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  1. Jack Nicholson Batman Robert Wuhl George
  2. X-Men The Last Stand Famke Janssen GoldenEye George
  3. Coming to America. You could probably list Arsenio and Eddie about five times. Best line from the movie: "I tied my own shoes once. It is a highly overrated experience." George
  4. That looks like Jesse Martin, but if it is, I don't know any movie he's in. George
  5. You can enter a Zoom meeting without your video. I'm thinking that you probably would see the faces of those who DO use their video, but you can remain anonymous. George
  6. I don't do Facebook, but thanks! George
  7. Cameron Diaz The Green Hornet Seth Rogen George
  8. Home Alone Catherine O'Hara Beetlejuice George
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