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  1. No, your expectation was actually a false supposition. I asked YOU what you meant. I didn't ask you to decide that I knew the meaning of your statement. That's awfully pompous and pretentious of you.
  2. #Bullspit, Mike. See you in another three years?
  3. Face it, T-, he's just messing with us, with you.
  4. That's a droll mind game. Take what I say to you at face value. Rather than projecting onto me either what you're doing or what you want me to think. When I ask for clarification, that's exactly and only what I'm doing. Asking you to clarify what you mean by it. There is nothing tangible in my comment on which or by which you can reasonably suppose my question has anything to do with me. But then again, there's no question you are playing the same mind f**k games you've done in prior years. So, again, what do you mean? When you say you "act him out."
  5. So Mike, how do you "act him out" when you're witnessing (exercising your ambassadorship)? Do you hmmm and ummm like you do with us? Do you obfuscate like you do with us? Or do you boldly proclaim what God and Jesus Christ (and Wierwille and his PFLAP class) mean to you? Do you tell them how you apply the principles and what happens as a result? Or do you shrink into meaningless words like you do with us? Mike said, in JohnJ's thread,
  6. #Bullspit, Mike. As internet vernacular has progressed in the three years since you last "graced" us with your insight, "pictures or it didn't happen." I doubt anyone here would care whether you have pictures or not. But if you have no claims to make, you have no claims to make. In your case, it just didn't happen. If you're so excited about getting results by applying PFLAP in your life, you wouldn't care if people didn't believe you (or, as you put it, rejected your claims). Only posers would care whether anyone believes them or not. Are you a poser? Are you a faker? Or a
  7. It was three years ago last month. In this thread.
  8. Congrats on getting vaccinated. That's a wonderful thing for you (and everyone else) to do. I got both in February. I'm thankful. I don't know why you think it's odd. The last thing I remember you posting was that you had to do your taxes therefore didn't have any time to continue posting. Of course, you didn't say you'd be back when you finished your taxes (as I recall).
  9. You made a claim. I simply would like you to substantiate that claim.
  10. By all means, give us specific examples of what you applied (from PFAL, right?) and specific examples of the results you claim to have gotten?
  11. Really? There aren't very many responses to John J's original post on this thread. Here's the main highlight: watch the video then give us you specific impressions.
  12. Hi Mike, Exactly what part of that is "news?" Before you answer, please know that providing verifiable specifics would be necessary in order for any of what you declared to reasonably be construed as news. Nice to see you. I remember that you left a few (bunch) years ago at tax time. Did you get vaccinated? Rocky
  13. Good for you. Humans are ALL about stories and have been for millenia.
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