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  1. Yeah, T-Bone......I believe that GSC has lit that pilot light of critical thinking which, in turn, ignites the "fireplace" of one's thought life and soul. How many? I have no idea......but it must be quite significant, because new posters often cite that they had been lurking for years! YEARS. Like someone shuffling around in a cold house, year after year......because s/he doesn't focus on the problem or is unconcerned with altering the situation. Challenge ALL of it..... If twi claims such greatness...............where are all the people? If wierwille was so great......................why all the revisionist history? If research is their wheelhouse...........why is there NO research department? If teaching is their claim to fame.........why do they have to rehash old stuff? If fellowship is their drawing card........why ANOTHER exodus in 2017? Cults keep you sleepwalking thru life........in your drab bathrobe all day long.
  2. Thanks WW.........year after year, cult leaders constrict their messaging in attempts to target, and amass, zealous followers. Clearly, wierwille went thru a growing curve when he left his denominational church pastoring in December 1957. For 10 years, he traveled from city to city to teach "his" classes to church-goers..........struggling to gain momentum and/or notoriety. After filming the skinny-tie class (pfal) in 1967.......twi's summer camps helped harden the lines between "us" and "them." To add to your post......I would say that: A cult survives by.......... Hardening the line between "us" and "them" Hardening the line between "them" and "him" How did wierwille harden the line between "them" and "him?" Well, when he plagiarized from other men......he realized later on that he needed to ERASE THE EVIDENCE of this plagiarism and DISTANCE himself from them. In his folly, wierwille admitted another man had schooled him in all this information.... [noted in the 2nd Edition preface section of Receiving the holy spirit Today]. Who was this man? J.E. Stiles "The Word of God is truth. I prayed that I might put aside all I had been taught and start anew with the Bible as my handbook as well as my textbook. It took me seven years to find a man of God schooled in the Holy Spirit, a man who knew the Scripture on the Holy Spirit, and could fit it together so that I did not have to omit, deny or change any one passage. He made the Scripture fit like a hand fits into a glove, and when you can do that, you can be assured of having truth." ~~~~~~~ Years later......wierwille covered his tracks of plagiarism. Also, in order to herald "the man of God" title.......wierwille could NOT have equals, let alone superiors. J.E. Stiles, the man who schooled wierwille..........had to be erased from being recognized in the 7th Edition preface: "The Word of God is truth. I prayed that I might put aside all that I had heard and thought out myself, and I started anew with the Bible as my handbook as well as my textbook. I did not want to omit, deny, or change any passage for, the Word of God being the will of God, the Scripture must fit like a hand in a glove." .
  3. Lots of rabbit holes around...........there are splinter holes everywhere. The latest teaching from R&R.......Sow to Grow is another low-level, disjointed mixture of cherry-picked scriptures, conjectures, inferences and story-telling that is pawned off as a "Revival and Restoration" Bible teaching. Let me just give you a bullet-point depiction of Rev. Tom Knu-pp's teaching: "You are a farmer of sorts if you've ever engaged in any kind of lawn care." "A little known fact is that grass is the most grown crop in America." Within the first minute of teaching......he parlays this into why you'd buy a certain grass seed and NOT crabgrass seed. Yeah, buying crabgrass seed to sow in your lawn?? Really? What a juvenile comparison..... Ugh........within 3 minutes.......Tom is giving a heads-up that there is a thief out there to thwart your efforts. Further ugh......by the 5-minute mark he jumps into this tangent about birds and how to sow right thoughts in your mind. Interloper eggs/chicks raised in another bird's nest.....like the mother warbler, we are the guardians of our nest (our thoughts). Okay......in 9 minutes......from crops, to grass, to God's garden, to the devil's evil, to birds, interloper tactics, and guardians of your own nest, your mind. And there's more............. Having grown up on a farm......with wheat, corn, milo and alfalfa, I'm sure that I would have taught this subject FAR DIFFERENTLY. What is one of the first rules of teaching?.........KNOW YOUR SUBJECT. While grass might be technically considered a "crop"........NOBODY in the farming industry would address it that way. It is laughable to think of farming in terms of someone's front lawn!. Really? Where is the topographical consideration of soil fertility, moisture content, growing season, crop selection, crop rotation, tilling, weeding fertilizer options, management, financial leveraging, harvesting, market availability, etc. etc......and the viability of doing this decade after decade reaping a profit? PULLEEASE......... Now, I do NOT expect a full dissertation on farm management when someone wants to teach on "Sow to Grow".......but to launch into this premise that "grass is the most grown crop in America." Uh, no. It would have, at least, been FAR BETTER, if he had made sowing/weeding/harvesting analogous to growing a vegetable garden. But this teaching? Wrong premise. Too disjointed. All over the place. Ugh. I find this disjointed presentation a huge disservice to those who want to learn biblical truths. If that is representative of "Revival and Restoration" CLERGY teachings, then stick a fork in it. They are done! .
  4. As you would know, T-Bone ....... since you are a big fan of the cinema world ........ District 13 is the center of the new rebellion. Those who have been held captive by cult indoctrination and their overlords..........NEED to regain their freedom from cult-twi AND its splinters.
  5. What's happened since JYDL was installed in January 2017? What changes at TWI? Well........... Battle lines were drawn when R&R folks signed that March 2017 letter and subsequent Facebook Q&A in May 2017. Lots of long-standing corps were issued the "black plague label" of mark/avoid ........ 120-150? Imagine the turmoil and disruption in states and branches and some families now divided. And, having guys like Steve Longley...one of the teachers in twi's "new foundational class" ......exit twi as well. Now.....twi has to re-do those sessions of the class that Steve taught. Damage control at hq.......damage control on the field. Then, Bill and Marcia Greene were brought in from Georgia.....to bolster the image of "the board of directors." Now.....4 directors. Therefore, JYDL's position as "president" is weakened considerably (as vp Rosalie intended). JYDL and Rupp now cannot vote against Rosalie and send her packing......from a majority 2-1 vote. Marcia Greene is buds with Rosalie......and surely, Bill will always vote to keep Rosalie involved as long as possible. So........how much has changed since Rosalie "stepped down" and is now the vice-president of twi? Not much. Not much at all......just the way she intended. District 13 of the "Hunger Games" has been put on hold........until further notice. .
  6. Yes,.........thanks to Paw for all of his years of labor. And, while we are passing out the thanks........I just want to thank again Paul All-en for his strength of will and integrity of heart to take THIS FIGHT HEAD-ON..... the point of the spear to strike at the underbelly of the beast, The Way International and its deceptive practices and hiding the sexual predators in its midst. LOOK AT WHAT'S CHANGED..........in these past 21 years!! LOTS MORE..........have found the exit doors! ................[Early quote from this thread] "When Pa-ul All-en found out that Craig Martindale was using his "spiritual authority" to have sex with Paul's wife......he demanded a face-to-face confrontation at Craig's office in the Corps Chalet and that Rosalie, then vice-prez, and John Reynolds, then sec-treasurer, be there. This took place late in the evening.....like 10:30 or 11pm. Reynolds tried to berate Paul and talk him out of it......but Paul was livid. So.....the face-to-face meeting happened. Martindale was seated at his desk, Reynolds and Rivenbark were there.....and John Linder, security patrol man, stool alongside the wall brandishing his glock 9mm handgun. Paul All-en demanded martindale's RESIGNATION.......Feb 1999. Martindale balked and tried to bribe Paul with a job promotion if they could resolve this adultery [sex predation] quietly. NO WAY, NO HOW. Paul was having none of it.......Reynolds and Rivenbark sided with Craig and wanted to sweep in under the carpet. As things escalated.......Craig ordered Linder to give Paul (and his wife, Fern) the bum's rush: to escort Paul to his dorm room in founder's hall, pack his things and get him and ferne off grounds within hours [in the cover of darkness]. By noon meal next day, martindale fabricated the story and told staffers that the allens were "possessed" etc. etc. [same drill used time and time again.] Within three weeks......Paul, a computer website guru, had Waydale up and running. The sole mission of the website, the forerunner of GSC was two-fold: To seek and destroy 1) The Way International and 2) Craig Martindale....... hence Waydale. Reynolds and Rivenbark were the sleaze that continued to cover for martindale.....until the lawyers got involved and strongly recommended that martindale be ousted for legal/insurance liabilities. So, the "man-in-tights-from-spirits-in-the-athlete" fame who had been salted and oiled by dikter wierwille himself slithered to Toledo, Ohio to a twi-owned house......trying to take him off-grid from one and all. No forwarding address. No phone listing. No one need ask questions....its NONE of your business [to hell it isn't !!]. See, that's the essence of all those dirty, little secrets at twi: You, little peon, have NO RIGHT TO QUESTION THEM. They can lie to you face, intimidate you into submission.......but when they utterly screw up, Reynolds and Rivenbark use every weapon in their arsenal to keep THEIR secrets. And......Reynolds and Rivenbark have been JYDL's mentors........."
  7. Penworks..........thanks again for publishing your story. The fact that you have received hate mail and criticism thru your contact page on your website......validates "the cult-like mentality" of many who became obsessed with wierwille's myths and mysticism. The repetition of classes, teaching and programs has indoctrinated a zealous following of loyalists......no matter what. Clearly, the academic field has a protective/vested interest in plagiarism and anyone who claims to do research ought to understand the destructive impact that plagiarism imposes. Wierwille's plagiarism was theft. Far more than just plagiarism, though.......wierwille has been charged with unethical, ungodly and criminal activity by a swath of the ex-twi community. And, rightfully so. As your book depicts the currents of manipulation, deception and exploitation moving beneath the surface and pulling seaward. One person's story of swirling relationships and judgments swept you away from standing safely on shore. Thanks again for the hundreds/thousands of hours you put into writing your book, Penworks. I know that it is one of those books that I will pick off the shelf from time to time and read, again, its salient truths. All the best to you and yours.
  8. Yeah, waysider........I hear you. It all comes down to the difference between.......1) we and 2) me. Nothing "noble" in the twit-cult as an individual.......only groups: twigs, branches, WOWs, corps, staff, etc. The mandatory wearing of nametags....gave specificity to the GROUP you represented: (to name a few)....... 1) adv class grad, 2) wow or wow vet, 3) corps, 4) college division, or 5) staff. Cult indoctrination is only achieved by groupthink mentality.......that is why The Way, Inc. moved in herds, in groups. Group meetings, group weddings, group counseling, group confrontations, group readings of "Bedside Manners"......lest we forget, "the man of God's" time was valuable, therefore HE rarily had the time to meet with an individual one-on-on. And yes......wierwille said this to the corps when he was getting pushback on those group weddings in 1981. [Yet, wierwille had the time later that night to spend with an alcohol-enriched corps girl one-ON-one in his motor coach.] ........pppffffttt. The Lord looks on the heart of each one of us, individually. The Book of Psalms vividly displays the Lord's heart to you and me. .
  9. Rocky......I agree with you. The inertia and autopilot at work in these new splinters is recognizable and tangible. These corps are NOT LEADERS......they, too, are underlings. Some of these guys who were 16th, 17th and 18th corps........yeah, guys like DeLisle, Rupp, Rico and Ed Horney......were/are underlings. Do they make major decisions? Do they establish groundbreaking policy? I would suggest that Rosalie and Donna carry the mantle of power now at the mothership. All these other splinter cult leaders are sucking wind. How many times here at GSC have we discussed the moving of boundary lines? LOTS, right? Yet, these people splinter away from what they deemed as the "absolute power of the directors in twi"........and then do not take the time to investigate and ruminate how they got deceived? What if we were to hypothesize that wierwille's deception runs even deeper? Moving the boundary lines of.........what constitutes "the word of God" and power from on high. Moving the boundary lines of.........prayer life and speaking in tongues. Moving the boundary lines of.........how Jesus Christ functions today as the head of the Body. Moving the boundary lines of.........dispensational doctrine to suppress the author and finisher of our faith. Moving the boundary lines of.........all that constitutes living valiantly for the truth. Etc. etc. etc. All those big truths of life........and yet, wierwille diverted our attention to 1) way tree structures and its false allegiance, 2) renewed mind mantras of mind over matter, 3) carnal-minded teachings and misdirection on pre-marital sex/adultery, 4) cherry-picked scriptures that kept us knocking doors and not investing in our lives, education and fulfillment, 5) unbridled adulation to wierwille to extremes, 6) "moving the word" via his pfal-class (ppffftt), and 7) ....were we really "speaking the wonderful works of God" via speaking in tongues and delivering prophecy to believers present in those twig meetings, month after month, year after year??? Hamster on a wheel..........hamster on a wheel. Sigh.
  10. I know, WordWolf........that's why I said it was suspiciously repetitive. In all honesty and nearly ashamed to admit it......when I first sat thru the pfal class, while in college, this repetitiveness jumped out at me. Seriously, I listened intently in those last couple of sessions of pfal whenever wierwille displayed out loud his speaking in tongues. Lo SHANta ma-la-ka-SI-to la SHONta. And, a few minutes later, he spoke again....... Lo SHANta ma-la--ka-SI-ke lo SHONtai. What did I hear? Maybe THREE (??) very slight diversions from the first. The reason many of us can still recall verbatim this.........is because his "Lo SHANta" was always so repetitive. I swear that wierwille finished teaching those last segments of that PFAL '77 Live Class at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana......by repeating his staple "Lo SHANta ma-la-ka-SI-to la SHONta" to demonstrate it, AGAIN, to one and all. .
  11. Yeah, T-Bone........if followers would only scrutinize [ aka - research ] ..... 1) wierwille's background and 2) the plagiarized work. Ain't it ironic.........folks who CLAIM to cleave to wierwille's research will not research wierwille's background and deception!!
  12. When new people come to GreaseSpot Café for the first time......and read "the other side of the story"........I'm sure, for some, that it is jolting. Surely, it wasn't that bad, was it? And, if you thought it was THAT bad.....why did you stay all those years? Why do you attack Dr. Wierwille's work and ministry? Those are valid questions.......yet, some refuse to stick around for further discussion or answers. They have their reasons for how twi changed their lives for the better and cite a couple of claims to the affirmative. BUT.......those who stick around for a lengthy discussion generally admit a list of things that they, too, disapproved of when it happened. We've seen these types of discussions time and again over the course of nearly 20 years. Just the FACTS........1) nearly 550 clergy have LEFT twi speaks volumes, 2) over 3,300 way corps have exited and moved on with their lives, 3) serial plagiarism of wierwille's "research" has been widely documented, 4) sexual abuse and predation by wierwille, martindale, don and howard testifies to twi's moral/spiritual corruption, 5) hoarding over $64 million of assets/investments in this non-profit organization (cough, cough), 6) books, articles and testimonies that detail the trappings of a cult, 7) the untoward secrecy that lies within and how twi treats its employees like slave-labor, 8) full-time corps fiasco......no debt-policy, no-pregnancy, 15-minute time management fill-in sheets, 9) favoritism to certain staff and corps.....while others got "retribution assignments," 10) AND.......then, you realize the twi-revisionist history in play that EVERY WIERWILLE STORY OR EVENT has been altered, fabricated or sensationalized for marketing wierwille's mystique image......there is this gut-wrenching awareness that you've been scammed by a man with pathological issues stemming from his childhood. Read Mrs. Wierwille's book......without the rose-colored glasses. Seems like, unwittingly......she reveals the myth behind the man. In all my years with twi......never saw wierwille walk by the spirit of God. NONE of the big 6 manifestations. Not one! Even his "speaking in tongues" was suspiciously repetitive. Ugh. .
  13. In terms of 1) inertia, 2) automatic pilot and 3) unconsciousness..........imo, those apply to the underlings, NOT the leadership. As socks stated above.... "The Way's culture was hierarchical, structured and controlled by a central authority. We would say "its the Word" but in practice the central authority of the organization as the Way Corps took prominence in the hierarchy, was Dr. Wierwille. There are many ways to do the same things, but in the Way we got stuck doing things one way - his way. His preferences and ideas drove the direction most of the major programs went in." Wierwille was the CENTRAL AUTHORITY OF TWI and he was not on autopilot! The doctrines of wierwille were instilled thru the subtle , gentle arm of the "re-education camps" [pfal classes]..........1) We have NO friends when it comes to "the word," 2) Your family, friends, co-workers and church leaders may forsake you....but this "word of God" will never forsake you, 3) If there are places in the Bible where this "word" is wrong, I will tell you, 4) The law of believing is the greatest law in the whole universe, 5) All the women in the kingdom belong to the king, 6) This "word" [that I teach] takes the place of the absent Christ, ......etc. etc. But the pfal-doctrine was not enough to sustain wierwille's authoritarian structure. Wierwille needed trained "instructors"........younger men and women, peers leading peers. Wierwille was the author, abuser and enforcer of The Way Corps program......the next generation "Gestapo police force" that followed orders from central command [Wierwille]. The corps would be sent forth as disciplinarians of wierwille's doctrines, not as disciples of Christ. Rigorous, manipulative exercises were deployed within the corps training to eliminate self-identity and reformat us to the collective will of our "masters." When dissidents arose, wierwille and his top lieutenants quickly spotted the threat(s) and major confrontation erupted.....much of it, for public consumption. Isolation. Immersion. Intimidation. Indoctrination. Corps were induced with the poison of wierwille's psycho-babble and pathologies: wierwille's claim of snow-covered pumps on a sunny day to sanction his God-given calling lock box secrecy, sexual favors to the man of god was a woman's gift of servitude hot-blooded, vein-popping confrontations to corps.......yet, no devil spirit cast out years of youth......talent, labor, money......stolen to prop up wierwille's bankrupt soul in the end......wierwille "wished" he would have been the man he knew to be ---- ppfffttt Rather than go down this road of "inertia"...........might I suggest the words of DWBH on page 1 of this thread. ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ "I left the TWIt gulag in December, 1986 after 16 years in the cesspool. I "graduated" from the Way corpse in August, 1976. I was in that thing Johnny the drunk Townsend called the Yak Twig after Chairman Geer the bus driver destroyed TWIt with his putsch paper about some legendary, supposedly benevolent "patriarch" who was put one step above Saul of Tarsus as this man-o-gawd (MOG) for this our day and time and hour and minute and nanosecond. I bought that purulent horse manure too, UNTIL I returned to your little mud hole in new Knoxville. I was on staff there from 1979-1986, when I left. That's where the truth and FACTS regarding dictor paul wierwille and his cult of perverted personality disorders began staring me in the face. Slowly but relentlessly those FACTS were oozing from the belly of that beast daily. The cognitive dissonance and abject immorality of what dictor and his boyz in da hoods were doing was horrifying. Truly and wildly against everything our Lord Christ stands for today. Psychopatholigical, alcohol-driven madness which literally killed innocents and drove a significant number of others to suicide! ALL in the name of "God's rightly divided Word" lived "in the renewed mind in manifestation" with complete and total allegiance to the MOG, "The Teacher", wayfers' "Father in the Word". Unlike you de Liar, I did not bury my head or heart in that TWIt toilet. It did not take me 28 years of blatant foot-kissing and personal compromise to realize that something IS very rotten in TWItville, Ohio! So wrong that, no authentic Christian could ever in good conscience before the Lord stay there and continue to poison the waters of life for the genuine Christians who wanted just to love God and serve the bread of life to those in need. And yet, here you are in 2016 agreeing to preside over that fraud of a minus-tray as if nothing bad enough ever happened that you must repent of before God and His Church, and ask for forgiveness from BOTH! That should be your number one task. But, I'm sure YOU don't "see the need" to do that, because you'd never agree to be pwesident if you even hinted at doing this right thing. This after 28 years at the vortex of sin and spiritual illness that your precious headquarters continues to live and promote. That means you were there during dem fawg years. That means you signed da forehead's loyalty oath. That means you went through and SUPPORTED, the homo purges, the ending of the ROA and the WOW program due to "homo infiltration". The screaming, spit-filled propaganda and hate speech against all us possessed cop-outs, non-stop every day for years. The public humiliation and destruction of ANY & ALL opposition or perceived "rebellion" against his MOGship. The incredible fascist, neo-Nazi malignant paranoid narcissism which eventually threw out any bible and replaced it with "genuine spiritual suspicion" as the main rule of "faith and practice". The "no debt" lunacy. The fun enforcement of "mark and avoid". Taking the "prevailing word" and locking it up behind the newly constructed walls of Zion that you morons consented to. The remake of dictor's PFAL into an even more incoherently insane WAP class. The pathetic Way Disciples program to replace WOWs. The overt and persistent pathological serial rape and sexual assault that Da Forehead's perverted "father in the word" taught the boy to do so well, and with rabid enthusiasm. And, your pal Ros-a-lie also participated in enthusiastically as well with dictor paul himself, and Howard and Don, and literally scores of other MOGs including members of my corpse which she was in-rez with when she began in the Family Corpse II in August, 1975! Male and female Monsieur de Liar! Ask Ms. Lombardi-Martindale about that! Denial. Obfuscation. Outright pathological lying. Blame shifting and finger pointing is what you've been taught to accept and demand. That's what you accept with your revisionist history of Da Forehead's two "settled" serial rape and sexual assault charges, along with Rosie's whitewashed version of her own admissions to the criminal sexual behavior of the Da forehead and others that are in the sealed settlement documents. If you know all this after 28 years and you're still there, my de Liar moniker fits you quite well Monsieur! And, you'll wear it with PRIDE I'm sure. Unlike the far more kind Skyrider, I'm not wasting one nanosecond of my Christian prayer life on you, or any of the rest of you hypocritical, whited sepulchers. You are anti(against)-Christ in words and works. You are vain babblers, ever learning yet never coming to the knowledge of the truth. You are an insult to the Lord who bought you. You are a false teacher. You and your rosie suffer from the root of all evil.....the love of money. You preach for filthy lucre's sake. You plagiarize the plagiarizers. You bow your knee to Baal. You are anathema to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Heavenly Father. You have been weighed in the balances and found wanting. Your "ministry" is a sham and a fraud. You serve the god of this world. REPENT! Ask God for forgiveness and apologize to those whom you have despitefully used. You have raped and plundered The Good Shepherd's precious flock. Their blood is on your hands. You cannot fool God! You cannot hide from the Righteous Judge either. You return to your own vomit, day after day, year after year. The blood of the righteous which you have shed screams through the ground against you. My only prayer for you is, "May the Lord have mercy upon your souls."
  14. Raymo........I hope your post is not just a "drive-by posting" and down the road you go. If you took the time to post this........ hopefully, you want to engage in a little open-forum discussion, no?
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