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  2. I have no recollection of Dana Plato being in anything other than Diffrent Strokes and my pre adolescent fantasies. But the other two were in Exorcist II: The Utter Waste of Celluloid. At least, that's what is SHOULD have been called.
  3. Few terms I hate more than "Richard Burton was in the sequel." This movie is why.
  4. It might have said "Drop the chalupa!" but I fear we may never know.
  5. I have a funny story about personal prophesy. I had a tape from John Lynn where he prophesized over me and one from John Schoenheit with another guy (who did it in Spanish) from a trip to Israel. Well one day for some reason I put them on a lower part of an end table. My husband was vacuuming one day and somehow it sucked up the tapes out of their cases. !!??!! Never did find out what the Spanish part said.
  6. NO, was, of course, either a typo or an autocorrect. That was supposed to say JL.
  7. I'd never heard of this before. However, I think it's a good thing, The possibility of learning so many things for free online is, IMHO, one of the most fantastic things about the internet.
  8. The first post-Crisis Batwoman wasn't about ONLY Kate's homosexuality. Of course, the episode title is "How Queer Everything Is Today," so I shouldn't have been surprised. A new character was added who ALSO just happens to be a lesbian, so we get a lot of pontificating about how horrible it is to deny your nature, or whatever. And then Batwoman is revealed as lesbian at the end. OK, SPOILER! No reason for it. I'm reminded of Green Arrow (in the comics) years ago deciding to run for mayor of Star City. I forget which Justice Leaguer (I think it was Clark) told him, "Don't be ridiculous. How long will your secret identity last with two, blond, bearded public figures running around Star City?" How long will Kate's secret identity last with two, red-headed, lesbian public figures running around Gotham? The sad thing is, I really liked that they brought in Slam Bradley, even though he was a policeman, not a PI. I also thought that all the mentions of Chris Evans and Captain America were cute. I'm assuming that the Marvel Universe did NOT merge with the Arrowverse in the Crisis, but that Marvel characters are just that (comic and movie characters) in the Arrowverse. George
  9. Ralph Bellamy Michelle Pfeiffer David Alan Grier George
  10. p.s. I don't think Batwoman is any more about Kate's lesbianism than Flash and Arrow are about their lead character's heterosexuality. It's who the characters are and it's being handled matter-of-factly, imho.
  11. I'm gonna recommend the DCEU movies on the expectations:quality scale. The Cavill trilogy (MoS, BvS, JL) are ok at their peak. Snyder was just the wrong choice for director, and you can tell in the moments from NO that you just KNOW were directed by Joss Whedon. EM works. You gotta give the kid a chance. Also, Wonder Woman and Aquaman were both entertaining movies. Not art, but still very good. Definitely better than Thor 2 and Iron Man 2 and 3.
  12. For anyone who might be interested. Edx, an online platform delivering MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses, regularly sends me email listing course offerings. Both Edx and Coursera offer many (if not most or all) of their courses for free unless you'd like an official certificate for completing each course. Today I learned that the Rochester Institute of Technology, a world renowned engineering school, is offering one they call Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. The hitch is that the class is oriented to business applications rather than the Humanities. But I have to figure there'd be at least some overlap. About this course Skip About ts course In today's business environment, organizations have identified critical thinking and problem-solving as skills that are integral to an employee's--and their organization's--success. The most successful professionals can assess the environment, analyze a situation, design a solution, and ultimately win in a competitive scenario. This course, part of the Soft Skills Professional Certificate program, will demystify, discuss, and provide application techniques for critical thinking and problem-solving in a business context. Learners will draw connections to their work experience by analyzing and critiquing case studies. Best practices for problem-solving will be discussed and illustrated including how to weigh alternative solutions, incorporate feedback from stakeholders, and how and when to start over. This course may be audited free of charge. Learners also have the opportunity to earn a verified certificate of completion. Exclusive learning opportunities such as live events hosted by subject matter experts will be available for verified learners. Learning objectives include: How to perform strategic analysis and assessment How to perceive and assess a critical need and design a tailored solution How to identify key stakeholders and ensure their needs are met How to employ adaptive problem-solving How to work through obstacles collaboratively How to analyze failure to improve future performance
  13. I heard some AWFUL reviews of both, so I'm not rushing to see either. I'll keep it in mind. But I doubt I'm going to think "Flash" when I see EM in the suit, rather than "what are you doing dressed up as Flash?"
  14. That was indeed! Sinatra, Martin, and Davis, but neither Clooney nor Pitt.
  15. Yesterday
  16. This is (at least at the time of the IMDb entry, if not today) Warner Brothers' highest-grossing-film of all time when adjusted for inflation. Louise Fletcher, Richard Burton, and Dana Plato were all passed up for parts in this movie, but all appeared in the sequel. Likewise, John Boorman was passed up as director for this film but directed the sequel. There are no opening credits after the title. Although that is commonplace now, it was unheard of in when this film premiered. The female lead was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar. After the nominations were out, it was pointed out that her lines were all dubbed by another actress. Although I'm not sure how that would have mattered to anyone who actually SAW the performance, it tainted her performance enough to eliminate her from the award. George
  17. Was that the original Ocean's Eleven? George
  18. You really should see the Justice League movie (and Batman v. Superman, if you haven't seen that). The interplay of the characters was quite good, and you get to see EM Flash grow into an heroic role. Having seen the first post-Crisis Supergirl, now, as well, I'm wondering if ALL of the shows are going to have doppelgangers appearing. (Partial spoiler. I didn't say WHOSE doppelgangers!) George
  19. Joey Bishop Peter Lawford Angie Dickenson
  20. BTW, I think Elongated Man/ Ralph Dibny was cast fantastically, and reminds me of the character despite the changes (annoying party animal). They gave me enough elements of the original to work with (appearance, detective, makes his nose twitch at a mystery.) I was glad that, post-Flashpoint- this victim of the STAR Labs particle accelerator explosion turned out alive again. (SPOILERS!!!!!) Nice how everybody got what they wanted. Those who wanted Titans and Doom Patrol, etc to remain apart, will still have that. (Mrs Wolf pointed out that Green Lantern has to be separate since there's so much space stuff, they would have problems including GL in any crossover. Yes, all the over-powered superheroes make the street-level heroes a little obsolete, especially during the big events. So, no GL on this united planet. We can still have Earths with only Superman, etc and so on, but the Arrowverse has now merged their series into one Earth. "Oh, it's like that, huh?" - my favorite Black Lighting line from the last CoIE episode.
  21. "Barry Allen, you are the slowest man alive!" He used to be a methodical ballistics expert (like Bulletman). Now, I think he's CSI like on the show. After his powers, he was STILL late to dates with Iris! He was trying to do more, and still falling behind. To this day, I actually haven't seen ANY of EM's appearances as Flash, other than the CoIE cameo. I just don't sit to watch movies that often. "Suicide Squad" is on my list. The SvB and JLA movies I intend to keep skipping. I've skipped him in the Potterverse stuff because I've accepted that each fandom, if left running indefinitely, will leave me behind. Star Wars did it, Star Trek did it, Harry Potter did it. So, until now, I had no idea he was in either Potterverse movie. To me, he just looked completely wrong as Flash. He didn't remind me of any version of Flash I've known. He really did feel more to me like Gary from Legends of Tomorrow put on a Flash costume and was cosplaying. I didn't get the look OR the feel of Flash. (It's like Keanu as Constantine- doesn't look like him, doesn't act like him....) I'm considering watching Supergirl again. I lost interest when it felt like it was less story and more "let's see how much political stuff we can slip into this". I can't guarantee they won't drive me away again, much faster this time. I made it through most of the first Batwoman episode, but I really think they've made it more like a gimmick. As in "We know you'll watch this show because the title character is a lesbian, so we don't have to bother actually giving you the best story we can manage." Lacking confidence in RR as an actress doesn't help that, either. I've seen Christopher Lee in an absolute turkey, and he made it watchable. There's been story arcs in LoT that had gay elements, but in each case someone actually had a story in play at the time. I am not the target audience for Batwoman, nor am I the target audience for Supergirl. Perhaps one or more of the new shows will pull me in (Canaries, Superman and Lois, Stargirl). I know Titans and Doom Patrol are not, for other reasons (More darkness and angst, Jeeves!)
  22. I really don't know a lot of Bond girl names. However, this many roles means she's probably not thought of as "a Bond girl", at least not primarily. That changes things. Prolific actress who was in a Bond movie. "HALLE BERRY"?
  23. I saw "Red Heat" in the theater. I had a vague impression he might have been in "Curly Sue."
  24. I kept thinking Elongated Man as well. Funny, because Raf and I discussed the Ezra/Grant meeting in PM (didn't want to spoil it). In the comics, Barry has always been a methodical police scientist. He was always easy-going, usually late to dates with Iris (until he got his powers). The hyperactive Ezra version is a drastically different take. Are you guys watching Batwoman? I don't want to spoil the "back to normal" episode, but I will say one thing: they really make the show too much about lesbianism and too little about plot development. George
  25. Ok now this all makes sense. I think Ezra Miller is terrific. But then, I have an autistic son. Is Barry SUPPOSED to be an "ordinary forensic scientist" in the comics? (I thought EM was Elongated Man, which made me wonder WTF you were talking about with GG).
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