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  1. Dismal outreach with high overhead costs. An auditorium with few “paying customers” Camp Gunnison that sits empty 8 months out of the year Programs with minuscule attendees Resulting in ……. Sending out cheap postcards. LOL
  2. Nothing shouts FAILURE more than building an auditorium with an orchestra pit, deluxe rehearsal room, a/v sound room, 1,440 seating capacity…… and very few people, besides staff, show up. So much for that “spiritual perception and awareness” let alone the “higher powers of the church” (ie wierwille) receiving any type of guidance or revelation.
  3. The vanity that I speak of is......one of self-importance belonging to this group. IMO, we thought that we were special to adhering and promoting wierwille doctrine....ie "God's Word." We were indoctrinated to think that we were "God's remnant, standing in the gap against the onslaughts of the devil." And, corps grads clung to this "higher level of elitism" indoctrinated to believe that God had given them a specific calling to stand with wierwille and lead others. For corps, this vanity was signed and sealed with a salt covenant. As things spiraled downward, wierwille sent out his *corps letters* to guilt corps grads to stay true to their corps commitment. Even with common sense and reality staring back, some corps felt (guilty) obligated to stand strong with wierwille doctrine long after the cult leader was dead.
  4. I just got off the phone with a friend. In our talks, he asked me if I'd gotten this postcard from twi. He and another corps grad in my city received this postcard a few weeks back. Apparently, twi is targeting those who they think might be susceptible to nostalgic messaging to return to twi. For the record, I never received this postcard. Could it be that twi monitors GSC to see who the outspoken critics are.... and then, (obviously) does NOT send them this postcard knowing that it's not possible to seduce and deceive you or me, AGAIN? In my opinion, yes... that's their deceptive marketing strategy. Those who have not done their due diligence in dismantling twi's deception and web of lies is STILL vulnerable to the cult's trappings. Everything that upholds common sense, tells us that twi operates as a cult to instigate total thought reform of the individual. Study Scientology and you'll see the same "steps to enlightenment," loaded language, isolation, destruction of the authentic-self, dependency, groupthink, totalitarian tactics, etc. Seemingly, at this time twi has settled on using nostalgia as a weapon to entice. What is left at The Way International that could possibly lure someone to "come back?" The people, so-called leaders, "friends" and acquaintances have scattered to the winds. Campuses sold off. Programs altered. An auditorium that can seat 1,440 has generally the first 5-6 rows on the main level occupied on any given regular STS. Staff members who do their duties and quickly head back to their trailers after the meeting. Everything reeks of a dying organization. I am sometimes reminded of one of the final lines in the movie, The Devil's Advocate.... where the sleazy reporter says to Keanu Reeves, "Vanity.....gets them every time." Could it be that vanity is used as a form of ju-jitsu to leverage one's past experiences with present common sense reality? I mean, it's just nuts to even consider returning to the trappings of a cult.
  5. Could it be that twi initiates these little side-projects to keep the indentured servants busy? Maybe this has to do more with keeping them busy than some outreach effort? As the numbers crater in outreach and programs...AND....staffers quit to find better employment, what is there to do all day? Donna and Rosalie are boxed in a corner. They see the pathetic numbers. Twi has no life left in its bones, so staffers are assigned to projects much like an institutional setting.... a mental ward or retirement setting.
  6. Twi is nothing but a one-trick pony. When I look at this postcard there are several things that jump out at me.... Why is it time to come home? Impersonal and presumptuous..... they have NO IDEA where my life is today. What is the benefit for me at this time? Once again, it reeks of a self-serving agenda to attract those who'd already had their minds grooved with cult-indoctrination rather than go out and find NEW PEOPLE. Plus, the non-subtle agenda of desperation attempts to increase revenue flow. Maybe they consider it "home"..... but I don't. That type of juvenile loaded-language has long lost its appeal. Wierwille used these types of deception when he referenced "Uncle Harry." Old man Harry was NOT my uncle.... nor was I one of wierwille's "corps kids." With attained critical thinking skills, these tricks of deception NO LONGER WORK. Is this picture of wierwille's burial site supposed to trigger nostalgic memories? Again, this is such juvenile marketing 101 that tells us more about them than they realize. Whether its been 10, 20 or 30 years since exiting that place.... most all have discarded memories and trashed those books from that abusive cult. In fact, I would wager that most have connected the dots to see how wierwille/twi conned them into years of indentured servitude. And further, doesn't every corporation have a burial site to showcase their product? Knowing what I know today about signs and symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder ... wierwille was a prime example. Was he so consumed with this disorder that he perceived himself as some "Egyptian Pharoah" entombed *front-and-center* at the entrance of twi-property for ALL TO SEE? Was he expecting his legacy to pass from generation to generation? Yes. This postcard reeks of deception, manipulation and exploitation.... just like wierwille's tactics and policies. Donna and Rosalie are simply running on the railroad tracks that brought twi to this point in time. It's just the latest form of redux manipulation sent to those who might fall for it. P.S. This tactic is similar to wierwille's corps letters. .
  7. The more I consider these myriad of tactics, the more examples come to mind. Understandably, the more one is isolated and immersed in this realm of control.... the higher the levels of abuse. That's why the corps program was the ultimate stronghold wierwille utilized to attain his narcissistic power and control over others. Everything about the corps program gave wierwille and corps coordinators access to twist and mold young minds. When you signed on the line to "be corps"... you entered the door of bait-and-switch. Generic terminology of the corps commitment was an accelerated *mission creep* bonanza. Young, committed minds surrounded by cunning leaders and peers was pressurized. Those who fell short were publically castigated for all to witness. The cult held absolute control over the daily schedule and could change it at any time. Keeping corps off-balance stripped individuals from any control over their daily lives or future. Edgy and dangerous exercises.... colon cleanse, hitch-hiking at dark, safety at work projects. Death came early for some....even then, wierwille did not adjust or change course. Some young corps girls were selected for wierwille's sexual delight and predatory nature. Resistance to wierwille's "advances" was enough to give her the bum's rush off twi-property. Corps were disposable. Dreams of "serving God" were dashed by one act of disobedience. Isolation, immersion, idolization breeds a world of absolute control over others. Twisted teachings like "the lock box" and "salt covenants" were weapons of control. Corps were used as slave-labor at Camp Gunnison and Tinney, New Mexico (and roa). L.E.A.D. replaced T.F.I. in California. Wierwille stripped John Svmmerville of his authority. Purging those who challenged vpw was evident throughout twi's history. Wierwille did NOT lead by example.... he flaunted his position to smoke and drink at will. By 1977, 1978.... dozens of elder corps were moving towards the exit doors. What's a cult leader to do? Change? LOL. Nope, move younger guys into those vacated positions. Damage control, damage control. Twi was a one-trick pony. Decades of carnival tactics for 8 years (1973-1981) of power and control. Even when transitioning to lcm and stepping down (1981).....wierwille detested giving away power. Wierwille wanted his son, Don, to lead the ministry.... but Don's teaching prowess was lame. So, martindale was chosen because he ALWAYS obeyed wierwille. Nothing about being God's servant. Twi was built on a man of the flesh and remains ungodly to this day.
  8. ********* One could write a thesis paper on twi's tactics. I always find it interesting to study wierwille and the timeline of twi's "explosion of growth" between the years 1973-1980. As wierwille accumulated power and control over others, his tactics were tethered to two uncompromising positions: 1) the pfal class, and 2) the way corps program. Claiming spiritual authority from God, wierwille was relentless in subjugating his followers with tactics that can easily be categorized as emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse. Some cult experts have labeled these tactics as total thought reform of the individual. Wierwille spent years traveling the highways teaching a plagiarized version of pfal [stolen from Bullinger] trying to convert and recruit church people to join his ministry. It wasn't until he locked into "Family Camps" and targeting the youth that gave his efforts momentum that unleashed the 1970's decade of control. In studying these tactics, one can easily identify wierwille's narcissistic methods that are found in cult leaders the world over. Established spiritual authority.... called of God to lead others to enlightened truths. Build a framework of stair-climbing steps to attain this enlightened status. Isolation of the group from the evil, outside world. Us versus them. Allow enablers into the inner-circle. These "yes-men" will protect your flank. Travel with an entourage. It exudes an elevated level of importance and authority. A series of purges. Keep people off-balance and second-guessing themselves. ....... Load the language with words and phrases that only insiders understand. Anyone who bucks authority must be shunned and/or purged. Public character assassinations of one's reputation is a powerful weapon. Labeling one "possessed" scares the bejesus out of followers. Keeps them in line. Move in herds. Keep people in groupthink mode, no room for individualism. ....... Demand the tithe/abs to be in fellowship with God. Keep followers in meager, dependent state. Establish an outreach program that is "reaching the world with God's Word." Again, load the language making God's Word synonymous with pfal. Build the perception that hq is *home* further breaking ties with parents, family. Annual pilgrimage to hq's rock of ages is demanded. Strengthening bond. ....... Establish a two-tier spiritual authority structure. Way Corps are your "spiritual leaders." It's all a ruse.....because corps are NOT leaders, they're sycophant followers (suck-ups). Corps were subjected Stockholm Syndrome tactics and abuse others when given chance. Everything in twi became a herd-fest. Major events were an exercise of control. As followers grew older, married, had kids and responsibilities....reality broke these tactics. ....... Wierwille was infuriated that "his kids" were abandoning ship....thus, the corps letters. By hiding behind a cover of false humility (woe is me).... vpw was a huckster to the end. Not once, did I ever see wierwille do a "God-revelation" act to benefit the people. Hiding in the shadows, he built his mystique with enablers who amplified "his greatness." In the light of day, wierwille was nothing more than a country-bum fraudster. ....... In the end, his "kingdom" came crashing to the ground for everyone to see. Rival opportunists have been trying to mimic his tactics ever since. Irony of ironies that Mrs. Wierwille's book exposes vp's serial plagiarism and tactics. Twi continues its grip on the millions that were accumulated in the 70s. Only by isolating itself can twi continue to lay claim to its self-referential "greatness." ....... Peace to all who find the exit doors.
  9. As I understand it.... twi had to make changes in operation AFTER lawyers got involved in martindale's two lawsuits. Not only did they have to dissolve the "work on a needs-basis bi-weekly paycheck" but that a modified pension was set aside for decades of service. Of course, one needed to have been a faithful employee for 10 years (15? 20?) to qualify, right? Some of you guys who were there into the 2000's (and after craig high-tailed it to Toledo in the dark of night).... experienced the changes and probably know the details. It is interesting to look at how few field corps leadership (region/limb/branch) even last 10 years on the field, let alone 15 or 20 years. Even the early corps wave of leaders... First Corps thru Fifth Corps... how many of them were hitting the exit doors by 1978-1982? I know of a couple of dozen who were ALREADY MAKING FUTURE PLANS BEYOND TWI before 1980. So, for them, twi wasn't a mainstay in their long-term planning or goals. Those who do stay with twi the longest are the staffers. You know, the guys who 1) Do not go witnessing, 2) Do not undershepherd others, 3) Do not have to juggle work AND outreach every day, including every weekend, 4) Do not sit thru class after class, 5) Do not spend wear-and-tear on their vehicles and gas money throughout the year AND drive to hq for the annual pilgrimage, the roa, 6) Have a bi-weekly paycheck coming in for "doing the word," and are esteemed highly by the Pharisee Board of Directors for unbridled adulation suck-up. At the top of this corrupt summit are Rosalie and Donna. Not only does Rosalie presumably receive a $65,000 annual pension for her years as twi's president.... but she has access to daily meals and hidden perks. Does she also receive *travel privileges* with Donna to Chicago or elsewhere for shopping sprees, overnight stays and fine dining? What about "consultation fees" that are paid out in perks and/or access to twi-credit cards? Imagine the possibilities that these two women are able to skim from the kitty of petty cash accounts.....all legal under the guise of non-profit organizations and outreach. YET..... the field corps leaders who give their time, effort and loss-of-future-opportunity are driven off. They see the game that is being played on them. So, perhaps this *pension fund* question is moot. The upper field leadership seem to last 7-12 years at that level of service before moving on to greener pastures. Years ago, I read an article that detailed how denominational clergy exit their respective churches on average of 15 years. With a cult like twi..... I see why it is less.
  10. With the internet being *the information highway*...... we are able to relay this information, and dispel twi's misinformation (deception) for anyone who wants to partake. Why does twi WARN THEIR PEOPLE TO STAY OFF THE INTERNET? As corps (who were indoctrinated with lies).... we were repeatedly told twi's history and falsehoods. Then, the most adamant sycophants (loudmouths) went on to leadership positions, ie region coordinators. Yet, how many lies/falsehoods have we uncovered... Wierwille's false proclamation of when twi started (not in 1942, but December 1957). Pikes Peak degree-mill operation Wierwille stole wholesale B.G. Leonard's "Gifts of the Spirit" class (1953) Documented many accounts of vpw's serial plagiarism. Flaws/blunders taught in pfal. Flaws/blunders in building the auditorium. Deception, manipulation, and exploitation of corps program. Picking martindale because he ALWAYS obeyed vp (wrong criteria for picking leader) Wierwille's character of bully, striker, impatient, intemperate come forward. Wierwille's death certificate is examined (another thing twi tried to hide). Etc. etc. Practical, common sense critical thinking analysis on all of these threads. Far from wayspeak.... this is the KIND OF INFORMATION THAT SETS PEOPLE FREE FROM INDOCTRINATION. Peace.
  11. Thanks guys….. life is good, all is well. It’s good to see GSC continuing to sound the alarm as we move into the 2023 new year. Even though twi tries to guilt advanced class grads and corps to *come back to leadership roles*…. that horse don’t ride anymore. GSC’s impact has traveled FAR and WIDE. All who’ve contributed to this effort….I raise my glass in salute to you. We are on the right side of this, while twi hides in the shadows of evil.
  12. Those of us who exited twi, AND have now done extensive background research on the cult (as opposed to being carried away by youthful groupthink and peer pressure).....maintain strong convictions of the manipulation and exploitation from the cult. It is my belief that most will recognize the early warning signs of an abusive relationship, sound the alarm for others and stay away. Many of us were deeply entrenched in the programs and networking of this cult. Whether it was WOW, Fellow Laborers, or Way Corps.....we saw the underpinnings that were non-Christian or pseudo-Christian, at best. The higher up the hierarchy, the more Pharisaic the cult's colors show thru. And, when wierwille enters the spotlight of Scriptural scrutiny, the drunkenness, serial plagiarism, bullying, striker, sexual predation, misogynic undertones, etc.....put him in the category of a man of the flesh. While there are still some who idolize wierwille, and post on GSC......their drumbeating of "this great man" is falling on deaf ears. As adults, we've moved on to the weightier matters of Scriptural integrity....or pursuits in life, career and family that give fulfillment. We see thru twi's deceptive scam that is played on the youth. We stay true to our own personal convictions and a core of GSC-posters stay committed to warning others of this evil that lurks near the flock of God. God bless. Happy New Year 2023.
  13. Reminds me of that quote: “You know, everybody's ignorant, just on different subjects.” ― Will Rogers
  14. It may not be the *golden parachutes and paychecks* scenario of leaving the corporate landscape with stock options, severance package, pension enhancements, 401K, perks and benefits......but starting up a splinter group has great potential for a lane to run in. If the splinter guy develops a series of teachings (a class)..... then it provides the rails to move information. There seems to be an endless supply of hirelings out there who operate out of a "storefront church in a strip mall." The gullible public have lost their critical thinking skills. Add charisma and the entertainment factor in the mix and people will come. Oftentimes, the ex-twi "believers" unknowingly have a subservient mindset that has been grooved over the decades. Once leaving twi, they seek other leadership to help them navigate thru life. The cycle repeats itself. Classes. Cults. Carry on. For the new splinter leader.....win/win. He gets adulation coming to his front door. Travel. Perks. Privilege. He is simply following the prototype that wierwille set when he, vpw, started up his group. When wierwille stepped away from the denominational church, he too was doing some math. On page 228 of Mrs. Wierwille's book, Born Again to Serve, victor writes a letter on November 5, 1958 to his start-up following. In this letter, two paragraphs stand out. 1) "Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 27th. I will be back for Thanksgiving and I was wondering if you would like to have a special Thanksgiving Service that night at Headquarters?" 2) Next paragraph: "If I could get another 6 families interested in our local group meetings who would join with us week after week in fellowship as well as the giving of their tithes for this work and ministry we would have a greater group than we have even now. Although I sure thank God for your faithfulness and you know I have to teach whenever and wherever God opens doors. Some weeks and months our people are gone a great deal, but I know I do, and others do the same, even when we are out teaching we arrange for our tithe to be in every Sunday night." ############## "The class money pays the overhead expenses......the faithful tithing/abs is the mother lode." Do the math......10% of income really adds up!! What if splinter group reaches 300 adults who faithfully tithe... 100 couples and 100 adult singles = 300 people Average in high incomes/low incomes.....ballpark averages Average annual income of couples (together) = $80,000 resulting in $8,000 tithe per couple $8,000 per couple each year X 100 couples = $800,000 per year If adult single average annual income = $40,000 results in $4,000 tithe per single $4,000 per single each year X 100 singles = $400,000 per year TOTAL: $800,000 + $400,000 = $1,200,000 per year tithe total [300 people]
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