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  1. he was buried in Fort Wayne Indiana, which is probably why he got a mention
  2. Got it !! Big thankyou to Re. Wayne Clapp :) You can apologize later Raf :0 https://www.taylor.edu/samuel-morris
  3. will dig around myself more...just remember VP talking about him....came to the States from Africa late nineteenth century after God had instructed him to go there to learn more about the Word of God...nothing to do with twi but he was brought up I guess because of his believing...I may email a couple of former clergy and ask as well.
  4. Thanks for your intelligent input again Raf
  5. lol twinkle toes :)...no, apparently there were pics of his grave n all...
  6. yes but confessedly I'm unsure what to even type in ??!!
  7. can anybody remember the name of the African who a couple of centuries ago made it to America on a quest to know more about Jesus ? VP and LCM have years ago mentioned his story ? much appreciation in advance !
  8. you been having a bad week/month Raf? you've gotten a bit prickly there Rafael lol...I don't care one bit whether you stopped believing in the Saviour of mankind and now brush off s.i.t. as 'glossolia'...what I DO care about is yourself and Rocky ATTACKING a poster (moi) in a very personal way !! please desist or I will ask the mods to step in
  9. As I've already stated "I do not really care much at all" ...I never bothered to read Ol Vics recommended book on 'the myth of the six million' because ...I don't really care.....what I CARE about is yourself, Raf and Rocky getting semi- hysterical because I asked a question with ABSOLUTELY NO HIDDEN MOTIVE...no hidden motive because again...I don't really care ! and all I got was accusations, criticism and dismissed as a 'nutter' and a 'tin foil hatter'....mate I exited twi in a lot less time than any of you three so whose the 'nutter' and 'tin foil hat wearers' ?? You'd do well by abiding by the three fingers pointing back saying. You three left a 'hate' group behind, obviously the stench of it's characteristics still cling somewhat.
  10. Rocky can cry wolf all he wants...the fact is HE brought the topic up. He STARTED THE THREAD by posting the book on the holocaust !! I happened to actually read the first dozen or so pages like he encouraged people to do and I asked a simple question about whether the statement from the AUTHOR OF THE BOOK was correct in noting that there were only 300, 000 Jews in Germany at the time of the persecution. It was a simple question because I was just not that interested in poring through a mountain of articles to add up where the other 5,634,000 victims came from. Sorry but I'm just not that terribly interested whether it was 300,000 or 6,000,000...It's just not 'relevant' to me...the same way 60,000 people around the world died last night from car wrecks, murders, disease and old age whilst you and I were sleeping...I don't lose sleep over it and I'll pretty much guarantee you don't either...because it is not RELEVANT to us (unless it was someone we KNOW). Now if the holocaust is 'relevant' to you, I can understand why the dandruff got flying in all directions and the gnashing of the falsies came flying out of the mouth :)
  11. you're starting to sound like you've caught the 'cancel culture' disease lol
  12. Correct WordWolf, simply and innocently asking a question. I have no agenda, motive or inclination for asking the question except when speaking to people about the incident (IF it ever gets brought up and more than likely not by me) ! I am rather surprised by Rockys (WTF) response though, he's normally a rather measured and conservative poster ?! Perhaps it IS spiritual after all lol. BTW, my question also was 'on topic' as far as I can see as it was in regard to the book that was promoted, so again Rocky and Raf ought to thoughtfully consider a response before going off half cocked.
  13. In January 1933, some 522,000 Jews by religious definition lived in Germany. Over half of these individuals, approximately 304,000 Jews, emigrated during the first six years of the Nazi dictatorship, leaving only approximately 214,000 Jews in Germany proper (1937 borders) on the eve of World War II. Copied and pasted from the American/ Jewish holocaust museums 'Holocaust Encyclopaedia'.... my question was "where and how did the total add up to 6 million Jews wiped out IF there were only 214,000 living in Germany when Hitler decided to gas them all" ??!! If you Raf and Rocky don't know, don't ridicule the question, simply answer it or say you don't know ?!
  14. so this seems to be saying WAY less German Jews were killed than has been taught ? Or am I missing something...
  15. Well said....and in fact the author does indeed blame their whole town for not taking heed of the warning.
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