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  1. Rocky

    Dead Cult Leaders

    Has it ever occurred to you to do the searching and bring what you find to what you try to say so that you can be more clear?
  2. Do you want to grow in your relationship with God? Do you want to see His power at work greater in your life? Do you want to expand your capacity to love God and others? I'm so EXCITED about finding the answers to these questions. Oh, wait, they didn't promise the answers, they just identified their target marks for the latest con. Do you think anyone might conjure up any data to support claims twi will actually provide credible answers to those questions?
  3. Well, I don't know how credible (or not) Skyrider's OP for this thread may be, but I do see a pattern here that is most likely related. Old wine in new wineskins? Or is it new wine in old wineskins? Does it matter? We (at GSC) apparently aren't the only ones being monitored. The link above promotes the Young Adult Rock which they have scheduled for three days next August! Must be foundational class grads (or guests thereof), between the ages of 18 and 35 (inclusive), and pay a registration fee of $100 (plus, apparently processing fees). Oh boy! I can't wait... (oh, probably most of us here at gsc are outside of the required age range)
  4. Rocky

    Dead Cult Leaders

    Are you sure about that? My understanding is he delivered very young, pretty packages, not limited to the winter solstice festival.
  5. I was neither impressed nor trying to impress anyone about him. Just posting what I easily found.
  6. Slavit sells books on Amazon. And teaches, apparently Humanities. As well as running a home fellowship. And may have taught at a Rock of Ages clone in Montana over the 4th of July weekend. Btw, some others from the R and R group are also listed as teachers at the Montana Rock of Ages clone festival.
  7. I certainly don't think any of them are, but hey, I've been away from them for more than 30 years, so what do I know? OTOH, I think what our friend Bolshevik posted about "hoovering" has plenty of merit. IF any of them, especially those who escaped with the R and R gang have any regrets about leaving, they could be SUCKED right back into the cult. If some of them have not established much of an alternative social network, or found a way to make a living, they could be vulnerable.
  8. According to Dr. Peter A Olsson, a psychiatrist and the author of Malignant Pied Pipers of Our Time, the origin (false) myth is typical of malignant narcissists who start cults. Olsson suggests these myths arise out of what he calls "dark epiphanies" in the lives of the cult leader.
  9. Yeah, they can't plausibly deny it if they put it in writing.
  10. A helpful resource directly on point. Thanks Bolshie
  11. Why it's almost like knowing that the love of money is the root of all evil!
  12. I'm confident you're correct. The seven primary subjects of the book were all high-profile and responsible for significant casualties (deaths). Nevertheless, it's obvious former followers of Wierwille will recognize him in the pages of this 174 page (not counting notes, bibliography and index) book.
  13. I now have my own copy of this book in front of me on my desk. I checked the index, neither Wierwille nor TWI are cited in the book.
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