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  1. She has a blend of her story plus supporting evidence which consists of others stories all with referenced sources unlike “the collaterals”. i mean maybe those of you heavily invested in writing memoirs can figure out how to stay in first person and come off “more authentic”. Rather than be irritated by her switching from first person to third person voice I look at it like at least she did a better job than her “father in da Verd”. The Way Internationals continual denial of plagiarism claims has karma coming back around to bite them in the butt with accurately footnoted anecdotal accounts of immorality.
  2. I had a PE coach in HS that told a bunch of us one day that after getting to know us for a semester, he was going to recommend retroactive birth control. Now back to regularly scheduled abortion convo.
  3. Yes that sounds strange with the “illegal to quote WC grads” thing. Yet her account references 2 Way Corps examples - Victor Barnard and Steve Sann who I would say examples like that you could experience just about anything there. It wouldn’t surprise me to see an ultra control freak say that.
  4. Another personal account of damage experienced by a member of TWI. This person highlights the step by step indoctrination process…. https://jenniferhaha.substack.com/p/black-friday-cyber-monday-cult-expose?utm_campaign=post
  5. OMG I’m dying lol. Help help I’m being repressed. Oh I so need to watch Monty Python Holy Grail again.
  6. Yeah you start to mix up politics and religion and real estate then you have a real mess. Or a new tv series idea lol With Israel more recent history implies a few warring tribes with conflict dating back a thousand years. It’s just one of them has nukes and Western support. Native Americans rather than having the Great Spirit define their living boundaries have instead had a cruel government dictate them, and ensure generational poverty by giving them an acre of land and a crappy model home. Alaskan natives fared better with their deals with the government happening much later. They own a piece of the oil pipeline and are rich. So many native corporations now are winning government contract bids in many different areas. I can’t do a thing about the Israel conflict all I can do is keep a good relationship with my own neighbors and pray and hope for the best. Thanks for posting up the prevalent views in the topic guys.
  7. You know if TWI leadership actually had an honest heart before God they would not be shunning us here they would be celebrating us. Their followers are too scared of being shunned to tell them the truth. We are not. We tell them the truth whether they want to whitewash it or not. Whether they want to kill the messenger or not. But they hate the truth. They love their positions and adulation. They love having articles about how great they are in public magazines broadcast to the few that will cave in to be under their thumb. With the greater independent thought of the youth in todays world that is less and less people all the time. Send out another postcard run. Tell yourself how that is moving “the Word” over the world. At least the Gideons place something of use in public that someone can open, read, pray to God with. Not a hype postcard.
  8. I can see the court interaction now. “That site is inaccurate and slanderous”. Judge: “Every statement on the website has a footnoted source. Which is more than you can say for your main class PFAL” Lol
  9. I ran across this article in Psych Today talking about “nostalgia bias” where people attach to and recollect only positive things about their past. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/checkpoints/202302/exploring-nostalgia-bias I wonder if nostalgia bias is what keeps many of these people who have been abused by TWI hanging around and pushing for better times. Nostalgia bias would be a huge reason behind the modern TWI push of going back to PFAL and back to the “Word Over the World” messaging. Taking items from the highest participation period in the cults history the strategic approach is to make the Way “feel” like the good ole days in the hippie times where people were strumming guitars in parks and witnessing and thousands were “taking the class”. Nostalgia bias can keep people hanging around doing the same things sending in the same checks listening to the same stories obeying the same dictators. It can keep people only reading the same “collaterals” for decades without ever considering new and better sources. I actually am opposed to the nostalgia bias making my life’s decisions and want to and am purposefully crafting my future in the direction best for me, my family, my peace of mind, and my spiritual development outside the constrained inputs from a cult.
  10. That is quite a website. It looks like a similar layout for a number of different cults. I have no idea who put it up. It looks like it was done with a bot or LLM tool. For every claim they state they cite a source. So even if some of the claims seem exaggerated they literally have a source where a leader or account verifies the statement. This type of activity is a great counter to the whitewash movement. With sources for everything it is protected legally as well as it shows what really occurred as opposed to a leaders spin on what occurred. In other words, this website is a great model for TWI where they could learn about footnotes, bibliographies, and other modern methods in the publishing and academic industries. You know, the things missing from all of VPs “research”. The website also with footnotes make it harder for the TWI leadership to deny claims and justify actions. Every claim made is substantiated by a footnote. Wow, what an earth shattering idea.
  11. I have relatives that are J dubs. There’s a number of things you can do - ask if that’s the group of false prophets that can’t tell who is anointed and have missed Jesus return date about 10 times… Talk about SIT they think it’s of the devil. Whatever you say though never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever take one of their Watchtower publications, Awake magazines or whatever they hand you. Just a heads up.
  12. It’s hard to tell with those details. What was the tract she was holding? Was it from some organization? I always answer the door with Mormon missionaries by saying “oh I see you gentlemen are out looking for some help with your tie selection.”
  13. I’m with you on this. My faith message needs to be short enough so I don’t get lost explaining it.
  14. I’m getting to her testimony but dear baby Jesus on a pogo stick they have more “woke” labels starting out that podcast than I can even concentrate on. Hopefully that won’t obscure her message. Well she seems to talk all around the topic as opposed to addressing the commonly held definitions of Christianity. Jesus and John Wayne seems to attack the male image in religion - the topic seems more “wokism” than “faith” regardless of the truth of male dominated organizations. I agree with her sentiments on feeling the need to prove her background and views especially labels like “Calvinist”. Christianity to me is from the heart and judged by God not some kind of 90 page questionnaire checking boxes on aligned theology. She has good advice on having a thick skin if you are going to explore your faith in an online community. Lol. Christianity with a non Fundamentalist view is very different to all of us raised in Fundamentalist teachings. We expect an exact answer to everything when that is not realistic and is not life. She talks about her circle of influence and keeping them valuable and positive. She talks about her church - Reformed Christian not Evangelical Christian - that can help differentiate and navigate common modern organizations. She has her niche and her circle of friends. That is good. I get really lost trying to place her inner faith message with all of the modern and woke labels and descriptions. Accepting variances of views in other Christians while still working with them praying with them interacting and doing ministry work with them to me is the crux of all the teachings on one body of Christ which TWI has missed for decades generations and most of their lifetimes.
  15. Ok this is stirring up remembering some language studies. The point I remember was the imperative voice in verbs. It is in koine Greek where Jesus does the Lord’s Prayer throughout all those verbs. I don’t think the equivalent exists in Hebrew or Aramaic. I don’t know if that equates to a passive voice in “let there be light”. Maybe so. Would Zeus say “Light” as a command? I don’t have a burning need to make all the jigsaw puzzles fit. I view the OT as primitive times technology wise and ethics wise. So I accept the dichotomy of vision.
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