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  1. GeorgeStGeorge

    Super Hero TV

    By "Crisis," here, I presume you mean "Elseworlds." George
  2. GeorgeStGeorge

    TV Show Mash-Up

    I loved the June Taylor dancers and Frank Fontaine (as "Crazy Guggenheim"). Good work, Grace. Although the clue was well-known to me (and almost, WW), that's the kind of thing to post here. We have had, in the past, "drive-by" posters who would answer clues but never post any of their own. Give me some time. George
  3. GeorgeStGeorge

    Super Hero TV

    I assume that I'm the only one who has seen the crossover, so I'll try not to "spoil" anything of major relevance. First, WATCH THE DARN THING! I thought it was quite well done, though why the Monitor would give the Book of Destiny to such a dweeb is not really explained. Correct sequence: Flash, Arrow, Supergirl. Some references to current Arrowverse events, but nothing that would keep you from watching the crossover before catching up on the other series. Lots of "Easter eggs" in the Smallville and Gotham sequences. Note, no Legends. The "mid-season finale" of LoT was quite entertaining, and also about alternate realities. A cute bit was at the beginning, when Steel asks Gideon if they missed anything while they were off the ship. Gideon: "You missed calls from Barry Allen, Oliver Queen, and Kara Zor-el." Steel: "Sounds like an annual crossover. Pass!" It's already been decided that next year's crossover will be "Crisis on Infinite Earths." Two of the tragedies from that comic series were alluded to in the current crossover. George
  4. GeorgeStGeorge

    TV Show Mash-Up

    It's "The Jackie Gleason Show." I watched it every Saturday Night. George
  5. GeorgeStGeorge

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Spider-Man Homecoming Marisa Tomei My Cousin Vinnie George
  6. GeorgeStGeorge

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Naked Gun 33-1/3 Fred Ward Joe Dirt George
  7. GeorgeStGeorge

    TV Show Mash-Up

    You are correct, Grace. Which means you're up. Which means we would like YOU to post clues to a new TV show. Note that this particular thread gives a lot of latitude as to what constitutes and acceptable clue. We usually use trivia about the show (which you can find at IMDb or Wikipedia, among other sites); but (as I did), you can use cast members, episode titles, whatever strikes your fancy. I would start with more challenging clues first, and then make them easier if people don't get it initially. George
  8. GeorgeStGeorge

    TV Show Mash-Up

    Well, I wouldn't give the obvious ones, first. This show was, however, popular and long-lived enough that even supporting characters appeared dozens of times. Barbara Bosson Jon Cypher Rene Enriquez Robert Hirschfeld Robert Prosky Bruce Weitz Kiel Martin Trinidad Silva George
  9. GeorgeStGeorge

    Random thoughts

    One my brother mentions, frequently: "Every now and then, I really like a good [steak, Merlot, massage, whatever]!" Do we infer, then, that you routinely prefer a BAD [steak, Merlot, massage, whatever]? Isn't something you like, by definition, something you consider good? George
  10. GeorgeStGeorge

    TV Show Mash-Up

    Some of the many actors on this show (each appeared in at least 70 episodes): Barbara Bosson Jon Cypher Rene Enriquez Robert Hirschfeld George
  11. GeorgeStGeorge

    Movie Mash-Up

    When one of the stars cries out, "Farley, Farley, Farley, Hfuhruhurr!", it's a nod to a previous role as Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr. The same star gets shot in this film, in the same place (shoulder) he was repeatedly shot in another of his films. The only film written by Randy Newman. George
  12. GeorgeStGeorge

    TV Show Mash-Up

    Well, that's embarrassing. I don't know if I ever watched the Swamp Thing TV show, but I did watch "Human Target" and "Birds of Prey." I don't think I'd call HT a cross between QL and MI, though. Impersonating someone is quite different from jumping (through time) into his body. And yes, if Oracle were a librarian rather than a teacher, and Black Canary were Dinah Lance, rather than Dinah Redmond, I'd have gotten it right away. New one soon. George
  13. GeorgeStGeorge

    Triple Movie Links Game

    John Travolta The Experts Kelly Preston George
  14. GeorgeStGeorge

    Super Hero TV

    This week's Flash episode was very entertaining. Barry and Nora go back to a few recent timepoints in Flash show history, to gather various items. The re-staging of old episode parts was well done. I had a little trouble keeping track of the Wellses, though. George
  15. GeorgeStGeorge

    Random thoughts

    Some pet peeves: When people say "literally" when what they mean is anything but literal. "[Pick your favorite politician] is LITERALLY Hitler!" (No, that would be METAPHORICALLY.) When people say "exponentially" when they mean "greatly" or. perhaps, "by an order of magnitude." My savings in the bank are growing exponentially, but the exponent is pretty small. The correct pronunciation of "processes" is PRAH-ses-es (or, if you're British, PRO-ses-es). It is NOT prah-se-SEEZ. George