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  1. I think it's kind of cool that you still have all that stuff. I still have the books, but I think I dumped just about everything else (AC pin and photo, etc.), even a letter from VPW responding to my concerns about "Uncle Harry Day." (It reminded me of Catholic feast days for "saints.") I KNOW I got rid of all the tapes. I wish I still had the "Victors" barbershop group. Lots of good memories, especially early on. Fewer and fewer as time went on. Getting marked and avoided was probably the low point, from an emotional standpoint, but I'm much better off because of it, so -- no worries! George
  2. I don't think any of you have actually seen this film, but you might get it, anyway: George
  3. Josh Brolin Men in Black 3 Emma Thompson George
  4. I can also just use the PrtScn (Print Screen) button on my keyboard. That copies the image, which I can paste into Paint and edit. George
  5. Of that group, only Carrie Fisher was in AWOTM. It's definitely an all-star cast, but I don't recognize the film. George
  6. Did the "12 years to develop this film" include the 6 years one actor thought about it and the 4 years the other thought about it, and the extra year for the first actor, or was the total more than 20 years? George
  7. It looks a little like Edward James Olmos, so I'll try "Stand and Deliver." This looks like a classroom setting. George
  8. With essentially no fanfare whatsoever, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD starts its final season tonight. George
  9. I haen't seen the movie, so I may be WAY off here. but Slumdog Millionaire? George
  10. Alternatively, you can use Google or Yahoo and search images. If you see the image you want, it's easy to copy and paste. George
  11. THIS one I can "hear" in my head. Just not coming up with the title or artist. George
  12. As long as Raf already posted, why don't we just go with that? I don't recognize the scene. Maybe it's my computer, or maybe it's Raf's, but a couple of his posts have been dark and grainy. George
  13. I suspect that this will sit three days. George
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