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  2. Correct. I had a long running gag on social media concerning the astonishing fact that Vigoda was still alive. This running gag ended in Jan. 2016
  3. New tune Any time of the year, don't you hear? Dressin' fine, makin' time We breeze up and down the street We get respect from the people we meet They make way day or night At a spot where the beat's really hot (Where we are bound) If it's square, we ain't there We make every minute count, yeah Our share is always the biggest amount Other guys imitate us But the original's still the greatest
  4. In the UK, Marvel's "Avengers" movie was marketed as "Marvel's Avengers Assemble" to avoid confusion with the UK's Avengers, which, IIRC, predated the Marvel Comic book by a few years. Marvel's "Avengers" has had many cartoons and several live-action movies by now, of course. *checks* The first season of the UK show aired in 1961, although it went through some changes before it became really popular (with John Steed and Emma Peel.) The Marvel Comic debuted with a cover date of 1963.
  5. That's it. I got the idea for this round when I tried to talk about Steed and Peel, and I almost had to draw a weapon to shut someone up long enough to make it clear I was talking about the British agents and not the Marvel movies when I was talking about TV. I forgot how common it is for people to listen until they hear something they recognize- then they stop listening and respond even if the response is totally inappropriate. (I had that happen once discussing "faery changelings"- as I said out loud- and someone immediately jumped to thinking I meant shapechangers like Constable Odo of ST:DS9 and not the idea that faeries would swap mortal children for faeries in their cradle. )
  6. *slaps forehead* The Waponis must be from "Joe Vs the Volcano."
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    Here's link to one of those articles. Excerpt: In November 1994, my wife and I participated in a four-day training experience called Momentus. We were persuaded to take Momentus by John A. Lynn, head of a group called Christian Educational Services (CES). He said that Momentus was a Christian training that would help us "get closer to the Lord and to His people." It didn't. In the following testimony, I describe the training as accurately as I can and describe its nonChristian roots. We can never cease to be vigilant in these last days, since the scriptures warn us that some will preach false teachings which would turn some of the flock away from the greatest revelation of all- God's Word. So we must test what that message against both the spirit within us and the Word of God and look for the fruits that result from the teaching. It is both the message and its vehicle that I see that is wrong about Momentus. And I believe that the Word instructs us to take a stand against those, so that others are not harmed, as were many of us. I personally suffered as a result of my participation in the Momentus training, as did others I know who are close to me. That is why I struggled for more than a year with it, looking to God's Word for my answers, before I could be certain that I was not just judging the training carnally because of my own sufferings. A pattern that I'm seeing very strongly is that most people who hear of or become involved with Momentus realize right off in some way that it is wrong, that it's not of God. Some pay heed and are spared the damage of Momentus. Others let themselves be talked into taking the training by men they respect- and suffering the consequences. Too many Christians have let other men talk them out of what the scripture can tell them regarding Momentus and have succumbed to its promotion. One of the biggest problems I have with Momentus (other than its teachings and practices being derived from nonChristian sources) is the conspiracy of silence surrounding what it's really like.
  9. Sounds like a very good guess. George
  10. Rocky


    As your comment, James 3:17 occurred to me. But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. 18And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.
  11. I used the law of believing, once, to levitate a table. Well, it was actually more like a patio umbrella but, boy howdy, that son of a gun lifted straight up in the air. If I remember correctly, it was a really hot and sticky August afternoon. I don't know about you, but I have trouble focusing when I'm uncomfortable. Then, just like that, a big storm came in with lots of rain and gusty wind. I instantly felt relief from the heat. I guess that made it easier to focus in and get the results I wanted/needed.
  12. And has empowered me to view life's challenges more confidently.
  13. The law of believing is an important teaching in The Way International. VP Wierwille taught that people cause good or bad results in their lives (wealth or poverty, life or death) by their positive or negative believing. Few recognize that Wierwille taught an atheistic system (even though he believed in God) that he learned from Albert Cliffe, not from the New Testament. Those who accepted Wierwille's teaching struggled with the application- that Wierwille must have caused his own early death by cancer.
  14. johnj


    click here (www.abouttheway.org) for a menu to about a dozen articles on momentus/ breakthrough http://www.empirenet.com/~messiah7/tw_momentus.htm
  15. 9. We do not believe that “faith” is a force generated by the human mind that automatically brings either good or bad into one’s life. To me, that's a very bizarre statement, and reads like it's designed to appeal to the ex-Wayfer crowd. I talk to lots and lots of Christians of all stripe and no one is struggling with or promoting the idea that faith is a force generated by the human mind that yada yada.... Faith is trust, and confidence in, about, towards something. "Pistis/Pistueo" in the Bible, a firm conviction, belief, a trust - IN SOMETHING. The bang is in the buck. My exposure to the teachings of VPW in and around PFAL included what certainly sounded like him teaching "believing" as some kind of tangible "thing" that would produce a result when it was at a certain level. "Build up your believing", got used a lot in that context, and the very idea of Christians as "believers" was both their belief in doctrine as well as their "believing walks", what they did with those doctrines. If you "weren't believing" it had a sense of your tank being half full - like you were convinced but not REALLY convinced, even though you may have done the actual thing that needed to be done and didn't get the "results".....because you weren't "believing"....even though you were. It was kind of like a dog chasing it's tail though and every once in awhile it bites it and stops then starts again..........meanwhile all it really amounted to was trying to saturate your thinking and resulting actions with enough of what God instructs you to do so that your "faith" will then be towards Him. It used to seem sometimes like VPW actually repudiated God's grace when he's teach people to not rely on it - when people like me were thinking "fuk, I rely on it all the time, I NEED IT!!!!"..................and I guess what I think he really meant was don't be a lazy ass and avoid doing the work you're supposed to and expect someone else to do it for you. But they're not really the same things, that's not relying on "grace"> The trust and confidence of pistis/pistueo has significance in the Bible because it's GOD WERE' TRUSTING IN. Pneuma hagion is HIS GIFT, TO US. VPW was trying to build a generation of Uber Christians, The True Believers, who knew THE TRUTH and would WALK IT like it hasn't been walked since the first century. In fact, many of his early protege's tanked and were mostly just successful at being good employees and mimics of him in the family business. He died of cancer, alone but for a sidekick, pushing aways all others who might have actually given a crap about him as a person. I'd rather not exit this temporal crust that way. I can say without any doubt whatsoever and complete confidence that today, the greatest cargoes of life come in over seas of grace, in the vast ocean of God's eternal Will. Two words I caught in PFAL that I hold to today are "alignment and harmony".....rather than build an egocentric prideful bucket of pig shit over MY BELIEVING and all that I DO I have found it much better to try to live each day in a harmonious peaceful relationship with my heavenly Creator and Father and put my trust there. That's always worked, and even "back in the day" I was learning not to show up to my Mental Prayer Hut with a box of my believing and demanding God do this or that or whatever. In fact though, God did answer my prayers quite literally one day by reminding me that there's a lot of things I can "do for myself".....like just...go on. There you go. Go do it. Yep, you're fine. Go ahead. I'm with you. Yes. No - YOU CAN'T GO OVER IT AGAIN WITH ME OKAY YOU CAN BUT REALLY.....why not just go on. Do it. See? Right - okay, now do it again...yep...... Anyway, I learned some of that from Lynn too, as when I was around him and worked some with him he could be on the one hand a very nice, hard working industrious person but on the other, as kindly as I can say, something of a flat earth kind of mentality, intellectually. Not that I'm Einstein, but yeah. No.
  16. That's a timely comment here, Twinky. Was talking about this with someone recently. I'm going to digest your comments, they're very succinct and kinda lit up in my brain just now. Thanks. : ) Grace and mercy, leading to redemption and salvation are the big tools I see over and over in my life. In day to day mundane stuff as well as the Big Things. It's a very functional usable process - grace is the favorable open environment to live in and extend to others, and mercy is the sensitivity to the fact that I live in the current moment of a string of moments that will need to be seen in their entirety in order to understand them, which I'm sure is why God is and can be the only true Judge over all. Not "getting what's coming to us" now (mercy) is really very natural, from God's point of view. When I maintain good will towards others and forgive, I really can live as God has provided for salvation through Christ. Peace n love!
  17. I'm going to go with Avengers. Not to be confused with Marvel's Avengers. But yes, to be considered with The New Avengers But not any cartoon Avengers, who are all Marvel anyway Except for that godawful Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman Avengers movie, which was based on the TV show and not Marvel's live action movies or Direct to Video cartoons. My head hurts.
  18. Well, I don't know where he got the idea for retemories. (I always thought that was Walter C's doing.) But I know it reminds me of a time in FellowLaborers that I looked in the mirror and suddenly wondered how I had changed into a seeming other person in such a short stretch of time. I had to convince myself it was in my best interest. It was a very surreal experience.
  19. The Nazi's found that mass shootings took a mental toll on their soldiers. Can't have good people going crazy. So they started the concentration camps where steps in the killing process could be broken down and made less personal. Himmler himself would carry a little book with him to remind him of their ultimate goal, when all this killing turned his stomach. It doesn't feel right, but it is right, he needed to remind himself. Anyway, this is where VPW got the idea for Retemories. (you read this on the internet, it must be true)
  20. Honest living by LGBTQ people certainly is nothing to scorn such people about. But if this guy had been working in a non-profit organization that refrained from judgment about his personal life, and if the organization paid a reasonable wage, Mr. McLoone could have had his life without having to embezzle/steal. Is it at all parallel to enjoy worshiping at Catholic masses with full knowledge that the constraints on the clergy foster deception and perverse conduct (theft of church funds is quite perverse, IMO) as opposed to TWI cultists still loyal to that corporation/cult when they know full well how dishonest the top leadership has been over the decades?
  21. Speaking of incontinent Catholic priests, apparently one of them just got pinched for misappropriation of collections money. A Pennsylvania Catholic priest stole nearly $100,000 from his parish and spent the money on a beach house and relationships with adult men, prosecutors say. Monsignor Joseph McLoone, formerly a priest at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Downingtown, has been charged with felony theft and related crimes, the Chester County District Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday. Over the next six years, prosecutors say McLoone funneled church money into this private account. He allegedly stole all of the donations collected yearly on All Souls Day, and took money from other special collections throughout the year, as well. Prosecutors allege he also doubled the standard parish fees for weddings, funerals and special masses, pocketing the difference. The priest used the money to pay for a beach house in Ocean City, New Jersey, as well as traveling, dining and “spending on adult men with whom he maintained sexual relationships.” He allegedly made thousands of dollars in payments directly to men he met on the dating app Grindr through online money transfer services, according to a police complaint obtained by PhillyMag. The priest ultimately stole $98,405 from St. Joseph’s Parish, prosecutors allege. In early 2018, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia learned that McLoone had created a bank account in his parish’s name that wasn’t showing up in the church’s official records. In a press release about the matter, the archdiocese said its officials confronted McLoone, who acknowledged that some expenditures from the account were for personal expenses of an “inappropriate nature.” Those expenses were related to “relationships with adults” that violated the archdiocese’s standards for ministers, the archdiocese said. McLoone has been on administrative leave since spring 2018. He was arrested on Wednesday and has reportedly posted bail. Prior to McLoone’s appointment, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church was led by Monsignor William J. Lynn, who in 2012 became the first American Catholic official convicted for covering up child sexual abuse.
  22. That is really interesting. He was definitely a sharp guy, and it's great he did this to get it on record. Thanks for posting this, I read up a bit on him couple other places where I found references. Psalms says "precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints".....Jesus said "the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy"......and "fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell"..... Clearly, in the grave there's no living glory to God, yet throughout history the deaths of those who have stood against evil and died doing it speaks forever. One, 10, a 1,000, 10 million. Every life counts. VPW's views on Jews and WW2 were odd to say the least. He didn't "deny" that a holocaust occurred, that I ever heard through '69 - '85. He seemed more intent on the idea that the numbers were exaggerated in order for Jews to get leverage and advantage. But it sounded like reporting a flood and that "only 50 died, not the 200 reported".....as if to say that those 50 people were milking their tragedy to want help and for others to learn from what happened to them....
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