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  1. *is This is the bruise on the fruit telling you that it's rotten to the core Do not underestimate this bruise. The one who claims to HAVE the Truth surely is the one who does not. When defending victor, Mike said: if one can jump over a barn, is it bragging to say so? No. But who can jump over a barn? No one can. So, what does it say about the one making the claim? Everything you should need to know.
  2. Because, T-Bone, you don't know how (H--O-W). You don't know HOW to defecate in the mouth of God. That's why you need the class! How (H-O-W) can you learn to take a dump in the mouth of God unless you've been taught? If only you could read it in the original...
  3. What does this mean? We don't have the original autographs. I'm sure this is strategic phrasing. Any thoughts on this hedge? victor loved to say, "I wish you could read it in the original." HOWEVER he didn't even have an elementary grasp of Greek - the original written language of the New Testament.
  4. How else could it be but a downward spiral fading into obscurity and death? Rebuild what? Rebuild on what? The 1942 promise? The foundation of the entire enterprise from the very beginning is based on lies. All of it. Let them repent. Let them address their sins. Let them get honest. Then what? BUT let them WAKE UP to Truth. Let them truly get born again. Let them find out what that means. Only then will they be free to see that there is nothing to rebuild. All that will be left to do is fold. Until then, blindness, folly, death. *Thank you for every word you've ever written here, Skyrider.
  5. No worries! It doesn't even matter. Just morbid curiosity. Great suffering and calamity has befallen those leaders who condemned the accidental death of your branch leaders. I was hoping to read the public records and news media chronicles of their demise.
  6. Thanks, Chockfull. A mind filled with God's Word? Does that mean a mind filled with the Bible? Or does it mean filled with God's will? So much bull$hit it almost makes sense. A renewed mind is not one conformed to any doctrine, any book, any teacher - this is an enslaved mind. A renewed mind is one that is free and clear. Like a child's mind. Free to be in awe of the wonder of that which cannot be named.
  7. Ok. Fine. Let it be a figure of speech. Still, what does it mean?
  8. What a horror story! Abject wickedness. The leaders who condemned the your branch leader? Do you remember their names? Where they live?
  9. I realize this is a false, serpentine doctrine, but what does it mean?
  10. That sounds about right. Not matter the size and shape of he hand, they can MAKE it fit the glove. if the word of God is the will of God, I'm going with the will. The will of God takes the place of the absent Christ. This is what victor meant in the original.... I think. So much bull$hit, it's hard to know for sure.
  11. Perfect. Thanks. I agree. Vic's doctrines were goofy non-sequiturs, including this one. So, according to victor, the word of God replaces the carnal, fleshly Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, who is obviously absent in the five senses realm. What do you think he meant by "the word of God?"
  12. Cman is asking why is there a return if he's NOT absent. Regardless of his function, he is NOT absent, right? Or is he absent because of his function? Maybe these questions were answered and I missed it. Could you explain? Pretend I'm a golden retriever.
  13. Right. I got that from the beginning. The food just brought me to the thought that labels are a product of our conditioning. Labels are insufficient and usually problematic, divisive and destructive for the labeler and the labeled. Whether we realize it or not, labels are constructed out of laziness, immaturity and a lack of clear thinking, intellectually and spiritually. Can we see this about ourselves? One can not see what actually, truly is as long as one is artificially labeling. And one can never come upon that which is eternal, that which has no name, if one is always seeking to label according to one's conditioning, programming, indoctrination. This was true in Bronze Age Palestine and it's true today.
  14. Bart Ehrman used to identify as "agnostic atheist." Agnostic is a term I can get behind, but not as a label. I've said here before that I know next to nothing and embracing this not knowing leads to a healthier life experience. Either I know or I don't, and I am open to following to following the evidence, wherever it might lead. Atheist, theist, agnostic... Whatever the label, it tells one little to nothing. I'm not sure these labels are helpful at all when one is trying to find out about another.
  15. The term is loaded and elusive and arbitrary, as the BT video points out. I don't identify as atheist, nor do I identify as theist. I generally like what Sam Harris has to say about atheism.
  16. If something is absent, it's not here, it's not present. God in Christ in you? How can Christ be in you if Christ is absent? Are you absent? Where is the power if it is absent? And what is the word that takes the place of this absent Christ? The Bible? The KJV Bible? The Llamsa Bible? What a disappointing substitute! This is one of many, many examples of victor defecating in his own hand and then throwing that feces in the face of God.
  17. Introducing.... John 10:10a -- victor paul wierwille, Doctor, T7TMOG John 10:10b -- Christ
  18. I don't recall this, but I can believe he taught it. The Devil is not mentioned in Genesis 1:1-2. Not even implied. But if he is already making it up as he goes along, he will make it fit like a hand.... Great post, T-Bone. Hilarious and enlightening! (Yeah, the flat earth lie is based on these ancient Hebrew cosmological, mythical models.)
  19. Ahhh. Right. He may have been on his way to tie it all together with gloved hands at the end. I couldn't listen to the whole thing, as I can't most recordings of his. He definitely starts with the flat earth dome for the kingdom of God. When I find it, I'll post it.
  20. Ooohhh!!! Please elaborate!! I can barely type I'm laughing so hard! There is a recording out there. It's a SNT or Advanced or Corps teaching. It's on YouTube. I'll try to find it. A question is asked and he goes off on the dome but sounds shaky about it, yet he holds forth as T7TMG anyway.
  21. Victor "taught" that the kingdom of God is within, under and limited by a dome. This is in line the flat earth model - a disc-shaped earth encapsulated by a dome. Any thoughts on putting God's kingdom in a box...er... a dome as "taught" by victor?
  22. Thanks. This is always true, right? Divorce, war, etc. So, were your parents in a fight with Waydale? You were shot in the crossfire from a fight between Waydale and your parents? I thought Waydale was an open and free forum in an open and free society. Who is fighting where you are caught in the crossfire? And if Waydale is a forum, how is it a party in a fight? Or did the fight take place on Waydale? Real questions. I'm not arguing with you. I'm not doubting you. I start with acknowledging that I know next to nothing. I'm just trying to understand what you mean, because what you've said so far is not clear.
  23. That's generous. More accurately, his check cleared. This is always embarrassing. It's so "cringe," as the kids say. I have many friends with PhDs. None of them want to be called "Doctor." None. Not one. Almost every one of my college professors with a PhD insisted we call them by their first name or professor or Mr./Mrs. These people worked hard and earned their degrees, yet they all found the title to be pretentious. They let their walk do the talking that a title could never do. Why the desperate need to impress? Why the need to artificially anoint oneself with a title? The title doesn't guarantee authority. But Victor thought it did. It's a pretentious move by the insecure and immature. Diploma mills like Pikes Peak were popping up literally everywhere in mid 20th century America to serve ministers. Charlatans like vic were a dime a dozen and needed some quick credentials to keep up with the market. Econ 101. The supply meets the demand.
  24. So much meat, Rocky and T-Bone. So much meat. The Achilles heel is the fatal flaw. It is the inherent deficiency or weakness that brings about the hero's downfall - a fall from greatness, a tragedy. The implication of the question is that victor and Loy are men fallen from greatness. Aristotelian tragic figures. Are they great men with fatal flaws? Tragic figures are sympathetic figures. Are theirs narratives of falling from greatness because of a weakness? Or are they narratives of rotten men imploding on their own inherent wickedness? I don't know enough about Loy, but I suspect that he may be the only candidate for tragic hero. He may have had great potential, but victor trained him up and taught him up into wickedness. If Loy has an Achilles heel, it is credulity. He is intellectually and spiritually gullible. He BELIEVES the lie of victor's greatness. He can't see that victor is simply clothed as a sheep. Victor is not a tragic hero. He is not great just because he claims to be great. His lust for power is not a precursor to his downfall. It is a mere characteristic of his complete wickedness - a shading of the iris of his eye. Like all NPDs, he self-implodes into all his flaws.
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