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  1. Like to tell you 'bout my baby You know she comes around Just 'bout five feet four From her head to the ground Well she comes around here Just about midnight She makes me feel so good Makes me feel alright George
  2. No. I looked up Flintstones and his name. The Flintstones spoofed a number of actors and actresses. "Ann-Margrock" comes to mind. I didn't remember this one. George
  3. This 1960's movie begins with an Overture (a still saying "Overture" is shown while the music plays) followed by the cast list, then a dedication to "Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy." Halfway through the movie is an Intermission, including a musical "Entr'acte" (with appropriate still). The two male stars had previously starred in a comedy, playing co-workers, of a sort. In this film, also a comedy, they play rivals. Each film also had a (different) female star. A Saturday morning cartoon was inspired by this movie. One of the male stars plays two roles. One character impersonates t
  4. The star of this show won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar before this show appeared (though not before she first played this character -- yes, it's a spin-off). The backstory of the spinoff is that the character's oft-mentioned but never seen husband dies, so she moved in with her mother-in-law to start a new life. (?) George
  5. This one I should know. I don't, but I should. George
  6. I can live with that. No idea who was in The Proposal, though. George
  7. Zoolander Owen Wilson Behind Enemy Lines George
  8. I actually did see it when it came out. Wasn't it the first PG-13 Disney film? George
  9. Like to tell ya about my baby You know she comes around She about five feet four A-from her head to the ground George
  10. Iron Man Gwyneth Paltrow Shallow Hal George
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