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  1. that's some good points JohnJ !!!!
  2. Welcome to Grease Spot, Grace and Mercy ! I love your comprehensive and expressive story – thanks for sharing. You’re right, there were a lot of good folks trying to walk with God and serve others – and your last line “That the organization still exists is a wonder to me” made me re-think the upheaval of 1986 after the reading of The Passing of the Patriarch. A common analogy on Grease Spot often draws a comparison to some dedicated folks rearranging the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic. But in actuality this TWI-tanic never sank. So the survivors got off and returned to the real worl
  3. Okay, I think I understand your concern. I really don’t see “the red thread” as a TWI doctrine per se, as far as the concept goes – Jesus Christ symbolized in every book of the Bible. Perhaps wierwille merely slapped the title “the red thread” on Roberts’ “fourth man” teaching. Does that make it a TWI doctrine? I always thought “the red thread” was a cool title that really captured the imagination – and it seemed to have the same effect on your discussion group. I think it would be a fun thing to explore in your group – but that’s just me. I found a similar idea while googl
  4. Hi Twinky, is part of your concern ex-Wafers or other sites do not give proper credit to the source of their list? I can understand that…but as far as variations on the list I think there’s a lot of leeway because how one understands the Bible depends on how one interprets it. That goes for doctrine too – more on that in a little bit. As an example of another variation of listing Jesus represented in each book of the Bible – I have a book by Henrietta Mears (the book jacket states Mears trained, influenced or inspired thousands of young men and women to serve in Christian minist
  5. From what I remember wierwille did use many of Robert’s descriptions – but you know it wouldn’t take a whole lot of work to find alternates; At the time of wierwille’s teaching on tape – our Twig got really excited about it; one lady in our Twig was curious as to where in the Bible wierwille got these descriptions; that put me "on the spot" as the Twig leader – as a former TWI-study-bug I took that as a challenge and with the help of Young’s Concordance to the Bible I found scriptural references for all those titles besides alternate descriptions/passages – I gave her my handwritten homework-
  6. From what I remember Oral Robert's teaching might have been originally titled The Fourth Man - keying off the account in Daniel 3 - Roberts asked "who was that fourth man?" ...from Daniel 3 verse 25 "He answered and said, “But I see four men unbound, walking in the midst of the fire, and they are not hurt; and the appearance of the fourth is like a son of the gods.”...ESV I found it in written form here: The Fourth Man by Oral Roberts
  7. George, if you remember a while back on this thread, that's an issue I have...so the only option I have now is to use a URL link to a picture...if you figure it out - let me know.
  8. Yes ! and what is the quicksilver dude from X-Men doing there?!?! The only thing that bugs me is the source of the old sitcoms references – I mean I really enjoyed what they did with the sitcom references – and I could tell something ominous was coming with the out of context details injected here and there …but…up until episode 4, I was thinking the actual situation might involve both of them in some weird therapeutic stasis, and Wanda’s ability to alter reality providing a “medium” – I say both because it seems logical to me the sitcoms were from Vision – since he is partly from To
  9. Hi Annio… …what a courageous and honest post !!! …somehow I missed this thread - so I just wanted to add my 2 cents now… You got me thinking about a few of ways that a double standard played out in TWI. A double standard is a set of principles that applies differently and usually more rigorously to one group of people than to another group. One aspect of the double standard in TWI is the misogynistic tendencies as you mentioned. In the bigger picture as we all know, this is something not just confined to TWI – but at least in the outside world there have been some br
  10. Yes ! And when I went through the corps training program I even gave them other people’s money - from my corps sponsors.
  11. Hi Francisco, Wow – you’ve done some serious reading! I have a few other books by E.W. Bullinger , including The Companion Bible - something I still refer to on occasion. . Another Bullinger book I have is How to Enjoy the Bible , and btw, wierwille plagiarized from that book quite a bit! Since I left TWI, I’ve come to a different opinion of Bullinger’s body of work – though it all may sometimes have some helpful technical details, I don’t agree with his ultra-dispensationalism or his sometimes mystical interpretation methods. Also I think Bullinger got so fixated on s
  12. Hi Francisco, It sounds to me like you’ve really done your homework, and now hopefully you can boil all that down to bite-size digestible nuggets of truth and facts. If you can manage English (with or without the help of a translator) you might find useful some threads on Grease Spot for historical, timeline or topic-specific references – to help organize your thoughts and prepare you to help your family. Recently another newcomer to Grease Spot talked about a similar concern – dating someone who is involved in TWI. One of Grease Spot’s “old timers” (WordWolf) replied to them saying
  13. you are correct - Vanilla Sky ! a little know fake trivia - when it premiered in Paris they had French Vanilla Sky on the marquee (just kiddin') sacre bleu ,this tread iz no joke, mon ami !
  14. If so - they’ve gone from new and improved back to everything old is new again…makes me want to break out in song…you might remember this one by a blunderful old con-artist…it’s called will recycle be unbroken: will recycle be unbroken buy and buy a load, buy and buy there’s a better scam a-waiting in the lies, load up more lies what a tune...I like the beat...I think you can dance to it...yeah... ...yeah... it’s a real toe-tapper, financial zapper, frustrations and failures a real bi+ch slapper... ...like a mind-napper a naïve trapper
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