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  1. Thanks for your question, St. Christopher.......... Spirit and Truth Fellowship International (formerly Christian Educational Services) ...... in 1987, John Lynn and others wrote a 37-page report to state their official stance against twi. Without going into all its depth, suffice it to say that these clergymen and others strongly felt that The Way International was headed in the wrong direction. Fast-forward some 25 years (1987-2002).....and this splinter group was splintering. Factions developed. Other perversions. Rev. John Lynn became a big promoter of Momentus....a perverse, self-help "therapy." A staged confrontation. Getting someone to reveal very private information in a public format and then verbally assault that person to produce guilt, shame, etc. Some have said that Rev. Bo Reah-rd (1st corps) was an advocate of Momentus. Victor Barnard (14th Corps) ......Accused Sex Predator. Read this link. This corps guy left twi and, with others, established a secluded camp of followers and young maidens that parents gave consent to. Parents ALLOWED victor barnard to have sex with their daughters (ages 14-19 ??).....SICK! Christopher Geer (Gartmore) ...... Some refer to him as psycho-Geer. European corps program......run with gestapo tactics. Belligerent, over-bearing dominance over every aspect at Gartmore. Micro-managed to death. Later, fled back to the States.....and franchised his classes. Opportunist. Manipulator Extraordinaire. Ex-Corps Coordinators ......... who have started splinter groups. There have been many corps coordinators in twi thru the years.....who've exited and THEN, started their own splinter groups. Wrenn, Geer, Lynn, Moynihan, Fort, Horney, Magnelli.....ties to splinter groups. Deeply entrenched in training the corps, these guys are tethered to the Wierwille Brand and CANNOT forsake it. Thus, they regurgitate the material, but never examine ALL THE FAILINGS AND FAILURES. Some Splinter Groups ......... I have heard that some groups stay small and local. Through the years, they have their living room fellowships and teach inspiring teachings to one another. How much they deviate from twi.....I don't know. Obviously, they do NOT want to be tied to The Way International nor send their hard-earned abundant sharing to a distant overlord. WHY? If twi's doctrine (and practice) is SO godly......then why decouple? THAT is the deep, intriguing question of the splinter groups? Money and Power .......... in my opinion, thousands upon thousands of followers thru the years find it disturbing that The Way International never gives back to their local community, nor to faithful followers. Whether there is tragedy, financial hardship, health issues, etc......twi does NOT give financially to support in times of need. Twi is a HOARDING MACHINE. Twi's stated position is that "We teach the Word" ...... and that is their SOLE responsibility. Pppffffttt. At present, twi hoards $68 Million. This is sin. Twi has been a pseudo-Christian organization (at best) ever since its inception. At worse.....wierwille was a false teacher and wolf in sheep's clothing. The scriptures show us in the Book of Acts of a man called Simon who was giving out himself as some great one (Acts 8:9). The people gave heed to him. The followers heralded him by saying "This man is the great power of God." Well, what about wierwille? He received unbridled adulation from twi's followers. Yet......in all my years in twi, I never saw wierwille operate any of the (big) six manifestations, 1) word of knowledge, 2) word of wisdom, 3) spiritual discernment, 4) faith, 5) miracles or 6) healing. Not one!! Splinter group leaders talk a big game......yet, what do THEY do? We, as Christians, are commanded to know them by their fruit. Well, what has been the fruit of wierwille's twi? Lying, stealing, plagiarism, drunkenness, sexual predation, strikers, deceivers, seducers, false teachings, mark/avoid character assassinations, corps indoctrinations, exploiting the good will and gifts of others, etc. etc. etc. You, St. Christopher may be of strong and moral character........but wierwille, and many of his corps coordinators and region leaders were NOT. Some of the plagiarized material had/has spiritual substance.....and many cleave to these truths. But those who've encountered the ugly side of wierwille/twi saw the RED FLAGS and exited for greener pastures. To this day, many are thankful for these truths from biblical men of the ages. GreaseSpot Café helps people to discern the good, the bad and the ugly.
  2. This whole episode of twi...........looks, to me, like a damn horse race. Substitute all kinds of "names for these horses"..........Dr. Wierwille, the law of believing, red drapes, cancer is a devil spirit, copouts, Lo Shanta, etc..........and you get a horse race that no one knows what really "fvcking happened." Add: Take this with a slice of humor in one hand and a beer in the other.
  3. As you noted, WW......even when IN twi, I didn't think they knew EVERYTHING. Because they didn't...... It was obvious that twi was a young ministry trying to find its way in life. Wierwille would "borrow" and tweak from others ALL THE TIME. Whether it was a whole teaching like "The Red Thread" from Oral Roberts or the "Not Ancient Walls" poem he adapted and adopted as the corps poem. The Blue Songbook contained MANY of the great Christian hymns like......"How Great Thou Art." Some songs contained only a couple of stanzas of the song......but then, certain words were tweaked from twi-consumption. Later, words of songs were changed, but kept the melody. And then, Christmas carols were perverted to the cult doctrine. Teachings, scripture verses, songs, poems, art, professions, culture........wierwille was tweaking it at every turn. During the building phases 1974-1985.......architects, engineers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, audio/video personnel, etc. etc. helped to take twi from its patchwork history to the next level. Twi was ALWAYS grasping for the expertise of "the professional world" to help bolster its image. BUT.......in the last decade of his life, wierwille's narcissism attempted to close ranks. By 1978......twi was a full-fledged cult.
  4. And........still do. For 20 years, GSC's posters have been expounding and explaining TWI'S PRISON OF SUBSERVIENCE. In 2005, Catcup posted a thread entitled "The Nine Dots of Nonsense"..........
  5. Deceptive in name and practice......LEAD left many injured, raped or dead. A more-fitting name for the program would have been F.O.L.L.O.W. Feckless Organization Loses Lives On Watch The youth put their trust in wierwille and his leaders (cough, cough.....spit) and the corps program failed to watch over their safety. After death and rape......the LEAD program continued onward without implementing better safety measures. The overriding principle of corps training was TO OBEY.......and, blindly they did. Those who spoke up were deemed "troublemakers" and if they persisted, then they were given the bum's rush off campus. No one was allowed to stand on the watch towers and shout an alarm.
  6. Unqualified peers leading peers........was a pillar in twi's corps program. Work projects. LEAD captains. MAL-pak survival. Gun-safety courses. Some corps took these "autocrat responsibilities" to levels of confrontation and/or bullying. Clearly, some of these gung-ho peers......became future corps coordinators and now, splinter group leaders!!! Some people relish having power over others......and the corps program was no exception. I can't begin to tell you how many "elder corps" were given responsibility over me who didn't have a lick of common sense. They just obeyed and barked orders. And, a few years later......many of them split. .
  7. L.E.A.D. was an edgy experiment/program that instilled trepidation, trauma, fear and obedience. Establish program as the final grade/evaluation of corps graduation Use the successes and failures to engender competitive measures in ranks Castigate all failures as "not believing God"...... Ignore dangers of hitchhiking......rape, abduction, death The questions that always ran thru my mind were......Is hitchhiking and climbing rocks NEEDED to learn to "believe God?" Why doesn't wierwille, publically and individually, lead the corps into "hands on" ministering healing? Or, walking by revelation? Why have I NOT seen wierwille (ever) perform any of the revelation or power manifestations? Is there a subterfuge agenda to this LEAD program? Why are corps not openly told beforehand that this LEAD evaluation is pivotal to graduation from the corps program? Sure, healthy young jocks didn't have a problem with heavy backpacks or enduring hours in freezing temperatures.......but many did. Foot, ankle and back injuries were common for many returning from LEAD. All in all.....it just seemed like an exercise of obedience and tolerance. Wierwille never went LEAD......or put himself in subservience of others. Martindale failed his TFI experience and evaluation. Did Rosalie ever go LEAD?
  8. Ken Barden.......7th Corps, struck and killed on a highway while hitchhiking to complete his mandatory L.E.A.D. experience and evaluation. The day Ken died.........should have been the last day of the L.E.A.D. [Leadership, Education, Adventure, Direction]. Leadership?.......dropped off in the dark, the early wee hours of the morning and coerced to hitchhike to reach destination Education?.........hiking with heavy backpack and climbing rocks in all types of weather. Confrontation and manipulation. Adventure?.........extreme weather causing frostbite. Injuries. Lack of safety protocols. Unqualified peers leading peers. Direction?...........the determination to complete twi's mandatory LEAD experience or die trying. Ken died.
  9. Martindale FAILED at the Total Fitness Institute in North Fork, California..........Two HUGE errors. Martindale failed the hitch-hiking episode. He and my wife (future-wife-to-be) were hitch-hiking to TFI and made it to a truck stop near Oklahoma City. While there, they were scurrying around trying to find another ride. My wife secured a ride and ran to tell Craig.....who said, he too, found a ride. And, as my wife recalls the tale......she remembers Craig saying, "You take your ride and I'll take mine and I'll see you in California." Imagine that! Abandoning your hitch-hiking partner.......no less, leaving a woman to fend for herself. Martindale tries an "escape attempt" and is roundly criticized in his final tfi evaluation. But, to me...........the ultimate FAILURE goes to wierwille. In no way, shape or manner..........was THIS "the way" to train the youth.
  10. No wonder......Lynn was easily persuaded and became a facilitator of Momentus. Taunting, mocking, public humiliation, peer pressure, confined to respond........a pre-planned verbal onslaught. Jerks, hypocrites, weasels......... And, people to this day.......follow them?
  11. Wierwille ordered these corps training methods......and corps coordinators followed commands. Corps coordinators were the most complicit underlings in ALL of twi..........Wrenn, Lynn, Moneyhands, Fort, Horney, Magnelli, etc. Many splinter groups have been spearheaded by corps coordinators. Imagine that! Can a leopard change his spots?
  12. Sure love those DWBH posts. Nobody laid it out there like him. Miss seeing you here at the Spot.
  13. Hmmm.......where have I seen this cunning craftiness before? Oh, that's right. When we (my wife and I) drove to Austin and turned in our corps nametags in 1998........THE NEXT MORNING, Tom and Barb Lally drove from Austin, TX to Oklahoma City to meet with all of the Oklahoma corps and advanced class grads. Also, Tom Mullins the limb guy from Arkansas was told to be there as well. More firepower, I guess. LOL. The Lallys and Tom Mullins spent Saturday and Sunday meeting (as a group AND individually) with every corps and advanced class grad to try and dig up dirt on my wife and I. Apparently, they had orders from martindale to look under ever stone and report back. They found NOTHING. We walked away and wanted to begin rebuilding our lives and ............SO THANKFUL WE DID. .
  14. You've got a gift, T-Bone............that is funny.
  15. Reading back thru that thread "Face Meltings" where DWBH posted........adds a whole 'nother dimension to subjugating. Whether it was the corps program or fellow laborers......ISOLATED from public view brought out their "training methods." Face Meltings Threats to kick everyone out Prisoner of War (pow) tactics Verbal Onslaughts and Scream Sessions Sleep Deprivation Taunting, Mocking, Public Humiliation Break You Down.....Eliminate Individual Identity Group Commitment Twi is the True Household If You Ever Leave......Greasespot by Midnight It just seems to me.....1) The strong, independent ones left early and/or were gone by 1978, 2) The average, committed ones dissented on occasions and tried to right the ship, and 3) The deeply, loyal corps and staff zealots stayed into the 2000's even after martindale was ousted. Splinter leaders who still suck off the teat of wierwille's teachings to this very day are weasels extraordinaire. Yeah, I wanted to love and help serve God's people.......but did I have to go thru "prisoner of war training camp" to do it? Wierwille ORDERED this??? Break us down......and then, "put us back to together" to run missions? Subservient to their orders? Sounds like the Identity of a Jason Bourne.
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