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  1. I found it interesting/terrifying that one of the entries was listed as "Orlando Lockbox" and also that there are no details about what was done with the revenue. Feel free to share any more shennanigans that you've found. 1) I know people who still can make the mental gymnastics of justifying these things. I don't feel like I am in a position to judge their hearts' intents even though I know that their logic is off. Some I believe have honest intentions, but only the Lord really knows. Honestly, I think this is the most destructive thing about TWI: people can do horrible and destructive things and still genuinely believe that they are in the right. BTW can you point me to a thread that has more details about this worker exploitation story, I've only heard it referenced in passing. 2) Thanks for clarifying your position on the role of money, I stand corrected. Although you might be right, I wouldn't make too much of their age as most people in TWI are also bordering on retirement.
  2. https://oikeos.org/about/financial-reports/ To be fair, they had been trying to bring many of the issues before leadership for years before they decided to split away and the prospects for successful negotiations were slim. I know that a number of the R&R leaders are complicit in the Martindale era purges and that also brings up important questions, but I don't buy the line that this is all about money. I don't believe that R&R takes donations and at least some of its leaders have normal jobs like everyone else. Okieos is more suspicious, but at least they have taken the step of making their finances public, which is something TWI would never do.
  3. Hey Ghosted, Check your PMs, I sent you something
  4. I think its importaint to note that not all splinter groups are the same. I don't have a lot of experiance with splinter groups, but I know some people in newer groups like Revival and Restoration and Oikeios well enough to say that they are genuinely doing what they believe is the best way for them to serve God, but this is not to say that is the case with all people in splinter groups. The most gruesome example of how splinter groups can go awry is the story of Victor Barnard's River Road Fellowship. There are a number of threads about it here if you would like to learn more. To be clear, I am not saying that any other splinter group is like the River Road Fellowship, but it serves as a warning of what can go wrong. If your leadership is open and transparent I wouldn't fear much from them, but if they are not, be careful. Also I'm also happy to see that you are thankful for your experiances. It is too easy for us here to become crass and unthankful about our experiances in the Way and forget all the good that we experianced there.
  5. Rosalie will have a successor, I don't know if there will be more leadership struggles like there was with the previous successions. The fact is that many Wayers still believe that they are in God's chosen organization and they will continue to believe in the Way's ideology with or without Rosalie. Even Heaven's Gate, of mass suicide fame, still has surviving members that believe their group's ideology. http://www.heavensgate.com/ Thanks to the internet, many cults can be exposed and lose chances for recruitment and even have members (like me) be convinced that they are not the truth, but cults are persistent. I pray to God that the suffering that this cult has caused comes to an end, but I don't see it being dissolved as a serious possibility.
  6. I don't know how old RR is. I would assume the President would take over after her. I'm not sure how smoothly the succession would go, it's possible that she is really training Vern and teaching him the ropes, but she does have a tendency to keep things to herself. I also hope that it disintegrates, but I don't think that's likely. As we have seen with splinters many people leave the Way physically, but not mentally. As for assets, I have no clue who technically owns them. I would think that there has been a decent amount of depreciation as most of their most biggest assets were purchased during the Wierwille and Martindale eras and "stewardship" can only take you so far.
  7. The Vice President is generally the position of someone who does administrative work , its generally rotated from person to person, I don't know how much it has to do with personal disputes with the mighty Fox, but a least it seems that she's at least trying to keep the vice presidents in their place. Recently Privitte was replaced with Lippold as VP and Brian M1ttl3r was ordained and is serving as the archbishop of Georgia. I also think one of the Lombardis was appointed to SecTres. I seriously don't know what the president does other than be a figurehead, but the VPs seems to be the mighty Fox's errand boy. It doesn't seem like a fun job, its a lot of work.
  8. I've noticed that there's always been a lot of second generation wayfers that get into trouble. I really wonder what is at the root of that. My best guess is that their parents were always too caught up in their TWI "responsibilities" to spend the proper amount of time raising them.
  9. Probably not the place for this, but I've started to study church history lately and have found it very interesting. As a result, I've been growing more interested in the Orthodox Churches.
  10. I've tried to deny the effect that technology has had on me for so long, but recently its become really apparent. I thought that I had the ability to concentrate, focus and, read deep texts, but once I started to try it, I realized how little patience I had. I realized how much I depend on short articles an flashy videos to learn things when I probably should have sat down and read through the issue.
  11. Thanks guys, I've been reading the NIV translation. I really came back to Christ after reading the Gospels and seeing that there was so much more to Christianity than what the Way taught.
  12. I still have a hard time reading the Church Epistles because whenever I start reading them I have a hard time getting myself to think about what is being said outside of Way dogma.
  13. As of now, you can call together with a branch or fellowship into headquarters to get the service or get a CD or DVD mailed to you.
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