jackwads is the harvest of the crop they have sown. Inherit the wind. How about instead of teaching others to tithe Vern as you don’t tithe off of your salary you instead publish an accurate accounting of how you are utilizing the tithes.
  2. If the BOD had ears to hear this is direct example and correction on how to function in the genuine body of Christ with Christians working together and giving to each others ministries. Instead, Vern teaches on money. And they push an “each one reach one” campaign. Which translates into sales quotas under “Vision and Direction” the manual on all leadership positions up to the BOD which have no description of their responsibilities as they are accountable to nobody except themselves. Be a good obedient wafer, be compliant and in attendance at the lame phone hookups, give beyond the tithe, and win one other to “the class”. And no mortgage mind you because debt is wrong. Therefore lease your vehicles don’t “buy” them on credit. No student loans either your future isn’t worth investing in long term. Just ABS more like Vern says. What a life of bondage these arseholes in charge want for everyone else while they go on worldwide tour as rock stars along with the new class teachers. Those expenses are tax free!!! Never accountable never apologize for anything as taught to you by your legal team. What a lame bunch of pocket size dictators. With pocket size VP statues to worship. Bleeeeeech! In direct contrast we have Twinky showing normal Christianity with working together as one body of Christ all sufficient in the Lord with no sales quotas or money mandates. No Jerusalems there either for people to keep the Passover at.
  3. “for whatever reason” - wow that totally sums up the extent of their claiming accountability for their direct actions which cause people to leave. No apologies will be forthcoming as the BOD only answer to God not the people they serve. Until that changes they should not be listened to as even a genuine source despite the fair words coming out of their mouth.
  4. Wow the shiz I posted in 2009 sounds remarkably like the shiz I posted last month. While at TWI they have gone through at least a couple of administrations of trying to make it better. And yet it still smells like cheese! Nope still not coming home to the cheese whiz Bible research organization. And spectrum and oak spear and waysider sound pretty awesome also wish they were here. T bone is his own awesome self also.
  5. Would you be blessed to bring some? Sorry couldn’t resist lol
  6. I guess I must be in purgatory then lol. Not MA but not welcome either. I love how their grandiose self centered views show forth in the scriptures they use to justify them. I mean why don’t they dust off those musty rear ends and get out in the greater Christian community and “see what is going on there” ????#!? I mean I already know what is going on there. Ads on YouTube with staff members tossing a ball to each other and catching it. Promos for their programs all which keep the machine running. Teachings heavy on tradition with stolen poems about Way Corps that talk about not having dull heavy handed traditions. Molten statues for all to fall on their knees before. I mean there is a major breakout of Mikeitis there at HQ with tens and hundreds of ostriches all burying the heads to not see what they don’t want to see.
  7. So in the Way mag May June 2023 there is a “Word Over the World Report” entitled “A Time to Come Home”. This highlights the BOD deciding a year ago on a new campaign A Time To Come Home a strategic plan to reach out to former Way Int followers and invite them to “come and see”. The scriptures quoted here are from 2 Chronicles 30 where Hezekiah sent letters to all Israel and Judah saying they should come to the house of the Lord at Jerusalem and keep the Passover. Rom 12 is also quoted referencing one body of Christ. So clearly the BOD has an unspoken view of themselves along with HQ as “Jerusalem” and can quote one body of Christ while translating it into a cult view with zero remorse or even a second breath. To correct this doctrinal and practical error, first HQ is not Jerusalem where God had his physical center in one location. By the Ways own teaching this is not written to the modern day church. Yet that doesn’t matter one iota in building images of HQ as “Jerusalem”. If that were the case then there would be no need for other denominations in the body of Christ to have centers themselves. But they twist scripture even while trying ti share the most benign verses. Next, seriously how can you be so blind to quote Rom 12 about one body of Christ out of one side of your mouth, then completely discounting 95% of the actual body of Christ including your former followers out of the other side of your mouth? Dont trust lying words in magazines whose design is to carry you off captive. The campaigns designed behind closed doors are for one purpose only - to benefit one organization and its leaders. Blind guides lead others into ditches.
  8. Ah yes the Mystery! This is that concept where Jews and Gentiles are together with one Lord and Savior and together in one body of Christ. Except - 1. Did they take “the class” yet? If not they need to to really really be a part 2. All the heads of denominations are seed of the serpent and devil spirit influenced so don’t go to any of their churches, collaborate with them, have joint ministries with them, give them any money, or do anything other than witness to them the greatness of this “class” 3. If you are in debt you aren’t really really ready to fully fellowship with them 4. Any of their “causes” are second rate causes where the first rate cause is giving to TWI to support Craig’s pension, insurance payoffs from misconduct, Rosalie’s housekeepers, molten metal statues of VP for desks and lobbies, and keeping Gunnison open for like 100 people a year to visit but make sure “bless patrol “ is fully staffed to keep others including Christians out. 5. The Ways investment arm - like the Mormon church they make money from your money. 6. Militant inspired leadership training - the “Way Corps” 7. Weekly phone hookups where you dress up and play audience 8. Highly controlled “manifestations” where they are the only people who do them accurately. 9. The law of believing that works for saint and sinner alike except the saints get more blame for “not believing” enough. 10. Conspiracy theory at the Advanced Class 11. A top leadership body that listens to and is accountable to nobody on earth. Isn’t it great that we now have the Great Mystery revealed in our day and time? /s (sarcasm flag) The biggest mystery to me is why I put up with all that bullshonta for multiple decades of my life. Experience a release from that mystery and vote with your feet. Then the mystery of the scriptures with all nations and former persuasions being united in one body of Christ will become actually alive to you.
  9. Yes more details! It is interesting for sure. I’m pretty sure the RNE book is treated with the cone of silence by TWI lol. Meaning no quoting in Wag mag articles or teachings. It is an example of research which they have released no other research books since I’m aware of which is probably why they still sell it. Yes Acts is pretty much the only canonical history of the Christian church so it’s easy to see why some would get all caught up in it. I think some of those “figures of speech” are just ways people can make scripture say something it really doesn’t. I can appreciate things in native languages but they use it to twist and shoehorn scripture into places it is not naturally. It should be just an enhancer like cinnamon on rice pudding as opposed to changing rice pudding to banana pudding like they do with it. Peter and Paul. Very different lives and callings. Jerusalem and traveling the world by wooden ship. And letters. Then the conflict at the end with Paul over the legalistic Jerusalem crowd. The problem with the great statements is they basically just extracted sales numbers out of “growing and prevailing” and put them down for field assignment quotas. That’s where you see it today - the Way Tree and all the Pharisee responsibility lists. “Run classes while quoting the BOD” or something. Actually “carry the heart of the BOD to the field” is more the nonsense. The problem is the Pharisee heart just leaves people wanting to run for the hills. I think the Word prevails more here than under the “dull Way traditions where believers are controlled and censored”. Here we have a rich input of scripture, psychology, and many other fields blending together to help people escape the grasp of the legalists who would put you to work for free.
  10. umm no half this stuff I wish I was making up but am not!
  11. So regarding this AOS topic that I think you have to view it in the larger perspective of how it developed to get a good understanding. VPW in teachings covered what he called “great statements” in Acts. This is a supposed figure of speech that actually is supposed to be a spiritual summary and conclusion of the sections preceding them. Ex: So mightily grew the Word of God and prevailed. In a normal historical account this is just the description of quantity and notes a grassroots movement spreading quickly in the local area. But LCM being a second string football player on the bench at a larger university latched onto these statements and promoted them to the extreme. Now it’s taking about how extremely zealous everyone was so much more than today yada yada yada. This ended up in the publication of a research book - the Rise and Expansion of the Christian Church, and a corresponding production number called Athletes of the Spirit. That production grew way out of control way quickly and really disrupted the normal ministry flow of things drawing criticism (even masked criticism from VP) It was soooo ridiculous. Soooo overboard. Then the wife and Rosalie orchestrated a takeover - her rise to power as the head of the “Prez cabinet” - basically Machiavellian stuff from Pharisees and he was expelled. The book was last I looked still in bookstore. But treated with the “cone of silence”. Maybe they got rid of it altogether by now. What about the truth of scripture? God uses several analogies in scripture for us to relate to. There is an athlete, a farmer, and a warrior as 3 most emphasized. Characteristics of each can help live a Christian life in balance. Read them. Enjoy them. But don’t go off the deep end with them. The AOS show is the lesson there - yes that is off the deep end. I remember when parents would put that on a loop and call all cartoons devilish and have their kiddos watch AOS on a loop. I can’t even describe how dumb that is.
  12. Yes I reviewed that and 100 percent Mike is being an absolute meathead tool there basically denying that VP rode in on the wave of the Jesus movement then replaced two of the greatest catalyst members with his own Corpse (one was M0ynihan of the RnR group now). At the same time he directly slanders me with ad hominem attacks. This is factual knowledge not even opinion that elicits that BS response. Mike I have been way more than patient with you in the face of lies, direct false accusations of my character and leadership and as hominem attacks mostly because you can’t handle your idol and his idol bookshelf coming under any question at all. This is the perfect example of how a TWI mindset leads to the follower attacking other Christians. It’s not even a peaceful coexistence it is an all out attack. Mike acts a different way when talking to “silent lurkers” who he dreams agree with his wild and crazy assertions. The funny thing is we just had one of those long time lurkers post here - Beguiled. I kinda don’t think he agrees with Mikes antics in spite of Mikes delusional dreams about the God-breathed Plaffy class and associated notes typed second hand by the secretary. Mike maybe it’s time to give up all this evil behavior and admit that the source of it is your golden calf idol image of PFAL and VPW.
  13. And from the same Adv class we have doggie porn and Myth of the 6 Million and all denominational heads are seed of the serpent. Even seed of the serpent as a topic itself. Those doctrines lead to exceedingly common experiences in both - oppression and possession.
  14. Just go read back any post that I quoted you in. Every one where I refute ad hominem attacks and correct your statement is an ample example. No I’m not going to repeat your bs accusations again here and give you more traction and visibility. You mask generic statements regarding all of us on this site who participate while specifically talking to one person. I mean you have OS last post with a visual depiction of your ad hominem attack. No you can’t get out of your mouth writing checks you’re behind can’t cash by saying your general statements were really only to one person not me. Your number labels don’t really mean much to me. There were 20 years of some kind of TWI before your viewpoint labeled 1. And like extreme dispensationalism I don’t agree with your “administration” divisions. It is all “TWI Cult” regardless of your meaningless generational distinctions. The only difference was in which Pharisee was in charge. Every one of them taught the same doctrinal errors which I have amply pointed out. Ex: Family faith is not active TWI involvement. Faith / household is isolationist. Doctrinal error leading to practical error - the eye saying to the hand I have no need of thee. All leading to the extreme control of others by zealous few who take no accountability or direction from anyone.
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