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  1. Got it George...Hey Human - first picture was the one I quoted here - at gunpoint in car and this is 2 shots of the final scene of the movie - the approach... and a few seconds later the bottom line ( ) - if you've seen this movie, the ending pictured above is a dead giveaway - I'm not aware of many movies that have such a downer of an ending.
  2. please clarify - am I disqualified? not like I didn't deserve it...so sorry guys...I'm like a super-ball in a china closet.
  3. T-Bone

    After midnight

    Hi Twinky, I read the following article this morning and thought of your comments in this post. I have a better understanding now of what you were talking about. While I don’t think any system is perfect – the United Kingdom seems to have a fairly good approach to balanced journalism, having a media regulator enforce any breaches of rules on impartiality and accuracy. Those who ignore such rules can be censured or fined: "The mob that stormed and desecrated the Capitol ... could not have existed in a country that hadn't been radicalized by the likes of [Fox News hosts] Sean Hannity,
  4. yeah I get it - and I don't believe you cheat...since I'm severely limited on the file size for captured pictures - I have to go with a URL link - and can't change the URL wording/numbers I will have to make sure the link doesn't give it away. thanks
  5. I never paid for the magazine ...just one of the many perks of having an older brother...not to mention all the hand-me-down clothes == == == == ok - next movie - if you can't figure it out just use WordWolf's "shortcut"
  6. what ?!?! that sounds like cheating I propose we have a safe word for when one needs to interrupt a tough round - like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ...well...just a thought
  7. Darn - I should have paid more attention to the articles ... don’t know - I haven’t seen “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” - believe it or not - but that looks like Sean Penn
  8. sorry about that...issue another demerit to the new guy...I saw it in '95, a friend loaned me his copy of it on VHS. I think it's your turn - since you would have got it.
  9. Guess I picked a real oddball Spielberg’s first feature length movie “Duel” starring Dennis Weaver
  10. ok - here's another scene...and to give you the main idea of the movie - the car/driver and the truck are in just about every scene of the movie...The script was adapted from a writer's own short story, he got the inspiration for the story when he was tailgated by a trucker while on his way home from a golfing match with a friend on November 22, 1963, the same day as the John F. Kennedy assassination...the film marks the feature length directorial debut of a well known director...this director's assistant came upon the short story in Playboy magazine - after reading it she then went into his
  11. T-Bone

    R.I.P. Sudo

    I've always enjoyed Sudo's wit and presence at Grease Spot...and to his family and friends I'm sorry for your loss. rest in peace Sudo
  12. I’ve been talking about a cult that has found a way to surreptitiously circumvent the legitimate, honest and above board politics of governing. The cult seems to have infiltrated – but has not yet permeated a certain political party – so I am not trying to be coy by not naming the cult leader and the political party - instead - in an effort to isolate a powerful cult from a political context - I referenced them by their cultic ideologies. Hopefully that political party will recover (indeed some have already) when the cult leader is out of office and can no longer maintain such a tight strang
  13. Rocky, That “One Voice” song is beautiful - nice arrangement musically and visually – thanks! I have Valerie Kaur’s book on my wish list – I’m slowly going through my reading list. Right now I’m reading “The Eye of God” by James Rollins… I’m taking a break from the real world - the novel is a good thriller – I think Rollins has taken up the mantle of sci-fi and techno-thrillers worn by the late Michael Crichton…anyway – after I finish “The Eye of God” I’ll probably get into “Love Wins” by Rob Bell – I believe that’s another one of your recommendations – one of the books I got it for Ch
  14. Hi Grease Spotters, warning This might be off topic – but – please read to the end before you decide I have been thinking about the treason, sedition and insurrection that unfolded at the U.S. Capitol January 6th 2021. There’s been a lot of follow-up to that as well as warnings by various security and intelligence agencies of more to come. I read an interesting article (posted Jan. 12th 2021 – written in light of the Jan. 6th storming of the Capitol) on CNN that talks about the hateful mindset that extremism fosters…the article mentioned something that was surprising to me - tha
  15. it's NOT Mad Max...here's another scene:
  16. Hi Penguin 2, in the grand scam of things - it's been the same old bull$hit the whole time - the important thing is that you left !
  17. yeah - I think there's something about the characters Simon Pegg plays that I've seen - they have a touch of similarity - when he gets into a situation that is outside his comfort zone - he's sort of a I'm-not-really-cut-out-for-this-sort-of-thing-not-really-my-cup-of-tea kind of guy. == == == == ok - next movie
  18. T-Bone


    How about Incestuous Farmers Fvck You…or IFFY Usage has options: addressing them directly to express a heartfelt sentiment : "Hey Incestuous Farmers, fvck you !" referring to them by their abusive tactics: "TWI continues to screw their followers. That’s just so IFFY." or the much more declarative version "Those Incestuous Farmers fvck you every time!"
  19. I haven't seen Hot Fuzz...I like Simon Pegg - but the only movies I've seen him in are the later Mission Impossible movies, the rebooted Star Trek movies - - - and... Shaun of the Dead - the only movie that I think would fit with your picture is Shaun of the Dead.
  20. T-Bone

    After midnight

    Waysider, thanks for bringing that up…I didn’t know that while in my preemergent-bassist phase – and even now reflecting on my formative years of collecting and listening to LPs, I don’t recall if Stax Records or other labels listed the studio musicians for vocal performers – and I probably didn’t think to check anyway back then…I lost most of my LPs that were stored in the basement of my parents’ house, while I was out W.O.W. … It wasn’t until a couple of years after I left TWI – I think – that I had a renewed interest in details like that…In 2011 we took a road trip vacation to several state
  21. Wow, Out and About !!! Great post!!! That’s a great way to look at it…I think unconsciously I sometimes reflect on my life as before, during and after TWI – as if TWI was the most significant watershed moment of my entire life – like everything about me revolves around that…I like your idea of a pie chart – with more temporal distancing from TWI a pie chart would show its (TWI's) diminishing part-to-whole relationship with my entire life…I tend to rely on the power of focus when I think of my TWI experiences and get hyper-analytical. But there’s a distinct advantage to an overview – see
  22. T-Bone

    After midnight

    …and now ladies and a-gentle-peoples …drum roll please…the tune that had burned a deep rut in my auditory canal when I was just a mere embryonic bass player…no matter where I was…(drum roll continues) no matter what the setting – whether it was someone’s hi fi, a jukebox, or some garage band playing at a sweet sixteen party (still drumming)…my earball passageways always tingled with subwoofic-excitement when I heard this tune:
  23. T-Bone

    After midnight

    Waysider, thanks for that Maria Muldaur tune! here's another midnight tune:
  24. T-Bone

    After midnight

    “IF you believe 'mainstream media' concerning anything from corona virus to election results” – so WHERE do YOU get your information on anything from the coronavirus to election results? “a declining lack of critical thinking skills” actually says the shortage of critical thinking skills is on the decline - or simply - critical thinking skills are increasing – so thank you very much, I try, I try. “a headline reading only depth of engagement in the REAL facts” – I do not speak Yoda, but I ‘ll give this a shot; a headline is only a short text to grab your attention and draw you int
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