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  1. I believe that saved by grace alone is the time we are living in now. There will be a time after Christians are 'raptured away' and during the apocalyptic, revelation period where one must refuse the 'chip' to be saved. Call them time periods, admins, dispensations, ages, seasons, whatever you want BUT they do 'appear' to be different time periods. As a side note...just working my way through '100' on Netflix....uncanny parallel with the end times imo
  2. or...one could just click on the link ;) ...but seriously, thanks for extrapolating what the article was about WW ! For the life of me, I could not get the link to 'appear as such' (or open) on this forum. My own opinion is that I could easily believe what the guy is claiming.
  3. http://a.msn.com/01/en-au/AAJ4dhr?ocid=se ….Nothing surprises me anymore ! There is no new evil under the sun...maybe this is what the Vicster modelled The Way city on ? The 'Waytican' lol
  4. I happened to bring it up because on the original thread there was a blurb on JL and his stance on the trinity :)
  5. No, I said one guy did a GREAT teaching on JCING (imo)...and no, I did not say anything about 'joining' anything...I must say I'm quite surprised you of all people 'double misquoting' someone else !! peace brother
  6. Jon Nessle from CFFM has done one of the best teachings on JCING that I have heard since being out of twi...from memory it's called 'Who is this Jesus Christ'
  7. Hi Waykid and multiple blessings to you and yours. I't's great that you have found 'release from your prisons' and you can look forward to an enjoyable hodos ! ( Bear in mind not everyone here has thrown out all of twi's belief system, i.e. Jesus being Son of God and not God the Son !! ) love n blessings
  8. I think engine is onto something there..it took quite a while for the 'lightbulbs' to go off for some of them ! The whole essence of the previous water baptism ended up 'going down the drain', no pun, intended after the Acts 10 episode, hence no mention of water baptism after Acts 10 except by uninstructed disciples ! the fact also that the discipling of nations has been occuring would be proof of what was intended, would it not ?!
  9. That's almost starting to sound like Shirley Maclean ! "you only exist because I imagine you to be"
  10. I remember one time in the 'chapel' at Indiana and LCM was up the front 'heart sharing'. He began playing with a very expensive turquoise looking bracelet around his wrist, slightly pulling his sleeve up to show it off. I immediately felt nauseous. I spoke years later to Wayne Clapp about this and he mentioned he had had a similar experience. LCM,VPW...they were 'packing something' alright ! My guess is many of those demons they show cased in AOS....kinda makes me wonder about the Kenneth Copelands, Creflo Dollar, Hagen etc...
  11. I guess VP was concerned someone may have suddenly 'laid hands' on him !!
  12. Okay, so I forced myself to watch pretty much the whole thing. I do take issue with quite a bit of this guys perspective and interpretation. Becoming a Christian through a denominational, trinitarian organization (for a start) would not have gotten him off to exactly a 'well informed and logical start', would it ?! Then going on to a Jesuit university I suspect would have made him doubt even more in exactly WHO Jesus was. He said "the immediate world of Jesus environment shaped who he was". That's a logical deduction if one believes Jesus Christ was 'merely a man'. The Bible states that Jesus was the Son of God. Born of Mary, partaker of the flesh by way of Mary's egg AND a 'perfect seed' implanted that carried perfect genes, dna, pure blood etc...(so deduct from that what we will about his appearance. Whatever a perfect man would look like!) I do not really believe western nations for the most part have ever really believed he was blonde hair and blue eyed lol. My real question is, what would drive a human being like William Wallace, Joan of Arc, Jesus Christ, Martin Luther etc...to risk life and limb ? It could only be their driven belief in their cause. Jesus happened to believe (or associate himself as the one prophesied about throughout the old testament, rightly or wrongly) Those that got caught up in his 'movement' also. Many (allegedly) saw many, many signs, miracles, wonders occur, culminating in his crucifixion (and subsequent resurrection). The outpouring of the holy spirit 50 days later with the occurence of mass ' free vocalizaion' :), glossalia. I have no reason to doubt pretty much anything in the entire Bible. Moses existed, Joshua existed, the queen of Sheba existed. The Caananites existed, King David, Caesar, Pontius Pilate, John, Luke, Nero. Good, bad, indiffern't. Love, hate, evil. Jehovah, Elohim, El Shaddai, satan. Egypt, papyrus, dead sea scrolls...Jesus of Nazareth
  13. Allan

    Countdown 2019

    yes, maybe the Presidential election !
  14. I agree, these people will not do this without expecting some kind of financial gain. One cannot seperate them from $$
  15. WOW ! Could not capture the words and essence any better than this !!
  16. Okay, so I took an alka seltzer to enable me to listen to all of it...TBH I didn't need to even read between the lines...a leopard usually doesn't change it's spots ! "enjoys one on ones", "exhort, encourage"...left out the 'rebuke' part..interestingly still not wanting to get really honest with herself and her God...all smileys and full of advice...until one says "o.k. I gotta go now "...growing up I had a little sister that would have friends over and have fun girly stuff. When her friends wanted to go home my sister would start trying to beat them up !! lol, funny the 'imagery' God gives.
  17. Not only not very interesting but listening to the sis-in-law Mary Strickland sharing about 'happy endings' and remembering when we left twi her words to us "your neighbours now know what horrible people you are" (after a letter she wrote us was sent to them) and 'prophesying "our kids would grow up to be homos" because we were leaving twi...smacks of hypocrisy. We got our happy ending, wonder about hers ?
  18. I must say, I know neither of you two BUT, as soon as you mentioned you were a limb C0-0rd and 'they' had a 'dysfunctional marriage' that YOU had to 'sort out' has raised my doggy doo doo antennae...just going by past experiences of LEADERSHIP sorting out 'others' relationships. Your take on their marriage is supposed to be believed the same way you dismiss JJ's words ?
  19. I'm with you on this JimJack ! I tend to write mine down as I don't want to forget them.
  20. Thankyou WW ! Does it have pictures ?? ...One sentence huh ? I'm gonna have to look into it now to see if I'm guessing right lol
  21. Thankyou all for your help indeed. The athletic terminology is pretty straight forward, as is the soldiers gear etc...I guess the question IS THEREFORE, how is salvation a helmet ? How is the gospel of peace our footwear ? How is our righteousness a breastplate ? I figure the Word of God as a sword symbolises us speaking and wielding it (offensive and defensive ) and our faith as a shield used to believe to put out the fiery darts....the not 'shadow boxing' (beating the air) to tell us to make each 'punch' count ...and the keeping in the lanes as an exhortation to...stay the course ?
  22. Thankyou Mark ! great help...I've come to the conclusion it's figurative, symbolic and used as exhortation to endure as an athlete, farmer, parent, soldier would and to stick to a commitment..God bless !!
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