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  1. I mean it’s not like they have a research department working on any new material. That was completely shut down. So it’s just reorganize and reteach with fresh faces.
  2. The Way always uses tiers of new classes marketed as the present truth as opposed to the past truth as purging tools. Reporting will be done on who signed up from fellowship who did not and reason why monitoring people at class location All of this is similar to Scientology where the new path requirements are consistently introduced to keep money flowing in and control over the laeity. There is no auditing but definitely people telling misdeeds of others to leadership of non conforming thoughts or actions in private goes on and fuels further purging. In fact the tattle and purge is inherent within the Ways culture. You can document it through multiple sets of classes and multiple generations of leaders. Are you a NEW advanced class grad? or an OLLLLDDD advanced class grad? Interrogating minds want to know...
  3. chockfull


    Can I start calling the leaders of the Way the Incestuous Farmers of Ohio or IFO? Or am I already over my post limit for the new year lol?
  4. Undertow rocks. Buy it and read it if you haven’t. I’m looking forward to a better 2021. The change in administration will be good. It keeps our country from becoming a monarchy. Some idiots should learn from that but they won’t.
  5. I get the impression BG was a very loving local minister and took care of his local group very well. He wasn’t pushing a worldwide platform. Vic with the grandiose plans tried to steal that. But nothing replaces what BG put into his local community day after day and you can’t steal that kind of impact. Too bad sociopaths can’t understand that.
  6. Well I for one have a regret over the years of providing way too much personal encouragement for @$$holes. Yes we stroked their egos. The way they have policy set up strokes their egos. I should not have told them they are great. They aren’t. I was part of the problem. I have since rectified this as you see. The Christians in the Way are part of the body of Christ. A deluded part that needs prayers. One that has a fake family with a lesbian couple at the helm. I mean not that I have extreme issues with the lesbian family part now. It’s just all the lies posturing and need to ruin others lives over preserving the lies that is the biggest evil.
  7. I do agree that marginalizing people’s humanity is something that is very evident in cult leaders thinking. VP and the current crowd have that in common. To them the most important thing is the goal. Whatever it is that they have made up and stated. It changes. The people are secondary.
  8. Twinky that is awesome story of your mom. This pandemic sure challenges my mental health. Hope your mom feels all the love through all of the obstacles to expressing it. The good thing about the pandemic is all Christians are upping their online church game. This means finding a better church than the Way gets easier every month.
  9. Oh vomit. One more trapped soul in the cult cycle. Clergy have to accept the crooked picture frame around their spirituality without question. What a twisting of Gods calling to be ordained by the Way. Forever in servitude to the incestuous farmers in Ohio, always in fear of the Pharisees, compromising what you know of the truth of the Word and God to fit it in with the behavior patterns ingrained in a cult. I would feel sorry for both of them except for remembering what a pompous @$$ Jy was in power.
  10. Ole Vic was a master of the shell game for sure as evidenced by his plagiarized material. What do you do if you are having an affair with your secretary as a pastor, under fire from the board for being a rebel and worried it’s all going to catch up with you? Go to India. Make enough hype about it everyone forgets all the other details. I mean you gotta give the guy credit for being a Teflon don. His contemporaries in the same scenario were the Bakers who went public with a true confession then lost everything.
  11. With that perspective I personally have many memories that I have of enjoyable times, growth, life events. It’s amazing how removing the marionette strings allows the puppet to move freely.
  12. Reconnected with an old Way friend over holidays. It’s amazing how the perspective of the rank and file believer just does not have any pertinent details of the real putrid fruit of the leadership. Ever since inception the Way has been hiding the insidious acts of its leaders and fleecing the unsuspecting kind hearted souls in the seats of their members homes. They sit there because the leadership has zero investment in any community across the world. Church in the home means there is no responsibility on the organization to provide the extras most community churches provide freely. The Way is an organization of takers not givers.
  13. It’s the Wizard of Oz season 4 where the incestuous inbred farmers of Ohio run a cult and keep their personal very strange lives far away from prying eyes while they fleece people through mandated policy giving and put out worthless trash teachings during a pandemic. Don’t you wish you could be part of it again? Happy New Year spotters.
  14. Glad you're covered but make sure the bickering you see isn't due to your stubbornness to not consider a better option.
  15. So our alternative is oblivion over a cheaper alternative that can be shut down or complained about with donated funds from the about 100 members of the site? Cool. The Way and the splinters win. Game over. Glad I had a say in it. And no I really don't care if you take offense. You didn't care to ask me for alternatives or help first. Why should I care if you are offended? If you don't have more money host the damn site on SiteGround, put up a disclaimer that all content is opinions of members and not endorsed by site management and then good luck at Jean Yves minions getting anyone to listen to requests to take it down. They would have to violate a constitutional right. And PhPBB vs. Invasion is a software tradeoff worth oblivion? Come on, man. Or be a martyr I guess. It's a free country. Sorry I'm not more thankful in the face of what I consider stupidity.
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