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  1. That says it all !!!!!!! That rings true when I think of my latter years of preparing to go in the way corps and then being in the program – what stands out in reference to what you said and what WordWolf posted are not just the teachings against murmuring but also how we should follow in blind obedience – as reflected in the excerpt from WordWolf’s posting of Craig’s staff meeting: Something else that goes along with the idea of not questioning or challenging leadership was how TWI got you to shut down YOUR thinking process. You were not encouraged to think but to absorb -
  2. In retrospect – I’ve often peered through the fog of love-bombing, bait-and-switch tactics, being managed by fear and guilt, and all the other methods TWI used - and still uses - to ensnare and retain followers. For me the one lie that stands out above all others is the lie that facilitated more deceptions; it was the lie that God audibly spoke to wierwille and promised to teach him “The Word”. That was perhaps at the core of my belief system – and like the tough central part of some fruit, it contained the seeds for a variety of strains (other lies) that hide or distort the truth – one o
  3. I'm not a real actor but I play one on TV.
  4. Thanks Raf & Greasy Tech !!!!!! Maybe I forgot and left my pictures there when I was pilfering borrowing some coffee beans - sometimes the coffee at the counter is a bit weak - - anyway thanks again !!!!!! Sometimes it takes a greasy tech to make a squeaky wheel calm the f___ down.
  5. Pinned on a grocery store bulletin board: We are telekinetic massage therapists and a moving company. Whether you have a bad back or you’re relocating to a new home – our professional telekinetic massage therapists and movers are a must during the pandemic! We adhere to strict social distancing guidelines, providing a truly touch-free service. Our receptionist is a telepath so just think of us for an appointment. (Not responsible for telekinetic mishaps to muscles, connecting tissue, ligaments, tendons, organs, bones, nerves, etc. or the dropping / damage of your precious furn
  6. True…and for me all it amounted to (besides listing on schools I attended) was listing the time I was in residence for 2 years in the way corps on applications that also wanted an account of lapses in employment ...I believe deciding to go in the way corps also counts as a lapse in judgement.
  7. Then there were those times in job hunting when I would fill out an application – I would always include all that I accomplished while I was in The Way International.
  8. Too late – since TWI usually thinks in absolutes – “almost” doesn’t count – and since you’ve already confessed it into the senses realm, there ain’t no telling how the Adversary will use it; TWI’s response to any suspicious emails will probably be something like “Did Twinky put you up to this?” (P.S. Twinky - I'm always wondering how far I can push the comedic envelope )
  9. Now that you’ve let the cat out of the bag - you’ll probably get a response like “Twinky, is that you?”
  10. Wow that sounds like the makings of a SNL skit, Just Thinking.. Yeah the way they’re slow to adopt certain modern things they’re almost Amish-esque in some ways …as they hobble along in the 21st century I’ve noticed they still have to rely on some archaic strategies – like classes and advances being held in abeyance due to the pandemic - see their website TWI's event schedule changes due to the pandemic
  11. Welcome to Grease Spot, Utopian/Lunch - cool name what's the story behind that? That resonates with me...funny - I didn't think it was weird until I left...it's been said that nobody ever intentionally joins a cult - I think that's true...Grease Spot is a good place to figure some things out and unravel some of the convoluted weirdness...I've met a lot of good helpful folks here...also it's been a good place for me to think out loud - and from that I've learned how to explain my experience in a much clearer and concise manner and don't feel embarrassed or concerned about some stigma...
  12. try this link - Passing of a Patriarch you can find a lot of stuff by using the Grease Spot search tool in upper right of the web page
  13. I will always remember that a lot of the teaching methods in the way corps were quite unorthodox – if you compared them to normal institutions of higher learning.
  14. I remember all the times I saw wierwille in person. There was always something different about him that made him stand out from the rest of us.
  15. In his book “On Bull$hit” American philosopher Harry Frankfurt talks about things that are fake, phony or counterfeit. They may even appear genuine in many respects – but what is fundamentally wrong in every case is not what they are like or appear to be, but how they are made. The counterfeit has no real value except to those who pass it off to defraud another of something that is of real value – e.g. buying a genuine Rolex watch with counterfeit money or selling a fake art piece to the highest bidder. It’s telling folks don’t donate or lend support to any charity or good cause - instead
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