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  1. I would say R & R will be planning a takeover, could end in a bloody gunfight...would make a good movie lol
  2. there would STILL need to be overseers to lead, stand up, organize, confront, mediate...look at some of the 'whack jobs' like that dude mentioned on here, Barnard, that was screwing all his young maidens, his first name escapes me at the moment...mans heart is evil !!
  3. I've always found it interesting that Isaiah 28:11 is quoted in 1Corinthians 14:21 and it appears to be about the the OT prophesy of a day when Gods' people would speak in tongues and glorify Him in spirit and truth and in Isaiah it is called the 'rest' and the 'refreshing' (v12)
  4. But that's the point Waxit ! give me your definition of exactly what it is to follow or ignore it ?! I seem to remember Jesus bringing this up with the Pharisees about what they would do should one of their oxen fall into a ditch on the sabbath ! Orthodox Jews on a sabbath will not push buttons on an elevator but rather, wait for someone to come along who may be wanting to ride the elevator and get them to push it for them :)
  5. I remember someone saying that "the sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath"
  6. Waxit...take a big breather brutha ! I know you were like this when you were passionate back in the 'way days' so just as you were flogging a dead horse then, maybe consider you're flogging a differn't but STILL dead horse lol...there are many Christians who enjoy freedom IN Christ and will not be brought 'under the power' of any...FULLSTOP. That is our prerogative and I'm sure we continue to evaluate our lives and beliefs on a week by week if not daily basis. Perhaps that's one of the reasons for assembling together, to observe and evaluate ? However, which DAY that happens to be is down to ones own belief according to their interpretation of the Word of God. Should they meet 4 times a week does that make them a 'multiple sabbath keeper' ? Free to love, free to give, free to serve !!
  7. O.K. to try and clarify your position on the 'last days' and the imminent return of Christ from your deductions and point of view do you believe a/ Christ came back to issue judgement around 70 AD ...b/ Christ has already gathered the saints, again, around 70 AD....c/ Christ is NOT literally coming back as far as the clouds to gather the church sometime during the grace admin...d/ all the aforementioned ? There was a guy who had a very intricate and detailed website and facebook page that espoused these beliefs and I went right through and explained where he had erred, end result being he pulled the whole site...I felt a bit crap after that BUT, I guess it goes to show that if we propound certain beliefs or ideaologies we ought to have covered all angles, at least in our own minds !
  8. soooo...are you saying that Christ came back 60 minutes after John said this ?!
  9. Heya Waxit ! I will not reply to your initial question to me as Mark and Rocky have both said pretty much what my reply would have been. IF we are 'spiritual' Israel today, then we 'spiritually' keep the sabbath (John 4:24 perhaps) Our responsibility as NT believers is to do more you said. Well, like Mark said, we can worship God 24/7 now with the new man nature ! Can I just say, as someone who has personally known you over the years, please treat everybody here on GS with open mindedness and respect. Bless you bro !
  10. Good points Waxit and Twinky...Someone once said "the sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath" I tend towards the Israelites being such hardworkers and 'money and success driven' that the sabbath was given to them to remember and honour who their sufficiency was ! As born again Christians we know (ought to) WHO our sufficiency is and can worship and praise Him in spirit and in truth 24/7...Interesting that Isaiah 28:11,12 is quoted by Paul in 1 Corinthians 14:21 "The rest wherewith He (God) causes the weary to rest" referring to s.i.t.
  11. I think it's important to remember there is salvation by grace, not of works of any kind...and there is salvation by works. The mere fact that there are two distinct types of salvation appears to say that they are mutually exclusive of each other..or are they ? :)
  12. I think Exodus 31:13 may give an indication of who is obliged to keep the sabbath "For I (God) give unto you (Israel) the sabbath, to keep forever (Age lasting) you and your generations." ... this will probs get moved to the doctrinal discussion Waxit :)
  13. Hi Gabriel ! yes we have finally connected !!! I will contact you via your FB page and thanks for the validation that I managed to keep my Agape and Phileo intact during and after TWI...such a shame many didn't and still don't ! talk soon brother LNB, much love too Hazel xx !!!!
  14. I look at the 'last days' as being anytime directly after the day of Pentecost...the Messiah could have come back at any given moment.
  15. For the last 25 years I have moved in ALL MANNER of Christian circles and feel I have learnt to discern a Christian 'whack job' pretty well. If it speaks, promotes and quotes like a 'whack job'...well...with EP I rest my case :)
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