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    Author of Undertow: My Escape from the Fundamentalism and Cult Control of The Way International. https://charleneedge.com

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  1. Dear Kblosser, thank YOU for sharing here and for reading Undertow. I'm deeply grateful to learn that my story benefitted you. Be comforted in knowing that many others are in your shoes, trying to figure out their path through life, too. I had a lot of support over the years, some from good folks I connected with on this site. I trust you have loving people in your life to be there for you. Take good care of yourself. Wishing you peace, Charlene
  2. Happy upcoming Thanksgiving, Greasespotters. I'm very thankful for the many insights I've gained at this site where so many of you have read my memoir: Undertow. This November I celebrate Undertow's 6th birthday. Time sure flies... A little background: When I was 16 years old, my mother passed away on the day before Thanksgiving. That trauma, I believe, made me (in part) vulnerable to Way recruiters' claims of teaching "the rightly divided word" two years later at East Carolina University. Flash forward: in 2016, my goal was to publish Undertow in honor of my mother just as Thanksgiving rolled around. With the support of many good folks, like some of you reading this post, I met that goal. Thanks again for your kind support and interest in Undertow! While supplies last: You can get a personalized, discounted copy of my second book, From the Porch to the Page: A Guidebook for the Writing Life. Send me a message here. Cheers, Penworks
  3. I haven't gotten one yet and feel left out. After all, I wrote an entire book about The Way and me.
  4. penworks

    Doug Mastriano

    Anyone know him? Evidently, he joined The Way in the 1980s. He's featured in this New Yorker article. How Election Subversion Went Mainstream in Pennsylvania https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2022/11/07/how-election-subversion-went-mainstream-in-pennsylvania
  5. VPW's statement that the Bible interprets itself is nonsense. The act of interpretation of any text is done by the reader of the text. People interpret what they read. They are the ones who give it meaning. Surely we can see that this is a basic reason for many different denominations. They have different interpretations of Scripture. People interpret books and make decisions about what the books mean based on lots of factors, such as the times in which the book was written. We're talking about reading literature here. I'll say the obvious: Bibles are collections of pieces of literature. BTW, some Bibles have different pieces of literature in them compared with other Bibles. People who understand what literature is and who were not brainwashed by Wierwille, realize that books don't "interpret themselves." People interpret books. But because many of us who were vulnerable PFAL students and considered VPW as some great Biblical scholar, when he said that nonsense, many of us believed it. BTW, he's not the only Bible teacher who passes along that thoughtless statement. In Undertow I show my experience in realizing that books don't interpret themselves, people interpret books. I highlighted that point mainly for readers who were indoctrinated in The Way. Readers who never bought into Wierwille's propaganda know that already.
  6. Twinky, thank you for spelling out how coercive control works. It is critical to understanding the terrible and inexcusable sex abuse by TWI leaders and other sorts of leaders around the world.
  7. Post-Hurricane Ian: Orlando Update | Charlene L. Edge (charleneedge.com)
  8. We're lucky to be okay here, no property damage, no flooding in our neighborhood and we have power. Beyond grateful, but it's totally shocking and sad to see what's happened in our state.
  9. Indeed, GeorgeStGeorge. Here's my update this morning Update from Orlando: Hurricane Ian | Charlene L. Edge (charleneedge.com)
  10. We're in the path, but help isn't needed ... yet... fingers crossed. Thanks for thinking of us! Hunkering down, Charlene
  11. Oh my! they're coming to Orlando, Florida!? Well, I just have to invite them over for tea. Meanwhile, I have an extra copy of The Way: Living in Love by Elena Whiteside. If anyone wants it for FREE, with FREE shipping, message me here or email me at crledge@earthlink.net. OR, I might just hold on to it until the Way Ambassadors arrive in town and give it to them. :-) A little history lesson is always good, especially since there's a photo in the book with the "original" WOW group. Cheers!
  12. Hi Greasespotters, Does anyone want my extra copy ofThe Way: Living in Love, by Elena Scott Whiteside for FREE? I'll mail it to you for free, also. I know, I know, why would anyone want that blatant piece of Wierwille propaganda? For historical purposes, I say. Example: a daughter of a former top Way leader found some invaluable family history in the book. And I quote from it in my own book, Undertow. Let me know asap, either by replying here in this thread, or sending me a private message through this site. Cheers, Penworks a.k.a. Charlene Lamy Edge
  13. For those interested, my books are discounted beginning today until next Wednesday to celebrate the 4th of July. Details here.
  14. Some of you know that in 1987, I escaped the fundamentalism and cult control of The Way International when I drove away from TWI headquarters in New Knoxville, Ohio, and never went back. I don't intend to return there in person. However, by checking in here at GSC every once in a while, I end up revisiting, by way of people's memories and documented facts, some of the terrible problems that issued from cultic beliefs and behaviors of Way leaders and some followers. I also rejoice in much healing. Your stories are important and I thank you for them. Today, I watched the televised coverage of Cassidy Hutchinson give her testimony of what happened behind-the-scenes in the White House leading up to, during, and shortly after the insurrection at the nation's Captial on Jan. 6, 2021. What struck me was how powerful a calm, fact-based, and as-best-as-I-remember personal testimony can be. Likewise, personal testimony here at GSC by former followers who tell the truth about what happened to them while associated with The Way can and HAS helped people understand the dangers of cultic manipulation. And I KNOW it has helped steer some people away from The Way. Some of them write to me. Some of them, particularly some from my daughter's generation whose parents are still in denial about the abuses of VPW, etc., reach out to me after reading Undertow. Thank you, Greasespotters, for your support of Undertow over the years. I urge all of us to continue telling our stories in a manner that invites thoughtful consideration. It's up to us to inform and to heal former Way followers when we can. Let's lay off any distracting nonsense (that shows up in some threads here) and remember: every word matters.
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