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  1. In a galaxy far, far away.....some 50-55 years ago, there were pockets of true Christian revival. Young, born-again believers were zealous for the Lord and walking in His power. Walking the talk....and talking the walk. They gathered in parks, apartments, college campuses, commune-homes, etc......seeing the power of the Living Word, Christ, in their lives. These young ministers were Ambassadors for Christ....in its truest sense. They were real, open vessels serving the people. He anointed "the class".......NOT Today's twi......is a heavy-handed bureaucratic, centralized Pharisee compound. Pumping out ANOTHER class......as they sit on the butts in Ohio. They seem to think that slick-marketing class material and cliches will entice sign-ups. Counterfeit classes cannot and will not substitute for dynamic, holy spirit workings within the Lord's anointed. Twi is lost........heading downstream without a paddle. .
  2. The secrecy of his success is the secrecy of his moves.
  3. Years ago, we delved into this thread, Ash Heap of TWI-story, that documented aspects of wierwille's *India trip experiences.* One of the most notable finds......was that their host in India was Dr. I.S. Williams. He was a prominent church statesman, the president of the All-India Federation of National Churches. Thus, with his position and notoriety....this man was able to open lots of doors, and the Jain Convention, for another American preacher in their country. Irony of ironies......Joan Williams, the daughter of these dear parents who hosted Vic and Dotsie and their family was among one of the first international PFAL students in the Van Wert class in June 16-30, 1957. Then immediately following, July 1-12, wierwille taught the Advanced Class to twenty-three new students, including the three from England, two from India and one from Australia. (p. 214 Mrs. W's book, Born Again to Serve) P. 216 -- "While we were preparing for this major transition in our lives from our lifelong involvement in the denomination to going independent into The Way International, Joan Williams, the daughter of our dear Indian friends, was developing a serious romantic relationship with a young man in her second year at Defiance College. Just before he left to go home for the December holidays, the young man broke off the relationship. Because of her great disappointment and her cultural background, she became very despondent and ended her life. This came as very shocking, very sad news to us on Christmas Eve, 1957. The Williams family were most understanding of the situation but also very grieved. We buried her body in the cemetery in Defiance according to their wishes." The above paragraph is quoted word-for-word from Mrs. Wierwille's book. SO......HERE an advanced class student commits suicide December 24, 1957. And, not just any run-of-the-mill advanced class student, but the daughter of prominent leaders and elders in India. Wierwille's Independent Ministry and Undertaking began December 19, 1957 (p. 219). So, five days after starting their independent work..... an advanced class student commits suicide. As I've said many times.......Mrs. Wierwille's book gives us insight to many things that few have ever heard about twi's background and history. Joan Williams RIP. Sad. Clearly, it does raise some questions about "how significant was this advanced class if it didn't enable a student to overcome fear and/or have power over darkness* etc, etc. .
  4. Young wierwille, age 27...... attended the E. Stanley Jones Ashram in July 1944. At that time, E. Stanley Jones was age 60. There is NO evidence that young vic had any type of a friendship/relationship with this towering teacher, Jones. On page 48 in Mrs. Wierwille's book is a picture of that event. Victor is standing in the back row (looks like church elders and prominent church-goers are in the first 5 or 6 rows).....in an event of 220-250 people. Vic is in the back row, like row 9. LOL And, victor drops this little one-liner...."I considered him (Jones) a wonderful friend." What a load of bull-pookie. Rufus Moseley was also there standing next to E. Stanley Jones in this picture (at this event). Wierwille did invite Moseley to teach at their church in Van Wert and Moseley did just that. Not friendship. Not camaraderie. A teacher (Moseley) helping a young start-up preacher (vic). Simply put...... wierwille lied to us. He bloviated. How many other times did wierwille lie? How are we to believe his India trip experiences? Everything was about self-promotion. What a narcissist! Stealing, lying, boastful, arrogance......I see a pattern here. LOL .
  5. Yes, it was. Paid by the Canadian believers' abundant sharing.....so the *Trustless* guys could get away for some drinking and fishing. Knowing what I know today......it wouldn't surprise me to learn that a couple of young corps girls joined the getaway.
  6. In 1985......when I was the Country Coordinator for Canada, Howard Allen phoned me and requested $4,000 Canadian cash for their Annual Trustee Meetings at Lake of the Woods (remote western Ontario). This was when the trustees traveled north to go fishing and whatnot. They pegged it as "a business trip".... but everyone and their dog knew that it was more or less time to fish and drink. Of course, they took a couple of guys (aides, body guards) to run errands, build the campfires and do the meals/clean-up, etc. But.....$4,000 spending money for boat rental, booze and fishing??? .
  7. When wierwille traveled to Calgary, Alberta in 1953......to take Rev. B.G. Leonard's class on "The Gifts of the Spirit" wierwille accomplished two things: He discovered that B.G. was functioning and thriving on a class-based ministry independent from denominational constraints. No church boards, community or public accountability was needed. A class-based ministry was limitless in potential. As founder and ceo, one could bask in the full sunlight of independence, power and control. The class and biblical material gave the teacher command over an attentive audience. The gifts (manifestations) of the spirit was something not taught in denominational churches. B.G. taught and demonstrated this power in manifestation. IMO....with everything that I know today about wierwille and his atrocities (his malignant narcissism, plagiarism, sexual predation, drunkenness, charmer, cruel, striker, vindictive, etc.)..... I believe that wierwille chose B.G.'s class-based ministry because it greased the machinery of wierwille's malignant narcissism. Full stop. I repeat: IT WAS NOT THE CLASS MATERIAL......IT WAS THE CLASS-BASED SYSTEM that *thrilled* wierwille. If true, then that explains a lot. It explains how wierwille NEVER could fluently speak in tongues. Nor, could wierwille operate the nine manifestations of holy spirit. Looking for a shtick and a way to feed his narcissism and pay the bills. Wierwille talked a good game, but was peddling stolen wares. Thus, at PFAL '77 wierwille (age 60) could NOT duplicate the plagiarist past. This would explain why wierwille shied away from public healing services at the Rock of Ages. It explains why after claiming an 8th corps guy was possessed in the BRC, wierwille could NOT cast out a devil spirit(s). It explains why the Trustees were so empty and void of spiritual power......wierwille was a false teacher, a counterfeit. He was a spiritual hitchhiker.....just like he elucidated in pfal (except he was subconsciously pointed the finger back at himself). Wierwille wanted the class-based system, because it freed him from the Van Wert church. Was his narcissistic personality disorder driving his decisions? Was wierwille looking for an opportunity to be "the big man in town" where he no longer had to report to the church board and community officials? Was the class-based ministry a way of hiding from public view......just like young boy vic hid in the way woods as a child? Or perhaps.....a confluence of opportunity and timing in 1953 where veepee envisioned a class-based structure as a source of steady income for life? Knowing.....that when Old Man Wierwille died, victor would make his way back to the wierwille homestead near New Knoxville, Ohio? Fast-forward to today.......The Way International is a class-based ministry and on their fifth iteration of the foundational class. From it stolen inception and identity, twi stays in the shadows of its revisionist history.....never able to stand in the pure light of God's grace and glory. All the students who ever sat in pfal, or its variants, were deceived by a hireling who cared not for the flock. He was an opportunist.....as are those who followed his pernicious ways and now are perched in the upper seats at "headquarters" who demand your servitude and abundant sharing. What a con!!! Staffers at "hq" will ALWAYS be your spiritual overlords.....if you allow it. They will ALWAYS be 'the teachers.' You on the field will ALWAYS be....... their students. They will ALWAYS have another class in the pipeline for you to take. Stop the insanity!!!!!
  8. EXACTLY.......so many of us came to twi wanting to learn and enhance our spiritual growth. But lots of the basic truths and familiar verses were bedrock to our Christian foundation LONG BEFORE PFAL. Sheeesh. So often, the corps training was layered in repetitive redundancies treating us like little children. The subjugation agenda was irritating and demeaning. The regimentation and cloning was anti-Christ dogma. IMO.....wierwille and his corps coordinators did NOT have any spiritual perception OR awareness [ Corps Principle #1 ] or else they'd have recognized this systematizing of error. Members in particular..... remember? Not all are the eyes. Nor hands. Nor feet. Wierwille's pfal teachings had errors. Wierwille's corps training was flawed. Was I expecting perfection? Nope. But I wasn't expecting the whole thing to spiral into a cult......either. By 1978, I was looking forward to the day when someone would replace wierwille. Then, maybe.....we'd get to higher ground. Twi was/is not a cult because of its beliefs. It's a cult because of its methods. .
  9. CEO Donnna Martindale is a product of nepotism. She was given unmerited advancement and favoritism from her gal pal Rosalie. Both women are known for behind-the-scenes administrators (cough, cough)......not true leaders. Cunning and crafty, neither Rosalie nor Donna want the spotlight. They'd rather stand in the shadows winking and nodding to the stage presenters, Vern and John. True genuine leaders are on the front lines daily......leading the charge into spiritual battle. They are not committee chairs, nor administrators sitting at desks. With each passing year, twi postulates its position as a worldly organization framed with business incentives. Charts, formulas, descriptions and techno-enhanced presentations are the playground of the mediocre.....NOT those VALIANT FOR THE TRUTH. Read the Book of Acts......and see the acts of Paul, Barnabus, Silas, Stephen, and others who walked by revelation!!! I would venture to say that even in the early 70s......many on the field who walked by the simple truths of Jesus Christ saw power in manifestation. It did NOT come from twi......it came by believing the promises of God and the mediator between God and man, Jesus Christ. Some of us were born again before we ever heard of The Way Ministry. So, while twi continued to tout their little classes and all.....some of us joined hands and walked forward IN SPITE of wierwille's plagiarism, predation and drunkenness. We joined together as brothers and sisters in Christ and worshipped His presence in our lives.....till the day that each in their own heart knew it was time to exit twi's suffocating encroachment and mandates. In Him....we live and move and have our being. May those who are still enslaved.......escape the bondage of twi. .
  10. Brilliantly funny -- to those who can still laugh at the absurdity of CultWars.
  11. When you think about it..........Another PFAL Class Full of Dead Men's Bones is an apt description to "coffin-up" the plagiarized works of wierwille to bilk another generation of indoctrinated followers. .
  12. Seems to me........with each passing year, TWI is little more that nepotism. Nepotism is a form of favoritism shown to acquaintances and family members. Nepotism is the act of abusing one’s power or official position to offer a job or a favor to a family member while disregarding their merit and qualification. According to many in-the-know, Victor Paul badly wanted his eldest son Don to be the 2nd president of twi.....but Don's public speaking prowess was bland and boring. Don much preferred to lead from behind.....ie, an administrator. [Same as Rosalie.] Even stated publically during the 1982 year.....wierwille's grandson, Luke Som3rvill3, was being considered to be groomed for the 3rd president of twi. Think about that!! Nepotism, indeed. Favoritism to family member? Yep. How many of Donna's sisters got put in the fast track to advancement? How about Chandl3r Gr33ne? How about Br!an Moneyhands? (until he lost favor) Yeah.....abusing one's power. That is the sum total of it. God's ministry????? .
  13. THAT IS WHY.....some of us said back in July 2020 the following.....
  14. "Hold the phone....you mean to tell me they made Donna Martindale the CEO?" ~~~~~ Are you asking.....or is this sarcasm? If not, then.....YES, they made Donna CEO. Found on link below:
  15. "Btw - Skyrider: thanks for posting this new thread. Mike came over to the one I started and completely derailed it. I actually would like to discuss this current move by TWI." ~~~~~ Yep, Oldskool.....I wanted to post on your thread, but it was sidetracked by Mikeo. Hopefully, this thread can stay on track so we can discuss this topic.
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