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    Interested in blowing the whistle on TWI 's ungodly practices. oh, and decorating.♥

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  1. Donna is CEO. Someone can clarify. But she hasn’t left nor giving up any power. She’s large and in charge.
  2. Welcome!! Keep browsing here. That’s how I got my family out. He was brought up from birth in TWI so old habits die hard. Just realize that you escaped the cult and now you can find what you like / love/ want without the pressure of having to put “the Ministry first”! Oh I know they say Gawd First but the ministry = God =ministry and all that. take it one day at a time. You’re in the right place - keep searching for peace!
  3. So let me get this straight.... my mother in law (who is still IN) gave her life the The Way as Corps. When her husband left because he was going to rat out Craig- she gets kicked off staff - without a retirement. But Donna stays for 20 years and is now CEO? How is this not seen as blatant disgusting double standard behavior? Oh I know... it’s par for the Way course! Ugh!!
  4. Hey all! Haven't hopped on in a while! wow!! Any updates on what the response to this letter was? or are birds still chirping? I still know/talk sort of to some in that letter!
  5. @johniam in NO WAY do I find any value in AOS except some sweat equity on the part of the cast. and @DontWorryBeHappy Billy was in a P0rn0?????? Do tell.
  6. Hey! I lived in Colorado during that time. Pretty sure I know who you are and who you are taking about. I’m just confused as what custody are you talking about? You personally and siblings? We can private chat. Sorry- it’s been while. Lol.
  7. y’all are totally entertaining. LoL
  8. Gonna have to settle for a public fb link on this one. Please don’t make comments on his post on fb.
  9. Wouldn’t know since NO CAMERAS were allowed in the auditorium. No no. Even some innies were mad that they didn’t live stream. Even to Gunnison. Go figure. I’m going to post the review one did after I find it again of the service.
  10. Sorry for the post and hide guys. Not intentional - just forgetful (old age). T-bone as for retention.. since I still have family “IN” all I can say is it’s generational retention at the core. Kids, grandkids of long standing Wayfers that have strong family love stay in and make it work. Then try to run classes with stragglers who need to fit in somewhere. Those (like myself) with family still in and have left but still have a relationship -because the love is still there and the religion we choose is ignored. We avoid the topic at this point but still love and respect one another. They keep their excitement by rehashing PFAL and repackaging it. They are still waiting for another MOG to rise up and lead. And complain about it. They just had their 75th anniversary. And the nostalgia that those in attendance experienced with the (most)original way prod cast and songs (even Bob Stanley) sent people over the edge in an emotional glory days high. They were literally reenergized by the songs and the “quality” of the production that took hem back 25 years and were now recharged to promote The Way again. Sigh.
  11. I have some friend innies that drive me crazy with their pushing the class at all kinds of venues. Every Faith convention, online business fb page, local farmers markets. Full displays of books and happy pictures of grads after the class. I could go on... i just find it mind boggling that in this day and age of the internet there are still people who jump at this. But, if you feel love bombed and a sense of community that you’ve been missing, I can see the appeal.
  12. HOLY SHMOLY! I leave for a few months and all THIS! So sorry Dana. My heart aches for you! All too familiar this modus operendi! Many cults today are still doing these same exact things to their followers and it makes me want to PUNCH SOMETHING! As my Father in Law Corps and Staffer said: "I caught Craigster banging a Corps girl in his office a few times....who was I gonna tell?"
  13. Can we keep this topic going? Raf- where is that Errors in Exodus post of yours? This is an older thread, so just wondering. You make excellent points about being an outsider looking into any claimed religion. If my basis is believing the bible is God's book, then, that is my measuring stick. The problem for me came in the last 9 years since leaving the Way. I actually sat down and read through the bible without any religious filters (except that I was Christian reading a holy book) But, in the end, I was horrified! Some things just make.no.sense! God can /cannot be reasoned with. God is cruel/ good/just/phsycho. The list goes on. How we could piece together bits of text to suit our own agenda/religion/belief/abuse/ego/style/wants/ is completly mind blowing once you see the inconsistancy. I still ascribe to' Christian' although I am at odds with everyone in my circle. It's exhausting.
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