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  1. Glad you're covered but make sure the bickering you see isn't due to your stubbornness to not consider a better option.
  2. So our alternative is oblivion over a cheaper alternative that can be shut down or complained about with donated funds from the about 100 members of the site? Cool. The Way and the splinters win. Game over. Glad I had a say in it. And no I really don't care if you take offense. You didn't care to ask me for alternatives or help first. Why should I care if you are offended? If you don't have more money host the damn site on SiteGround, put up a disclaimer that all content is opinions of members and not endorsed by site management and then good luck at Jean Yves minions getting anyone to listen to requests to take it down. They would have to violate a constitutional right. And PhPBB vs. Invasion is a software tradeoff worth oblivion? Come on, man. Or be a martyr I guess. It's a free country. Sorry I'm not more thankful in the face of what I consider stupidity.
  3. Some imagery development .....
  4. Ummmm. https://www.siteground.com/phpbb-hosting.htm Order of magnitude there. Just saying.
  5. I've got to tell you about this guy I was "witnessing to" or whatever it is you want to call it one time. I was having lunch with this Moslem - very kind soul. The conversation came around to God and religion. I was describing to him my faith. He related to me some of his faith, and where it led him. One very interesting path is that he received a telephone call from someone from his home country (Iran) for charitable donations. Instead of blowing them off or blindly giving money he decided he wanted to be involved. The charity was one that placed homeless children from back home in Iran with families living in the United States that were seeking adoption. So he became involved, ended up donating quite a bit of money and was personally responsible for placing 6 children in adopting families. We had a great time discussing God, truth, man, religion over smoked meat in Montreal Quebec. He told me he was always skeptical of those whose livelihood was enhanced by the growth of their flock, as they were a biased witness. He equated it to a company he was working for giving an opinion about it. Was I being an ambassador for Christ towards him, or was he being an ambassador for Mohammed towards me? Or both? What I do know is I seldom remember a man's words, but I always remember a man's actions. This man's actions helped me remember his words.
  6. A few things start to emerge looking at all this confusion over the term "household" practically and people trying to figure it out from a cult background. One of the things to consider is that cults damage boundaries. Boundaries involve emotional intelligence and how you interact with other human beings. So people get stuck not seeing their own blindness.
  7. It's OK to have a title. It's OK to not have a title. And it's OK to lie about the fact that to you it's not OK to not have a title. But that's OK too, because it's really not your ego that is causing you to do that, it's audible revelation.
  8. Ah yes - the business of Way splinters. We've seen so many of these start up and fizzle out, I think we should help out by posting up some "franchise guidelines" for a Way splinter. HOW TO START YOUR Mc-Way Ministry franchise (T) (C) (R) Common elements: 501c - because you worked hard to take all those people away from the Way with their 15% conditioned giving. You should be rewarded for it, not the government. Board of Directors - you were subject to their petty displays of power for 30 years, now its your turn. It's just how it's done in the world. Every non profit has one so we do to. Who will be in charge? Why the person who got the revelation from God, right? Foundational Class - with all the examples of how not to do it from the Way, you've got a better idea. And revelation. Remaking a foundational class is the primary "intellectual property" that you can claim that is different from the splinter down the road started by your Corpse brother. IP is worth tangible money. And is proof you should be president and in control. Which is the ultimate goal. You're not greedy. You're just following God's orders. It's God who wants you in that President's position. Groupies - there has to be at least one strong set of groupies to start your cult from. You can live by them, and they will provide enough money for a meager subsistence until you can really get your YouTube channel and subscribers to your teachings going and off the ground YouTube channel - or Vimeo / audio repository - anywhere you can point people to with a minimal amount of effort to get them to listen to your teachings. You see the teachings are like a product, which produces a return over and over, as opposed to service, which only produces one return right now. Good teachings drive revenue. Website - if things are going to progress beyond the "groupies" stage, there has to be a central place to post teachings, itineraries and events, and to collect money. Itineraries - the apostle Paul did it. I'm just like him spreading the Word according to that audible revelation. Bands have to go on the road to make money - can't just rely on album sales in a modern world. So do modern apostles. Hit the road, go teach a class, establish fellowships. Then you can just link them back to your website, and they can be thoroughly nourished as a Christian by your YouTube channel. And send in money Organizational structure - why now that it's been a couple years, we need contacts in every state, and a regional leadership structure, just like the Way Tree because that's all we have learned to do by example and functionally. There we have it. A business plan. A franchise plan. Plug in your name. Plug in your ego. All set to go. All you really need is your own "snow on the gas pumps" story. You can do it. You've got McJesus.
  9. Sounds like you are describing a temporary alliance which would explain the common Feb 2018 leadership event. What besides money keeps these knuckle heads from functioning interdenominationally as opposed to cult modus operandi?
  10. Or is there a merger in process? I mean they have to determine if helping the household means oikeos only household, oikeos plus RnR, or what household it is they mean exactly LOL
  11. The content, yes. The delivery is much more authoritative sounding. That and his energy is really popular with some. Annoys the living daylights out of me, but that's just flesh stuff. You know, OIKEOS to me is looking like "household" brand on the outside, but castaway thinking on the inside.
  12. And the teaching goes pretty rapidly south. "It's about obeying God first, individually, and then helping others in the household of faith do better. Titles aren't bad. It's OK to have a title. It's OK not to have a title. The key is what you do with your heart and mind." You see, for Rico, like for VPW, teaching solves everything. One of the first apologia teachings here, to sum up, is mildly introducing the fact that structure is good. It's OK to have titles. You know, like the ones we are making up in our new ministry, with me as President. You see, that title is OK, because it's not the title itself, but what you do with it. Rico is sounding more and more like his father in the Word.
  13. So I look at things like this: https://oikeos.org/teachings/series/mystery-minded-leadership-conference/ Branded oikeos. February 2018 Taught by Moynihan, Horney, Fort, Ryan, Rico So to me it looks like these guys are teaming up and forming a ministry. But maybe you know more.
  14. I wonder if the walls there echo as loud as the halls in the poem that VPW plagiarized from someone and entitled "The Way Corps"?????
  15. This is truly what I think the scripture means in I Timothy 1:19 when it speaks of: holding faith and a good conscience, which some, having cast away, have caused a shipwreck concerning the faith, That is from the Berean Literal Bible translation. I take both words faith there to mean the "family faith" or a figure of speech metonymy representing the collective body of Christ on earth today. The actions of these groups fulfill these scriptures. Christians, who are according to the extended figure, traveling across the high seas of life in a large boat. Together. In the same boat. The actions of some who abandon concerns for the entire body of Christ, and the greater good of the ship, cast off in a lifeboat gathering whoever they can touch close to them. They abandon their good conscience, cast it away along with their concerns for the greater good of the body. They cause themselves and those around them a shipwreck. Where they end up after the shipwreck is as castaways. On an island. With a bandleader. Now to this point I have been serious. But fair warning. That is going to change. I'll entitle the following "observations from the peanut gallery" and it will include humor. Why? Because life is better with humor LOL. But Skipper, it was only supposed to be a 3 hour tour. Shut up Gilligan Can we audition for Jeff Probst "Survivor" series on television after this with our built skillsets? How many episodes have I watched of Gilligan's Island involving failed attempts to get off the island once you are on? Hmmmm
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