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  1. penworks

    Was VPW a holocaust denier?

    DWBH: VPW got bolder with expressing his hate speech as the years went by. I was in the 2nd Corps and you were in the 4th and he didn't express his sympathetic views about Hitler in any private meetings with us that I remember, but, knowing you, I do not doubt your recollection!
  2. penworks

    Was VPW a holocaust denier?

    Based on my personal experiences with VPW, I would say yes, he was a holocaust denier. He sold that awful book, The Myth of the Six Million, in The Way bookstore when I got involved in 1970. Karl Kahler cites the following in his book, The Cult That Snapped: A Journey into The Way International: "In a mailing to students of the 1979 Advanced Class, The Way recommended that students read The Hoax of the Twentieth Century and The Myth of the Six Million, which claim that the Nazi Holocaust either never happened or was grossly exaggerated by Zionist propagandists in order to win sympathy for Jews." pg. 119 There are other passages in Karl's book, which can be purchased from Lulu online at http://www.lulu.com/shop/karl-kahler/the-cult-that-snapped/paperback/product-14363949.html The following is from my own book, Undertow (available -- cough, cough-- for sale online at major booksellers): "In 1982, I had attended a small research fellowship meeting during which Wierwille had said, “I’m not afraid of those Jews who are out to get me.” I have no knowledge of any actual threat, but I do know that Wierwille’s selling of the book The Myth of the Six Million, which denies the Holocaust, was evidence of his anti-Semitic attitude. He blustered about dozens of other things, too—the IRS, cult deprogrammers, upset parents, the preachers in New Knoxville. Wierwille would say, “The Devil has his boys after me, but they won’t get me.”
  3. penworks

    Cult-Splinter Insanity

    Whoa. In my neighborhood somewhere! I should ask him over for tea.
  4. penworks

    Cult-Splinter Insanity

    Is Rico's group based in Melbourne, Florida?
  5. For my blog response to this Parcast show, visit my website here.
  6. penworks

    I kinda accidentally wrote this novel...

    Hearty congratulations, JavaJane! Book writing is no small feat, I know. I wish you much success with getting the word out about your story. You can rest assured that your efforts will help people near and far, and its journey will reward you with lots of surprises. Cheers to the healing process via writing and reading! Warmest wishes, Charlene Edge P.S. If you want to contact me, I would love to hear from you. Just send a message through https://charleneedge.com/contact
  7. penworks

    Cults: The Art of Deception

    There's a video on TED Ed about why people join cults that fits the theme of this thread: deception. I invite you to visit my blog that includes a link to the video: https://charleneedge.com/ted-ed-why-join-a-cult/
  8. Thanks, DogLover. I see that book by Mrs. W. sells for $102.99 on Amazon. Think I'll pass. :-) It's not THAT important to me now ... it was published long after I left (in 1987) and I have enough history of TWI stashed in my own files to fill several more books of my own. But don't think I will write any more books pertaining to TWI. One was enough for me!
  9. Thanks for posting this, Rocky. I just finished listening to both episodes. I think they did a good job researching and was grateful they cited from Karl Kahler's and Kristen Skedgell's books, and from Undertow. Not that the producers should have, but they had not contacted me prior to the podcast, so I was surprised. I hope the show will inform more people still in the dark about TWI, especially those who prefer to listen rather than read stories. They did refer to The Way's official biography of Wierwille, but gave no title. Does anyone here have a copy of it?
  10. Hi Socks. I neither saw or was told any guidelines for citing sources. Btw, in the reference books for the Aramaic project that I helped produce, included in the front matter were acknowledgements of related works done by others that were consulted.
  11. Good detective work, RottieGrrrl. Thanks so much. Can you tell us the date of that edition of the book?
  12. penworks

    Revival and Restoration

    I think it's ridiculous that they are getting any attention from anyone on the planet.
  13. penworks

    Rock of Ages 1972=Bud Morgan Film

    Yes, I remember it well. It was at the end of my first year in the Way Corps. I'm in that film wearing a sweat suit, running down Wierwille Road with other members of the Corps. My to-be father-in-law at that time is the preacher on stage near the end who says, "May your tribe increase." He had no idea what he was really endorsing ... what a pity so many of us spent our youth as pawns spreading VPW's propaganda.
  14. Good morning. If you are not a subscriber to my blogs and are interested in my two-part interview with Ralph Dubofsky regarding his first-hand experience of discovering plagiarism that Victor Paul Wierwille engaged in, here are the links to the blog posts that came out yesterday and today. Interesting they came out during The Way's 75th anniversary month https://charleneedge.com/part-1-of-2-victor-paul-wierwille-and-plagiarism/ https://charleneedge.com/part-2-of-2-plagiarism-v-p-wierwille/ P.S: The Comments feature on each post is now activated. 10-07-18 11:48 am. Cheers, Charlene
  15. Speaking of Viktor Frankl ... I recently returned from paying my respects at Auschwitz and Birkenau, which is in Poland. All day we walked through the former physical location of hell on earth. Being there, I felt an even deeper shame that I ever considered Wierwille "the man of God." He not only denied the Holocaust but sold the book, The Myth of the Six Million. When I'm ready, I'll be writing about this on my own website. From the book's description on Amazon, "Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl's memoir has riveted generations of readers with its descriptions of life in Nazi death camps and its lessons for spiritual survival. Between 1942 and 1945 Frankl labored in four different camps, including Auschwitz, while his parents, brother, and pregnant wife perished. Based on his own experience and the experiences of others he treated later in his practice, Frankl argues that we cannot avoid suffering but we can choose how to cope with it, find meaning in it, and move forward with renewed purpose. Frankl's theory-known as logotherapy, from the Greek word logos ("meaning")-holds that our primary drive in life is not pleasure, as Freud maintained, but the discovery and pursuit of what we personally find meaningful."