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  1. Bump Victor Paul Wierwille lied about the date of The Way International's founding. Dorothea Kipp Wierwille denied that date and told us the true date of TWI's founding. The first Sunday of October has always been twi's celebration of their "Anniversary Weekend".......but when one reads Mrs. Wierwille's book, the anniversary was NOT in October and NOT in 1942. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Page 219 in Mrs. Wierwille's book, Born Again to Serve, quote..... "We began our independent undertaking by having meetings in this Washington Street home on Thursday evenings an
  2. Posted: August 4, 2020 "So, now.......why won't twi's board of directors relent on their "no-debt" doctrine? Why do they vault themselves into the position over YOUR FINANCIAL AFFAIRS? What gives them the damn right to invade your space, your personal decision-making? INDOCTRINATION. The cult rulers have pushed and confronted you for years, decades. They've wormed their way into every fabric of your life.......twi is a cult. They do NOT want you to gain independence. They do NOT want you to gain more prosperity and build equity and advance forward. They want to subjugate you
  3. Having just watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest on netflix last week...... Maybe someone could snag a big RV......and load up his whole branch of students for a drive to a western saloon in downtown Gunnison. After a dozen pitchers of beer and a fun time boot-scooting into the night, slip back onto twi's property without getting caught. Hopefully, Rosalie Ratched is not waiting to pounce.
  4. Through the years, anybody who knows about the long trek to Gunnison, Colorado.......knows it's a grueling task. Imagine further.......that you spend two days traveling by car to get there.....and KNOWING that you will be sitting for nine days of class and two days of travel to get home. Oh sure.....there will be some afternoon breakout twig sessions where you sit on the grass with 20 others and maybe, if weather permits, a night owl campfire where you, again sit on your butt. How about some white-water rafting in the nearby Gunnison River? Nope. How about enjoying a 3-ho
  5. So, you "took the liberty to log onto Whols.com" ...... and that got your motor running? Really? Hmmm......sounds like you didn't do any diligent study of the background or history of this site. No mention of GSC's predecessor "Waydale." No mention (or understanding?) of the TWO lawsuits against Martindale/TWI. No mention of the out-of-court settlements that led to Waydale's agreement to close. No mention of hundreds of members/posters who have given heartfelt thanks to this site. No mention of second-generation kids who've told their stories of depression
  6. Well, hopefully........some decent folk with use those critical thinking skills and realize that they are being played (again). I mean, c'mon......how many times do you have to spend your hard-earned money to hear the same class material? Whether it takes you two days of drive time or extra money flying into Denver and then getting shuttled over to Gunnison.......it STILL is nearly two weeks away from work and money out of your pocket for a re-run class. Plus, it's going to be 1) intense and 2) condensed.......meaning, the ac grad students are AGAIN going to have their butts in seats fo
  7. Recently, The Way International made a two-fold grand announcement: This new announcement waives the debt-free requirement for students desiring to enroll in the upcoming Advanced Classes in 2021. Next year, there will be two advanced classes run. The first one is for advanced class grads at Camp Gunnison (May 1-9, 2021) and the second advanced class is for new students at hq (June 13-26, 2021). Lots of attention has being drawn to the waiving of their strict debt-free requirement, a policy that was implemented in 1994....... But......the advanced class grads-only "ca
  8. T-Bone.......yeah, cult conformity and rigid obedience cowers the soul and poisons the creative heart. Long gone are the days when songs-from-the-heart, murals, paintings, artwork, sculpting, wood crafting, etc. .......were overflowing at the various campuses and hq. Each year, the graduating corps would give their labor of love to some worthy gift or renovation project on campus to commemorate their time at that campus. It was amazing to see the incredible talent within each graduating corps group. Men like Buddy Curry Family 5 [RIP] had incredible skill and talent. He built this
  9. Why does The Way International have an auditorium.......and not a church, chapel or cathedral? Answer: Wierwille's narcissism When one looks analytically at the last 8 years of wierwille's life.......what was the major thrust of his involvement? Where was he investing his major energy. concern and resources to from 1977-1985? PFAL '77........live teachings and presentation of Power For Abundant Living Class (taught at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana) Advanced Class '79 .......... live advanced class taught in Athens, Ohio (at Ohio University) High Cou
  10. Let me state emphatically........that I am sure how I viewed "Word in Culture" [back then] was very different than how wierwille viewed his "Word in Culture." To me, tt was the well-springing of truth, faith, hope and lovingkindness expressed in music, arts, crafts and writing. Fiction, nonfiction and short stories. The Garden of Living Waters near the wierwille home was in the early stages of being constructed. The Sno-Way.....the building of an all-terrain vehicle was underway in one of the buildings. The energy and creative [dare I say that word...lol] talent was amazing to behold. But
  11. Outandabout.........ironic, ain't it? Young, zealous people sign on the line to "Go Corps." The program includes........1) Isolation, 2) Intimidation, 3) Immersion, 4) Indoctrination and 5) Idolization. What could go wrong? The brochure said...."Trained Christian Leaders for A Lifetime of Christian Service." Lots of Red Flags of Emotional Trauma, Conflicts, Confrontation and Sexual Abuse......Thousands Exit. But.....But......."They tell us that WE are the faithful remnant of God and will be rewarded if we stand." There are STILL way corps around who consi
  12. Oh yeah........twi had its own hamster-wheel of justifying its doctrines and practices. Have the 2nd and 3rd generations ever heard the story of what life was like before 2000? before 1980? Of course.....twi's practices have been self-serving.....and only self-serving......for a long, long time. It didn't have to end this way (spiraling down to its doom). It seems to me, those years 1977-1979 were ripe with outreach and "Word in Culture." With musical groups and outreach......some professional athletes from the NFL and tennis were taking pfal. A professional bull-riding clow
  13. There are reasons why TWI was not as formidable in 2017......as they thought they were. 1. Years of dissenting voices had been percolating below the surface. By August 2016, they sent the Board of Directors a letter of concerns and grievances. This dissenting group viewed this as an Acts 15 attempt to confront "the church elders" and resolve this growing divide. According to reports, the directors would not meet with them as a group......but offered to meet separately with couples, attempting to divide and conquer the group. 2. Thus, this dissenting group of corps marshaled great
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