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  1. skyrider

    Cult-Splinter Insanity

    Grace.......imo, there are MANY nefarious reasons for Rico to start a splinter group and run classes: At his age, his resume' would look like garbage to most all employers out there. Rico was a corps coordinator and long-time staffer....would have had lots of contact with recently-exited followers. Right place, right time......a shoo in for another splinter group leader to rise from the ashes. Opportunistic and aggressive.........fundamental qualities needed by any successful cult leader. The class money pays the overhead expenses......the faithful tithing/abs is the mother lode. Perks and privileges........exponential potential payoff, adulation, travel, leisure, flexibility and exploitation-longevity. Power and control over others.........perhaps someday, office staff, subordinate leaders, church building, etc. If narcissistic pathologies and power persists.........sexual predation and lavish toys will be extracted. Cults and splinter-cults grease the skids for lots of shenanigans.......tax exemption status, religious masking, access to people during vulnerable times, authoritative figure, no accountability, operating "off the grid," access to counting/reporting of money, offers to "counsel" in financial/funeral situations, etc. etc. With wierwille being Rico's "father in da verd"..........oh my, oh my!! .
  2. skyrider

    Cult-Splinter Insanity

    Attention: Skyrider is running a 3-part series this weekend........February 23 and 24. The Bourne Identity The Bourne Supremacy The Bourne Ultimatum Open discussion will follow movie series........detailing aspects of intense-indoctrination, discovery and survivor. No charge. Bring your own sleeping bag. Popcorn and beer will be provided.
  3. skyrider

    Cult-Splinter Insanity

    Hey, who wants to sit thru another 3-part series of classes? ........no, not a foundational, intermediate and advanced class series. That would be too patently distasteful having just left twi. ........This series is tweaked ever-so-slightly and sold as repackaged courses. Our Identity in Christ ----- a 12-hour modular course Our Maturity in Christ ---- an 8-hour modular course Our Stand in Christ ---- a 4-day Biblical education course The first one you learn to sit and revel in the accomplished works of Christ. The second one you learn to walk and conduct your life from a spiritually victorious position The third one you learn to stand against God's enemy, against his methods and schemes. Notice: The 3rd course is a 4-day higher commitment. After graduation, do these students get an "advanced class" nametag? This coming weekend, February 23 and 24, 2019........Rico is running #2 in Sidney, Ohio. March 21-24, 2019..........Rico is running #3 in Titusville, Florida. So, does that mean they will have SUPER DUPER spiritual vigilance over evil enemies as they follow Rico Magnelli,(?) 18th corps grad..........the corps-Pharisee who walked in cult darkness for 30-some years. Gawd..........do these cult-splinters do anything else besides serve refried beans? Ugh. .
  4. skyrider

    Cult-Splinter Insanity

    Yes, from a general perspective.........that is all true. But in this case, Rico's splinter group............both sides (US and THEM) know well what the twi-cult was and is. The US side ....... these people who "want to hang out together and read their bibles" have ALREADY been in a cult. When people leave a bad situation [a cult], they should do some introspection to identify the factors that changed and the red flags that they missed along the way. Critical thinking processes are imperative at this point .....or the person will not learn from mistakes made and (might) repeat the process. With biblical truths, if the practical side was wrong......what about the doctrinal side? Check every nook and cranny.....challenge EVERYTHING. You always know who rules over you.....he is the one you cannot challenge. The Them side ...... corps who were "trained" by the cult are THEM. Rico is one of THEM. He may sound nice and sincere (now)......but how can he possibly be elevated to spiritually lead others when he was complicit for decades? Has he pinpointed a list of things that were rotten in twi? Has he sought seminary training and study outside the cult framework......or did he put up his shingle, open for business, the minute he got settled into Florida? Rico is taking the path of least resistance to build a following. He's going to those areas (Wichita, KS and Sidney, OH) where those people were already addicted to cults. It is like he's going to smokers' homes and selling them a nicotine alternative --- Juul e-cigarettes.
  5. skyrider

    Cult-Splinter Insanity

    Grace........it appears that Rico's group is on the upswing. He is developing 8-hour weekend courses wherein he, and a couple of others, can fly in and teach their material, collect the "abundant sharing" and coerce more followers to faithfully partner ($$$) with his group. January -- in Wichita, KS......teach on faithful giving, tithing, partnering February -- in Sidney, OH......teach on steps to take for "spiritual maturity" This summer -- in Montana.......an outdoor camp to enjoy God's creation Courses, classes and camps........sound familiar? Rico followed Martindale's directives..........until martindale was finally ousted. Rico followed Rivenbark's micromanagement...........for ANOTHER 16 years. Like mother-cult before him, Rico is herding a religious seclusion of cult-life followers. Most of them, who are isolated from church, community and neighbors.....are also displaced from their own families, unless the whole dysfunctional family is involved. Cults prey on the weak, vulnerable and grieved. Teachings are subtly designed to keep their minds grooved in guilt, fear and dependency......working toward "stages of spiritual maturity" or goals that cannot be attained. .
  6. skyrider

    Cult-Splinter Insanity

    According to Rico's website, it has been over a year since Moynihans, Horneys, or Michael Fort taught at an "oikeos-event" co-joining efforts in a splinter splash. We will learn a great deal about the direction of R&R if....AGAIN.....they rally together behind Rico (in Sidney, Ohio). Wouldn't it be a hoot if they rented out the GreatStone Castle for this event?
  7. skyrider

    Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    Thomas...........this Wikipedia link might help answer some of your questions. Whitby Mansion The Way International assumed responsibility for 16 years from 1974 to 1990. In 1994 it was repurchased and renamed GreatStone Castle......used for events and bed/breakfast.
  8. skyrider

    Cult-Splinter Insanity

    Attention: Cults Battle for Followers! February 23 and 24, 2019.........Sidney, Ohio There is going to be an Oikeos Conference --- Our Maturity in Christ Course Rico Magnelli is going to march into Rosalie's backyard to pluck off more followers. Another cult teaching on "Our Maturity in Christ" is unsurprisingly surreal. January meeting in Wichita, KS......February meeting in Sidney, OH.......I see a pattern What's next? A meeting in New Bremen?
  9. skyrider

    Cult-Splinter Insanity

    Hi penworks.......... According to their website.........oikeos.org/contact/giving Please send checks or money orders (cover letter not required) to the following address: OIKEOS Christian Network, Inc. P.O. Box 628714 Orlando FL 32862-8714
  10. skyrider

    Cult-Splinter Insanity

    Thanks DWBH.......appreciate it. This cult-splinter insanity strikes me again and again........when corps exit the twi-cult and start their own splinter groups. They desire to have the SAME RESULTS as the cult they left behind (cough, cough).......perks, privileges, adulation, no accountability, meals and travel reimbursed, leisure and flexibility, and control over others! Gawd........it is so damn obvious, NOW. With swelling words of vanity, they make merchandise of others. False teachers hiding their seductive ways (II Peter 2). Always a "teaching" ministry........ever-teaching and never coming to a knowledge of the Word Incarnate, Jesus Christ.
  11. skyrider

    Cult-Splinter Insanity

    Insanity is often quoted as......"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." ..........but with cult-splinter insanity, I find myself wondering if they are doing the same thing over and over again desiring the SAME results. With nearly 20 years of internet exposure..... Waydale and Greasespot Café.......surely IF these corps leaders had an ounce of integrity and empathy for others, they'd see the errors of their ways, no? What do ALL of the cult offshoots have in common? A self-appointed leader claims to have "the Word" and teach "it" to others. He offers up dissention and disagreements with martindale or rivenbark........and gives wierwille adulation. Without objective reflection and further seminary training or study, he tweaks the wierwille-teachings only slightly. Same pyramid structure is implemented..........same centralization, same lording over others, same rules on giving money. Now that you've met the *new boss, same as the old boss*..........how can you possibly expect DIFFERENT RESULTS? After exiting The Way International Cult.........how many got entrapped into another splinter group for another decade or more? Insanity right? And, within these various splinters......how many more twisted perversions were promoted and propagated by the spiritual elite (cough, cough) among us? The Geer group plunged into the posthumous indoctrinations of geer's idol, wierwille. CES/STFI grafted in new age, self-help quackery like Momentus and personal prophesies and nose spiders. Egads! And, CFF took you back to the nostalgia "good old days of twi" when that young blood was coursing thru your veins. Oh, the memories....... Here a splinter, there a splinter.............everywhere there is ANOTHER splinter. Whether the R&R group will get rooted is still questionable.......but Rico's upstart - Oikeos is another baby cult that is flailing its arms and legs. Nourished on the milk of "Wierwille's Word" this infant will grow up in the image of wierwille...........same result, same outcome as its mother-cult. IMO.........these splinters have NOTHING to do with serving and ministering to others, but rather are SELF-SERVING OVERLORDS. These corps cleave to the cult model, because they have no real-life job experience in the real world. At best, they would be hard to find middle management jobs, sales jobs or seek self-employment. There are near-zero employers out there who are willing to hire a 56-66 year old man who has been fossilized into an obscure "Christian" group for 35 or 40 years. Two years ago, I documented a timeline of my experiences during the Martindale Era.....Insanity on Steroids.......and it was crazy then. But now, seeing these corps who stayed ANOTHER 17 YEARS of Rivenbark's Reign of Error.........and now, wanting to claim the mantle of *Leadership* is laugh-out-loud appalling. What a bunch of weasels. Until they clean and sanctify themselves from all of wierwille cult, top to bottom, thoroughly and throughly............they are a blight on the body of Christ. They disappoint and diminish and destroy by seeking opportunities for filthy lucre's sake. Beware of their pernicious ways as they twist and pervert words to indulge and profit in this seduction. They seek those who've had their minds grooved with cult indoctrination and servitude, rather than do the hard work of reaching others. Beware of cults. Beware of groupthink. "In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. " Friedrich Nietzsche
  12. skyrider

    Phasing in a Splinter

    Update: The Oikeos Christian Network website details their pertinent teachings series and conferences dating back to May 1, 2017. Rico teaches the opening and closing teachings of each conference. He is prominently in charge. Of note, only notable clergymen (cough, cough) like Tom Knupp and John Ryan have given Oikeos teachings in past year alongside Rico. Horneys, Moynihans, and Michael Fort only participated in one event last February.......Mystery Minded Leadership Conference IMO..........the lines in the sand are drawn. Is the R&R group going to get their act, and website, together............or fade into irrelevance? And..........I think that many of those exited corps will fade away into family, careers and retirement. ~~~~~~~~~~ ......With another 80 corps gone, twi's Corps Placement Meetings in March 2019 will have very few corps to "move around." LOL .
  13. skyrider

    Phasing in a Splinter

    Bovine scatology........indeed! That's a mighty high price to pay to get into their "lifeboat"..........a ship of fools.
  14. skyrider

    Phasing in a Splinter

    TLC........as I understand it, Momentus was a short, intense experience. If you read the entire thread, Steve Lortz gives the most detailed account of the Momentus course, its inner workings, hold-harmless agreement, costs, psychological damage, recruitment methods, and the Momentus Manipulators. Read the thread. Steve was a regular poster here at GSC and has an extensive history of many profound posts. He passed away in 2017. It does speak volumes that John Lynn was seeking the approval of the top dogs at Momentus. Sure, he wanted to fill his pockets with signup-money.........but that he sought out their approval and to "hang with them." These Momentus exercises......ie "the lifeboat experience".........put others' deepest thoughts and fears in PUBLIC VIEW for all to see. From what I've read.......it ruined marriages and wreaked psychological damage to a large swath of participants.
  15. skyrider

    Phasing in a Splinter

    The Momentus thread has resurfaced from the past (2004).......a reminder of another perverted version of scamming people. And......some twi-leaders, after exiting mother-cult twi, went forth with scams and schemes like Momentus. Men like Bo Reahard (1st corps), John Lynn (CES founder), John Schoenheit (6th corps) and Mark Graeser (7th corps) were strong proponents of this "thought-reform" process. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some Excerpts from Steve Lortz: This is different from cultic groups and others that use thought-reform techniques. In these latter groups, there is deliberate deception about what the group is and what some of the rituals might be, and primarily, there is deception about what the ultimate goal will be for a member, what will ultimately be demanded and expected, and what the damages resulting from some of the practices might be. The hidden agenda of the Momentus trainers was to turn Momentus grads into recruiting machines, something they did with a vengence. They really liked John Lynn. The latest I read, John was bragging he had gotten 1,200 of his "closest friends" to take Momentus. At $150 a head, John Lynn was responsible for bringing $180,000 into the Momentus coffers. Here's how the life-boat exercise went. It was the last exercise of the day, after we were all worn out. The lights were dimmed. We were told to sit with our eyes closed while Larry Pinci led us through the guided imagery of being on a cruise ship, how wonderful everything was. Then the ship started to sink. (This just seemed hokey to me. Maybe it was because Larry's delivery wasn't up to snuff. Maybe it was the four years experience I had living on a submarine.) Next, each one of us had to get up in front of the group (about 60 in our case) and tell what he/she would do, and why. Any attempt to escape by a means other than the life-boat was disallowed by the trainers. Early persons who gave up their seat out of what Danny called the "well-known, traditional Christian virtue of 'self-sacrifice'" were hooted and jeered and mocked by the trainers, so that option suffered an early demise. What the trainers wanted was for everyone to make a pitch as to why he or she personally should be on the boat. But Momentus was designed, from the ground up, to be deceptive. Deception was in EVERYTHING the trainers did. They didn't care if people were hurt by what they were doing. They didn't care if people got anything beneficial out of what they were doing, either. They only cared about our money, and about breaking and remolding us into recruiting machines so they could get even MORE people's money. The Momentus training fostered an elitism among its grads that made the Way Corps look like the Mickey Mouse Club. I never attended any of the local grad meetings. After my experiences in The Way, I couldn't stomach the thought of being another "grad" of ANYTHING. If I HAD attended the secret grad meetings, I would have become aware sooner of the truth about certain things happening in The Living Word Fellowship. The Momentus grads hijacked the leadership team by driving non-grads out (using techniques learned in the Momentus training), and then began using parts of the meetings to promote Momentus. It looked very casual and spontaneous on the surface, but at heart, it was all carefully orchestrated, in order to maximize recruiting. The most insidious evil of the Momentus training is the hold-harmless agreement. Trusting people who mean what they say and say what they mean, in signing the hold-harmless agreement, unthinkingly commit themselves to NOT RECOGNIZING the true damage Momentus does. That includes the deceptive physical, emotional and spiritual manipulation involved in the exercises. Those people are primed to accept the trainer's deceptive, nonsensical explanations without asking any critical questions. The hold-harmless agreement also fosters a callous, cold-hearted indifference to the suffering of the people who succumb to Momentus' "psychologically dangerous" exercises. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Insidious groups often change the names of their courses, classes and conferences............when critics and dissenters raise awareness of their tactics. New names ............... https://www.therevenantprocess.com/ and https://www.bloodandethos.com/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Twi's in-residence corps program used physical, emotional and spiritual manipulation exercises to overpower and indoctrinate. And now, there are ex-corps leaders who, not only run offshoot mini-cults..........but parlay their manipulative skills into "self-help" quackery.