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  1. GeorgeStGeorge

    TV Show Mash-Up

    "Lost in Space" had three versions, spaced far enough apart, but the first one only went three seasons. George
  2. GeorgeStGeorge

    TV Show Mash-Up

    I wouldn't be surprised if I recognize the shows, but right now I'm drawing a complete blank. George
  3. GeorgeStGeorge

    Name that Actor/Actress (or Role)

    John Kassir? George
  4. GeorgeStGeorge

    TV Show Mash-Up

    OK. So the general timing was Show 1 (5 seasons) -- Time passes -- Show 2 (2 seasons (or 1?)) -- Time passes -- Show 3 (1 season (or 2?)) (Although you mention the 2-season show second, it's not necessarily the second chronologically.) Were the other shows spin-offs? Did they share any characters? George
  5. GeorgeStGeorge

    Movie Mash-Up

    I'm not sure that I ever watched it. I just remembered the notable point that Duke went from Keller to Sullivan. George
  6. GeorgeStGeorge

    Movie Mash-Up

    I'm confused. Are you surprised that YOU remembered it? You're the only one who answered... Or are you surprised that I remembered it? George
  7. GeorgeStGeorge

    Super Hero TV

    Apparently all Kryptonians speak with a British accent, so Lobo uses a Scottish one... George
  8. GeorgeStGeorge

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Jailhouse Rock Dean Jones The Love Bug George
  9. GeorgeStGeorge

    Movie Mash-Up

    As a matter of fact, yes. George
  10. GeorgeStGeorge

    Movie Mash-Up

    This title refers to (at least) one theatrical release and one made-for-TV movie. The movie features two female leads, one younger and one older. The actress who played the younger lead in the theatrical release played the older lead in the made-for-TV version. The lead actresses in the theatrical release reprised their roles from a successful Broadway show, which won a Tony for Best Play and another for the older actress as Best Actress. George
  11. GeorgeStGeorge

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Rocky 3 Burgess Meredith Grumpier Old Men George
  12. GeorgeStGeorge

    Super Hero TV

    Krypton returns tomorrow on SyFy. Apparently, not only will we see Zod and Doomsday, this season, but also Lobo (!). George
  13. GeorgeStGeorge

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Teri Hatcher Soapdish Sally Field George
  14. GeorgeStGeorge

    Movie Mash-Up

    I actually ignored everything except "Shoot him in the face." New one, soon. George
  15. GeorgeStGeorge

    Movie Mash-Up

    Not old at all. Shazam! George PS. The photo I had inserted in my previous post disappeared, so you may not have any idea what I was talking about. It was "Inigo Montoya's keys to networking success" Hello (Polite greeting) My name is Inigo Montoya (give your name) You killed my father (include a relevant personal connection) Prepare to die (manage expectations)