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  1. Here’s another mashup version Aaand one more Can’t leave out Ye! I mean it’s like re-search
  2. The renewed mind is still the key. Widely imitated, never duplicated.
  3. So VP didn’t write the scripture he just copy pasta the other secret sources who wrote about the scripture?
  4. Yes this is his creative name for what is otherwise known in the Christian world as “commentaries”. ”Commentaries” are among all the other writings about the Bible in VPs collection that he took to the trash from his statement to “focus on the Word exclusively”. Apparently the 3 “commentaries” or writings about “the Word” he retained were the works of Kenyon, Bullinger, Stiles, and Leonard. Those he copied pretty literally and exactly. This is a flim flam snake oil magic trick to mask VPs ego in the “commentary”. See? It’s not VP interpreting the verse but only how the verse tells you to interpret itself. Removing the “teacher” and magically looking like you found his translation right there by obvious choice.
  5. Wierwille was unique amongst his peers - like for instance Branham followers all state it openly and there is some form of Christian interaction involved. Even if one I don’t support or agree with. There are maybe 3 or 4 different Branham influenced denominations for example. Wierwille I think due to failed early ecumenical attempts to start a new church and sustain it started going more and more off the deep end of isolationist conspiracy theory. At the extreme end of that people are wearing tin hats to protect from their brain waves being intercepted. So his hiding of major sources Kenyon, Stiles, and Leonard behind his core class really shows through down through the next generations. Now you have a complete isolation from the body of Christ and from my experience even isolation from common sense things in life like housing cars business investments and education. That is a dangerous combination.
  6. This Mayo Clinic article is even better on resilience - key things to work on to increase it https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/resilience-training/in-depth/resilience/art-20046311
  7. All of this is playing down human creativity. First in the comic field. Actually IP is very well known and accepted among comics. Dave Chapelle in a recent appeal to boycott his show repeats talks about a comic when he was young in his career asking to borrow a joke, then later offering to buy the joke. Comics know when they steal others jokes. They also know about the edge cases where someone shows similar jokes on stage in different places with no known contact or trace. So no it is not difficult at all for comics to know about the origin of the joke. The video I posted was an example of Joe Rogan confronting Carlos Mencia on stage at the comedy store for stealing jokes. Rogan was banned from the Comedy Store for years for that confrontation. But it was true. People stopped working with Mencia and he lost his 15 min of fame quickly. For plagiarism. Koestlers big idea that there isn’t anything new but a new combination of old ideas is ridiculous. He should have traveled to Arizona and taken a ride in a driverless Waymo car. God can inspire and has inspired great creativity in people throughout so many fields. Dont put Him in a little GP box. Dashboard Jesus just wiggles the head. Real Jesus saves.
  8. Resilience training. (Resilience is a common synonym for anti fragility seen in a lot of psych literature) https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/resilience-training/about/pac-20394943
  9. The first thing that comes to mind after reading this diatribe is all the fear that was attempted to be injected into all of our lives by a TWI President declaring that we would be “greasespots by midnight” if we ever walked away from “gawds ministry”. I am certainly thankful for Jesus Christ my lord and savior for the strength to navigate through that false teaching and it’s impact upon me and the community of Christians I have interacted with. The problem with this line of reasoning is that it ends up in uncertainty. People exposed to and adopting the teaching view their own past and others lives with a lense of “mental assent” and “cultivated fear” as their boogeyman and never truly certain whether boogey is gonna get them or not. Like you. Suggesting that somehow repetitive reading of 6th grade level material is going to either jump someone over the “mental assent” gap or somehow after 20 years they can read, understand, live principles but still be “mentally assenting” This instability and insecurity is not introduced by the doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ it is taught by conspiracy theorists with a view to isolate and control you for their own benefit. My response to VPs horse $hit is mentally he can F off down the road with that garbage. Jesus said “my yoke is easy and my burden is light” So if your personal doctrine twists you up and does NOT provide genuine answers it’s probably a false prophet in back of it.
  10. Yes that is because Christianity is intended to be a grassroots movement among the people as opposed to a vehicle to make money in the world as businesses are.
  11. Hmmm. Interesting choice of illustrations. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had faith to withstand a fire. That level of fire melts idols. But dogmatically clinging to the false words of a charlatan don’t produce that kind of faith. You would most certainly burn.
  12. Hmmmm. No implications from me. Jesus spoken words were recalled from a direct teaching. You added in some malarkey about how if you had revelation then bla bla bla. A pedagogical device. That is quite an intellectual term for chart. Data structure interface is now making an even more far fetched analogy that even fewer have a background in to understand. You keep on insisting God has difficulty communicating with humans. He doesn’t. He does what is necessary at the time. The difficulty lies in your difficulty with a limitless God, some semi contradictory areas in His instructions, and your own ego which puffs up making you feel more superior to your fellow humans. This makes you lose even your humanity while getting all sorts of mileage out of labels like “natural man”. That wasn’t a zoology statement it was in a section explaining the different nature of logic between natural focus and spiritual focus. Maybe one day you will get it all down exactly and you will be like your bronze idol.
  13. Ok thx for the apology. Going back to what we were talking about it was the concept that you can’t add a cubit to your stature by believing. Jesus taught this. TWI turns attention towards epistles not Jesus teachings. Instead of simply working the Word in the context of what Jesus taught VP invented a complex mental model called the GP which has done nothing but isolate Way members from other Christians and cause confusion as to living a spiritual life. So instead of all the confusion to do with whether or not you have revelation to instantaneously grow a cubit, you start from Jesus teaching as being 100% true without adding on to it. So the “law of believing” would be a whole line of thinking basically against what Jesus was teaching. Steer clear of it. Trust God to take care of basic needs. Like the birds. If you trust our Lord you don’t need to waste all that time and mental modeling on increased beeeeeeeeeleeeeeeeeeeeeeeving.
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strengthening_Church_Members_Committee Here we go. The Mormons have a committee for detecting critical statements from members. Findings are forwarded to local leaders for excommunication due to apostasy. I think every cult has one of these!
  15. There’s some confirmation that the “re-search” done on the new PFLAPT class basically found the same content in the old classes. Who knew? You can’t explain better bullshonta. You can either step in it, eat it, or avoid it. Pick one.
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