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  1. Human without the bean

    Movie Mash-Up

    I wasn't debated that George. Since I came in late on this game after the round ended I was only throwing something out there about Carrie Fisher that maybe anyone hadn't heard about her relationships before i.e, Carrie relationships with Simon, Ford and Dan Aykroyd. She was having an affair with Ford at the same time they were shooting Star Wars (actors call it chemistry) which is where Paul Simon and her met, and at the same time she was trying to hold on to her relationship with Paul Simon. Wikipedia has it in her biography. Both Fisher and Aykroyd became engaged while filming The Blues Brothers and they had both taken blood tests and bought their rings. Most of this though I got off the Vanity Fair site. https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2016/12/carrie-fisher-relationships I think she was actually engaged to another guy every week back in those days. WW is up.
  2. Human without the bean

    Movie Mash-Up

    Apparently, they met while on the set of Blues Brothers when Dan Aykroyd was feeding her brussel sprouts (because she was so skinny) and she choked on them and nearly died until Aykroyd gave her the Heimlich maneuver. Ten minutes later he proposed to her. At the same time she was in an on and off relationship with her future husband Paul Simon and occasionally having an affair with Harrison Ford. Needless to say she and Aykroyd never were married.
  3. Human without the bean

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Vince Vaughn Into The Wild Emile Hirsch
  4. Human without the bean

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Lauren Bacall The Shootist Scatman Crothers
  5. Human without the bean

    Name that Tune

    WordWolf I think your right. Unlike Spotify, they don't have a free music service. You can choose to upgrade and get rid of the commercials. Next tune: You say I'm a dreamerWe're two of a kindBoth of us searchingFor some perfect worldWe know we'll never findSo perhaps I should leave hereYeah, yeah, go far awayBut you know that there's nowhereThat I'd rather be Than with you here todayOh, whoa, oh, whoa
  6. Human without the bean

    Name that Tune

    And while I'm drumming up another song for this board could you guys answer something. Is it free to download iTunes on your PC? I don't have a i-phone or anything like it. I do have Spotify. I thought they were a streaming service with fees, but I was online looking at some lyrics website that indicated that iTunes is free to download. Is this true? And I'll get another song up soon.
  7. Human without the bean

    TV Show Mash-Up

    The Danny Thomas Show
  8. Human without the bean

    Name that Tune

    I've realized over the years that I haven't got a good ear for hearing the lyrics to music. But I made an attempt to listen harder and let the lyrics come out more clearly and it happens that one of those songs I've listened to lately was Walk Like An Egyptian by the Bangles. I remembered that "all the cops They're hanging out in the donut shop part.
  9. Human without the bean

    Name that Tune

    I have no idea either.
  10. Human without the bean

    Name that Tune

    I'm noting a theme with these last posts. They have something to do with wearing animal skins. I have no idea. Is Gitarzan the ape man ( Jim Stafford) too much of a stretch?
  11. Human without the bean

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Karl (the nose) Malden On the Waterfront Lee J Cobb
  12. Human without the bean

    Name that Tune

    It sounds like it is a song about some legend. David Crockett or somebody else like that. I have no idea but I probably have heard it before.
  13. Human without the bean

    I'm looking for a recipe

    I was actually going to throw some chicken breasts into it because I thought that that would just about blow it over the top.. It is a "one of a kind" recipe in itself. I was re hashing over what I recall was in the recipe and I remembered some other things to. The beans (might have been just one bean because it required extra time to cook) sat in a crock pot soaking overnight and together with some spices added the next day , garlic salt, onion powder, and cumin they cook in vegetable juice, tomato juice, and water. The thing that stands out to me is that it had a theme of three. Three hours of cooking, in three stages, and three of each, carrots, potatoes, 3 celery stocks, 3 cups of vegetable juice. When it was finished it was thick and stew like and the soup was out of this world.
  14. Human without the bean

    I'm looking for a recipe

    I wonder if anyone here can help me out. I couldn't find a recipe that I used to have that I originally discovered in Vegetarian Times circa. mid 1980's. I'm not a vegetarian but I did like love the recipe for Everything Vegetable Soup. I've been craving it now for awhile, and since I used to make it for fellowships I was hoping that someone may remember it. A lot folks, shared recipes for good quality food from time to time, so I thought I'd give this forum a shot. Anyway, I remember some of the ingredients, but not all. It had many ingredients and vegetables, three types of beans (Great Northern, Garbanzo, maybe Pinto which were left to soak over night), and brown rice, seasonings. The beans simmers for 2 hrs. then the rice for an addition hour and then all the other things, three sticks of celery, three carrots, canned stewed tomatoes, potatoes all cooked for one more hour. It didn't taste anything like a soup would. It was more stew like, but it was simply delicious. I've contacted Veg. Times and their archives don't go back that far. If anyone can help me find this recipe for Everything Vegetable Soup I would appreciate it, and so will you.
  15. Human without the bean

    Name that Tune

    That always been a hard fast rule with me too. If I can't understand what they're saying whoever they are, I tent to loose interest pretty fast. That's not enough to have anything click for me WW.