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  1. And further..... As a charlatan and sexual predator, wierwille preemptively set "scriptural ground rules" by moving boundary lines. In teaching his "Christian Family and Sex" class (1975)..... wierwille instructed this class as if he had professional expertise in this area. Yet, in effect..... wierwille was setting the foundation for future, sexual predation as many of these women would go on staff or corps. In teaching the "casual nature of sex," vpw was minimizing/eliminating precious boundaries and protocols found in scripture. By illustrating and describing genitalia in this context and class, wierwille was advocating pre-marital sex. At no time in this class, or throughout wierwille's teachings.....does wierwille EVER teach on the sin of adultery! ~~~~~~~~~ Therefore....... Anyone who was involved in wierwille's advanced teaching series (or corps training)........ were vulnerable and susceptible to sexual targeting. It has been well-documented that some of wierwille's victims *groomed* other women to his lair, the motor coach. Still others...... were blindsided when they entered his motor coach and saw the implications of this "invite" to be with him. And others...... were given alcohol or drugged so that wierwille could have his way with them. The trustees and emeritus knew the dark secrets and crimes!! that were perpetrated in the servitude of "the man of God." Don, Howard, Craig, Donna, Rosalie and wierwille's valets, bodyguards, bus drivers, pimps, etc...... were all enablers in this seduction. An inner circle of zealots and opportunists were **in on the game that was being played**......and then, poof........they, too, disappeared. Hiding in Plain Sight........it is ALL so obvious now. Yet, many of us were so busy jumping thru hoops..... we were not privy to it. Plus....... we were indoctrinated to NOT even consider (Eve's downfall was that she considered) that *The Teacher* was a sex pervert [pfal]. ~~~~~~~~~ Concluding.... Greasespot Café has been shouting from the rooftops for nearly 20 years to expose twi's manipulation and exploitation. When Wierwille died......Chris Geer stepped forward to protect and RESTORE the "legacy of victor paul wierwille." When Craig Martindale was ousted for "extra marital affairs"......that should have been THE END of twi. Yet........Rosalie rallied the corps to stand with her and RESTORE the ministry. Another 16 years of "rebuilding"....??? Today....more splinter groups have risen from the ashes to claim the mantle of "Revival and Restoration." Huh? Why is it?........these newly-exited clergy and corps censor anyone who declares or asks the hard questions of the past? Why is it?........none of these splinter cult leaders have addressed the moral depravity and criminal nature in vpw/twi? Why is it?........that, even to this day, there are those who claim to have been a part of something that was great? Great????........when EVERTHING in wierwille's cult.....classes, programs, campuses, legacy......has burned to the ground.
  2. 2020 is here.............. and the choice is yours. Do you start restructuring your life, family and livelihood as top priorities rather than submitting to twi/splinter group influence and exploitation? The decision you make will have an incalculable impact for decades, and generations, to come. Or........ do you succumb to the "groupthink path" from R&R teachings and get enticed to sign up for their Groupthink Gathering and fall into the same rut as before? C'mon man, it's gonna be fun and relaxing........and cunningly subtle. Spearheaded by Ed Horney. The writing is on the wall.......... the Horneys are the de facto (soon-to-be) leaders of this "Revival and Restoration" splinter. Brick-by-brick, the building is underway. It may not look like much, but it is FAR MORE than what wierwille had after two years. In fact, wierwille made the calculation to venture back to B.G. Leonard's Missionary Conference in Canada.......to help bolster Wierwille's 1958 Fledgling Splinter Group. With subtle stealth, wierwille was keeping tabs on some of Leonard's rising "leaders" and keeping his options open from several avenues. Mrs. Wierwille's book is a wealth of intrigue (when you take off those rose-colored glasses). IMO......the Horneys have their sights set years down the road to be the R&R Splinter Leaders. The Moynihans are content to stand in the wings of the stage and allow the Horneys the spotlight. After all, the window of opportunity for any Moynihan full-spotlight leadership is in the rearview mirror. And, the Forts......well, it takes both husband and wife to be FULLY ON-BOARD to tackle such a challenge.....and Cindy is not. Plus, add to the fact that Cindy's dad, Howard Allen, is sitting over there at twi's headquarters in Ohio. Imagine the contention and strife behind the scenes. Add to the mix, Howard's age and all. And then, grandchildren.....and memories of that relationship. Interestingly....... John Lynn had twi-clergy and corps in his group for YEARS until it, too, imploded. And...................... Geer had clergy and corps under his franchise umbrella for YEARS.....but slowly, one by one many/most faded away. And...................... John Shroyer and CFF offered a softer/gentler approach. But then..... slow downs, pink slips, deaths and more splintering ensued. 2020 is here. And the choice is yours and yours only. .
  3. Speaking of splinter groups...........Mrs. Wierwille documents twi's independent beginning: December 19, 1957 Read this link. NOW is the time to stop the merry-go-round. Read some of the history from Mrs. Wierwille's perspective. If you have this book Born Again to Serve.........read it without those rose-covered glasses for the first time! Having left the denominational church in August 1957, the wierwilles START their new group a few months later....in December 1957. This new splinter struggled for 10 years.......as wierwille traveled from city to city running classes. The first mass exodus from wierwille's group was...........1960.
  4. Merry Christmas! ...........the days of twi's buzzology are over. ...........no longer twi's Happy Household Holidays. ...........since being dropped from their Household list. ...........clearly no Ho-Ho Re-Lo. ...........now that you're dropped from corps list. ...........or singing Twi-cult Carols.
  5. When you leave twi or splinter groups.........you find out who your real friends are. Twi and splinters .......... group followship masquerading as Christian fellowship.
  6. Welcome to the new splinter group. We are excited to be "living the mystery." We read the words of the Apostle Paul and are more than conquerors. We delve into this "Philippians Project" that was started back in March of this year. We are excited today to look in the scriptures about the birds in God's creation. Out of curiosity...... I have listened to several 5-10 minute snippets of these R&R teachings and a few from Rico's Oikeos group. The corps that stayed ensconced in Rosalie's Micromanagement Administration FINALLY had their fill.......and are now given free rein to teach other things. So...........what are those things that the spirit of the Lord is leading them to teach to others? After years of the “absolute” power of the current self-appointed board" (their words in the confrontation letter before the splintering) OVER THEIR LIVES...... what do they do? They augment their teachings with wierwille one-liners. They highlight clichés like "living the mystery".....and other pfal fly-catchers. The oikeos group heads to Montana....and searches the scripture on trees, birds, etc. The R&R group does a monthly deep-dive into the book of Philippians -- keeping Paul front and center. And, the deep chasm of dispensationalism keeps them from the deeper truths of the Lord Jesus Christ. To me, I see...............SPLINTER ISLANDS. And, then....................GROUPTHINK. These corps have landed on Splinter Island.......and power-struggles will ensue as it all devolves into Lord of the Flies. Like many thought-provoking books,.... themes from this book include the tension between groupthink and individuality, between rational and emotional reactions, and between morality and immorality. IMO......the tension between groupthink and individuality was front and center the minute I went into the corps program. Having come from a rural, farming background and two years of college.......the corps indoctrination program was like a slap in the face to my upbringing and authentic self. I bristled for weeks to its conformity, but rationalized that it was simply a small part of the "training" (boot camp?) We did nearly EVERYTHING in groups......corps twig groups, prayer vigils, eating, sleeping (18 men to a room in Owens Hall), work projects, dorm room procedures, night owls, afterglow meetings, etc. At least, we had a small privacy partition in the shower stalls (ppffftt). When we changed dorm assignments the first week of February......we did it in a Kansas blizzard. And, we did it as a "twig-group assignment." Some of those corps in my corps-twig hadn't even packed.....and we were not done until everyone in our twig was moved to their new dorm. Freakin' crazy.......ugh. In groups, there always seems to be someone whose ego is bigger than his hat. Mostly, guys with big mouths have this problem.......whereas the moderate ones are far better equipped to assess situations and lead others. But hey, that's just my experience in all these years of "groups." I came to twi as an individual........why should I leave with a group? Some here at GSC.....were involved in a splinter group (12-15 years?).....LONGER that they were involved in twi (8-10 years?)......before finally leaving the splinter group too. And, some have been known to move from splinter to splinter.....still trying to fit in. Egads! But it seems, hands-down, the worst splinter to come down the pike.......was the one spearheaded by the sexual predator, Victor Barnard, 14th corps. Fled to Brazil.....and finally, thrown in prison. "Lord of the Flies".........the idolatrous end of splintered power struggles wherein a pig's head on a spike is covered with flies. Ye shall know them by their fruit.....flies. .
  7. T-Bone.......yes, a circular cage. Activity but no accomplishment. Looking back at the wierwille hamster-wheel ......... it is absolutely imperative to understand that the corps indoctrination program was to spearhead the training of faithful, disciplined pfal-class instructors. Full stop. Twigs were to help introduce new people to "the ministry"...... but it was THE CLASS that taught them. And, right out of the gate, the Dale Carnegie sales techniques were twi's ground-level modus operandi during September and October months of corps "training." Twigs were to promote ....... pfal class. WOWs were to promote ...... pfal class. Corps were trained to stand guard over..... pfal class. Run, rinse, repeat pfal. Run, rinse, repeat pfal. Did wierwille really think that running these pfal classes (or sitting in them) would sustain us a lifetime? For that matter.......did the Board of Dummies really believe that the same old, same old Rock of Ages would continue indefinitely? Especially, when they added a Corps Week (work week) before it......expecting corps from all over the country to leave their work of employment for 3 weeks EVERY YEAR to participate in wierwille's mandated policy? Not only did wierwille show no empathy for this burden that he placed on the corps, he rarely (if ever) thanked us for years of service. Talk about a static system. The pyramid man liked his position on the top and wasn't going to change it. The authoritarian was about as dynamic as thick maple syrup left outside in freezing, wintery Vermont. PFAL and ROA........that was it. Whoopee! Ain't it great? Hamster-wheel Heaven. Year after year.......we ran pfal and went to the rock of ages. Year after year.......it was a revolving door. People were leaving, never to return. Who wants to join the new splinters?
  8. Taxidev........don't you see its benefit? It is standing there in plain sight. Those who are teaching ........ are doing "the Word." Those who are sitting and listening ....... are doing "the Word." When the sitter becomes the teacher..... s/he is "doing the Word." These corps grads have sat listening tens of thousands of hours ...... "doing the Word." The indoctrination is ..... sit there and listen, remember and obey ..... to sit and re-learn some more. Hope this clears that up for you. The reason you were receiving no benefit from listening to them is because you weren't fully initiated into wierwille's Way. The way corps were trained at twi's various campuses to sit cross-legged (like 2nd graders) on the ground or floor during wierwille's visits. These "sharings" at night owls or afterglow meetings.....could easily run 2 hours or more. And, of course, sitting on your butt for hours was "doing the Word." It's been so ingrained into the corps psyche ....... that it sometimes takes YEARS to break from this indoctrinated mindset. Sadly, some never recover from this psycho-babble of numb-buttedness from their way daze..... and join the ranks of the flat-butt society. Hope this helps.
  9. Yeah......many of these splinter leaders elevate the VPW-era because..... Those early years fan the flames of nostalgia......when it was, supposedly, all lollipops and ice cream. No adult responsibilities. Wierwille was the consummate cult leader.......keeping "his" people in the spin-cycle of subservience. Run pfal classes, go WOW, go Corps......run pfal. Repeat. There was no long-term investment or advancing of peoples' lives. Where were teachings/discussions on personal goals, strengths and attributes, personal choice, children, parents & families, each family's heritage, traditions, higher education, careers, grandchildren, retirement, and having one's own fulfillment in this life? Why is it?........that nearly EVERYONE who has left twi has expressed the *need* to REBUILD THEIR LIVES? We were railroaded by the wierwille-system of classes and control. Knowledge was the bait, submission to follow was the hook. Wierwille's cult at headquarters was anti-family, anti-Christian and anti-life. It was a petri dish of subculture. Those who want to re-establish the wierwille-subservience era.....have ulterior motives to lord over others.
  10. Rochelle died from events that link directly back to the LEAD program. Read the eye-witness account (link).
  11. In twi's organization chart.......corps coordinators were near the top of the pyramid. With the abysmal fallout of that program, this position no longer warrants such prestige or access to the spotlight as it did in the late 70's and 80's. But at that time, corps coordinators were the "drill sergeants" who led the instruction and indoctrination of yearly waves of corps apprentices on several campuses to instill discipline, protocol and strict adherence to wierwille's "Way." There also was an inner circle of wierwillites as well........body guards, bus drivers, valets, pimps, dog trainers......many, of which, switched several hats of responsibility throughout their day of twi-servitude. Some of these men rose to the highest levels of service, because of their zealous loyalty to wierwille's commands. But now......these past corps coordinators are disposable. They do not garner the adulation or honor that they once held in twi's cult chart. Three things have changed that have altered the landscape significantly: Percolating beneath the surface for years, the steam of suppression, disappointment and anger came forth shortly after wierwille's death in 1985. No longer were corps going to submit to mandates and policies that were detrimental to their lives, families and advancement. The curtain was pulled back to see the levers of power and who was pulling them. Although splinter groups began forming in earnest by 1987 and a mass exodus........it took another 12 years (1999) before Waydale exploded on the internet with aggressive, factual information for open-forum dialogue and chat rooms to herald, far and wide, the true nature and extent of twi's deception and fraud since its inception. With this extensive exposure on Waydale, 6 region coordinators resigned between 2001-2004 when these two sexual predation lawsuits hit martindale squarely between the eyes. The last vestiges of twi's "greatness" crumbled to the ground..........and Rosalie's tact was to secure the millions and further isolate the cult. So, these newly-exited corps coordinators.........Magnelli, Moynihan, Fort, and Horney.......are trying to rise from twi's ash heap of mark-and-avoid label-quackery to RE-INSTATING their positions of prominence (cough, cough) by taking their shingle across the street and setting up shop. And, thereby.........re-establishing the spiritual deception and fraud that wierwille and his pyramid scheme perpetrated upon all of us long ago. These corps guys were complicit in decades of suppression, exploitation and fraud. In all their avenues of access, they could NOT SEE this seduction? And, now......they are fast-tracking to set up the SAME pyramid again? That is why........these corps-led splinter cults are WORSE.
  12. Why were those SIX YEARS (1992-1998) so agonizing?.........not because of the good-hearted folks in Oklahoma, that's for sure. But because of twi's "mission-creep" from elitists at headquarters (cough, cough) who dogged the way corps constantly with faxes, corps teachings, reports, phone calls, verbal attacks, encroaching legalism and more......proclaiming (and further indoctrinating us) that we were the (only) faithful remnant of God's Household standing on "The Word." Yearly themes like......Living Sanctified, Crossing the Bridge into God's Prevailing Word, and the new, upcoming class series on The Way of Abundance and Power. The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse........is alive and well in twi's cult and its splinters. They use subtle, manipulating and intimidating guilt and abuse to strong-arm followers into compliance. Public teachings and themes all have an agenda to keep you in submission to their doctrines. Centralized abuse from afar!! Martindale was using the SAME techniques that wierwille used......only, the sex-crazed leader of twi (martindale) was not nearly as crafty as old man wierwille. Six intense years of Insanity on Steroids ........a link to where 3 years ago, I documented the systemic abuse and over-bearing intrusive legalism most specifically pronounced from 1995-1998 when all corps were mandated to quit their jobs and sign onto twi's "revelation project." Yeah, tongue-in-cheek......."revelation project" where martindale supposedly got revelation from God (cough, cough) that all corps be on twi's payroll and thereby, be available full-time to jump thru every damn hoop at the circus. What a growing, ludicrous farce it became!!! Read the link......and see how twi treats its field staff. THEN.......take note that ALL of these newly-exited corps (2016-2018)......especially the new splinter leaders, STAYED ANOTHER 17 YEARS into rivenbark's regime. NOTE.......having known most all of these corps people for over 20 years, NOT ONE OF THEM ever called us when my wife and I were smeared with a diatribe character assassination in September 1998 on a corps phone hook-up meeting. What happened to us...........has happened DOZENS and DOZENS of times. Wierwille did it. Martindale did it. And, I have heard that Rivenbark and DeLisle have done it. I knew every twi-president.......personally. So did my wife. Not one of them lifted a finger in our defense. Twi is a cult........not because of its beliefs, but because of its methods. Many splinters have surfaced in the past 32 years. How many of them have taken the time to uproot the poison ivy that is growing in their midst? People have died on Twi's LEAD program......yet, wierwille never addressed it publically to the corps body. Women were raped hitch-hiking to LEAD.......yet, no accountability by the "spiritual leaders." Sexual predation by wierwille and martindale was widely known.......yet, all the upper-tier enablers kept silent. Yes, Howard and Wanda and Rosalie were partakers of the sins. With her counseling degree, Dottie Moneyhands was involved in Florida with "counseling" twi-victims of rape/abuse. But hey. many of you splinter guys........keep whistling your merry tune thru the graveyard of wierwille's abundant living......er, redundant misgivings.
  13. Well........to each its own. Long gone are those days of Hot Bible. If you want to place your butt in a chair and learn about Lessons in Laughter from the R&R group.....the time has arrived. Perhaps, that "R&R" moniker would be aligned more appropriately, "Reflection and Retirement." After lesson and cookies......it's nap time. Long gone are those days Spiritual Revival. If this were the weekly standard teaching, then I would have never darkened the door. Where are those teachings on the Book of Acts? The Acts of the Apostles....of Stephen or Philip? Or, the warnings of people like Simon the sorcerer who pawned his work as "some great one?" Where are the practical, living-breathing testimonies of leaders in the church walking the walk, reaching out to lost and burdened souls, healing the sick, casting out spirits, speaking truth in the face of accusation? Are other splinters morphing into "nanny splinters"......?? IDK But......geez, louise.
  14. Well.......the "tried and true method" of splinter groups is to establish a central office or location. Central Office = spiritual authority, central planning, bookstore, material, pamphlet and newsletter distribution, collection of tithes and offerings Building or Church = teaching services, events, leaders' meetings, events, reunions, children's activities, camps, etc. If there is NO "brick-and-mortar".......then, I believe that Teachings going out into the ethereal of humanity will NOT alone sustain the human spirit. Also, NO class-tier structure to follow in R&R.....commitment steps 1, 2 and 3. These guys better "follow the yellow brick road to Oz"........or people are going to lose interest fast. LOL
  15. Taxidev, two things might help to clear this up..... 1. I inserted this link as a reason to explain my reasoning, Phasing in a Splinter. In expounding on phase #3.........I stated, "Phase #3 of Securing a Central Headquarters [BRC/Church].....like CFF, Finnegan's group, Hendricks group, etc......is essential. Maybe Dottie Moynihan will open up her family wealth's checkbook and give a hefty donation.....or one of the others. But....just to be having weekly teachings on Facebook is going to fizzle.......soon. Teachings going out into the ethereal of humanity will NOT alone sustain the human spirit. I highly suspect that MANY of these self-appointed corps have been planning these phases already!!! From all that I have gathered in studying how wierwille and other splinters garner movement.......they must operate from a "central office or headquarters." Wierwille clearly understood this and was claiming in December 1957, even though it was a RENTAL HOME IN VAN WERT, that they had a new headquarters. Look at all the other splinters...... like CES/STFI, CFF, S.O.W.E.R.S. or when Geer moved from Gartmore to Maine......what do all of these have in common? If the central office is NOT established.......then, imo......those teachings are going to fizzle in impacting/building a movement. Now, you can disagree with my assessment.......but I have historical evidence to back up this statement. 2. As you stated....."I have YET to get any indication that they want a 'central location'......" The operative word in this is........YET. Maybe it will take 3 or 4 or even 5 years ........ but if they want to grow in impact, then they will need a central office and/or building. Doug McMull!n owned property in MS and thus, S.O.W.E.R.S. was grounded in Mississippi. Look around. This concept is not rocket science. Peace.
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