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  1. GeorgeStGeorge

    TV Show Mash-Up

    Fair enough. Simple. Good family values. If you need a lot of action or suspense, probably not for you. George
  2. GeorgeStGeorge

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Clue Colleen Camp Police Academy 2 George
  3. GeorgeStGeorge

    Movie Mash-Up

    So how would he know what the insignia was, on his uniform? George
  4. GeorgeStGeorge

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Interesting. I know Clancy from a lot of TV shows, but I can't think of a movie featuring him. George
  5. GeorgeStGeorge

    TV Show Mash-Up

    Ah. Another popular show which I never watched. George
  6. GeorgeStGeorge

    TV Show Mash-Up

    I'm guessing she went blind, but the show still isn't clicking with me. George
  7. GeorgeStGeorge

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Shanghai Surprise Sean Penn The Game George
  8. GeorgeStGeorge

    Movie Mash-Up

    I remember the story (I think it was an issue of "Tales of the Green Lantern Corps") where Katma Tui is sent to recruit a new member whose planet is in total darkness. Without light, the species had no concept of "light" "lantern" or "green" (or, for that matter, "black" or "night"). She had to give him the power ring in terms he could understand, which were auditory. New one soon. George
  9. GeorgeStGeorge

    Name that Tune

    I do not recognize it. George
  10. GeorgeStGeorge

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Billy Bob Thornton Monster's Ball Peter Boyle George
  11. GeorgeStGeorge

    Movie Mash-Up

    "Green Lantern" (with F-sharp bell)? George
  12. GeorgeStGeorge

    TV Show Mash-Up

    Wild guess: Dynasty? (Based mostly on the villainous female.) George
  13. GeorgeStGeorge

    TV Show Mash-Up

    It hit me this morning on the way to work. I was hoping it hadn't been answered yet. Oh, well. Apparently, after five seasons, they decided that there were no more stories to be told, and closed up shop. Not like today's shows, which often linger long past their "expiration dates." George
  14. GeorgeStGeorge

    TV Show Mash-Up

    I can think of a few b&w shows which were popular, but not one that ran only five seasons. George
  15. GeorgeStGeorge

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Jennifer Connelly The Rocketeer Alan Arkin George