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  1. It would have much easier had you gone with Johnny Depp.
  2. It sounds like Elton John's 'Your Song' because it is. Next tune: Well, you can't turn him into a company man You can't turn him into a whore And the boys upstairs Just don't understand anymore
  3. That was a really good guess George. I was onto something but not in time to form a guess. Raf's next line would have definitely given it away.
  4. Not sure what this one is or whether it meets the criterion of a "Song remembered from just one line" or not?
  5. I looked for your post WordWolf but I didn't find anything, anyway, yes, you got it Love Shack by ~The B-52's~. You're up here on Name that Tune.
  6. OK looks like it's been three days; By the way, I got the hint about Lynn Redgrave (George) but I couldn't think of a movie she was in mainly because I wasn't thinking of her before as I got her confused with another redhead, and I can't even think of her name right now of all things. Got it now, right pew wrong church Vanessa Redgrave Alan Bates The Statement Tilda Swinton Huh, another redhead
  7. Where did my post go this morning? I named the song with the artist but I'm not seeing it now. Again, Magic Man by ~Heart~ and I may have thought this was the song FOL thread. Anyway, I'm going go, Hop in my Chrysler, it's as big as a whale And it's about to set sail I got me a car, it seats about twenty, so come on
  8. Magic Man Heart but I only needed the first six words. But thanks.
  9. I got half the name this morning when Colin popped in my head. I can't see how anyone could get confused for being Stanley Tucci.
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