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  2. I think PayPal may insulate you from that. I think they offer e-mail validation.
  3. GeorgeStGeorge


    I hadn't thought of the !s in years. It's too bad to be reminded this way. Steve!, you and your kids! have my prayers. George
  4. I was going to donate, but apparently it requires a phone that accepts texts (for some sort of ID verification), which mine do not. Let me know how I can circumvent this. George
  5. Yep. I imagine it was the last clue that gave it away. George
  6. I'll go with The Dick Van Dyke Show
  7. "Funny story. I had my office made into a rocket ship. All billionaires have them." "It's true." 1: "What happened to you?" 2: "A car ran me over a little." 3: "You always remember your first time." "You win this round, lettuce." "When you love somebody, and I mean, you really love them, you gotta be willing to do anything for 'em. Even if that means letting them go." "Even if it hurts?" "Especially then." "You all see a giant pig, right?" George
  8. This show ended after five seasons, not because of poor ratings or actor burn-out. They simply felt that they had done everything that needed to be done. Five actors appeared in every episode. In an episode of the X-Files, Scully and Mulder took the names of the married couple on this show, while working undercover. Office scenes were set in New York; home scenes were set in New Rochelle. The series won 15 Emmy Awards. In 1997, the episodes "Coast-to-Coast Big Mouth" and "It May Look Like a Walnut" were ranked at 8 and 15 respectively on TV Guide's 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time. The original name of the show was to be "Head of the Family," with a different cast. The star's brother had a recurring role as the star's character's brother. George
  9. Hey, if I can donate, you all can donate too. And maybe, if this thread were moved into "About the Way" more of the Read-Only Audience can see it and donate as well. Just a thought.
  10. WordWolf I thought you were asking a question, is it a rock n' roll band? That's why I answered yes, one of the biggest ever ! There has probably been a song named "Rock n' Roll Band" but it's not the name of this song. Sorry for your confusion WordWolf. Yes, the song is probably by one of the Biggest bands ever, even of all time. I know when I was young when I listened to the opening line and thought I was hearing 'standing in the dock of Japan'. I've used this clue before to. So I guess I'm still up then.
  11. "My sister should have come in at midnight, And my mum would always sit up and wait. It always ended up in a big row When my sister used to get home late." "Out of my window I can see them in the moonlight, Two silhouettes saying goodnight by the garden gate."
  12. There have been a number of accomplished swordsmen- and talented amateur swordsmen- in Hollywood history. A great many of the amateurs have ONE MAN to thank- it's said he taught Hollywood to fence. With all the teaching he's done, he's rarely on camera- in fact, when he was most visibly on camera, dueling, nobody has any idea it's him. It's not a surprise he's a former Olympic gold medalist. Who is this man? For bragging rights, who did he play on-camera?
  13. My answer was "ROCK AND ROLL BAND"???, and you replied to that with "Yes", so I thought you were saying it was my turn!
  14. Yesterday
  15. WordWolf you haven't posted an answer to my post yet. At least from what I can see with the page turning over now.
  16. WordWolf you haven't posted the answer to my clue yet. At least from what I recognize with the page turning over now.
  17. It means do as you're told by the minions of the MOG. One of the prime directives is to sell classes, er... operate the ministry of reconciliation. A fundamental principle is what The Wierwille Interpretation told you was "getting your foot off the firehose." Otherwise known as Malachi 3:10.
  18. WordWolf YOU HAVEN'T posted an answer yet. This is songs from one line.
  19. Yes, it makes sense to me. I think you may have found the essence of cultism as we knew it in The Wierwille Interpretation.
  20. this was part of the trappings and compelling push to believe everything you were taught without questioning any of it
  21. "if that man or woman is speaking god's word then you have to be strong in what they say" paraphrased but pretty close to what was in pfal
  22. Next song. "Whenever we kiss I get to feeling like this, I get to wishing that there were two of you."
  23. Next song. "Out of my window I can see them in the moonlight, Two silhouettes saying goodnight by the garden gate."
  24. I always like to wait for confirmation, especially if it's "official" (the poster says it's correct.)
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