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  1. Rocky, thanks for posting that ! Listening to Charlene is very comforting...As always in her book, blog, GSC posts and this interview, she comes across as being so relatable - which for me demystifies and destigmatizes how people can fall prey to a harmful cult.
  2. I'll see your little dictator and raise you one big fascist
  3. Yes !!!!!!!! that made me think of the woeful tale of the family trees in the opening scene of the movie Idiocracy ...this You Tube is cued up to when the course of things takes a really bad turn if you wanted to cut to the chase...but you might want to watch it from the very beginning for a good laugh session...This movie is in the top ten of my family's favorite movies...I think there's something metaphorical about the 1:51 mark - it's the part where Clevon Jr. is surrounded by cheerleaders says "yeah ! I'm gonna fvck all you all !" that's when the family tree really takes
  4. yeah - I think we're on the same page on a few things - and of course actual mileage may vary. This may sound odd - but a very real concern I've always had is developing and maintaining a robust skill set. I'm of the opinion if you don't use it you lose it. Math was never my long suit - but a long time ago I had a job as a map sales rep covering three states, providing maps to store chains, convenience stores, etc. I used to carry a small calculator to tally up sale items and figure out sales tax. My calculator broke and I had to rely on figuring that out on scratch paper and after a w
  5. Thanks WordWolf, I appreciate your reply...and I'll respond to each specifically: A. that's interesting why they skipped # 9 - it makes sense... == == == B. I beg to differ on what you said: keep whatever operating system your computer came with, disregarding the updates and in lieu of that buying a new computer to stay current on latest operating systems...that doesn't seem practical to me for a few reasons: 1.) it seems wasteful like a throw-away mentality besides being more costly in the long run. why not fix or improve what you have. nothing is perfect t
  6. (*** this post is about my laptop running Windows 10 taking forever to boot up or launch an app ***) Hi Grease Spotters, the title of my story is Simple Pictures Are Best this is for computer users who are like me - knowing just enough about computers to get done what we need to do (for me now it's check email, shop online, check news, check Grease Spot, check out You Tube; that's it. that's all I use it for now)...well...today April 14th 2021 is a red letter day for me! I am not an IT person. I am a person who uses computers. I'm posting this for folks who have h
  7. yeah me too...here it's like the New York Stock Exchange only it's the Grease Spot Thought Exchange - where an investment of your 2 cents can go a long way.
  8. that's a swing and a miss my movie is from 1997 and I said it was in same neighborhood as The Black Hole - meaning it has similar themes - actor in this picture created a gravity drive that generates an artificial black hole and they have weird experiences from that...not a favorite movie of mine...I liked the first half with the concepts and special effects - but the rest gets too gory - it's in the sci-fi horror genre
  9. I read some more of what that person said when I clicked on your link…and I can relate to what they said – the predicament sounds familiar…for me it brought to mind a question – what follows after personal experiences and/or maturing in your faith when you find your idea of God and how to interpret the Bible differ from your church? here’s some more excerpts from that Twitter post: "Those of us who tearfully promised that we would follow Jesus anywhere eventually followed him out the door... They told us to read the Bible and take it seriously and then mocked us for becom
  10. ok...next movie...what say we save some gas money and stay in the same neighborhood... ...and no it's not another Salvador Dali crucifixion painting
  11. according to Wikipedia: "...It was the first film from Walt Disney Productions to receive a PG rating." Wikipedia - The Black Hole
  12. It’s been ages since I’ve seen it; but after you brought it up I kinda want to watch it again...Tonto talked me into getting a pedicure with her and our daughter...after we’re done here we’ve got a couple of errands to run...when I’m back home I’ll post a movie scene - I already know what I want to do.
  13. The Black Hole movie is a little bit cheesy - kinda talkey and maybe they didn’t know if they wanted to do a sci-fI or a ghost story or something - but I still liked the movie - Maximillian the red robot is a bada$$ and most special effects are good.
  14. Grace – I know what you mean – I have thought the same thing myself many times…but the thing is, we are not all-knowing beings – so we are bound to make lots of mistakes. Actress Helen Mirren said something I thought was profound after winning an award (she’s won a lot of awards : Academy, BAFTA, Golden Globe, Emmy, Tony – so I don’t recall the occasion - but anyway she said) “If it were all truly known and planned and determined, life wouldn’t be worth living, just a giant to-do list waiting to be crossed off…” Something I wrote on another thread( see here ) got into “counterf
  15. This post is golden, Waysider !!!!!!! “I'm not the same person now that I was then.” Wow! There’s something to that – and I don’t think about that as often as I should…A while back I reconnected with an old friend (by phone and email – since we live several states apart now) someone who was a good friend of mine from high school. We went on to separate colleges but still hung out together. It was about two and a half years into college that I got involved with TWI – and when I started witnessing to…and inadvertently scaring off…and sometimes even writing off my non-way friends. Long
  16. Great post, Rocky - I'm with you on "the artifacts be preserved in museums dedicated to putting them in historical context so people now and in the future would better understand the changing times in our country...Putting twi (and other cult) symbols and artifacts in perspective for young people now and for future generations "
  17. huh...uhm...errrr...oh yeah - that's it - yes that's definitely it - they belong in a museum funny you should say cult symbols ... I actually posted this staged picture on Grease Spot a few years ago...but recently was inspired to re-post the picture here along with a text explaining what the objects represented to me after reading Penworks' paper on cult symbols on her Undertow thread - see here and here ...and actually in the sequence of events I kinda jumped around in the process: 1. first I read Penworks' paper on the power of cult symbols 2. thoug
  18. You can tell Max there's a thread that talks about places like this
  19. What I find amusing is that wierwille used to go on and on about “the word” having a mathematical exactness and scientific precision - and he was probably inspired to think that from plagiarizing a lot of Bullinger - a flat-earther !!!! I mean come on - The spherical earth was mentioned as far back as the ancient Greeks!
  20. Guess I never got it through my thick skull all that stuff is passé
  21. Thanks for the link, Penworks that is a very engrossing paper you wrote; I think you still have an overstuffed quiver of arrows to arm folks against harmful cults – if we were talking a superhero franchise your Undertow book is like an origin story, only the beginning – so hopefully more books are in the works . Here’s a few of the things your paper got me thinking about...You wrote: “…cult leaders use symbols to control followers and how we can break the power of those symbols. As an example, I’ll use The Way International,™ the fundamentalist cult I escaped in 1987. High-control gr
  22. This picture is titled Inside the Corps Mind Admittedly this is one atrocious way-over-the-top pictorial of my way corps experience. If I may elaborate on a few points of interest: I put a label on the PFAL book - it's kinda hard to read in the picture - but it says “VP said it, I believe it, that settles it” – wierwille had made reference to a Christian cliché “God said it, I believe it, that settles it for me” but he switched it around from being a matter of one’s personal faith to wierwille’s absolutism, he rephrased it to “God said it, that settles it, by God’s mercy and grace may I b
  23. With you mentioning that you and your wife were considering going back and then later getting the boot in 2001 – for some reason that made me think of a quote from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey HAL 9000: I know I've made some very poor decisions recently, but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal. I've still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission. And I want to help you.
  24. Thanks for your help - from your first quote - I new it was a silly movie but couldn't fine tune it until you jogged my memory of Brian always being mistaken for the Messiah. You are correct on High Anxiety - it's your turn...the still shot is of Nurse Diesel (love that name) kneeling so she can get a straight shot at spanking Harvey Korman.
  25. In 1675, in a letter to his rival Robert Hooke, Isaac Newton wrote “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”…in 2021 a verbose post tried to reference that by gravitating towards the optics of what the sum of TWI-offshoots might add up to: If they have seen further into the darkness, it is by standing on the shoulders of sycophants who have had their heads up wierwille’s a$$.
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