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  1. Clearly, no one watched "Farscape." FREE POST George
  2. Her role in the series of movies was "Callahan." George
  3. "How's about investing in condominiums? It's safe." "Condominiums?" "Yeah, condominiums." "I never use 'em." "Do you have a criminal record?" "Nothin' worth braggin' about." "You're gonna eat lightnin'; you're gonna crap thunder." George
  4. She had a significant role in a popular series of films. I'm sure WW or Raf will know. George
  5. Hector Elizondo Private Resort Leslie Easterbrook George
  6. We all have songs which we think should be obvious but aren't, especially with the limited number of players. This song sounds familiar, but I'm not getting it. George
  7. Great season finale for Flash, although the ending was a bit schmaltzy. LOTS of speedsters! S&L continues to impress. Still maintaining a good balance between super-heroics and melodrama. George
  8. I suppose I'll have to see the movie again. Mickey Rourke Ted Danson William Hurt George
  9. Robert Downey, Jr. Tropic Thunder Jack Black George
  10. I actually don't remember any of them being in that movie, but CR was goofy, with enough stars to make it a good guess. George
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