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  1. On the eve of this momentous election day, I am having flashbacks to life in a cult that demanded loyalty to one man's perverted view of the world. After 17 years in it, I finally woke up and figured out a way to escape. My memoir of that experience is still on special sale for only $17 until Dec. 31, 2020. It includes some real names of leaders many of you knew, especially around the time of the Passing of the Patriarch in 1986. As a member of the biblical research team at that time, I witnessed what got swept under the carpet. For an insider's story of how a person is slowly pulled
  2. Hi Grease spotters, Happy to say I can offer, while supplies last, signed copies of Undertow at a student discount of $17.00. Read more here. Stay well. Wear masks. And may your tribe increase! Charlene
  3. Hi JavaJane,

       I noticed you recently wrote:

    The first time I read a thread from Greasespot was when I saw a print out of it on Rosalie's desk while I was cleaning.  I wasn't prying, just dusting around things.  But I do remember that moment very well.  At that point I was already questioning the things I saw at HQ, and it struck me as odd that the woman in charge of the ministry was having someone print these things from a website that was so "devilish."

    My question: Do you happen to remember the subject of that printout or who wrote it? Just curious. I knew Rosalie, although not well. She was in charge of the Publications dept. when I was on the Research Team 1984-1986.



    1. JavaJane


      I wrote about it somewhere on here a long while back when the memory was fresher.  I will see if I can find it for you.

    2. JavaJane


      I can't find it.  I will try again tomorrow.  Turns out I posted a LOT on here when I first got out. :)


    3. penworks


      Oh, no worries, J.J. It's not really important. Just curious. I'm so glad (understatement) that you found your path out of TWI. 

      Your courage is a bright light.



  4. I think we all know that my idea is a dream, for now. Donna is in the hot seat. But she'll do what Rosalie says. I knew them back in the day. Sigh ... I remember Donna in the olden days, when she was a "secretary" on staff, and I was in my second year of the Corps. She was totally loyal even then. And then went in the 4th Corps. For many early Corps, the loyalty was planted so deeply they'll never root it out of themselves. I don't really have much hope for The Way going bye bye any time soon, at least in name. Added note: by "loyalty" in her case, I mean sticking with VPW's legacy no mat
  5. Beguiled, I hope you find comfort here amongst many of us who know and understand the truth of what you're saying. Thank you for trusting the goodwill of GSC folks to open your heart like you did. It grieves me to learn what happened to you. And saddens me that your family rejects you to cling to TWI. Empathy is not the easiest thing to convey in an online post, but you can be sure you have it coming from me. Wishing you the best with your new child and creating a life of love and joy!
  6. As a grad of the 2nd Way Corps, I thought I'd pipe up and say a few words. It's no secret that I've rejected associating with The Way and have left its teachings in my rearview mirror. Nevertheless here's my opinion about what Vern should consider doing as the new Way president (although I'm not convinced he'll ever read this). Consider this, Vern: Many former Way Corps besides me have realized from personal experience that there is no "accuracy of The Word" that exists for anyone to "return to." In light of that, I ask: What is the purpose of The Way? This is just my opi
  7. Hi everyone, although I did not disclose his name in my memoir, Undertow, Dr. Joseph Bishop was my father-in-law. I was married to Tim Bishop from 1973 to 1991. In Undertow, Tim's name is changed to Ed.
  8. This situation is beyond terrible. Shame on the silent ones who fail to warn about any abusive Way offshoots like that one was. In 2016 I wrote a blog about Barnard's arrest. Recently I updated that blog to honor Jess. https://charleneedge.com/update-rape-victims-demolish-cult-of-way-corps-graduate-victor-barnard/
  9. Hi, Skyrider. I appreciate the kind words and best to you and yours, as well. A big thank you to readers of Undertow. Many thanks for taking time to do it! And thanks to Pawtucket for keeping GSC open all these years … Cheers.
  10. Yup, the millet is long gone, but the gut reaction lingers. Ugh. In case you don't know, that's an analogy for the "Word" that VPW fed us, amounting to a con of Himalayan proportions. And I should know. I've actually been to the Himalayan mountains … in May 2009. Socks, eye-witnesses willing to give their two cents are few and far between. I get "fan mail" through the Contact page on my website from former Wayfers either defending VPW and "shame on me," or from some too afraid to speak up or out due to relatives still in TWI or due to their own weariness … which I totally understand. Who
  11. I agree with Socks regarding this, as I was an eye-witness, like Socks, to the manner in which VPW conducted himself and ran the organization: " … I don't subscribe to the theory that "the Way was fine until Martindale/Geer/Finnegan/Whoever screwed everything up".......His main guys all learned from him and acted in complete alignment with his wishes."
  12. I can't imagine anyone listening to hours of tapes to find it tucked in a teaching. I have no audiotapes of VPW. Does anyone here have tapes and time to find the snow story?
  13. Just to be clear, I am looking for a TAPED account of his telling this story. With his voice recorded doing it. I have the book, TWLIL, which has it in print. I'm pretty sure he told the story in the PFAL foundational class, but I haven't found it available anywhere. Thanks!
  14. Hi, Longhunter.

    I'm looking for an audio tape on which VPW would have recounted the revelation he said God gave him, "He told me He would teach me the Word like it had not been known since the first century if I would teach it to others."  Following this, he says he asked for a sign that God had really spoken to him and when he looked out his office window, it was snowing … I have the book, The Way Living in Love where he tells this story, but I'm trying to find a tape recording of his saying it.

    I am pretty sure he told that story in the original PFAL class, which I took in 1970. You don't happen to know where I can get a copy of that particular session do you?

    Thanks for your time,

    Charlene Edge



    1. Longhunter


      I can look for it. However, I believe the account is also retold in “Born Again to Serve” by Dorothy Kipp Wierwille (his widow, though book was ghost written.   

    2. penworks


      Thanks for trying.


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