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  1. Rocky

    Thus Saith Paul

  2. Rocky

    Thus Saith Paul

    Do you have any way to distinguish your personal experience/opinion from what we understand to be "private interpretation?"
  3. Rocky

    The Six Stages of Wierwille's Climb to Power

    Reminds me of the time... a couple of years ago, an old 9th corpse bro came to Phoenix for a work convention. Another local 9th corpse bro (used to post at GSC as simonzelotes) and I met him for dinner once. The out of towner seemed incredulous when we responded to his question of whether we ever went to fellowship anymore. Of course, the answer was NO. And the reason is as you described in the text I quoted.
  4. Rocky

    The Six Stages of Wierwille's Climb to Power

    Different perspective. Definitely legitimate, not necessary contradictory to what Skyrider described.
  5. Rocky

    Athletes of The Spirit

    Priceless! Thanks for the link.
  6. Rocky

    The Way Tree Teaching Is AntiChrist

    Intriguing that Plato wrote that more than 300 years BC!
  7. Rocky

    The Six Stages of Wierwille's Climb to Power

    I agree, narcissistic pathologies don't require methodical planning to be carried out "successfully."
  8. Rocky

    The Six Stages of Wierwille's Climb to Power

    Surgically accurate insight. "Though wierwille turned the reins of this program over to others..." He had to in order for his legacy to have live forever. Bravo, Skyrider!
  9. Rocky

    Athletes of The Spirit

    Life experience.
  10. Rocky

    Thus Saith Paul

    LOL... I'm confident that doesn't bother you and it certainly doesn't bother me. Peace. :)
  11. Rocky

    Lurker for Years, Joiner at Last

    You got that right. My grandchildren (and their parents) moved to N Cali a few months ago. Housing costs are outrageous.
  12. Rocky

    Thus Saith Paul

    May I ask, you have a rather WHAT perspective? At the risk of starting something I may not be able to finish, may I pose that ALL of the first several chapters of Genesis compose what historians (and others) properly categorize as a creation myth. It seems that every ancient culture/religion has one. Myths are not necessarily untrue, they are simply STORIES. Have any of you ever heard or read about cultural literacy? a traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation, especially one that is concerned with deities or demigods and explains some practice, rite, or phenomenon of nature. (quote ends here... not sure how to fix the formatting whackyness that follows) ----------- As such, in Genesis, it may be simply and fairly characterized, when people haggle over the meanings of words or the timelines (like in the first seven days spelled out in Gen 1) that they are overthinking, overanalyzing and just plain spinning their wheels. Further, what does it have to do with Thus Saith Paul?
  13. Rocky

    Lurker for Years, Joiner at Last

    And it might also be in your local public library.
  14. Rocky

    Household of God Teaching Is Antichrist

    For the first few years of GSC, some people wondered whether Vic was a good man gone wrong... THIS analysis (presented by Skyrider) is legitimate and cuts through the bull$hit to demonstrate the motivation and intent from the very beginning. When Vic demonized church leaders, was he employing psychological projection? Sure seems like it. The CULT BLOB! I love that expression. It's so apt. "Everyone is selling soap..." i.e. the Amway pyramid scheme. Also quite apt. Was Wierwille a malignant narcissist? Thanks Skyrider for continuing to ponder, reflect and share you comments the situation.