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    Hi Twinky, Something in this mess may cheer you up…an original joke by me and some You Tube videos: My idea for a Halloween costume - Frankenstein 2020: all the surgical stitches will be replaced with Velcro. I love this SNL skit because it's so ridiculous - there is no real difference in how each character says the line "oh man, I'm all outta cash" - I drove Tonto nuts when I found different ways to insert this line in a conversation Del Taco commercial shoot on SNL That idea of no big differences reminded me of another SNL skit - in an acting class Phil Hartm
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    I'm just saying hello cos I'm bored witless. It's raining outside so there's nothing to do but my much-needed housework. Ugh. Somebody say Hi and tell me something to cheer this gloomy day. Please?
  5. Your answer is correct. I prefer the exchange about doing something for himself for once.
  6. We once discussed why 3 actors from Flash/Arrow were tapped to sing a bunch of songs- all 3 had been on Broadway or the West End. That came back to me once George identified JM.
  7. Pierce Brosnan Mrs Doubtfire Robin Williams
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  9. X-Men The Last Stand Famke Janssen GoldenEye George
  10. Coming to America. You could probably list Arsenio and Eddie about five times. Best line from the movie: "I tied my own shoes once. It is a highly overrated experience." George
  11. Linda Richman Pat Arnold Donnie Shulzhoffer Stuart Rankin Kenneth Rhys-Evans Maurice Pitka Kenneth Rhys-Evans/"Cucumber Jones" Steve Rubell General Ed Fenech Wayne Campbell Steve Rubell Goldmember John Witney Charlie Mackenzie Dieter Tim Broderick
  12. That would be Jesse L. Martin (Detective Joe West) singing in "Rent."
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  14. Twinky

    Zoom lunch hour!

    Did y'all have fun?
  15. That looks like Jesse Martin, but if it is, I don't know any movie he's in. George
  16. Have fun storming the castle! The Princess Bride
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