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  1. I mean even his father in the Word did a correspondence school doctorate in Biblical matters and presented on homiletics. We are not even there with the 4th regurgitation of the stolen BG Leonard / JE Stiles material.
  2. So one more aspect of PLAF-T The teachers. How would you go about selecting them? Well multi cultural is an appeal. But scholastically, what about teachers who have pursued scholastic studies in the Bible? Maybe an advanced language degree somewhere to lend any kind of credibility? No they picked the Greenes son who is a recent pharmacy school graduate. “Dr” Greene. Does this show any effort at all to correct a path, to bring an org closer to Gods Word, to fulfill any kind of a Biblical purpose? No. 100% nepotism. 100% fake credentials. Double down on the name PFAL. There is zero intention to change at the highest levels. My posting here has long passed the hope that these conscience seared individuals will ever lead back to God and the Bible. It has progressed to pointing out the obvious by the fruit to any who would save themselves from their clutches.
  3. You know I think these questions illustrate the problem with the doctrine very clearly. Do you see the confusion here by the juxtaposition of the Bible, a sanctioned interpretation of the Bible, and spiritual direction in life? With Way logic all you need to do is line up your opinions with their sanctioned interpretation of the Bible (compliance to past Way teachings) and you have a renewed mind. Brainwashing language masked as spiritual maturity.
  4. You = Christ if you have a renewed mind. What is a renewed mind? One that is filled with Gods Word. That is the gist. In practice it comes to be equivalent with compliance to leadership. And as such is a foothold for a cult taking over a persons life friends opinions finance politics and career path.
  5. Yes Mark with an extreme fundamentalist view people think of themselves as equal to Jesus Christ because they are thinking about scripture. I remember that doctrine taught clearly in the foundational and renewed mind classes. This really twists up the transitive aspect of equality into something as illogical as the Catholics believing that bread and wine literally turns into body and blood. I guess my progression away from fundamentalism has me focus on the relationship and lifestyle of Christ as opposed to illogical juxtapositioning of myself as god because my opinion lines up with some interpretation.
  6. I think the origin of this statement “the word takes the place of the absent Christ” probably has to do with the mixup VP had over some of the transitive qualities of math. Remember “things equal to the same thing are equal to each other”? Transitive aspect of equality. This works with real numbers. When you get in to human aspects it doesn’t really apply. Only kind of. Is Michael Jordan the GOAT? Or was it Wilt? Lebron? Not many agree on transitive qualities in humans. If only Vic would have been a more dedicated student in grade school math …. I view the statement as an extreme fundamentalist interpretation. In this they show themselves to be following the path of the scribe who Jesus confronted.
  7. TBone I love your Christmas font edition of Colossians! It rocks! This passage stood out to me like it was in 24 font bold. This is what the Way did to me. Took me captive with a hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and forces of the world rather than Christ. The teachings of a separate household within the body of Christ is a Pharisee doctrine. Pharisees set up little inner circles of communication by which they get all their work done. Never even need to dirty their hands interacting with the masses. Reversing this involves returning to Christ by booting the Pharisees. That’s what Jesus did. Live like him.
  8. Pygmy Pharisees take the place of the risen Christ?
  9. Funny. Throughout most of the last two decades Baker and Hostetler have had a tighter relationship with the board of directors than any other group to include clergy, top leaders, way corps, fellowship coordinators. They are Rosie’s besties. Your abundant sharing at work.
  10. Yes and when you tie the thread back together to his correspondence doctorate degree you see that homiletics was his thesis paper and major presentation for the degree. Spoken words and the effect of them, trying to maximize them. That really sums up VPs efforts. So all of the cons and conspiracies and secret knowledge is what he focused his efforts on. Not the study of scripture. It is very evident by the fruit produced.
  11. The greatest secret for Christianity was the revelation of a savior and lord to save mankind from sin. Not some shell game manipulating words like word of God will of God. That is just a hollow catch phrase. Bartholomew begat Josephus begat an idea for VP that so many begats should involve him because all the women of the kingdom belong to the king These clowns were begat by Pharisees. This is called a flawed major premise. If the greatest secret is the Bible is the revealed Word and Will of God, yet it is cryptic, what do you need? Ta-daaaaaa the Ronco 9000 VPW self interpreting Bible! And if that doesn’t work then just ask VP and he will tell you what it means via a literal translation according to usage. Whoa that’s a mouthful lol
  12. The greatest secret for Christianity was the revelation of a savior and lord to save mankind from sin. Not some shell game manipulating words like word of God will of God. That is just a hollow catch phrase. Bartholomew begat Josephus begat an idea for VP that so many begats should involve him because all the women of the kingdom belong to the king These clowns were begat by Pharisees.
  13. I think that in many ways the anti Christ impact of the Way distorts the true Way Jesus Christ so much that we also seek sources well outside the box of Christianity to help establish virtue habits. Jesus would have probably sat down and talked about those virtues rather than flexed positional authority. Unlike the Way.
  14. Back to Paul Allen. One other guy faced with the same situation as Paul caved in to the pressure and committed suicide. The wife of the guy who committed suicide is remarried and in a leadership position in the Way. See how they clean up messes?
  15. Waydale was the instrument that took down the 2nd president. Paul Allen acted with integrity in the face of a situation where a man with power was stealing his wife. He struck back with public opinion and the law in the face of shunning and slander and libel. But this wasn’t the only husband faced with the issue. Linder was constantly armed and protecting him from the fear he had inside of a husband retaliating for his sexual escapades. He learned this behavior from the first president, well documented in his first publication that is only read by Way Corps. There is a huge bootie kissing journal where he talks about VPW telling him he had to loosen up in these categories or he would never be an effective leader. This was a Baptist Young Life young athlete. They don’t do sexcapades. So what happened? The 3rd president stole his wife in a lesbian relationship then ousted him from power. Then came 2 decades of a schoolteacher hiding lesbian relationships and crushing all perceived paranoid opposition. Even ruining another president then yanking it back with her paranoid succession plan. Now there is a 4th or 5th president depending on how you count. His first act was to kill opposition in a Machiavellian way by marking and avoiding the RNR folks. Next sending billbo the moral hobbit down to mark and avoid some more people they never met. Then he got his son established in power though by having a pharmacist now called Dr. reteach the foundational class. smooth move just like your father in the word. Moral midgets targeting others with slander and libel and planning a power move. Makes me physically sick to my stomach.
  16. The story of 100% of all the purges in the Way over the years. Crossfire hits more people than regular fire.
  17. Homiletics. That was his doctoral thesis paper. He was enamored with how words could influence people and produce power. This is why the main Corps training focused on Dale Carnegie plus brainwashing yourself with PFAL collaterals. This is why VPW plagiarized the most influential things of the day. He stole so often you can’t even trace all the sources they are so many. Spiritual 40 club. Pictures in Founders Room. Get your church elders to pay for better more influential speakers material to plagiarize. Gifts of the spirit? Study Oral Robert’s go to his tent meeting fake him out, meet a guy who knew something there have drinks be misogynistic then plagiarize the guys Holy Spirit book. Make it the research center of the class stolen from BG Leonard. Steal all the research guys work through tricks in publishing. steal camps idea from Glenn Clark. You know many times when Christian organizations use others ministry work they pay them honor them pay tribute. VPW just stole their material then hinted about it all coming from himself as a source if not outright lied about it. Read the intro to RHST. Ive seen TV show on con artists. They mostly are amateurs compared to VPW. The original long con man. All Way leadership is stamped from that mold.
  18. Yeah outside of a cult we more just talk regardless of agreement or not. I’m less polarized personally.
  19. I will say this. Whatever waydale was it produced over a million dollar payout. Of course settlement terms are closed for Allen lawsuit but 100% that was a million dollar plus payout. Allen’s took the money the NDA and washed their hands of ever speaking about the Way again. Probably healthier for them lol. People get twisted up as to the source of their trauma. That is part of ptsd. Loys kids are 100% victims. I’ve definitely witnessed Leah with skin crawling trying to get away from the cult hq. They were damaged by their upbringing not some website telling the truth about activities.
  20. Yes we were taught to be jerks. Or Pharisees, as the Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse goes into detail about.
  21. The only standing in the gap these arseholes ever did was standing in the one between their ears.
  22. Hmmm. False accusations by paranoid minds. Yes TWI has that well documented that people would be accused of posting on waydale then gsc and investigated by Linder and co and targeted by bod. That would be backlash of these sites. Similarly an anonymous letter was falsely targeted to a teacher of a previous foundational class and he was targeted and left. cult word can be tossed around. anyone that is an eclectic blend of people towards a purpose I suppose. all of those tyrants can kiss 100% of my not the sites fault they are reporting sites. and victims sites. I mean if nobody said jack anytime Warren Jeffs would not be in prison for how they ran their cult. And he still runs it from prison. The tyrants still run the bod. They just don’t know they are tyrants because they think they are better. Just like the last group did. Cult upon cult upon cult. I mean the sweat from the drippings from the outside of the old wineskin.
  23. I would love to read penworks new book. This is a lady who embodies the art form of journaling. I’ve heard many talk about how putting pen to paper figuratively does something for the soul in connection and processing. She has done this and developed it into important literature for humanity in an area. Thanks Charlene! I also went through a transformation post Way. Rigid thinking kills, and there is nothing more rigid than fundamentalism. Fundamentalism to me from my perspective right now is how to build a scribe and Pharisee church. Fundamentalism to me is like socialism - the zealous use it to gain power and the actual implementation of the idea is impossible because of human weakness. Nobody will really give up power for community. They seek the selfish route. I did not go back to my old church or religion. Well later I did visit my childhood church in travels but nobody remembered me my best friend from high school was dead the pastors were all next generation and the old friends I had from church were not really interested in reconnection. I had kind of hoped for a pen pal to no avail. But it was cool to see how the church actually still prioritized community - their buildings are all used all week by different non profit groups that meet there. Is this a cost of burning bridges? Maybe. But it was a part of recovery from the Way for me. I also connected with a professor of a liberal college in town who is a disciple of one of the Dalai Lamas regional monks. I still do some meditation with that group occasionally. The Dalai Lama sect of Buddhism has a lot more writings and teachings than the experiential focused groups. So a teaching to be a better human along with meditation. I’m not gonna lie that experience is better than a Way fellowship. So is a mainstream Christian church. Even with all of the problems. ok I will share a meditation that I do but I don’t share a ton of this personal stuff because I don’t think anyone would relate. This is called the white skeleton meditation. You sit and focus on breath to get into calm state like all meditation. The idea of any meditation is to remove the layers of dust - baggage of emotion and thought whirling around clouding judgement and focusing in what you want to become. Anyway, white skeletons. Once you are in the relaxed state, I envision going through a normal day drive, get gas, work. Except every one I interact with is a skeleton and I myself am a skeleton. Bone only. No flesh, skin. But walking and talking. Then envision a community of skeletons and a world of skeletons. About 20 min. This is from a Tibetan Buddhist. I believe the intent is to dissolve that which separates mankind bias race skin color body type religion money and to develop compassion. To me it’s nice and relaxing. It does dissolve some things. It does balance out emotion. It does relax. I don’t know about the compassion thing for me. But with ptsd it calms me down and I’m on the spectrum a bit so compassion is a bit non normal emotion at times I’m developing. Along with my sense of humor my kids tell me. ok so much for personal sharing now I gotta go hide.
  24. I got you on this list fam 1. Ted Haggard 2. Jim Bakker 3. Robert Tilton 4. Bill Gothard 5. Shoko Asahara 6. Tony Alamo 7. Victor Paul Wierwille The first 6 all were found out by their church families and exposed. The 7th trained an apprentice who did the exact same thing. And now rather than being exposed he is enshrined with whitewash.
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