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  1. Hermine must have developed quickly, and this one is Ian. Hermine is still near Africa. Expected to weaken back to a depression. George
  2. Soon to be Hermine. Most likely to hit Jamaica, Cuba and Florida. (Sorry, Raf, et al.) George
  3. I know it will come to me, but the others are welcome to beat me to it. George
  4. Hondo Lane Joe January Sheriff John T. Chance Davy Crockett Sam McCord Tom Doniphon Lt. Col. Benjamin Vandervoort Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman George Washington McLintock John Elder George
  5. The overall concept and several names in this film appear to be taken from the Doc Savage pulp magazines of the 1930s and 1940s: both main characters are multi-talented surgeons, adventurers, and musicians; and both have an inner circle of sidekicks with nicknames. The movie's ending invites the viewer to watch for the upcoming film "[Title character] vs. The World Crime League". This was the real title for a sequel that Sherwood Studios planned to make, if this film had been successful. Unfortunately, it was a box-office bomb, and Sherwood Studios went bankrupt. However, after its release on video and cable, the film became a cult favorite, much in the same way as Mad Max (1979) (which crawled from obscurity to spawn two sequels). Legal wrangling, due to the bankruptcy, prevented any other studios from picking up the sequel rights, and even many years later, MGM had to fight through a pile of red tape simply to get the OK to re-release it onto home video (DVD). In 2021, the novel "[Title character] Against the World Crime League" was finally released. George
  6. I know this guy is in the Harry Potter films, but I haven't seen any of them. On the other hand, we're past "google curfew," so: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Richard Harris Hawaii George
  7. I Think We're Alone Now "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot." (You probably know the song, but it's one with an obscure title.) George
  8. I'm still clueless for this round. George
  9. This actor also did movies in the 30s and 40s, but I'll limit my clues to movies from the 50s through the 70s. Hondo Lane Joe January Sheriff John T. Chance Davy Crockett Sam McCord Tom Doniphon George
  10. "This is the Tower Of Murder, and it's where I hang out." "Nobody burns my a-s-s and gets away with it!" "These, my power pasties, are the only force that can stop the sex beam. Once accomplished, Earthlings, my spirit shall at last rest in peace." George
  11. On the other hand, that nasty little X off the coast of South America could very well wind up in the Gulf. George
  12. Sometimes it pays to check the other threads. Immigrant Song. George
  13. The airtime rule just gives everyone a chance. I was a big fan of the Captain and Tennille. Obviously, "Love Will Keep Us Together" would be well-known to all. "Muskrat Love" and "Do It to Me One More Time" less so, but still not unreasonable. "(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman" was a cover. Most would guess Aretha Franklin as the artist, which would also be acceptable. On the other hand, while I find "Broddy Bounce" adorable, I don't think it ever got airtime. Unless you bought the LWKUT album (or heard C&T in concert), you probably never heard it. George
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