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  1. Marlon Brando The Freshman Bruno Kirby George
  2. I've seen McGinley on TV, but I had to google his movies. George
  3. You are correct, Sir! (And I appreciate the correct spelling.) Ya know, I was kinda hoping that these mashups would have lasted a little longer... George
  4. The re-release was, in fact the Barbarella re-release. You're up! George
  5. There may have been, but it wasn't this show. This one went three seasons and had a different premise. George
  6. In a semi-spinoff, the main character of this show first appeared on an episode of Charlie's Angels, as a friend of Charlie and Bosley. Although the main character's girlfriends are all supposedly older than he, the actor portraying him was actually older than the women. In fact, his boyish good looks almost lost him the part, as the producers thought he wouldn't be taken for 25 (he was 31). In the pilot episode, Greg Morris' Lieutenant Nelson was named "George". When he returned for the series, he was named "David or Dave". George
  7. The first full-length film (as opposed to serials) based on a sci-fi comic book. The movie was re-released in 1977, after the success of the first Star Wars installment. Featured Marcel Marceau in a very talkative role. George
  8. Carol Kane The Princess Bride Mandy Patinkin George
  9. "The Adventures of Superman" In black-and-white, there was no need to have Superman's actual red, blue, and yellow costume. When they started filming in color, obviously they re-did the costume. Phyllis Coates and Noel Neill are well-known Lois Lanes. And Superman did appear on an episode of "I Love Lucy." George
  10. So, Arrow. At first I thought the season premiere was some sort of dream episode. Mild spoiler alert: what is actually the case is made clear about 1/4 through the episode. I was going to write my reactions, but I think I'll wait until whoever of you actually plans to watch the episode, in the near future, does so. So, GET TO IT! George
  11. Then perhaps the lyrics are reminding me of some other song. George
  12. I actually saw (D) (or, most of it) on cable recently, but I can't think of the title. George
  13. I think I might have seen "Sale of the Century" and MAYBE the "$1.98 Beauty Pageant." "Treasure Hunt" does not ring a bell. George
  14. It does seem vaguely familiar. Sort of rappish, I think, rather than melodic. George
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