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  1. Oakspear......while I agree with what you are saying, to me there is a larger issue. As teenagers we were manipulated and coerced to follow without getting some of those questions answered. BUT..... as we grew into adulthood, we had REAL-LIFE RESPONSIBILITIES staring us in the face. When corps couples and advanced class grads got married and pregnancies/babies followed shortly thereafter..... no longer was it smart or feasible to jump thru every twi-hoop. Bills to pay. Comfort accessories were needed at every turn for wife/mother and baby. We were moving into adulthood and all the classes and claptrap of the cult could NOT stop the reality of these adult responsibilities. No longer could we sleep in a pup tent at the rock of ages and enjoy that cold shower in "camp city." Babies and diapers and air-conditioned motel rooms were fast becoming a necessity, not a luxury. Year after year......dozens (hundreds?) of long-standing corps couples were leaving the rock of ages early and heading home. It didn't matter that wierwille opined in his corps letters (1977-1982) that corps were abandoning him...... the 20-year olds were NOW 32-35 year olds and time was marching on. People recognize hypocrisy when they see it........ and with wierwille, it was in BOLD COLORS. .
  2. Yes.....subtle, subliminal attacks on organized church denominations. Yet, wierwille was attempting to build "his ministry" on a foundation of unquestioned loyalty and servitude to him. And, for all those questions *held in abeyance*..........did they EVER get answered? Nope. Those questions got pushed aside and shelved in the warehouse of wierwille's pathologies.
  3. YES........succinctly stated, provoking thought. Thanks WordWolf.
  4. Lest we forget how profound advanced class teachings were......."Cancer is a devil spirit." Wierwille taught this in his advanced classes. Wierwille dies of cancer. Need I say more? The contradictions, the insanity......of groupthink. “Insanity in individuals is something rare — but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.” Fredrich Nietzsche
  5. EXACTLY...... And further, when you sit back and think about it.....wierwille, in all his narcissistic glory, attempted to become mediator between God and man. Step aside Jesus Christ and holy spirit......wierwille's got this. sarc/
  6. So true. When you "open the hood" to see what made this vehicle run......you find a cult of personality duct-taped to disjointed verses, plagiarized teachings and cliches, one-liners and claptrap. Sure, the simple verses like John 3:16 stand strong in meaning and context....but the "advanced class" stuff has been tinkered with by this weekend mechanic in his back garage. Same with Mrs. Wierwille's book. Nobody in twi actually reads this book to see the obvious trail of plagiarized and stolen material. Victor Wierwille patched together a stack of verses and teachings from 12-14 radio and evangelical preachers from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. That's all. And further, when he taught these plagiarized teachings of others..... wierwille DID NOT UNDERSTAND the Greek references and meanings, let alone walk in this spiritual power. Remember when wierwille taught in pfal that "just when they needed power it wasn't there"......that was a truism in wierwille's life. .
  7. I suppose that if we delve much deeper into this "born of the wrong seed" topic.....it becomes a doctrinal issue. But I distinctly remember that when this topic surfaced in the early 90s, many brought up these SAME ISSUES.....i.e. there is no such thing as getting "born of the wrong seed." Whereupon martindale would launch into this analogous description that it was like "a permanent doorstop that kept one's mind open to devil spirit infiltration continuously." Scriptural references were added....."Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee" and others. Wierwille was known for highlighting his "lockbox" teaching....[probably for a whole different reason, wink/wink]....or "learning how to keep the trapdoor shut" [from devil spirit infestation/infiltration]. So, there is some background to this and how it was slipped into the lexicon of twi-verbiage. Anywho.....it all seems so far back in my rearview mirror that I can hardly see it anymore.
  8. Yes, wierwille used well-worn tactics in his modus operandi. In closed-door settings, he would opine and deflect attention from himself onto "undisciplined" corps...... and play the victim. His corps letters utilized this manipulative tactic over and over again. But on occasions when he could not contain his anger, wierwille's aggressive outbursts were sadistic (deriving pleasure through others undergoing discomfort or pain). He would continue his tirade to exact a level of fear, humiliation and discomfort over the individual(s) that satisfied his malignant narcissism. In hindsight, it is apparent that wierwille's passive/aggressive tactics were a major portion of his narcissistic playbook. For example: The 1979 Advanced Class in Athens, Ohio was a big event with wierwille teaching live the advanced class. Promotions were going out nearly a year in advance. Like at Olympics, wierwille wanted a "torch" to be carried from Rome City, Indiana to Athens, Ohio.....ie *Rome to Athens*..... to symbolize this great event. Small groups of runners were assembled and assigned to run thru key towns and cities to rally attention...... and in Van Wert, wierwille wanted 40 RUNNERS to run this section. Why? Wierwille wanted to *stick it to his old church and congregants* that his ministry was thriving. Why do I remember this so vividly? I was one of the forty runners who ran thru Van Wert that day. In my opinion, wierwille was defined by malignant narcissism........ All decisions and actions had wierwille's self-absorbed ego front and center...... .
  9. I will second that. The Advanced Class was a big disappointment. First off......when I went to the registration table, I found out that I was selected as a Branch Coordinator. Now, instead of delving into the adv class material.... I was responsible for overseeing 25 guys. Then, to add more consternation to the event.....wierwille and martindale requested that all Branch Coordinators needed to meet in the Fireplace Room at 4pm. At this meeting, wierwille was still fuming over three 8th Corps guys who'd gone rogue with their research project and wierwille had the gall to vomit all this garbage onto us at this meeting. Talk about spiritually/emotionally unhinged. There was no need for wierwille to backstab these corps men in this 1978 advanced class meeting.....other than he could not contain his anger over what he perceived as "insubordination." How dare anyone even attempt to correct or challenge his pfal material. Thus, he had to unload on the nearest target......and that just happened to be us "branch coordinators" at this advanced class. Apparently, this was wierwille's modus operandi. In closed-door settings (generally, with the way corps).....wierwille would sulk and opine his "having to deal with undisciplined corps." Yet, it was wierwille who was off-track and undisciplined. With Drambuie in hand, wierwille was a bully. At this advanced class, we were led on a number of tangents.....1) The Thirteenth Tribe, 2) The Marxist Minstrels, 3) The Illuminati, 4) None Dare Call It Conspiracy, 5) Babylon Mystery Revealed, 6) Seed of the Serpent, 7) Major Denominations All Have Seed Boys In Charge, 8) 16 Keys to Walking By the Spirit, 9) Definitions to all Nine Manifestations, etc. Lots of reading Old Testament records. The Advanced Class is to bring people to full, spiritual maturity......so, were we NOW fully, spiritually mature to stand on our own two feet without twi ? NOPE. Each class, each program leads to another.....and then another. The Way International's dirty little secret is that you will always be a STUDENT....and they will always be your LEADERS and TEACHERS. In this setup, you are always subordinate to them. You are dependent on them to "teach you the word." YOU must abundantly share 20% (at least) for the rest of your life to be in their good graces to *receive God's Word on a silver platter.* The con man cometh with a Bible in one hand and a degree-mill doctorate in the other. Beware. .
  10. 23 years out of The Way Cult Corporation for me.......but then, I started eyeing the exit door in 1993. Martindale started, in haste, his purging campaign to "sanctify The Way Household" with repeated purges. What a religious farce. I was the Oklahoma Limb Coordinator at the time.....and found myself trying to protect people from twi's heavy-handedness. What a roller coaster ride of insanity......Insanity on Steroids Always good to see you Oakspear. .
  11. Long gone are the days when we sang "My Jesus, I love you" or "This Jesus of Blue Galilee." Back in the day, it was more *believable* to think that twi was "God's Ministry"........today, that is ludicrous. Maybe, people have lost those critical cognitive skills to discern this deception......but today's twi is straight-up in-house servitude to PROMOTE AND ENRICH ITSELF.
  12. Whether it was martindale, geer, rivenbark, john lynn, etc.......these wannabe-leaders were molded in the same image as their "plagiarist father" - wierwille. As a boy, victor would hide in the woods to avoid work. As a teenager, he would do trick-riding on his motorcycle to attract attention to himself. Victor was anti-social and had learning issues. Is there any wonder why wierwille could not pursue the business/professional life, but rather the church denomination preacher path? After 16 years of stagnant church conformity in mid-west Ohio, wierwille wanted to forge ahead with his OWN ambitions and undertaking. For nearly four years (1953-1957)......wierwille gained access to Rev. B.G. Leonard's Gifts of the Spirit class in Canada and taught it as his own. Now, at age 40 .....wierwille was forging ahead with this stolen class and LEAVING church boards and their directives behind. His narcissism was the leading force of his pursuits. Thus, wierwille capitalizes on the two main areas of his quest for power over others......money and control. There was no room for humility, compassion or empathy in his pathological disorders. That's why one finds this gaping path of destruction in twi as wierwille torn thru people's lives to attain his "way ministry." Mrs. Wierwille's book, Born Again to Serve attempts to elevate her husband to this spiritual calling of God ..... but it details a moth-eaten tapestry weaved together by deception and dishonesty. .
  13. LOL......so true. Back in the day, 1980-1983.....two incidents happened that changed my *reverence* for the big-shots at the helm of this organization: Wierwille announced during the Rock of Ages that tomorrow night, there would be a healing service in the Big Top (tent). I was very excited. Finally, we were going to see wierwille in action..... and the power of God in manifestation. So, the next night when wierwille walks out on stage, he starts the *healing service* by summoning all the advanced class grads and corps who want to come forward to minister to others. Then, he asks those that need healing/ministered to to come forward and someone will be there for one-on-one ministering. Wierwille stood at the microphone the whole time. Nothing more!! I was SO DISAPPOINTED to see him delegate all this ministering to others. At Corps Week, it began raining nearly every day (1983). On about the third night, Martindale or Dean Don came to microphone and blasted the corps for their unbelieving-believing for NOT STOPPING THE RAIN. Huh??? I sat there pondering that confrontation.....why does it take *collective believing* from the corps household to stop the rain? I didn't undertand. Weren't there countless records in the Scripture of one person's walk of faith to change events....even if surrounded by unbelief? If these spiritual big-wigs were so high and mighty, why couldn't THEY stop the rain? Who'll stop the rain
  14. The Haves in a Cult......get to sit at headquarters and pontificate on their "greatness." The Have-Nots on the field.......slave away giving of their time, energy and money to the Haves who double-dip in salary and slothfulness.
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