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  1. Since we're not doing Music from the Movies anymore, I'll use one here. I Heard It Through the Grapevine You Can't Always Get What You Want Joy to the World Good Lovin' My Girl George
  2. I just watched the Sego commercial. The "catcall" comes from a boy playing her son. I can't tell whether it's cute or creepy. George
  3. It sounded Hitchcockian to me. And Tippi Hedren's daughter, Melanie Griffith, is better known than Hedren. I'm not sure about the drink, but I'm guessing the movie is The Birds* (which I haven't seen) George *which also would be the title antagonists
  4. Dick Tracy Dustin Hoffman The Graduate George
  5. The Princess Bride Mandy Patinkin Alien Nation George
  6. No. Jim O'Connor Jim Deakins Ulysses Vincent Van Gogh Doc Holliday Ned Land Gen. George Patton Paris Pittman Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde Mike Wayne Cactus Jack Adam (not the first man; just not given a surname) George
  7. Matthew Broderick Ferris Buehler's Day Off Charlie Sheen George
  8. No sense in waiting another day. Sylvester Stallone Rhinestone Dolly Parton George
  9. That's all well and good, but I think we could use a few more quotes. George
  10. With all those names, and few CM/Shazam appearances (except, I suspect, cartoon voice-overs), I assumed that some of them had to be Billy. Ah, well. Name the actor: Jim O'Connor Jim Deakins Ulysses Vincent Van Gogh Doc Holliday Ned Land George
  11. That was one I could keep following along in my head until the title lyric showed up. And Smokey's voice is pretty rare. To weave our dreams upon and listen To each evening when the lights are low To underscore our love affair with tenderness And feeling that we've come to know George
  12. I Second That Emotion by Smokey Robinson? George
  13. Captain Marvel/Shazam and Billy Batson? George
  14. At least I know we're looking for a role and not an actor. George
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