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  1. Another way a similar phenomenon manifested itself was when JALvis came here or on FB and without much thought to the reality ended up talking down to 50+ year olds like we were still teens or twenty-somethings. I remember having to remind him of the fact that we were no longer young people. Of course I was in my early 30s when I departed the cult.
  2. Perhaps you're right. I was never involved with the Martindale flavored classes.
  3. The advanced class was all bulls*it... of course it's easier to see 40 some years later.
  4. Clearly this was the case, IMO.
  5. I never took the WAP class (even though as a child in upstate NY, of Italian descent, I was called a WAP numerous times)... But he didn't need to drive that concept home. It was ingrained in the DNA of the cult from before I joined up in 1974.
  6. AKA, why is that bozo's first thought any better than MY first thought?
  7. As in "fake it till you make it?" But did they ever make it?
  8. Hulu in the US already aired the final episode.
  9. Hallelujah, Praise God, Amen!
  10. To paraphrase Simon Sinek, start with WHY. Why should we care about any of that?
  11. Rocky

    Forum rules ??

    I took a road trip last month. On the trip, I saw Billions and Billions and BILLIONS of trees... for which I am very thankful. I bet there are lots of trees near where you live in the UK, Twinky. I hope so. When I think about trees, I don't think about twi.
  12. Because you overgeneralize, exaggerate, and make easily debunked claims. YOU can alleviate that problem by being specific and linking to verifiable sources. YOU can count the number of members of such FB groups (they generally say how many members there are) and list the names of the groups. That was too easy of a question, Mike.
  13. And has been so from the start.
  14. Well... I'm of the understanding that there were never more than 100k who took the PFLAP class... and for YEARS (decades), twi strongly discouraged their minions from accessing the evil internet. I can't imagine there are... Especially so many who still give two hoots about the class. How many people go to twigs... er, home fellowships?
  15. That's a figure of speech, right? Exaggerando?
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