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  1. Robert Duvall Barbara Hershey Michael Douglas George
  2. Good, because you're still up. George
  3. You did it again, Dude. You need an actor (other than Justin Long) from Live Free... George
  4. Do I hear sirens? A couple of them, perhaps? George
  5. There are movies whose actors I'll recognize. because I've seen the movie. Sometimes, I can answer because there was a lot of publicity. This was neither case. Sorry. And, no, you don't have to give only three actors at a time. You have to START with three actors (or movies); but if no one gets it, just add more names (or titles). George
  6. I don't know. It's also possible that all the other actors you listed were in the movie, but I still don't know. Sorry. George
  7. Kevin Bacon Animal House Donald Sutherland George
  8. The Misfits Marilyn Monroe Some Like it Hot George
  9. I really enjoyed the 100th Supergirl episode. Sort of a "Butterfly Effect" with lots of cameos. George
  10. Still not getting it. I only know two movies with Tom Hulce in them, and this is neither Amadeus nor Animal House. George
  11. By now, you've seen LoT, where, when notified of Ollie's death, Nate's only response was, "Never take part in a cross-over." I wonder what they'll do NEXT year? George
  12. I guess that was easier than I thought. A fun show, hot babes, just fun. You're up! George
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