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  1. I remember watching "Real People" one night, and there was a segment about a lady in Texas who stayed up all night on her CB, talking with truckers. Once each quarter, she would also have a buffet set up, so the truckers could come in and eat. A priest came in, aided by a cane, whose handle was "Holy Roller." While the focus was on someone else, I heard the lady ask him, "Juraschek?" As it happens, I had a first cousin, once removed, a Father Juraschek, who had injured his foot in a hunting accident. (My grandfather and one of his brothers changed their names from Juraschek to St. George. As far as I know, all the other relatives who came to America kept the old surname.) I had only met Fr. Juraschek once, when I was about 10. I called my parents to see if they had seen the episode. They had, but completely missed our relative. Oh, well. New one soon. George
  2. Hint: Sam and Suzie are rodents (but not rats or mice). Love kept them together. George
  3. Odds and ends: The new Batwoman will be Javicia Leslie, who out-diversity-es Ruby Rose by being black, as well as bisexual. She won't be playing Kate Kane, so it will be interesting to see how all of the other relationships on the show will change. Although there were tensions on the set, Rose gives an injury sustained in filming as the main reason for leaving. Stargirl finished its first season in fine form. One has to suspend a lot of disbelief to accept that a group of inexperienced teen-agers could do what the actual JSA could not; but the show was fun and has a good tie-in for next season (which won't be until next year). I wonder when the next season of the other shows will begin. Will Stargirl be part of the crossover? Agents of SHIELD has its final, two-hour, episode tonight. This season has been very good. George
  4. Probably pretty high. I saw it recently on cable, and they do tend to play the same movies several times a month (especially since there aren't any NEW movies). George
  5. It wasn't their biggest hit (by a long shot); but it did pretty well. George
  6. I had heard it. Some of the lines I could "hear" in my head. The current song is from the early 70's. Husband and wife team. I had SUCH a crush on her... George
  7. Correct. The Empire's space ship "transformed" into a giant maid robot, to remove the atmosphere from a planet. Shortly thereafter, it would go "from suck to blow." George
  8. Heath Ledger Monsters Ball Halle Berry George
  9. Body Heat Kathleen Turner War of the Roses George
  10. Right. And the opening song was "Welcome Back" by John Sebastian. George
  11. Yes. "That's Incredible" + "(The) Incredible Mr. Limpet" You're up.
  12. Conspiracy Theory Julia Roberts Erin Brockovich George
  13. Carnal Knowledge Ann-Margret Tommy George
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