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  1. WordWolf I thought you were asking a question, is it a rock n' roll band? That's why I answered yes, one of the biggest ever ! There has probably been a song named "Rock n' Roll Band" but it's not the name of this song. Sorry for your confusion WordWolf. Yes, the song is probably by one of the Biggest bands ever, even of all time. I know when I was young when I listened to the opening line and thought I was hearing 'standing in the dock of Japan'. I've used this clue before to. So I guess I'm still up then.
  2. WordWolf you haven't posted an answer to my post yet. At least from what I can see with the page turning over now.
  3. WordWolf you haven't posted the answer to my clue yet. At least from what I recognize with the page turning over now.
  4. WordWolf YOU HAVEN'T posted an answer yet. This is songs from one line.
  5. If you were waiting for confirmation WordWolf (but you probably weren't, you knew it) I looked it up and that's Savage Garden "I Want You". You are correct.
  6. Yes it was Elvis. I couldn't find very much about the circumstances of the quote but in a bible that was owned by Elvis it was written in there along with other things of note. The bible with his name engraved on it sold at an auction in 2012 and brought in $94,000.
  7. Really, I thought that last thing (hoot owl) would ring a bell. How about this one? Standing in the dock at Southampton Trying to get to Holland or France
  8. (Shane was only 70 yrs ago. My bad.) Alan Ladd This Gun's For Hire Veronica Lake
  9. Here's something So, by the dark of the moon I planted But there came an early snow There's been an old hoot owl howling Outside my window now, six nights in a row
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