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  1. Not getting it. Jews are common in tailor shops, delis, and law firms. Suits? George
  2. Well, there was the USA Network show "In Plain Sight" at that time, but I can't imagine Jackson even being near the set. George
  3. Yes. You needed only one of the shows I described; you got two. George
  4. I seem to remember Steve Martin playing a "Digby," whence my guess. This actor seems to have done a bunch of westerns and war movies. George
  5. No, though the lyric is a bit similar. Let me add the next part: "My child arrived just the other day; He came to the world in the usual way." George
  6. Michael Caine Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Glenne Headly George
  7. Pamela Reed Linda Hunt Carroll Baker Richard Tyson Penelope Ann Miller Cathy Moriarty George
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