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  1. And see George, 48 hours was a comedy this one is goofier than it was. Aren't you a journalist Raf? `starred a large ensemble case, but he main actor'. Its nice to see someone else making grammar mistakes. I'm always having to edit something for something I did or didn't do. So this helps keep me grounded. Anyway, I need more clues.
  2. Clearly, George, you haven't seen that movie or that I'm gathering, that you read the book. I don't believe that there is any mention of any weapons ( or bullets ) of any kind in Interview. Could be wrong though, but I doubt it. There was a mention of false light in the form.........not the topic so back to the clues.
  3. Immediately thought of Eddie Murphy and 48 Hours.
  4. Raf was correct WordWolf. The movie in question was a Vietnam war era picture called Casualties of War. He got it even though I kind of skewded it up.
  5. Sean Penn ( Oscar performance for best actor for Mystic River ) Carlito's Way Penelope Ann Miller
  6. I think I became over-zealous in mentioning Brian De Palma was an Oscar winning director. Yep, you are right Raf. I didn't * check my facts *. Sorry about that. I might have put Brian De Palma in the conversation of having won an Oscar because of the other Oscar winning Directors mentioned in my post ( Quentin Tarantino has an Oscar, but not for directing but he is of course a Director). Sean Penn played a Squad Sergeant in Vietnam, a true story, who took his patrol out on a reconnaissance mission and while on that mission (or a detour, as he called it) ordered his squad to kidnap a Vietnamese girl and to take her along with them so they could have some R n' R while in combat to improve morale. After De Palma read an article in the New Yorker magazine by Daniel Lang in 1969 entitled "Casualties of War" and at the time of the story, the United States being at the height of the war in Vietnam and due to the nature of such a story like a squat of solders, kidnapping, raping and murdering a Vietnamese girl being brought to light in the American and international public it would have been impossible to make. So, it wasn't until after the war and due to the success of other Vietnam era movies like Platoon and Full Metal Jacket that it was given a green light to film "Casualties of War". Deeply moving, riveting, and thought provoking the screen play is laid out ( as best I can see) just as the New Yorker has reported it. De Palma's portrayal of the conflict that young men were having in Vietnam in the midst of fighting communism as well as the conflict within each man or woman stunningly documents the powerful plight that every man ( or woman ) battles within, waging what is good or evil. I'm not a veteran but if anyone who reads this is I take this opportunity to thank you for your service.
  7. Is this some thing like The Boys From Brazil, sci-fy with apocalyptic flair?
  8. The lead actor was known as a television actor and the Oscar winning supporting actor ( he got his Oscars much later) would tell the lead actor that "he was a little television actor" while on the set just to get into his head and revoke genuine reactions for the Oscar winning director. The director had been trying to make the film in 1969 after reading a newspaper article. Based on a true story one of the dramatic (and there are many) scenes in the movie take place on the same Japanese transportation railway systems that was portrayed in the movie The Bridge On The River Kwai.
  9. That was it. I had just remembered of my post after some of those lyrics came into my mind. I suppose the ? means you can't think of the band? That's ok. I kind of forgot myself. ~Violent Femmes~ maybe. You are up Bud.
  10. The script would have to be Rocky and the scriptwriter would of course be Sylvester Stallone
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