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  1. Leon: The Professional Natalie Portman Where the Heart Is
  2. I picked up one of their greatest hits albums not too long ago. Only trouble is I've been hesitant to play it in my car until I get a new CD cleaner, otherwise I would have whipped out the album and tagged this one, that is if it was on the album? So, I don't recognize the lyrics.
  3. Donnie Brasco Michael Madsen Reservoir Dogs I'm not sure what happened. I posted this 11 hrs ago. Maybe I wasn't logged in?
  4. I figured that. Speaking of google: I guess it wasn't a TV show? Alien Nation James Caan The Godfather
  5. It gets kind of confusing when you go back and forth between your monitor name and username Raf. I thought you were another person and then realized that your not. No idea where any of this has been going for almost 12 days now.
  6. Have you ever seen one of John C McKinley's movies George? I'm stuck after you went with Car 54 and now Mandy Patinkin. I know who he was , he was in a TV show playing a alien but not anything else I've heard of.
  7. Diedrich Bader Office Space John C McGinley
  8. Kurt Russell Executive Decision Steven Seagal
  9. Can't wait for the Joaquin Phoenix movie next week "Joker" to come out. I guess I'm backtracking but how does Joaquin Phoenix get into this list of actors if the movie hasn't come out yet? WordWolf were you forecasting again?
  10. I don't have a viable clue. Wanted Dead Or Alive?
  11. Its been killing me for three days now. I've been trying to remember her movie with Sean Connery but ultimately I couldn't. So, three days later I can post now. Entrapment Ving Rhames Dark Blue
  12. Moby Dick Ted Levine The Silence of the Lambs
  13. And see George, 48 hours was a comedy this one is goofier than it was. Aren't you a journalist Raf? `starred a large ensemble case, but he main actor'. Its nice to see someone else making grammar mistakes. I'm always having to edit something for something I did or didn't do. So this helps keep me grounded. Anyway, I need more clues.
  14. Clearly, George, you haven't seen that movie or that I'm gathering, that you read the book. I don't believe that there is any mention of any weapons ( or bullets ) of any kind in Interview. Could be wrong though, but I doubt it. There was a mention of false light in the form.........not the topic so back to the clues.
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