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  1. Rocky

    7th Corps - The not-so "perfect" Corps

    The one spelling her last name Wren looks like it could be her. I don't remember what her husband looked like. But a couple of pics of both are public so you can check.
  2. Rocky

    Random thoughts

    Well... you did INVITE response. Random thoughts? You mean like... Ephesians 4:14? Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves,and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of people in their deceitful scheming. Oh, nevermind.
  3. Rocky


    I suspect that many/most GSCers feel likewise. Of course, I wish him no harm but am unconcerned about whether he's happy or not.
  4. Rocky


    Does anyone care?
  5. Rocky

    When is it rude?

    Kinda like another religion motivates its people with the promise of 70 virgins... or something like that.
  6. Rocky

    Get Over It already

    About 150 moons later...
  7. For the sake of discussion, let me ask, "still time for what?" What warning has been sounded? Is the madness continuing in TWI? Who are you to be throwing stones? Have you pondered why and at whom you are very angry and sad? Are the complexities of life ever resolved by invoking platitudes? Peace dude!
  8. Rocky

    Random thoughts

    And here I thought the age for legally consuming alcoholic beverages was determined by each state. But in 1984 (under Reagan), federal legislation was enacted that apparently allowed the federal government to withhold funding that would otherwise go to states if the particular state allowed drinking by persons under 21. State legislatures moan and complain when the federal government does things like that, but they usually comply, as it has been with this issue. I was 18 when I took technical training at Keesler AFB, MS in 1973-74. I clearly remember drinking Miller Beer (not Miller Lite) during that time. Of course, off base strip clubs in Biloxi were strictly and officially off limits to impressionable youngsters like me at that time.
  9. Rocky

    EB stowe painting for sale

    Actually no, one of our fellow GSC members had one of Stowe's paintings that he wanted to figure out what the possible sale value might be so he could sell the one he had. That's the only reference on this site to any interest in Mr. Stowe.
  10. Rocky

    EB stowe painting for sale

    Which suggests that WW was reasonable to surmise that susieV's post was simply an advertisement.
  11. Rocky

    EB stowe painting for sale

    I'm friends with OE on FB. I'll message him to see if he has any insight on a possible connection.
  12. Rocky

    EB stowe painting for sale

    In 2009, GSC member Onion Eater started this thread in the Open forum. When I searched (DuckDuckGo) for EB Stowe, one of the results on the first page was a link to that thread in Open. That's probably where susieV learned about this website.
  13. Rocky

    EB stowe painting for sale

    I'm guessing that Mr Stowe didn't have any such connection.
  14. It would be selfish of me, Mike, to say we've missed you. If you don't have time to be involved here at GSC, so be it. However, two things. One is that Vic's words on his plagiarism HAVE been cited at GSC. Repeatedly. Two, that your source regarding your interpretation of BGL's relationship with Vic, and what BGL may have said to a sixth corpse clergy member is dubious at best. I highly doubt that you'll "verify" anything that was told to you by such a source. One of the characteristics of the cult of VPW was the prevalence of dubious narcissistic myths. Someone would start a conversation (rumor) and it would get passed along with ZERO critical analysis as if it was god's honest truth. Very quickly, it would become the unquestioned God-breathed Word. That's the social model your claim seems to fit. If it's not YOUR first hand observation, it's likely BS.