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  1. No spoiler here, but some points from Episode 2 I enjoyed: Seeing Tom Welling again. His Smallville really launched the Arrowverse. Actually seeing Kevin Conroy. He's been the cartoon voice for Batman for over a decade, but I've never SEEN him before. Most of the "Easter Eggs" were quotes from old (and not so old) Superman and Batman movies. FYI. Black Lightning, while not technically a crossover episode, was what we would have called a "Crisis Tie-In." You may want to include it in your CoIE viewing. George
  2. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Michael York Logan's Run George
  3. I agree that we need to let everyone catch up. Do we discuss after the first three episodes, or do we wait until the conclusion in January? George
  4. Enjoyed episode 1 (Supergirl) of CoIE. Cute cameos with Robert Wuhl and Burt Ward. Episode 2 (Batwoman) tonight. New Black Lightning tonight, but it's not part of CoIE. I guess that that will be in January. There was also a "Crisis Aftermath" special, after the SG episode. I've recorded it but haven't seen it. George
  5. Charlie's Angels Bill Murray Groundhog Day George
  6. No, it was a western, featuring several sets of actor brothers (three Carradines, two Quaids, two Keaches, and two Guests). That should help. George
  7. I vaguely remember the show, but I can't remember the title. George
  8. Well, CoIE starts this Sunday. An interesting article about the history and logistics of the crossover can be found here: Crisis Info (no teasers!) George
  9. Raf's post somehow escaped my notice (right before the page break, I think). Anyway, yes, Belushi and Aykroyd. George
  10. There are TWO correct answers for this one. You really should give both, to win: 1941 Neighbors The Blues Brothers George
  11. Well, kind of. I threw a few spitballs, and one of them stuck. George
  12. My feeling is that you probably don't want to use the main star (say, Johnny Depp for a Pirates movie); but if you're only going to give three names, it would help for at least one to be recognizable, and all the characters should have significant screen time. There are TWO correct answers for this one. You really should give both, to win: 1941 Neighbors The Blues Brothers George
  13. I've seen both movies. I do remember Jeremy in Orgazmo. An IMDb search of Boogie Nights does indeed show Nina Hartley, Tony Tedeschi and Veronica Hart, but you have to dig pretty deep. I might have tossed in at least Heather Graham, if not Julianne Moore or Burt Reynolds. Ummm...am I up? George
  14. They're all porn stars (and I think it's Chaisey Lain). Unfortunately, the only "serious" movies of that genre that I can think of, Last Tango in Paris, The Devil in Miss Jones, Behind the Green Door, and maybe Boogie Nights feature none of those actors. I've seen most of them in various Cinemax or Showtime features, but no single movie stands out. George
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