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  1. Well done, T-Bone. Fair question, fair points. More than fair. Please consider adding: All - with/without exception//distinction Figgers of Speech - something something the most important something something Effectual is POW!!!, effective is meh Misunderstanding the purpose of italics in KJV. Is the preface of the KJV still ignored?
  2. Unmolested. How ironic. Distributed back to the field? The battlefield? Right. The spiritual battlefield of the pseudo-Christian jihad. Sorry, I can barley see through the tears of laughter, but I know this abusive indoctrination is real. It's serious, and I'm grateful you've seen through the veil. From all the stories I've read here, it appears HQ NEVER did this. In fact, it's EXTREMELY costly to go WOW, even today - a very expensive endeavor for any fresh fish "ambassador." What a scam. What a cult. What a bag of bullshonta.
  3. Right. Sorry. I realized this as soon as I hit submit.
  4. It just occurred to me you couldn't even deduct the expenses or the ABS on your taxes, because TWI didn't get the religious tax exempt status until c. 1980. Right? I'm probably off on the date.
  5. Holy shonta! ROTFLMAO! Strictly forbidden? By whom? Oh, wait, let me guess: leadership. What a cult.
  6. I still drink Community Coffee, but not the blend with chicory - I like caffeine too much. Apparently, the salt is legit.
  7. Thanks, Waysider. Uncle Harry must not have been very fluent in SIT, because his plan was obviously not spiritually inspired. Who was his teacher? Oh, wait... What a way to manifest the promise of abundance. Coffee prices have remained rather stable with minor fluctuations over the past 50 years. All that abundant sharing and not a tiny fraction of it could be spent on coffee? Expenses couldn't be deducted from ABS? Pennies. PENNIES! What happened to being and having the best? Not better. BEST. Cult coffee. Stretched coffee is the four crucified of hospitality.
  8. I’ve been meaning to ask this for quite a while: WITAF is stretched coffee?
  9. It seems to me compromise is not always necessary for harmony, but compassionate listening and tolerance is. I don't expect anyone here to compromise their convictions or beliefs, but I hope everyone can truly listen to one another and find common ground while accepting the differences. And I have, indeed, encountered this compassion with everybody here, except one. I never witnessed such smug contempt for literally EVERYONE, until I started going to PFLAP fellowship. Judgement and condemnation were the eggshells on which all dared to walk. I have never known such a hateful group of people wearing such fake masks of love. Thank God for GSC.
  10. I think that's a fair speculation. If only he could have believed big enough to live long enough, he would have....
  11. Thanks. So, his reasoning was based on pure, flowing bullshonta. A shameless private interpretation. A fantasy. Just making it up as he went along. Forcing the text to say what he wanted it to say, aka glove fitting.
  12. A question for clarity. The context here is SIT (I think). Are you saying Jesus had no experience of SIT? Just trying to understand what "that" is. I've tried to find a textual variant to support "truthfully via the spirit" or any text evidence remotely close to supporting this so-called idiom. And when I say remotely close, I mean a generous length of rope. And when I say generous, I mean a million light years generous. So, what I'm saying is: There is a chance! I may have overlooked something. My Greek is still neophyte level. Can you steelman victor's claim? Or point me to the text? I can read it for myself.
  13. Was the SIT chart real? If so, WITAF?!?!? Asking for me and Charity. She quoted you above, but not in a way that notifies you.
  14. The sincere, honest asking for forgiveness is the repentance. Forgiveness is so important to each and every one's peace. Asking for and granting forgiveness is healing - the forgiver and the forgiven are both freed. The one searching their mind and finding nothing for which to repent remains in bondage and a slave to death, like victor. Many here have forgiven that little charlatan, but none have forgotten. Nor should they.
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