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  1. Allan

    Raising the dead

    I must say, I know neither of you two BUT, as soon as you mentioned you were a limb C0-0rd and 'they' had a 'dysfunctional marriage' that YOU had to 'sort out' has raised my doggy doo doo antennae...just going by past experiences of LEADERSHIP sorting out 'others' relationships. Your take on their marriage is supposed to be believed the same way you dismiss JJ's words ?
  2. Allan

    Extended interpretaion of tongues

    I'm with you on this JimJack ! I tend to write mine down as I don't want to forget them.
  3. Thankyou WW ! Does it have pictures ?? ...One sentence huh ? I'm gonna have to look into it now to see if I'm guessing right lol
  4. Thankyou all for your help indeed. The athletic terminology is pretty straight forward, as is the soldiers gear etc...I guess the question IS THEREFORE, how is salvation a helmet ? How is the gospel of peace our footwear ? How is our righteousness a breastplate ? I figure the Word of God as a sword symbolises us speaking and wielding it (offensive and defensive ) and our faith as a shield used to believe to put out the fiery darts....the not 'shadow boxing' (beating the air) to tell us to make each 'punch' count ...and the keeping in the lanes as an exhortation to...stay the course ?
  5. Thankyou Mark ! great help...I've come to the conclusion it's figurative, symbolic and used as exhortation to endure as an athlete, farmer, parent, soldier would and to stick to a commitment..God bless !!
  6. Thanks heaps WW ! Ephesians 6 mentions 'wrestling' so I'm sort of going along with Twinkies explanation, with 'athletic' terminology being the predominant imagery and pretty much all of it being the good ol figures o' speech anyhoo :)....hey Twinks I'll pm you, we may be able to catch up in enzed !
  7. how long for ? darnit, we going next month for 5 days...you may be shocked by the prices of accomodation there now !!
  8. fair point, thanks waysider
  9. Thankyou Twinks !! I was thinking along those lines as well...love and bless ya heaps and 'hoping' Brexit turns out well for ya'all !!! My God majority of politicians are evil aren't they ?!
  10. Hi all, need some help here..pretty please ...forgive me if this has been addressed here but any thoughts on are we actually meant to be 'soldiers for Jesus' ? I vaguely remember fartindale sharing about Ephesians 6 expanded translation referencing athletic equipment but cannot reconcile it with 2 Timothy 2: 3,4 talking about us as 'soldiers for Christ' ?? Somewhere in the back of my bourbon and coke soaked mind I remember fartindale saying the word for 'soldier' used there was 'palak' (aramaic for endurer or laborer) BUT new testament was supposedly written in koine greek, not aramaic !! Wordwolf ? Mark S ? Twinky ? Anyone ??
  11. Allan

    The Myth of Hell

    Perhaps another interesting 'aside' to this is latest medical discovery that the brain does not necessarily die as soon as one's heart stops beating ! Medical scientists have 'discovered' that the human brain has a type of 'back up energy system' that keeps it functioning for as long as 4-6 hours after typical declaration of death. This could explain people seeing and hearing things after they had supposedly 'died'. Don't know if this is a particularly good thing ?!
  12. Allan

    The Myth of Hell

    Wayne Clapp also did a fantastic breakdown on this topic and zeroed in on the greek words for 'eternal' and 'everlasting'. In a nutshell, John 3:16...two options for mankind 1/ everlasting life or 2/ perish (be no more)...thanks Mark !
  13. Allan

    Uniting Church of Australia

    geesh, didn't even notice that ! I was probs still so peeved off with them trashing one of my fave carols
  14. Allan

    Uniting Church of Australia

    Please tell me you don't have these Uniting Church muppets over there ? Causing a firestorm here in Australia
  15. Allan

    Random thoughts

    I was sitting in a bar in Thailand 2 years ago. Next to me was a 10 year old, yes 10 year old boy having a beer and smoking a cigar...real gangster lol...there is no minimum age there. Twinky...mince n cheese pie :)