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  1. So, time and again........wierwille would show his dog-porno flick to in-residence corps and family corps. He would explain, in detail, what was happening.....and how the dog was not an active participant in this sexual activity. Wierwille yukked it up.......sometimes, rewinding the flick to see it again, in repetition. Yet......we spent thousands of hours in classes and when wierwille came to campus he showed THIS? Why didn't wierwille spend time, IN DETAIL......showing us the intricate aspects of "ministering healing" to others? Wierwille, by example......operating the "gifts of healing manifestation" to someone in need. In the sunlight. In front of the corps. Rather than show us the "devil side of things"........show us "THE GOD-SIDE OF THINGS." I know, I know......wierwille said that he didn't want us to mimic him. He said that God would individually work in each of us.....IF we were in fellowship. So, wierwille would talk a con-game.......but I never saw him once demonstrate the power of the revelation/action manifestations. Surprise. Surprise. And, to this day......there are corps who still idolize the counterfeit man. Or, wierwille was known to visit an all-female "Way Home".....and would leave the bathroom door wide open and stand naked at the bathroom sink. When one young girl walked by, he turned directly to her and gave her the full monty......and smiled. Apparently, He enjoyed seeing her reaction. He had an agenda of pushing sexual boundaries. And, for years......he used his motor coach to ambush young, unsuspecting corps girls who thought it an honor to be invited to personally "meet" with him. Let that sink in......... .
  2. JavaJane.............priceless Which begs the questions going forward...... Will Vern Edwards, as president........be given updates from GSC each week? Or, will John Rupp, as Chairman of the Board......need GSC updates to keep close tabs on hq-staff? Or, will Donna Martindale, as CEO......be shown updates and mandates others to stay off the internet? What the leaders (rulers) deem as "devilish".....they, themselves, are able to partake in. See...that's how you control the little people. They label it "devilish" and tell people to stay away or they might get possessed......but then, they have the "spiritual maturity" to handle it. Lest we forget........wierwille had a dog-porno flick that he brought out of his "collection of devilish stuff" to show others. .
  3. Rubina........thanks for your reply. These past 19 years, here at GSC.......I have always found it fascinating to read all the different perspectives that people express in their posts. The accumulation of all these experiences, combined together......is like putting a puzzle together, piece by piece. Even though, I faithfully attended twig and sat thru 6 or 7 pfal classes before going WOW twice.......I didn't have a clue of twi's deceptive tactics and history. I focused all my attention on helping others and outreach. But when I needed to sit thru wierwille's Christian Family and Sex class to complete my requirements for Apprentice Corps ......several aspects of that class were unsettling. The more I delved into twi's advanced studies classes, then the advanced class......THEN, the corps program......the more red flags I saw. Plus, I started seeing corps grads who were disgruntled and dissenting from this "lifetime of Christian....cult service." In July 1978......Rev. John Cl-ay, 4th Corps and Georgia Limb Coordinator was exiting twi. His mom was on staff at hq. While in-rez in 9th corps......several segments of corps nights were spent castigating region/limb guys (cop-outs). In Nov 1979......Rev. Steve Sa-nn 4th Corps was not happy to be recalled back to hq for wierwille's "Re-Education Corps Camp." In Oct 1981.......Rev. Mike Smith 1st Corps was planning to head to Alaska after 1982 Rock of Ages. No more corps assignments. Why were corps grads ready to split by 1978? 1979? What were they seeing that others were not? Here at GSC......posters have relayed the background information of Heefner and Doop. These young ministers, in 1969-1972, were on fire with genuine ministries....... the hippies, youth and their giving was pouring in. According to Jim Doop.....wierwille agreed that 85% of abundant sharing should stay in The Way West and then, 15% of it would be sent to hq each week. But by March 1972.....wierwille blindsided these guys in open meetings in a power-grab. Heefner and Doop.........how many people know the dark details of wirwille's abuse and deceit in this? John Summ3rville.........TFI 1975,76 (Total Fitness Institute in California) the only man (as far as I know) who stood up to wierwille. So, wierwille sets up his LEAD program and runs it out of Tinnie, New Mexico. Martindale failed in his evaluation at TFI.....yet, he became the Corps Director over 5 corps locations. YIKES. Geer drove wierwille's bus and guarded the door at vp's night romps with corps women. He snaked his way into wierwille's inner-circle. If wierwille had had any depth of spiritual perception (cough, cough), he would have seen it for what it was. There was a misogynistic undercurrent in wierwille's teachings and geer amplified it. Of course, the more time I spent reading Mrs. Wierwille's book, I couldn't help but see that plagiarism and narcissism were vpw's pillars..... wierwille's climb to power. Mrs. Wierwille's book, Born Again to Serve, undermines the MOG-Doctrine in twi and exposes the myths and mystique of Victor Paul Wierwille. You read about the fictional 1942 birth of twi......and find its EXACT DATE OF BIRTH as December 19, 1957. Unmistakably, these pages show that wierwille stole the foundational class from B. G. Leonard and deceptively ran with it. You read that the India itinerary was somewhat successful because honor and respect was given to Dr. I. S. Williams who opened many doors of churches, political offices and the Jain Covention for wierwille. You read about the first exodus in 1960.....because Troy/Piqua believers did not trust wierwille to keep the abundant sharing money separate from the operation of his family farm. When you think that it was bad in the 1990s......go back to the 1980s. When you think that it was bad in the 1980s......go back to the 1970s. When you think that it was bad in the 1970s......go back to the 1960s. Every decade has a different layer of deception in it. .
  4. The Way International Cult thrives best when there is strict, authoritarian control over their followers: 1) Rulers and 2) Followers. No middle ground. No middle class of wealth, independence and self-rule. No advantage to the cult if families are taking their kids to the lake on Sunday for a day of memories. With more prosperity comes more independence.......and more family outings, vacations, traditions and memories. With more prosperity and upward mobility......a father is able to provide more for his family and gain respect in his career field and community. Why did wierwille teach certain aspects of "spiritual growth" and give other verses the silent treatment? Answer: he wanted to subjugate (control) the people. Of course, he gave lip-service to prosperity.......advancing "spiritual maturity" and discouraged higher education especially to the corps. Wierwille's corps letters are filled with his opining that corps were abandoning him (as early as 1977). Anyone who thinks that twi went south because of craig martindale.......hasn't connected the dots, yet. So, now.......why won't twi's board of directors relent on their "no-debt" doctrine? Why do they vault themselves into the position over YOUR FINANCIAL AFFAIRS? What gives them the damn right to invade your space, your personal decision-making? INDOCTRINATION. The cult rulers have pushed and confronted you for years, decades. They've wormed their way into every fabric of your life.......twi is a cult. They do NOT want you to gain independence. They do NOT want you to gain more prosperity and build equity and advanced forward. They want to subjugate you. Do you ever think back to those early Rock of Ages.......and think about the message it portrayed? Yeah, sure....there were laughs and good times among our "friends" and many held onto those nostalgic memories for decades..... but there was sweltering heat, downpours, mud, wet tents, chilly nights, cold showers, sickness, poverty, confrontations, coerced-labor, beggars wanting money to go WOW, home-again propaganda, etc. Ain't it great to be home again? ppffffffttttt And, if you see any of them R&R folks knocking on your doors......ask them, "Why do you want to RESTORE that?"" .
  5. Yeah......that Georgio Jessio thread is an interesting read. At that time (2007).......13 years ago.......according to this account, Brian Moneyhands was contemplating a twi-coup to oust Rosalie Rivenbark from president. He was trying to rally support from a bunch of young bucks to bring excitement and cash flow back to twi. And now, looking thru the lens of time.......it is amazing to see how it all went down. Where dull-denominations RULE WITH HEAVY HAND.......[the co-opted corps poem]. Way-religion snuffed the life out of "deeply-springing powers within believers" and corps were conditioned to blindly follow orders. The corps program demanded obedience.......and in the end, obedience led them over the cliff. Even 13 years ago.......some of us could see Donna Martindale's ascent to the big chair. Today............the "big chair" is NOT twi-president, but the CEO. .
  6. T-Bone.......maybe more 2nd generation way-believers will come forward to post inside-baseball information to answer your questions. But like most everything in a cult, it had "wheels within wheels" of challenges, authoritarian control, deception, abuse, etc. We've seen threads where these kids (now 30-45 yrs old) have shared aspects of their life experiences growing up in a cult. From some, the pain and depression and ostracizing from their way-parents has been heart-wrenching to read. Whereas, some see it as opportunity. Seems like most make their escape from twi at age 18 and head off to college. Yet, there are a small few who head off to college and could attain good careers with their degrees, but desire the offices of cult-leadership. To me......it baffles the mind with internet and social media access that 2nd generation wayfers would make that choice, but it's there. Young men like Brian Moneyhands and Chand--ler Greene. A thread from 2007...........
  7. Reading these names from years gone by.....Joel Burke, Doug Emerson, Connie Panarello, David Turk and others.....brings to mind HOW MANY "TOP-TIER" LEADERS HAVE EXITED TWI THRU THE YEARS. The years go swiftly by. I went to my 1985 Clergy List to see if David Turk was still on the active clergy roster in 1985......and he was. Amazing again, to go back into my files and see the names of these 340 clergy who were once such an active part of region, state and branch activity. Of course, that year (1985) was the year wierwille died.......and The Way International was trying desperately to restore unity and commitment under martindale's leadership. That clergy listing was sent out in November 1985........and four months later, Geer read his poop paper on corps night and all hell broke loose. I know, I know.......35 years ago is a long time. Looking at all these names of clergy from years ago......it looks like about 10 of those are still with twi. So, it does make me wonder that when 2nd generation (or 3rd generation) wayfers come here to GSC........how many of them ever even heard of some of these men and women? Much less ask themselves the thought-provoking questions like....1) If twi was so good, then why did all these clergy abandon this ministry? 2) So shortly after wierwille's death.....why did it collapse so quickly? 3) If the principles of integrity and commitment were solid, then it should have stood for decades like a rock, no? 4) Why didn't wierwille address all these schisms that were developing in twi before his death? 5) Is Vern Edwards just the latest next-man-up? 6) With all of this history of upheaval, deception and turmoil......what else are they hiding? You have every right to ask questions !! You have every right to inspect the fruit of their actions !!
  8. "Example: Staff Bi-Monthly paycheck was $275.......or $6,600 yearly income." I would venture to say that some people got more back then.......but lots of people got less than that. Then.......for several years, many of us were coerced to sign a waiver on social security payments to the government from our paychecks. Therefore, my Social Security Annual Statement shows ZEROES for those years 1981-1984 that I was on staff at headquarters. Thanks a lot you weasels.....for manipulating and exploiting us for every hour and dime that you could squeeze out of our youthful commitment. Karma, baby. Choke on those millions that you've hoarded away.......and confused why people keep abandoning your sleazy ways. Read it here.........
  9. Here at GSC.......posters come forward to give us updates. From what Ghosted recently posted......the corps in-residence program has been abysmal. It had two (2) people in 2011. TWO PEOPLE. .....and yet, the cult keeps doing the same things over and over and expecting different results? Insanity on display. No wonder.......six years later, in 2017.......finally another exodus en masse. Imagine the corps training program with two people. Roll call? Johnnie......here. Suzie.......here. Today, you are going to learn about jet-style packing. No, you'll never be out there jetting across the country......but back in 1978 they taught jet-style packing, so that's why we teach it today. Tomorrow......Knowles Breathing. The End of the RFR Era
  10. That interim year at hq.......I shared a 12' X 14" bedroom with 5 other guys in Trailer 6. One bathroom. We had to walk over to the EOB to shower. Six girls were on the other side of Trailer 6. One bathroom. Same deal. No kitchenette. No refrigerator. We ate all our meals in twi's cafeteria. Generally, with weekend projects and Sunday service duties......I would venture to say that we worked 55-hours per week (easily) So, in working some 220 hours each month and getting paid $75 (plus room and cafeteria meals)......my wages was like 35 cents an hour. Twi sits on a pile of money...........and wonders why their corps-servitude promos are rejected?
  11. How did twi amass some $68 Million? Well, back in its heyday 1977-1982...... Wierwille established precedent that all staffers were paid "according to their need".... Back in the late 70s........the whole subculture of twi was a carefree, youth commune Living on-grounds and eating 3 meals-a-day at twi's cafeteria.......and many staffers didn't have a car Haircuts at twi, plurality palace (like Goodwill), Sewing Dept and dental care at Rome City Campus Example: Staff Bi-Monthly paycheck was $275.......or $6,600 yearly income Interim Corps at hq were paid $75 a month......or $900 for their interim year Extra hours of work required......yet, no overtime pay. Rock or Ages prep began in May. Attendance at Sunday service required. Duties assigned.....ushering, bookstore, refreshments, burgers. Not only ABS weekly....but those attending STS spent money at bookstore and bought burgers to go. Staffers, too......paid for those hamburgers or popcorn. Cha..ching, cha..ching. No supplementing one's income on the side. No mechanical work. No carpentry. No selling eggs. On the field.........often, pfal classes were run in someone's home. No room rental fee. On the field.........refreshments, paper goods, extras, gas money were expenses paid by those "moving the word." The Way International set its doctrine that TEACHING THE WORD OF GOD was its one and only duty Thus, by the subtle power of spiritual abuse...........twi has amassed some $68 Million in 2020. And, now.........$65,000 goes to pay Craig Martindale's pension each year. Does Rosalie.......get $65,000 per year also? How can this possibly be right? Wierwille stole the foundational class..........AND..........TWI steals your giving and abundant sharing.
  12. T-Bone..........I guess more clarification is needed from my post. In my opinion......there were TOO MANY reverends at headquarters involved in the activities and fanfare of the "Capital City." Why did wierwille (and other twi-presidents) assign all these "spiritual mainstays or heavyweights" at hq rather than send them forth on the field? Wasn't the central theme of corps training to "GO FORTH IN AREAS OF CONCERN, INTEREST AND NEED?" How great is the need on the field for leadership who walk the walk? Not just out there barking orders, but DOING the work......setting the example. Clergy should have been taking their assignments from I Timothy 3........not from twi's caste-system hierarchy like the Pharisees. Not figureheads. Not snobbish elitists. But those who give themselves to the ministering of others. Burden-bearers. Shepherds who fight off the wolves. The slave-labor was NOT from the clergy. The majority of slave-labor came from "the coal mines" and "farm work" on the field...... not headquarters. I'm sure staffers would dispute that point vigorously......but for committed followers on the field, who worked an 8 hour a day job and THEN, went out witnessing or attended twig coordinator meetings on Monday night, twig fellowships on Tuesday and Friday and classes on many weekends.....it was a lot of work. Many clergy at headquarters were managers or supervisors over others. Lots of them had desk jobs. Others oversaw departments. Head of security was clergy. Was his corps training necessary to carry a 9mm.......or was his corps training and ordination needed to give the aura of spiritual perception?
  13. Why are there so many "reverends" at hq.......and not on the field? Even during the wierwille era, there were all kinds of reverends at hq: Reverends on security and carry guns Reverends who worked on way magazine Reverends who worked in kitchen detail Reverends who oversaw grounds crews Reverends who worked in purchasing Reverends who worked in photography Reverends who worked in Divine Design Reverends who worked in Way Builders Etc. At headquarters......no one went witnessing. No one attended Tues night twig or Friday night twig. You did your job and went home. Sure, some worked extra hours or even a few Saturday mornings........but no weekend classes like on the field. Some of those R&R guys were at hq or on payroll for 30-35 years Why do I get this mind picture of that movie "Hunger Games" and its Capital City? All the fanfare and activity a-buzzing at the Capital (wierwille's headquarters).......while those out in District 5 are working in the coal mines and District 6 are working on the farms. The slave-labor feeds the Capital.
  14. The way corps on the field, with strong support from advanced class grads..........is the driving force of outreach. They should be treated with respect and admiration for their commitment and perseverance to fight thru the onslaught of challenges in reaching others. All the hours of witnessing......and follow-up......and setting up rooms to run classes. After working all day, corps and advanced class grads attend nightly twigs, or classes.......week after week, year after year. Is it any wonder why the field corps grow weary and quit? Not only do they receive very little thanks..........they are constantly confronted to do MORE WITNESSING. The central driving message from hq is 1) Give Money and 2) Witness, Witness, Witness. Yet, The Way International doesn't want to spend ministry dollars for room rentals, field events or limb meetings. Do they have any idea how challenging this is in today's world? Maybe, in the late 70s.....there was more community/library/legion hall rooms for free. But those days are over. It costs TIME and MONEY to reach others.....and run classes. The Way International is still operating like its 1978........and it ain't. Life has moved on. Those 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th corps are NO LONGER YOUNG, ZEALOUS, CORPS. Many are struggling with expenses and very concerned about retirement issues and health concerns. For those who've built very little equity....... what are they going to do? What if they live to be 92? Who is going to be there to take care of them? No pension. No savings? Jumping from hourly-waged jobs year after year doesn't amount to much, does it? Someday......a small social security check in the mail.....maybe. What a legacy twi is leaving.........
  15. Imagine.........sending in weekly abundant sharing from your hard-earned money and it goes to help fund craig martindale's retirement? Ummm...........might want to think that one through some more. Why was he ousted? What lawsuits did he settle out-of-court?
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