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  1. Sounds like something from "Jesus Christ Superstar" to me. But, I haven?t got any other clue.
  2. No. This took place when the horse and buggy were the popular mode of transportation, but Teddy would have certainly ridden and driven one in his day.
  3. Mark Ruffalo You Can Count on Me Matthew Broderick
  4. Yes, he would count if he was in office at the time. He may have been cited but it wasn't for speeding. So no, he's not the president in question.
  5. Ken Burns documentary was pretty good too. Let's stay with US presidents. Which US president received a speeding ticket while in office?
  6. There's no maybe about it. Yes, Bernie Taupin lyrics with composition by Elton Hercules John.
  7. I guess so then. It does seem to me though as you were describing the scenario that a president with that much wit and wisdom would be Abraham Lincoln. How about President Lincoln and General Ambrose Burnside? I haven't read a lot about Grant, he would seem obvious, but I don't think Ulysses S Grant stopped drinking?
  8. I'm thinking this is a later president than Lincoln, so let's have a go at Harry S Truman and General Douglas MacArthur.
  9. Next song: And he likes his own backyard, And he likes his fags the best, 'Cause he's better than the rest, And his own sweat smells the best, And he hopes to grab his father's loot, When Pater passes on.
  10. I got the group now, Blind Faith and just need to come up with the title. "Can't Find My Way Back Home" They're not really in my wheelhouse, I knew of them because a couple of guys I knew had their album. I remember the cover is all. I took me awhile before I could hear the song in my brain but like most songs, if you've heard them enough usually the lyrics become clear in your head enough to recognize.
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