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  2. Anything that supposedly "proves" the law of believing.
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  4. Lessons on how to translate twisted language are available. For a small initial price.
  5. Unfortunately there are so many scriptures that are given a slant, or twisted, that it's almost impossible to say what isn't twisted. Because once indoctrinated through PFAL (or its equivalent in your language), that colours what you see, read, hear and understand later. Mostly, the Old Testament is okay to just read and accept at face value. And the book of Revelation, which wasn't well understood in TWI. It is true to say that TWI isn't the only "religious" organisation that puts a twist or a slant on different Bible verses and passages, and uses the Bible to promote a point of view that isn't Godly (ie, passages are carefully chosen to support their own PoV). But TWI did this in a comprehensively deceptive and divisive manner. Perhaps not everything they taught or teach is wrong. But everything needs to be viewed with some suspicion and checked against more reliable resources - there are plenty of online Bible search tools and commentaries. It's time to exercise those dulled critical thinking skills!
  6. Johnny Del Bravo Tucker Kerwin Neal Stryker Mitch Harris Sebastian Ballentine Henry Palaver
  7. There's a number of other threads that have similar content. Here's a few. https://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/19172-more-blatant-pfal-errors/ https://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/24071-when-is-it-a-person-when-is-it-alive/
  8. That thread is a good starting point. That thread is not all the verses wierwille used wrongly. My usual rule is that any doctrine vpw stated that had only one verse justifying it, or even less than one verse, was almost certainly error and needed to be studied carefully. By the way, what's your main language? If one of us knows it, you might find it easier to communicate with us in that, at least sometimes. If it's Spanish (for example), we do have a few posters who know some Spanish.
  9. It is also important to recognize that what's on the thread that T-Bone linked to is not necessarily a complete or exhaustive list.
  10. Hi Amazing T and welcome to Grease Spot. That's a great question! If you are a graduate of the Power For Abundant Living Class - (or PFAL ) then I will direct you back to that as being the source you requested. What you will find here on Grease Spot is some good collective analysis of PFAL as well as other classes, teachings and written material by wierwille on a number of threads. I'm sure others will chime in to answer your question...but let me give you a link to a great thread that might be what you're looking for: Actual Errors in PFAL fyi - it's a long thread - some 38 pages - but it's jammed packed with info - might take you a while to go through it all
  11. I have been reading some articles on the forum, and I have seen that they have talked about VP manipulating or distorting the bible, I would like to know what these main distortions were? (please put a source). Thank you. PS: Sorry if the text is a bit strange, it is that English is not my main language and I have to use a translator!
  12. Raf

    The Cones of 2021

    Ok, not a cone, but look: Peter and Rose [Charlie Hustle Hurricanes] are nothing to worry about, but look yonder, West of Africa. See that red X? That one's got me ready to stock up on gas and empty store shelves of water. Of course, could be nothing. But yeah, keep an eye on it.
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  14. Happy to hear that the rift was healed after you left TWI. My own parents, while deeply concerned about my TWI involvement, even considering hiring a deprogrammer, stuck with me during my TWI years. They visited often, and even came to a few Twig fellowships. Wierwille, even when he wasn't "prophesying" family members deaths, did little to calm family members' fears for their children & reveled in fanning the flames that caused estrangement among families
  15. Wierwille's prophecy did NOT come to pass. He spoke presumptuously [saying or doing something without right or permission, taking excessive liberties, presuming something that isn't there]. Thus, do not be afraid [do not respect] him. Stay away from cults. Should have had many more good years honoring and respecting my parents. They were right about The Way International from the git-go. Thankful, I had 10 years with my Dad after exiting twi in 1998. Today is his birthday. Miss you Dad.
  16. If I recall correctly......House of His Healing Presence was just west of that small cabin in the Way Woods. Material for HHHP was from Hoge Lumber Company in New Knoxville, Ohio......the strips of bark that are unusable in construction work. Thus, it supposedly was to symbolize "humbleness" to use strip bark for the siding of this House of His Healing Presence. Open to the skies......to see the glory of the Lord.
  17. One of the leading characters in this drama series was gay... until he was cured! The curing storyline ticked off the actor who played him so he left the show. He was replaced by another actor playing the same character, with a "plastic surgery" explanation. Later in the series, when that character's sister was replaced by a different actress, there was no explanation whatsoever. It was handled as if it were her all along. The character perhaps most identified with this series does not appear in the first season until the last minute of the final episode, and then only from the back or with her face concealed under a huge but very stylish hat, a veil and a pair of sunglasses. That's because she had not yet been cast. Remember the gay guy? He had a homophobic brother. The homophobic brother was played by a gay man. The two men who played the gay brother were straight. I may have used this series before on this thread or a similar one. Some of the clues I'm not using yet seem familiar. In any event, it's been years, so whatevs.
  18. House of his Healing Presence! Yes, that's it! Thank you! As an aside, I read Losing the Way a couple of years ago, and recently Undertow. Prompted me to come back to this site and learn more. So glad GSC is still active, its really a goldmine of information and so helpful. It has been about 40 years since I left, give or take, but I still find myself thinking back and I really appreciate that this site, and you all, are here and active.
  19. So, what would be cast upon the window shade by interior light on a couple? It would be specifically formed shadows or...? George
  20. There was a cabin, and there was also a sitting area built into the earth, where you sat on stumps or logs. These were near each other, weren't they?
  21. It has been a lot of years for me since then, but I *think* it was called “The House of His Healing Presence”.
  22. Hello all. I left in the Fall of 1982 just after the ROA. Just read Undertow and it brought back a lot of memories. I am racking my brain trying to remember what they called that little cabin in the woods that members could go to during the Rock to quietly meditate and “SIT.” Does anyone remember this? Thanks in advance.
  23. An Officer and a Gentleman Lou Gossett, Jr. Enemy Mine George
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