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  1. T-Bone


    Great points Rocky ! That got me thinking of how much I like to read…and often enjoy a good novel…makes for a nice break from Bible study, or something on history or philosophy. I remember the enjoyment and thought provoking ideas of watching sci-fi movies with my Dad – how we would philosophize afterward. I still remember my thoughts from reading one of my first grown-up type novels – The Invisible Man. A major theme of that novel is power corrupts. But as a young boy my thoughts on it were not as refined. My takeaway at the time was no human should have the ability to sneak around undetecte
  2. Nice thread Annio – and good input by everyone… == == == == Bolshevik’s reference to quote about Hitler made me think on an episode of The Office where Jim offers to help Dwight draft an acceptance speech for his salesman of the year award. As a prank Jim plagiarizes from old speeches of dictators like the Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini. Jim even suggests Dwight forcefully pound on the podium to give certain lines more impact. It’s hilarious to watch Dwight’s rousing acceptance talk – it sounds more like some eve of battle speech to get you pumped to go
  3. What if there was a post-credit scene like… …after the last credit goes by – the camera on the right side of the auditorium turns 90 degrees left and keeping the audience in view slowly rolls behind the curtain toward backstage where we find Craig boinking the born-again-of-the-wrong-seed character. Other interesting origin stories might make a good movie - Chris G’s passing of the patriarch, the birth of offshoots, lawsuits against Martindale/TWI, waydale, transchat, and Grease Spot. == == == == DVD bonus features: I remember at the Rock, Craig referencing the movie “Stay
  4. We were resources indeed! I don’t believe wierwille was capable of healthy interpersonal relationships – where people have common interests and there’s transparency, honesty, tolerance, respect, trust, etc.. He was more like a crafty salesman intent on getting the lion’s share out of any "business deal". In an article by Darlene Lancer a licensed marriage and family therapist, she explains the cold and almost business-like arrangements in the life of a narcissist: "narcissists can be selfish, hurtful, and cold when it doesn’t serve them to be charming or cooperative. To them relatio
  5. Amen Grace! Sometimes when I reflect on my past I am turned off by how eager and egotistical I was to dream of changing the world – to the detriment of what I put into relationships with my wife and kids. I mean - I could be the most understanding, patient and supportive person toward anyone I was “under-shepherding in The Word” – but with very little energy leftover for my family – so I could be a major insensitive a$$hole at home. Don’t get me wrong –I’m not knocking the folks that can handle it all – I just think we all have different capacities and don’t think I have the energy level to be
  6. T-Bone

    Cat whispering

    well...to give you the whole picture - dogs & cat are somewhat picky with the dry food we give the in the morning - currently it's Nutro brand (to be clear it's specific for dog and cat - in other words we're not giving dogs and cat the same thing - it's just the same brand formulated for dogs or cats). in afternoon we give dogs some Purina moist & meaty dog food packets & some Milk Bones - and cat gets some Blue Wilderness moist canned cat food - no sign of picky eaters at that meal. we're looking into some homemade recipes - here's a couple of websites we've looked at for id
  7. T-Bone

    Cat whispering

    we've got 2 older dogs and a 2 year old cat. The 2 older dogs seem to have gotten pickier on food - and recently even the cat; we switched from Blue Wilderness to Nutro - but they all still tend to be picky...Tonto says we ought to start giving them homemade meals - it sounds like a lot of work to me...don't know what we'll do.
  8. T-Bone


    Holy cow, Twinky - the refurbishing and clean up projects are huge undertakings!
  9. T-Bone


    Twinky, I always enjoy hearing about your outgoing church - so community-minded...very inspirational! makes me want to dust off my old catechism ... ...btw a cat-A-chasm is the profound difference between a house cat and a feral cat...but if they can’t work out their differences - you’ll have a full blown cat-A-schism on your hands (or paws). all joking aside - I love hearing about what you church does - I think it's so cool!
  10. T-Bone


    Hopefully something cheered you up...I thought Rocky's post of the cat that thinks it's a dog was so funny - I love animal videos but it never occurred to me to post something like that even though I know you're gaga about cats...my bad. what's a subgenre of horror films that feature cats? category alternate spelling: cat-A-gory British spelling: categourie Cats who want to pay their own Vet bill should go directly to the fee-line.
  11. T-Bone


    Hi Twinky, Something in this mess may cheer you up…an idea for a Halloween costume and some You Tube videos: My idea for a Halloween costume - Frankenstein 2020: all the surgical stitches will be replaced with Velcro. I love this SNL skit because it's so ridiculous - there is no real difference in how each character says the line "oh man, I'm all outta cash" - I drove Tonto nuts when I found different ways to insert this line in a conversation Del Taco commercial shoot on SNL That idea of no big differences reminded me of another SNL skit - in an acting class P
  12. We don’t get into Facebook or any social media…however me, Tonto and our daughter participate in a few Zoom meetings for special needs programs and they use a password besides the Zoom ID for access – they email the access info to all the parents/participants – I think the extra security of a password was necessary after we've all heard in the news about some ne’er-do-wells zoom bombing…Perhaps you can coordinate a zoom meeting time/date by a general announcement (no Zoom ID/password given) and then Grease Spotters will have to private message the coordinator for ID and password. You could eve
  13. Hi Bobby Truth, That’s a great question! When I read the title of your thread the first thing that popped into my head was that each person needs to figure that out for themselves…the next thing I did was google “who should a person trust?” and the first hit by my browser was the article I’ve posted some excerpts from – excerpts and the link are as follows…oh and welcome to Grease Spot Excerpts from 5 Ways to Decide Who You Can Trust: One of the most important decisions you make in life is deciding who to trust. Trusting the wrong person can result in abusive relationships,
  14. Great post, Annio ! Your post reminded me of something along the lines of what I shared on Grease Spot years ago – your post got me thinking so I googled “is it healthy to reimagine a past experience?” (which got me to a Psychology Today article that’s pretty much on point - I’ll give excerpts and link below); I also learned there’s a term for it – counterfactual thinking (which led me to a Wikipedia article – I’ll give excerpts and link below). First here’s what I said in a 2006 post about reimagining the time wierwille showed our family corps his doggie-porn video: "I've f
  15. Yes – I hope it does too – though it is hard to resist wondering what are the real reasons why the website removed certain material: “The group has drawn media interest due to Judge Amy Coney Barrett's association with the group. Numerous media outlets have reported that Barrett is a member. In the wake of heightened interest in the group and its members following her nomination, People of Praise removed some materials from its website: "Recent changes to our website were made in consultation with members and nonmembers from around the country who raised concerns about their and their fam
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