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    Hi Twinky, Something in this mess may cheer you up…an original joke by me and some You Tube videos: My idea for a Halloween costume - Frankenstein 2020: all the surgical stitches will be replaced with Velcro. I love this SNL skit because it's so ridiculous - there is no real difference in how each character says the line "oh man, I'm all outta cash" - I drove Tonto nuts when I found different ways to insert this line in a conversation Del Taco commercial shoot on SNL That idea of no big differences reminded me of another SNL skit - in an acting class Phil Hartm
  2. We don’t get into Facebook or any social media…however me, Tonto and our daughter participate in a few Zoom meetings for special needs programs and they use a password besides the Zoom ID for access – they email the access info to all the parents/participants – I think the extra security of a password was necessary after we've all heard in the news about some ne’er-do-wells zoom bombing…Perhaps you can coordinate a zoom meeting time/date by a general announcement (no Zoom ID/password given) and then Grease Spotters will have to private message the coordinator for ID and password. You could eve
  3. Hi Bobby Truth, That’s a great question! When I read the title of your thread the first thing that popped into my head was that each person needs to figure that out for themselves…the next thing I did was google “who should a person trust?” and the first hit by my browser was the article I’ve posted some excerpts from – excerpts and the link are as follows…oh and welcome to Grease Spot Excerpts from 5 Ways to Decide Who You Can Trust: One of the most important decisions you make in life is deciding who to trust. Trusting the wrong person can result in abusive relationships,
  4. Great post, Annio ! Your post reminded me of something along the lines of what I shared on Grease Spot years ago – your post got me thinking so I googled “is it healthy to reimagine a past experience?” (which got me to a Psychology Today article that’s pretty much on point - I’ll give excerpts and link below); I also learned there’s a term for it – counterfactual thinking (which led me to a Wikipedia article – I’ll give excerpts and link below). First here’s what I said in a 2006 post about reimagining the time wierwille showed our family corps his doggie-porn video: "I've f
  5. Yes – I hope it does too – though it is hard to resist wondering what are the real reasons why the website removed certain material: “The group has drawn media interest due to Judge Amy Coney Barrett's association with the group. Numerous media outlets have reported that Barrett is a member. In the wake of heightened interest in the group and its members following her nomination, People of Praise removed some materials from its website: "Recent changes to our website were made in consultation with members and nonmembers from around the country who raised concerns about their and their fam
  6. Hi Robinette, Your posts have brought up some interesting points and after giving them some thought I wanted to address a few things. God does forgive – but he does not always remove the consequences of sin. You mentioned David remained king even after his sins (adultery and the murder of Uriah). That’s true but even though he was forgiven there were severe lingering consequences. Since he had done evil to another man’s family, King David would receive evil in his own family – the rape of Tamar (daughter of David by Macaah) by David’s son Amnon and then another son of David Absalom a
  7. Good post, WordWolf – I wanted to elaborate on some of your points. How many times have we heard upper leadership in TWI refer to wierwille as “our father in The Word”? With former TWI leaders like Lynn starting an offshoot brings to mind an old adage: “like father like son” meaning a son's character or behavior can be expected to resemble that of his father. Lynn didn’t try to hide the source of his material – as wierwille the preeminent plagiarist did. And by the way - I might add that not all of the material that wierwille stole was just straight forward Bible teaching or for that
  8. God bless you Grace! I believe your courage and empathy is a big deal - and a blessing - not only to the folks here at Grease Spot but also to anyone else who crosses your path.
  9. It doesn’t matter what it’s labeled – foundational, intermediate, advanced, “new and improved” advanced class – it’s still snake oil: a substance with no real medicinal value sold as a remedy for all diseases; a product, policy, etc. of little real worth or value that is promoted as the solution to a problem. I have one question regarding all these classes. What qualifies them – any of them (past or present – wierwille, Craig or any other snake oil salesperson) to teach this stuff? What was/is their training and experience? And since we’re talking turkey – we can eliminate all the subsequ
  10. Thinking of Skyrider’s point, marketing the Advanced Class as the way to attain “spiritual maturity” brought back memories leading up to and then taking my first Advanced Class in 1978. I was held in rapt attention when a couple just came back from taking the Advanced Class and shared some of the things they learned – about the god of this world who works through the Illuminati, wrong seed, those controlled or influenced by devil spirits…but that it’s Christ’s eyes behind my eyes, his ears behind my ears…and that we believers are the only ones keeping this country from going down the tubes. So
  11. Here's a picture from my Advanced Class in 1978 - I titled it Fat Man and Little Boy. Fat Man and Little Boy were the code names for the atomic bombs that caused widespread destruction in Japan during World War II Wikipedia Fat Man Wikipedia - Little Boy
  12. Grease Spot is a good conduit for therapy. I think discussing bad experiences is more than telling the other side of the story (as important as that is). Thinking about these recent posts reminded me of how much good therapy I get from Grease Spot. I know I must bore some old timers here when I go over and over again and again some of my experiences . Some of what motivates me is to provide a point of resonance for others who have had similar experiences – so they won’t feel they’re weird or alone. But I sure get a lot out of it too! So I googled “therapeutic to talk to others about b
  13. If Rosie does pounce – I can “imagineer” a drunken brawl erupting and someone with enough beer-bravado applies a chokehold on her – reminiscent of the scene when Nurse Ratched gets strangled by Jack N ....oh happy day! psssst ! it’s a 3 minute clip – the buildup to the strangle scene begins at the 2 minute mark…btw, after reviewing this YouTube clip a few times before posting it – I realized there's a lot of things about that movie that could be an allusion to a cult experience... ....anyway, great movie, Skyrider !
  14. this above quote is important too - from same Vern Edwards decision thread
  15. I don't know if this will clear things up but this Skyrider quote below is from the Vern Edwards the decision is yours thread :
  16. you can still edit it. the edit button moved to the upper right of your post...click on the three dots and you will see 3 options: report, share and edit I think things got moved around when they did an update
  17. Rocky, for some reason I thought of the old saying a guilty conscience needs no accuser – where a person knows they are in the wrong reveal their guilt by what they say or even how they interpret what others say. In the context of Grease Spot, this idea comes to mind when folks come on here and vehemently defend, explain away, minimalize, distract, derail a discussion about wierwille, TWI, whatever and/or intensely attack Grease Spotters or the things they say.... sometimes it seems as if a discussion on Grease Spot has struck a nerve...Now when I said the person knows they are in the wrong –
  18. There are issues with “let’s do the math”: Counting the years since con artists and false teachers were in power and guessing how to quantify and qualify those still suffering from their cult experience is NOT a viable math problem since you lack relevant facts – guesswork is not facts…Also missing is the clinical research to support your thesis that given X amount of time people should be "over" their bad experiences…Your “thesis” might also suggest there is a no-regard-for-the-thoughts-and-feelings-of-others problem in your own thought process...to expect Grease Spotters to “get over it ”
  19. I agree with you – in actual practice it does stink if one is at the receiving end of biblical condemnation. I don’t mean to dash your hopes of clearing things up – but - you seem to have an ax to grind about those who criticize con artists and false teachers. Your false assumptions about Grease Spotters and what is the priority of God’s will tend to obfuscate this discussion. I’m of the opinion that attempts to guilt-trip critics after one’s efforts to sweep moral depravity under the carpet have failed, usually indicates the criticism has touched a nerve.
  20. FYI Con men are persistent and determined. Call me cynical and leery of con artists and repeat offenders who continue to pull the wool over folks’ eyes by appealing to “the Almighty’s 2nd chances”. In reading passages like Matthew 7: 15-20 and II Peter 2 it seems pretty obvious that it is God’s Will that Christians should NOT have a laissez faire attitude when it comes to con artists, false teachers, and supposed “spiritual leaders” who exploit and abuse others. Sure - let God deal with them on Judgment Day as He sees fit in the hereafter – but meanwhile in the here and now it’s our
  21. Actually I prefer coffee over tea – and believe it or not Prine’s Jesus, The Missing Years is my cup of Joe – my wife turned me on to Prine – she has 7 of his albums one of which is The Missing Years which has that track on it. Expanding on what I said in previous post – how one interprets and/or connects with something presented in the arts is different for everyone. The song Jesus, The Missing Years actually conjures up a funny mix of early unique memories along with how I think of Jesus and my own personal journey. One of those memories is of my pot-smoking daze in Catholic high s
  22. Thanks for mentioning The Book of Longings, Rocky – and I really enjoyed the YouTube interview with the author Sue Monk Kidd. She said so many interesting things about her research, experiences, silenced women – and especially the Black Madonna and imagination that I’ll have to read the book sometime. I know some folks can get offended by the artistic license and imagination of others. Personally, I think imagination is an important and even necessary part of developing my faith. That’s not to say I buy into everything that is presented through the arts – but it often helps me flesh out an ex
  23. I agree…I think the Advanced Class and “the prevailing word” (just like the old PFAL class and its reconstituted version i.e. the way of abundance and power) are magnificent time-wasters generated by wishful thinking (the attribution of reality to what one wishes to be true or the tenuous justification of what one wants to believe)…of course, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.
  24. Wow - I didn't know being debt free was a requirement for taking the Advanced Class...but now that they're waiving that requirement for the two Advanced Classes in 2021 - I wonder if they will accept an I-owe-you for class payment ...anyway they're probably scrambling to get something together because of dwindling numbers, folks buying homes, cars, school loans, etc....makes me think of back in the day - they had a minimum of 7 students requirement to run a PFAL class, but I helped run many a class with less than 7 due to various circumstances...concessions were made
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