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  1. You're right I think I'm getting it now.
  2. Turn around George, you're going in the wrong direction. The above is only meant to imply that the voice the actor choice to use for his role was a key part of how the character was built up and sent to the director so he could use it for direction.
  3. FYI Behind the Candelabra was the HBO movie with Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon his lover. It would have been a theater release but no studio would touch it because it was too gay (homosexual). Those are IMDB words, not mine. Anyhow, 48 Hours Nick Nolte Gangster Squad
  4. Thank you WordWolf. I think is would be easier to screenshot something but that ends up a no go when I try it. Is it the Crtl tab or Shift tab that you use with that function? I've tried them both before.
  5. No you got the 12 years right. First actor took six then the other four and then the year.
  6. And a good guess I suppose. I've never seen that. But no. The actor in mind for the title role was convinced to give it another shot and took it with one condition that he didn't start for a year. His eventual co-star who plays his wife had to beg the director to give her a screening because she was told she wouldn't be right for the part. When the director agreed the lead actor flew 3000 miles just to do the scene with her. She got the part.
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