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  1. Hey B good to see you I think the last time I did prob was in Founders Hall with you looking like you wanted to escape. I have thrown up some prayers over the years glad to see you doing well and recovering like I am too. I can relate to being in and out on this site I have done that a number of times here in the past 10 years for my own mental health. Glad you have your own family and are good. I don’t have a lot of questions about dad. I heard one of his tapes on Timothy and he is pretty much stuck in the past on an endless loop. Not surprising that counseling sessions didn’t take. Moms in the heart of the beast running the machine. That’s not changing either. Dads mind wasn’t fully formed in teenage years and early twenties. Like ours. So the machine changed all of us. We still deal with effects. I have a weird question. What was the dynamic towards pets in your household growing up? Curious lol. Be well and best to your family. I have a hound dog now I love a lot fyi.
  2. Many thousands lol. Yes the hundreds of tens of people flocking to this class can attest to those thousands because all of them are going through the PFAL class ONCE AGAIN because there is new light in a new day and time that requires a new version of the way. They are not new class grads yet. What in the world is a manufactured anti idol? All idols are manufactured by man to usurp the worship of God. The only thing manufactured here by man is a new class. And a website where people offer opinions on it. And yes this new class focuses on a compliance based SIT and new false teaching on the household of God. All right there in the collaterals The fruit of this class has Christians disassociating themselves from all other Christians outside of the Way and to speak the class to all regardless of their church to draw them away after the Way. The Way offers no church in local communities as other Christian groups do. All the money goes in to country HQ to support the big important people. All of this is 100% contradictory to the I Cor 12-14 section they claim to be experts in. Can the ear say to the hand and so forth?
  3. I was just asking or joking because that is 100 percent how I remember that year. Like you described.
  4. Ok I went and read through a good portion of the linked thread and now I’m tired lol The main topics are detail around the origin of the 42 promise, RR, and the origin story of TWI. Good commentary by C and R and many other old posters. I contributed detail also about VP doctorate degree. You know I still am not 100% sure whether or not mike is a genuine person entity or a persona of a leader. But in the end it does not matter either way. The gist of the view is that the 42 promise showed VP to be a “divine assimilator” by revelation from God and as such plagiarism does not matter as that is man’s law. That would also be the common Twi follower viewpoint. That view provides consistency and whitewash so is a comfortable space for people to exist. And many are there and will never leave. Is it the truth? Well the interesting part is HOW and WHO he credits. He talks about many whose pictures are in Founders room E Stanley Clarke, Rufus Mosley. Yet BG Leonard and JE Stiles are notably missing? Why? Because those he stole from mostest were ghosted most? Why American Christian Press? $$ savings, direct publishing without 3rd party editor requirement. You can repeat a lie so many times that people become comfortable with it and accept it as an axiomatic truth.
  5. So I see a number of things in that promo video: 1. Doubling down on history with whitewash. There is no inherent value to the Drambouie kid making a choice 50 yrs ago. 2. International - they basically are using the foreign mission thing for legitimacy efforts and to make excuses how they can’t change because they are a world wide ministry. The truth basically is they are Christian cultural exploitation manifested with the BOD setting up rich compliant puppets with international money and mark and avoiding who they want. 3. USA - numbers are so abysmal there they are on the brink of financial ruin. Investment money from the former ministry $65m in assets and money help them stay afloat from going under. Every USA measure number is horrible - number of people, attendees, programs, classes. So they drive people even harder on sales quota numbers behind a “speak the Word” theme. And now have a program modeled after them main one that they feel caused the growth - WOW. They have their own little closed loop system there where all the feedback comes from within the loop. If you want to be a real Christian find a real church or real group, not selling yourself short for some perceived knowledge from a cult full of faux Christians whose sole desire is to control you and your money for their overall feeling of accomplishment and worth. If you don’t believe me let me find the link to a BOD resume posted on the internet a few years back.
  6. I found myself a little lady to raise a family with. That's all I need. I'll pass on the mid life crisis activity with Harleys and hoochies.
  7. I was just curious as to what light was supposed to dawn in that teaching by selling your stuff and giving it to the way int. A curious light begins to appear as dawn breaks slowly over the horizon. The light grows and grows until it appears brightly in the sky as YOUR GULLIBILITY
  8. The biggest topics of histrionic exploit from PFAL that I remember are the woman whose kid got run over and the Christ in you the hope of glow ray. Oh yes and the fictional account of the man with the withered hand. To break them down 1. From his Law of Believing - changed around from contemporary Norman Vincent Peales bestseller the power of positive thinking. Lift and tuck and add histrionics and voila part of PFAL but complete with gestapo like victim blaming that has carried forward since as a ministry legacy. 2. Christ appendage behind your appendage - this convoluted replacement theory is even weirder than Catholics crackers turning to meat instantly and is intricately intertwined into his rationalization of adultery healing broken women because of the power of his peepee. 3. Withered Hand - if Jesus did it VP needs to copy him. Like a stage play. I mean with the records, a guy drifting off into the sunset on a train, and the rest of the proven illogic in the story this is a screen play in VPs mind. He was good at those. Lie,steal, twist scripture, add histrionics. Voila you have PFAL. And a sex problem but we can’t talk about that lol.
  9. Wait, if one devil spirit gave him the revelation that he would teach him the Word like it hasn’t been known since the first century back in 1942, then between Drambuie, Kools and a bunch of other devil spirits the Word gets convoluted like it hasn’t been since the first century, did the 1942 promise really get fulfilled after all? Inquiring minds want to know…
  10. You see God brought Leonard and Stiles to VP so he could “collect” their material and save hundreds of tens of souls from not having their need and want parallel being outside of a cult. And not knowing they should jump immediately to attention when in the presence of these spiritual giants.
  11. Item #1 These ongoing logic errors show mikes mind what he wants to see. God gave revelation to an individual by the stupid definition the Way teaches. Not a group like OT times. What is remarkable is the similarity of logic in “All revelation given by God belongs to VP” and “all women in the kingdom belong to the king”. But the logic does explain facts in existence like why does American Christian Press exist? To control the message going out. But honestly the more distance I get from it the more similar the 1942 promise and Joseph Smith angel Moroni encounter look.
  12. Yes I did. In the Corpse. For much more than 3 months. I mean how many times can you dissect the camera analogy in first chapter of blue book? What I learned after dissecting it was that most of the collaterals were thrown together by VP secretary loosely compiled from sermons. Materials there were stolen from contemporaries like Norman Vincent Peale. Other sections were previews of books to come out later, written by the research team. I mostly learned that plagiarism is a team sport. And that you can’t excuse it away any more than sexual impropriety.
  13. Tbone I have far departed from my fundamentalist roots. I'm perfectly happy accepting that section of scripture as Jesus passing on a mission and wishing the best for his friends and followers building vision. Hey guys live like me follow my example and path you will be great and multiply like fireflies. Peace out. Or I mean the dividing of the baby between mothers scripturally is another approach lol.... When I drill down to VP level there the bullshi$ multiplies. The 82 steps to becoming a Pharisee through controlled group SIT
  14. I think this one is called narcissist hindsight vision. It was a fairly common occurrence in the way leadership and a great way to victim blame which they are talented at. What they are not so talented at is logic or compassion or accountability. Perhaps 1 Finger points back at accuser and accuser missed revelation on when to schedule dumb meeting 2 Armchair quarterbacks will armchair? 3 Gods job is the revelation your job is not to tell God his job armchair guy 4 Shiz happens i e accidents. You know in reflection I was injured at some big event. It didn't manifest until later but accident during people having fun.
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