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  1. Natalie Portman Mars Attacks! Pierce Brosnan George
  2. No. Earlier movie. "I ain't no white trash piece of sh-t. I'm better than you all! I can out-learn you. I can out-read you. I can out-think you. And I can out-philosophize you. And I'm gonna outlast you. You think a couple whacks to my guts is gonna get me down? It's gonna take a hell of a lot more than that, Counselor, to prove you're better than me!" "It's not necessary to lay a foul tongue on me my friend. I could get upset. Things could get out of hand. Then in self defense, I could do something to you that you would not like, right here." "Are you my friend? Are you my friend?" "No I'm not your friend." "Well, see, I like to plan my comings and goings with friends, so if you're planning my comings and goings I'd call that presumptuous, in fact I'd call it downright rude." "We never spoke about what happened, at least not to each other. Fear, I suppose, that to remember his name and what he did would mean letting him into our dreams. And me, I hardly dream about him anymore. Still, things won't ever be the way they were before he came. But that's alright because if you hang onto the past you die a little every day. And for myself, I know I'd rather live." "If you hold on to the past, you die a little each day." "'I am like God, and God like me. I am as large as God, He is as small as I. He cannot above me, nor I beneath Him be.' Silesius, 17th Century." "Counselor! Come out, come out, wherever you are!" George
  3. Judge Reinhold Fast Times at Ridgemont High Phoebe Cates George
  4. Correct. Hackman responded to Reeve with the $2 million quote. Hackman didn't want to shave his mustache, but Donner tricked him into doing it. Additionally, Hackman refused to shave his head, so the final scene of the first Superman movie had him wearing a skull cap. In other scenes, he changed his hairstyle to give the impression that he was wearing different wigs. You're up! George
  5. One of the major stars of this film was notoriously lazy. He suggested that the cameras roll during rehearsals, because they "might get lucky" (meaning he wouldn't have to repeat a performance). He was also bad about memorizing lines. He delivers a key speech written on a baby's diaper. The actual star of the film was a relative unknown at the time and was actually third-billed in the credits and most promotional material. The first-billed star wanted so much money for the sequel that all his scenes in it were cut. (The movie and its sequel were filmed at the same time.) When the third-billed star asked the second-billed what his motivation was, he replied, "You mean besides the $2 million?" Initially, one star refused to cut off his mustache to play his character. In early one-sheets of the movie, his face is featured with a mustache. Before the director and the star met face-to-face, the director proposed to the star that if he would cut his mustache, the director would cut his too, and the star agreed. It turned out later that the director did not have a mustache at all. He wore a false moustache that he peeled off at the last moment. The star thought it a great joke. George
  6. Pretty little girl you're just having fun You're running all around and breaking lover's hearts Pretty little girl, I don't stand a chance Without any money there goes our romance She always wears charms, diamonds, pearls galore She buys them at the five and ten cents store She wants to be just like Zsa Zsa Gabor Even though she's the girl next door George
  7. It was a clear night in Houston, so the eclipse was easy to see. I have to admit, though, I was unimpressed. It seemed no larger or colorful than any of the other total lunar eclipses I've seen. Maybe the next one will be better. Mid-November, I think. George
  8. Apparently, the CW network is for sale, so any and all shows are in jeopardy. The current list of keeps/cancelled (only comic book shows): Keep: Flash, Superman and Lois, Stargirl, Riverdale Cancelled: Naomi, Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow. George
  9. Glad I don't need the performer for this thread. "Hitchin' a Ride" George
  10. She always wears charms, diamonds, pearls galore She buys them at the five and ten cents store She wants to be just like Zsa Zsa Gabor Even though she's the girl next door George
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