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  1. This hint gives it away. ~Captain and Tennile~ Muskrat Love. I wouldn't have got it otherwise. Now, I see the lyrics were obvious but I didn't click on them.
  2. Funny. This morning I turned on the TV and the first channel was playing Spaceballs. What are the odds?
  3. I got the group now. I'm working on the title.
  4. Fleeting but I'm not getting it George. Must be something like early 70's or late 60's right? And BTW, George have you ever heard the song "Another Day" or do you remember it or for that matter WordWolf?
  5. Marg Helgenberger Mr. Brooks Dane Cook William Hurt
  6. I wasn't paying attention to those clues largely because I wouldn't know who was what character that long ago. But you're right George had I noticed Rhett Butler I would have probably got it.
  7. Didn't I say yes to this post [last week]????? Yes, yes,yes ,yes, yes. The song John mocked Paul in was "How Do You Sleep" on his Imagine album. Referring back to their Beatle days John says, "The only thing you done was "Yesterday" And since you're gone you're just "Another day". They were butting heads at that time.
  8. That doesn't seem right to me that Clark Gable had only one "iconic" role. He was in "It Happened One Night" (Academy Award movie) "The Misfits" . In his hayday (1930' & 1940's) he was arguably the most famous actor in Hollywood and leading man to the most beautiful actresses Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford, Grace Kelly, Vivien Leigh and then there was Marilyn Monroe. He is from the Golden Hollywood era and I think he had more the one one iconic role. They didn't call him "The King of Hollywood" for nothing.
  9. Peter Gallagher American Beauty Chris Cooper
  10. I don't know about anyone else but me, I got nothing.
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