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  1. Rocky


    Totally cool article (and excerpts). They train us in the art of being human! Obviously our parents are the first models/teachers we have for that training. I think of one of the valid points that Wierwille made in the PFLAP class, about needing a center of reference outside of ourselves for learning. We (even introverts) are intensely intensely social animals. If the only reference points we have for how to behave and interact with other humans ends up being our parents, how sad and limited we would be. No matter how wonderful or monstrous our parents were. It also highlights the danger
  2. Rocky


    Indeed, it passes the time, productively I believe. We (your readers here at GSC) know of you what and how you have shared of yourself. We know that you engage in meaningful ministry to people who might seem hard to reach for many people. Reading what an anthropologist has to say about how people die may one day (or many) inspire you on how to reach into the heart and soul of the people you meet. Same when reading about the customs and practices of Punjabi women. That you enjoy those authors and their writing only makes it seem like entertainment. It's active learning. I think about the b
  3. Rocky


    Novels aren't meaningless, even though the plot and characters might seem like it. Humans (you included) are all about storytelling. Pick stories by the storytellers you like best and you're bound to learn something about telling your own stories in ways that will interest more and more people.
  4. I'm told by JavaJane, whose brother had done an artistic project related to AOTS, that the video production is 2 hours.
  5. BREAKING: The 29th storm of the Atlantic hurricane season has just been named as #Theta. 2020 now has the most named storms in a single season on record! Fortunately, not aiming anywhere in the US. The Weather Channel tweeted this evening.
  6. Basically, your previous comment summed up the thesis of Buber's book. I and thou as opposed to I and it. "I and it" is how he described a person's relationship with others when the person (Wierwille) only considered the other person as a thing to be used. Rather than a person to be respected, honored, loved.
  7. WW, you're probably familiar with Martin Buber's book, I and Thou. At least, it sounds from your comment above, that you're familiar with it. I couldn't agree more.
  8. Rocky


    TUVM T-Bone.
  9. Well before I first encountered twi, I was involved with "charismatic" fellowships in Biloxi, MS while in Air Force tech school. I wanted to SIT then but could never get started. Part of it was peer pressure. I was 18 or 19 yo at the time. It wasn't until PFLAP session 12 when veepee explained to just start babbling (or however he said it) that I did it.
  10. Rebekah Powers was 11 when members of her faith group, the People of Praise, gathered around as she sat on a chair and laid their hands on her to pray. Powers’ sister had shown a gift for speaking in tongues, a defining trait of the followers of the small charismatic Christian community, and Rebekah was expected to do the same. But after what seemed like an eternity, she proved unable to produce a sound. “I couldn’t get it, and I stayed there an hour and a half before they gave up and finally said, ‘You just have blockage. You need to just work on your sin and be more open,” she
  11. The closest thing to medicinal value might be placebos. Nevertheless, it's still not substantial in and of itself.
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