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  2. SPOILERS FOR "FADEOUT", the series finale of "ARROW." Finally saw the series finale of "Arrow." I just realized I still haven't told Mrs Wolf what John found at the end. My first thought was her only thought- green K. However, I quickly remembered the other possibility, and remembered the reference in one of the crossovers. Mrs Wolf probably didn't think of it because she like the idea that the Earth with the GLs wasn't this one. She thought it wouldn't mesh well. Personally, I think it can mesh as well as Kryptonians, and should have a lot of "Sorry, I was in space" whenever he would be useful to have around. I was surprised Ollie is STILL The Spectre. I thought he went 'poof' when they restarted the universe. Interesting who is back- Tommy Merlyn, Moira Queen, Quentin Lance. Mrs Wolf and I both knew who COULDN'T come back, but she articulated the reason better than I did. (She's the Whovian, and more familiar with paradoxes in stories.) I just thought of some deaths as "locked in" and more critical to the timeline. I remember a comic book where Booster Gold was recruited as the time cop by Rip Hunter. Booster went off on his own, early on. He wanted to prevent the Joker from crippling Barbara Gordon (" the Killing Joke.") After MANY attempts and getting beaten up a LOT, he went back to Rip, who explained that some events CAN'T be changed, and that was one (which is why he told Booster not to try.) BTW, John Byrne was the name given to somebody who went a little crazy? That hits a little close to home. It was nice to see John and Lyla got BOTH their kids, but Mrs Wolf got a little confused and thought that JJ was Connor Hawke/ Ben Turner's son and that they had 1 kid and adopted 1. No, they haven't adopted Connor yet, and those were the son and daughter (John Jr and Sara.) Based on that ending, they gave themselves some flexibility. If they never want to bring Ollie back, that's fine. He and Felicity have their happy ending, period. (A la Earth-2's Lois and Clark, who were sent to some paradise or heaven or something at the close of the comic CoIE 12) Since he said he's The Spectre, we can have him back whenever The Spectre is needed. Or not, since The Spectre's comings and goings are unpredictable at our level, like the Phantom Stranger. The Spectre gets involved if the entire planet is at stake (like " Final Night" ) or more (Crisis on Infinite Earths, a war between Heaven and Hell...) So, the writers have a lot of freedom. Nice to see Rory Regan's back in action, and at least some of the characters have plans in their retirement.
  3. The clue "the 2 shows of Roddenberry that were released after his death" should get both names pretty quickly, especially among the remaining players.
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  5. Penworks..........thanks again for publishing your story. The fact that you have received hate mail and criticism thru your contact page on your website......validates "the cult-like mentality" of many who became obsessed with wierwille's myths and mysticism. The repetition of classes, teaching and programs has indoctrinated a zealous following of loyalists......no matter what. Clearly, the academic field has a protective/vested interest in plagiarism and anyone who claims to do research ought to understand the destructive impact that plagiarism imposes. Wierwille's plagiarism was theft. Far more than just plagiarism, though.......wierwille has been charged with unethical, ungodly and criminal activity by a swath of the ex-twi community. And, rightfully so. As your book depicts the currents of manipulation, deception and exploitation moving beneath the surface and pulling seaward. One person's story of swirling relationships and judgments swept you away from standing safely on shore. Thanks again for the hundreds/thousands of hours you put into writing your book, Penworks. I know that it is one of those books that I will pick off the shelf from time to time and read, again, its salient truths. All the best to you and yours.
  6. Sorry, but George I'd rather fix my own mess thanks anyway (and since nobody has played yet). {{Louis Jourdan}} Madame Bovary Jennifer Jones Since You Went Away
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  8. I guess that was easier than I thought. A fun show, hot babes, just fun. You're up! George
  9. The only other Rodenberry series I can think of: Andromeda
  10. Quote- WordWolf replying to Mike B- [There's some who claim it's evil for us to expose what vpw and lcm did- but those same people are not outraged that they did it. To them, it's worse to expose vpw as a plagiarizing rapist who drugged women than for him to have drugged and raped the women. I'm NOT exaggerating.] Me- Yes, keep the image/idol sacred, do NOT pull it off the pedestal. Protect the abuser not the abused since he is 1) their HOPE, they have too much invested in "the way" and 2) re: connecting to the suffering caused by him, they are afraid, mind-controlled, and disconnected in basic ways from human need, love, empathy, suffering, their own and others. Quote- Mike B- I believe we were taught more Truth than any other organization on the planet, and I still believe that to be true. " Quote- WordWolf- [Due to vpw plagiarizing some quality Christians, I believe we were taught some Truth while in twi, but not everything we were taught there was Truth or truth. Furthermore, there's plenty of quality Christians who've never heard of twi, vpw, or anyone connected with twi. vpw did his best to put forth that himself was some great one, that ALL the quality teachings he had were from him, and that all Christians everywhere else were flawed and INFERIOR to twi Christians. I believe all of that was error- to say the least. The idea that God wasn't relying solely on a plagiarizing rapist to get things done is rather comforting- and rather sensible, IMHO.] Me- THANK YOU, YES with a few additional thoughts. If I may share, it is still very painful to me that I was totally duped for 35++ years by certain men (and women) who damaged my life and my family's lives so effectively- vpw et al, then chris g and co, with their "their rightly dividing The Word", etc. Yes God rescued me when I was lost, thru the way ministry; yes I learned some invaluable unique truths. Yes, the community and programs were places where I could initially gain some attachments and safety in my recovery from previous traumas, until they were no longer safe places, and re-traumatizing occurred. So several things are coming up, if I may share and process further: 1) brokenness- the sexual abuse/promiscuity, the mental abuse plus the emotional neglect, and the Cultic dogmatic withdrawing mindset caused severe brokenness in my life, in my marriage, and then in my children's lives due to the dissolving of said social/spiritual community, divorce, and their father's brokenness. 2) Posts re: emotional/mental vulnerability to and total acceptance of a "benevolent" father figure's views/life style/culture; resulting auto-pilot, lack of focus, mind control, self-sacrifice, ETC. Also, for those with an intellectual background perhaps, the whole "mathematical exactness and scientific precision" promise drew us in. What a deception. So you teach me (over and over again), I receive it repeatedly deeper and deeper... 3) Naming vpw as a plagiarizing rapist- good! And I would like to attempt to en-capsulize the man with the additional names of deluded/deluding, extremely narcissistic, extremely controlling, power/money stealing, psychopathic [i.e. a person having an egocentric and antisocial personality marked by a lack of remorse for one's actions, an absence of empathy for others, and often criminal tendencies], plagiarizing rapist. 4) It has been a LONG HAUL to find and actually trust God my true Father and Jesus my true Lord, Savior, and Friend. But it has been worth it. SO WORTH IT. 5) Breaking soul ties and attachments based on deceivers' truth mixed with lies, their abusive leadership, and my naive trust/shortsightedness- it's still a journey out of trauma victim realities.... E.g. I loved the "Victim to Victor" blue book chapter and (supposed) author... Now I say YES! to GOD"S TRUTHS AND DELIVERANCE, and NO! and to the plagiarizing poser!! I was a victim who thought I was wrong and you were right. But no longer. Think I will read DWBH's words until they sink in- "... you hypocritical, whited sepulchers. You are anti(against)-Christ in words and works. You are vain babblers...You are an insult to the Lord who bought you. You are a false teacher... You preach for filthy lucre's sake... You bow your knee to Baal. You are anathema to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Heavenly Father. You have been weighed in the balances and found wanting. Your "ministry" is a sham and a fraud. You serve the god of this world. REPENT! Ask God for forgiveness and apologize to those whom you have despitefully used. You have raped and plundered The Good Shepherd's precious flock. Their blood is on your hands. You cannot fool God! You cannot hide from the Righteous Judge either. You return to your own vomit, day after day, year after year. The blood of the righteous which you have shed screams through the ground against you. My only prayer for you is, "May the Lord have mercy upon your souls." AMEN.
  11. I agree with Waysider…and I like the dichotomy that Skyrider mentioned (“we” or the group vs me the individual) - and that got me thinking on how I’ve readjusted my values scale over the years since I let TWI. I don’t know if trying to live a good, kind and honest life can be considered a “noble cause” but I can say with a clear conscience that’s something I’ve tried to do all my life. And that’s probably what frustrated me the most in trying to be a successful sales rep for TWI. I bought into the supposedly noble cause of “moving the Word over the world” but most of the time I felt like a failure because of my inability to get people signed up for the class. You’d think (using my personal scale of values) being friendly, helpful and sharing stuff about the Bible with all who crossed my path would count for something – but I can’t even begin to count the number of times leaders would stress we should spend 80% of our time with the 20% who want to “move the Word”. Which in way-speak meant (depending on what level the 20 percenters were at) take the class, go WOW, go way corps, go in some program…it basically means you should motivate people to do whatever TWI says is “doing the Word”. Talking about how I let TWI’s priorities outweigh my own scale of values is not to say my whole time of involvement was a totally bad experience. Life is too short to paint my experiences in such broad strokes. I met a lot of good, kind and honest people and had a lot of good times too (usually good times didn’t revolve around official TWI functions…like when some of us went up to a little bar in Albion not too far from Rome City. And I don’t know how many quarters I pumped into the Juke Box and waited and waited and waited for Glenn Frey’s “The Heat is On” to play. Finally, as we were about to leave, the song came on and our little group of wayfers went nuts on the dance floor. Yeah – good times…btw, I also learned there how to get the most bang for the buck abiding by the 2 drink limit rule – by “discovering” Long Island Iced Tea…yowzer the good times!!!). Honestly, it was the good people (some were in leadership positions) and sweet times that made life in TWI bearable. But it was the a$$holes (some who were in leadership positions) along with the corporate agendas and insidious machinations that made life in TWI almost intolerable.
  12. Name the actor: Paul Bratter Halsy Knox Bill McKay Johnny Hooker Major Cook Sonny Steele George
  13. After Gene Roddenberry's death, Majel Barrett took material from his archives to bring two of his ideas into production. This series was one of them while the other was Earth: Final Conflict (1997). The basic premise of the series - a man from an earlier era piecing civilization back together - was the subject of three earlier Gene Roddenberry pilots: Genesis II (1973) starring Alex Cord and Planet Earth (1974) and Strange New World (1975) starring John Saxon. None of the three pilots became a series. The name of the lead character in this show was the same as that of the lead characters in Genesis II and Planet Earth. George
  14. Yeah, waysider........I hear you. It all comes down to the difference between.......1) we and 2) me. Nothing "noble" in the twit-cult as an individual.......only groups: twigs, branches, WOWs, corps, staff, etc. The mandatory wearing of nametags....gave specificity to the GROUP you represented: (to name a few)....... 1) adv class grad, 2) wow or wow vet, 3) corps, 4) college division, or 5) staff. Cult indoctrination is only achieved by groupthink mentality.......that is why The Way, Inc. moved in herds, in groups. Group meetings, group weddings, group counseling, group confrontations, group readings of "Bedside Manners"......lest we forget, "the man of God's" time was valuable, therefore HE rarily had the time to meet with an individual one-on-on. And yes......wierwille said this to the corps when he was getting pushback on those group weddings in 1981. [Yet, wierwille had the time later that night to spend with an alcohol-enriched corps girl one-ON-one in his motor coach.] ........pppffffttt. The Lord looks on the heart of each one of us, individually. The Book of Psalms vividly displays the Lord's heart to you and me. .
  15. Well, my life's cause was and is as "noble" as I thought it to be. I will go to my grave saying exactly what I did and was trying to do my whole life with the message of God and Jesus Christ. I've done a lot of things, partnered with a lot of people - hell, today I pretty much did zip other than pray for some people which in and of itself is no small thing, to me, but I don't spend every day with the best efforts expended or doing them with the best or right people for that matter. My life is what it is - but I am a HELLA lot better for what I've done and learned than if I hadn't. In the big circle of life that sucks some ways and rocks in others - mostly it rocks. If I face my Creator at some point and He says I've been weighed and found wanting, I'll accept that - what else is there to do? In the meantime, I'm full speed ahead until you hear otherwise.
  16. Yeh, millet is one of those things I look at and think "now what can I do with this?"....it does have a huge positive affect on my gut, which I loved when I discovered it. I was born with a stomach ulcer condition, at least it's one of my earliest memories as a toddler - my stomach hurting terribly suddenly for no apparent reason - course I was all of about 3 at the time, so what did I know? Diagnosed as "gastritis" then as a peptic ulcer I had to be careful in the 50's and 60's what I ate and I learned calming and meditation techniques before I was 10, anything to deal with the ups and downs of the condition which could curl me up into a ball for hours when it acted up. I turned to drugs in my youth for the usual social reasons but found pot and methamphetamines took the edge off and a blend of the two could normalize me under almost any conditions. My friends from that era that are still around all have a story or two about how I stayed "high" all the time, and it wasn't until I was prayed for and healed following an auto accident, that I came around. Self-medication of the worst kind - and years later when my kids were getting into music I cried on the floor with them when Kurt Cobaine ("Nirvana") killed himself with a shotgun to the head...they really liked his music and I'd come to appreciate his unusual chords and lyrics and we'd connected on his music, but he suffered from stomach ulcers and god knows what other conditions and it was known the pain he was in sometimes and his use of heroin. I completely understood where it had taken him and and how he'd chosen to end it, anyone who's been down that path knows what it's like to just want the pain to stop and to know how to do it but you just don't want to do it anymore..... It made me so incredibly thankful for the deliverance God and Jesus Christ brought into my life and I told my kids about my own experience with it..........and millet? Millet still has a very settling affect on my stomach, of "well being"....I feel great when I eat it, and of course it's bio-nutrition is good for acting against stomach peptic ulcers.............I get why most people don't like it, but it's one of those foods that does so much good for me I had to figure out how to cook the dammed stuff so it would eat better. Funny how stuff can be so different between different people. I appreciate your candor and effort ms penworks. I told someone recently to check out your book first hand, and that you are entitled to your story and your insight - it's YOURS and provides a view from your vantage point that no one else has and that's important. There are things we may not agree on and I often find myself the odd man out with a lot of people because I am a fully feathered and nested Christian and my faith is for and with no one but God and myself, and those close to me. I value honesty. I find over and over through the years that whether others believe the same as I or I with them is less important than if we love life and live our lives to the best truth we know. I'm really glad we still share a friendship - the wife and I send our best.
  17. There are still people out there who will go to their graves (some have already gone.) insisting we were part of some noble cause.
  18. Yup, the millet is long gone, but the gut reaction lingers. Ugh. In case you don't know, that's an analogy for the "Word" that VPW fed us, amounting to a con of Himalayan proportions. And I should know. I've actually been to the Himalayan mountains … in May 2009. Socks, eye-witnesses willing to give their two cents are few and far between. I get "fan mail" through the Contact page on my website from former Wayfers either defending VPW and "shame on me," or from some too afraid to speak up or out due to relatives still in TWI or due to their own weariness … which I totally understand. Who wants to put themselves out there for criticism and hate mail, which I get now and then. But I knew that going into what I did ... publishing my story in a book. Wake up people, Wierwille set this whole thing in motion from day one. It was never "pure" but got corrupted later on. He was out to set himself up as "the answer man." PLEEEAASE. Sigh.
  19. Yes. I mentioned that fairly recently. I also mentioned Sylvester Mc Coy played Radagast the Brown in the Hobbit trilogy, but was otherwise remembered for playing one of the Doctors (the one with the question mark "insignia".) The current one is Jodie Whittaker, the first actress to play the Gallifreyan. Her immediate predecessor was Peter Capaldi, who was the first actor in a while who actually made me think of the Doctor when seeing him. William Hartnell was the First, and "Curse of Fatal Death" had Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent and Joanna Lumley as the Doctor with a bunch of regenerations. Tom Baker was the Fourth Doctor- the one with the long scarf and hat, the one people used to think of when picturing Doctor Who (if they're from the US.) So, yes, this was DOCTOR WHO. (The Doctor.)
  20. I seem to remember you mentioning that Rowan Atkinson played a spoof of "The Doctor," and David Tennant was definitely one of them, so let's give that a try. The Doctor (Who) George
  21. Hey kiddo! What's for lunch - millet and carrot - raisin salad? (I say that but I learned how to cook organically grown millet so it's not the consistency of drywall mud and given it's a gluten free "grain" I've played around with it, even working on trying some of it in my whole grain sourdough recipe's.) Your book fills in some blanks for me of the timeline in those early years when the Southeastern Way Home outreach was coming up and online into the Way Corps and the introduction of Martindale from Oklahoma into the mix. There's a couple things in there that open up the "inertia" of The Way. Given that we got involved with the Way within a year or two of the final version of PFAL going into the can in 1967 and he died in 1985, he taught, trained and transitioned his "team" of close followers in a short window of about 17-18 years during which a lot of the work was to memorialize his legacy and heritage into the brand of "The Way". Allowing for a couple years transitioning in (California and New York) and a couple years of ill health at the end restricting his ability to move and travel freely - there's a sweet spot of productivity of about 13-14 years. In that time frame we can see the main players and how they were positioned - and positioned themselves - to be part of VPW's core/Corps leadership. While VPW ran the show, he called the shots and we did it as he directed. He allowed for others to contribute yes but it was always within his aims and goals, his view of the future. He created the system of controls that allowed for a Martindale to take over and do as he willed, without recourse or oversight. Somehow he assumed that he would always keep a guiding hand on the rudder of influence - but when push came to shove everyone after him ran it exactly as he had, with complete autocratic authority within a theocracy and one man at the top who wore the title "God's Man for Our Day and Time". Peace n love!
  22. So, could be an extraterrestrial, someone not from Earth. British fictional character, fairly recent, played by a buttload of actors and at least one actress. What's the question, again?
  23. I agree with Socks regarding this, as I was an eye-witness, like Socks, to the manner in which VPW conducted himself and ran the organization: " … I don't subscribe to the theory that "the Way was fine until Martindale/Geer/Finnegan/Whoever screwed everything up".......His main guys all learned from him and acted in complete alignment with his wishes."
  24. Rocky......I agree with you. The inertia and autopilot at work in these new splinters is recognizable and tangible. These corps are NOT LEADERS......they, too, are underlings. Some of these guys who were 16th, 17th and 18th corps........yeah, guys like DeLisle, Rupp, Rico and Ed Horney......were/are underlings. Do they make major decisions? Do they establish groundbreaking policy? I would suggest that Rosalie and Donna carry the mantle of power now at the mothership. All these other splinter cult leaders are sucking wind. How many times here at GSC have we discussed the moving of boundary lines? LOTS, right? Yet, these people splinter away from what they deemed as the "absolute power of the directors in twi"........and then do not take the time to investigate and ruminate how they got deceived? What if we were to hypothesize that wierwille's deception runs even deeper? Moving the boundary lines of.........what constitutes "the word of God" and power from on high. Moving the boundary lines of.........prayer life and speaking in tongues. Moving the boundary lines of.........how Jesus Christ functions today as the head of the Body. Moving the boundary lines of.........dispensational doctrine to suppress the author and finisher of our faith. Moving the boundary lines of.........all that constitutes living valiantly for the truth. Etc. etc. etc. All those big truths of life........and yet, wierwille diverted our attention to 1) way tree structures and its false allegiance, 2) renewed mind mantras of mind over matter, 3) carnal-minded teachings and misdirection on pre-marital sex/adultery, 4) cherry-picked scriptures that kept us knocking doors and not investing in our lives, education and fulfillment, 5) unbridled adulation to wierwille to extremes, 6) "moving the word" via his pfal-class (ppffftt), and 7) ....were we really "speaking the wonderful works of God" via speaking in tongues and delivering prophecy to believers present in those twig meetings, month after month, year after year??? Hamster on a wheel..........hamster on a wheel. Sigh.
  25. Sorry, my friend. You need to link Louis Jourdan with another movie. Let me help: Octopussy Maud Adams Tattoo George
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