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  1. GeorgeStGeorge

    To The Country Music Fans?

    Hey, RG! Although I live in Texas, for me, country music is just something to dance to, so I couldn't tell much about big hits, and certainly not about this little nugget. Incidentally, I'm not sure how many people lurk in this forum, because there are only a few regulars. Although this forum is a reasonable place for this thread, you might want to try in the Open forum, to get more views. George
  2. GeorgeStGeorge

    GreaseSpot Fundraiser 2018

    Something Raf posted on another thread implied that membership (visitorship? lollygags?) at the Café is probably below 100. I mentioned on that thread that if membership in TWI dwindles, it would not be surprising to have it happen here. Sad, but in the same way that having your kids start their own families is sad. So, if it really is time to close the Café, so be it. But if the real reason is financial, THAT would be really sad. George
  3. GeorgeStGeorge

    Goodbye and Thank You

    I suppose that I've been primarily involved with the little "game room" enclave and not so much Greasespot as a whole. Is the number of participants really that low? It makes sense, of course. As the membership in TWI vanishes, so, likely, would participation here. If it is truly going away, I will miss this place, but it is probably for the best. George
  4. GeorgeStGeorge

    Name that TV Show

    Ummm...no...and no. (Though I'm sure you know the real answer.) George
  5. GeorgeStGeorge

    Name that TV Show

    This will be an easy one. "No soup for you!" "There was shrinkage!" "Yes, they're real; and they're spectacular!" "I'm the master of my domain!" George
  6. GeorgeStGeorge

    Name that TV Show

    I'll give it a shot, soon. Of course, the show, and the lines from it have to be fairly well-known, but not TOO easy... George
  7. GeorgeStGeorge

    Name that TV Show

    "Moonlighting"? George
  8. GeorgeStGeorge

    Triple Movie Links Game

    No, though it does have Scott Bakula, Kathy Ireland, Robert Loggia, Rob Schneider, Jason Bateman, and Sinbad Jingle All the Way Ahhhnold George
  9. GeorgeStGeorge

    Triple Movie Links Game

    With WW possible out of pocket, we'll see if Raf (or Wraysed2?) can chime in. Fun movie. Kind of like "The Replacements." George
  10. GeorgeStGeorge

    Name that Flick

    Since I don't recognize that exchange, which would be pretty memorable, I suspect I'm unfamiliar with this movie. We'll see. George
  11. GeorgeStGeorge

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Unfortunately, I can't think of a movie with both Julia Roberts and Diane Lane in it, so I'll go with Wraysed2's clue. He must have posted just ahead of Human. Besides, Diane Lane ALMOST had the lead role in Pretty Woman Hector Elizondo Necessary Roughness George
  12. GeorgeStGeorge

    Triple Movie Links Game

    The Avengers Uma Thurman Batman and Robin George
  13. GeorgeStGeorge

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Point Break Keanu Reeves Constantine George
  14. GeorgeStGeorge

    Name that Flick

    It is, indeed. George
  15. GeorgeStGeorge

    Name that TV Show

    There are a lot of goofy cop shows which might fit the bill, but I'm not getting it. George