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  1. Hi Mike ! If you can explain what the four things are in Proverbs 30:18,19 that Solomon couldn't understand, you might get my attention :)
  2. I personally know a couple of names on that list that could be charged with historical sexual offences...doesn't bode well for the group, does it ?
  3. And to think some of the Ar$ewipes are now starting 'same $hit diffen't day ministry' at Restoration and revival (including my bro-in-law)...hmmnnn...what are they 'reviving' I wonder ?!
  4. I second what Twinky said, however, with this addendum to consider. Your mother at the time would have been under tremendous pressure from everybody from her twig co-ordinator to branch co-ordinator to...she would have been on such a mind warp attempting to justify the paying of first block of tuition and wherewithal to get to campus with all the gear that one is expected to arrive with...not to mention having every 'also' and every capitalized and little HS,hs in her Bible marked...tremendous, tremendous pressure, much of which you would not have seen...you said yourself, you were 'proud' of
  5. you left out an 'e' between a & c at the end :)
  6. Hello 'probs an atheist' ! I'll give a slightly differn't perspective...I believe the organization is corrupt to the core and has been for a long time...it's quite perplexing because the Bible they teach, I believe, is STILL the greatest Word evvaa...the problem is they use a lot of it and twist some to manipulate people in the most offensive, horrible way...90 % of original leadership and people have left, leaving a 'skeleton crew'...The Word that is taught (which there are now other groups like CFFM.org) which are a lot more loving and godly to people with it will defs help you to believe in
  7. Allan


    Rhys and Grace have been out for a long time, same with Peter and Fiona...Peter is now quite a 'famous' science fiction writer...the Ghents still hanging around like blowflies. One suspects they're all trying to find a 'way' to unlock the cool million and a half tied up in a bank account lol
  8. Allan


    For anyone that knows David and Bonnie Weekly (or perhaps should I say, anyone who cares), they have been given a new assignment to Brisbane, Australia. They are now renting a two bedroom apartment. They are in their 70's.
  9. have heard (only a rumour) that Donna is reconnecting with Craig.
  10. yes I use Word as well, it's pretty straightforward except when proof reading and editing it throws the page numbers out lol.
  11. look forward to it Mark...for example I've looked at the scripture where in the KJV it says Jesus breathed ON the disciples and said receive the holy spirit (John 20:22) the youngs concordance has a differn't spelling to the Interlinear which has a differnt spelling to the critical lexicon and concordance ! I just finished my first edition of 'Bible College in a day'...it's only a booklet of 40 pages and took 3 weeks...I cannot even imagine the effort involved to complete an 82k book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good on you though and God speed :)
  12. Lord God Almighty...The clips look like something straight outa Athletes of the Spirit !!!! Wish John coulda seen it in the 'original' !!!!...perhaps he DID
  13. We were in Family Corp Indiana F25 ? In a room next door to a couple whose parents were staff at Ohio. We got tired of laying in bed trying to sleep because the couple had screaming matches every other night over an ongoing affair between the husband and another woman whose parents were ALSO staff at Ohio. We even went to our campus co-ordinator to complain BUT because the parents were staff...well...nothing was done. There were a few single moms in-residence as well and some of them would be flirting big time with married men. It was about the time where my wife and I walked into the corps ki
  14. I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder. When we informed leadership we were EXITING Way Corps Indiana, JYD got on the phone to me and verbally lashed me saying our airfares home would be paid BUT we had to keep our mouths shut as to what we had seen going on. The guys a wank AFAIC !
  15. I think their love was summed up in one of their sayings that got thrown around in-rez..."You're the breast, rub ya".....
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