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  1. Reminds me of that quote: “You know, everybody's ignorant, just on different subjects.” ― Will Rogers
  2. It may not be the *golden parachutes and paychecks* scenario of leaving the corporate landscape with stock options, severance package, pension enhancements, 401K, perks and benefits......but starting up a splinter group has great potential for a lane to run in. If the splinter guy develops a series of teachings (a class)..... then it provides the rails to move information. There seems to be an endless supply of hirelings out there who operate out of a "storefront church in a strip mall." The gullible public have lost their critical thinking skills. Add charisma and the entertainment factor in the mix and people will come. Oftentimes, the ex-twi "believers" unknowingly have a subservient mindset that has been grooved over the decades. Once leaving twi, they seek other leadership to help them navigate thru life. The cycle repeats itself. Classes. Cults. Carry on. For the new splinter leader.....win/win. He gets adulation coming to his front door. Travel. Perks. Privilege. He is simply following the prototype that wierwille set when he, vpw, started up his group. When wierwille stepped away from the denominational church, he too was doing some math. On page 228 of Mrs. Wierwille's book, Born Again to Serve, victor writes a letter on November 5, 1958 to his start-up following. In this letter, two paragraphs stand out. 1) "Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 27th. I will be back for Thanksgiving and I was wondering if you would like to have a special Thanksgiving Service that night at Headquarters?" 2) Next paragraph: "If I could get another 6 families interested in our local group meetings who would join with us week after week in fellowship as well as the giving of their tithes for this work and ministry we would have a greater group than we have even now. Although I sure thank God for your faithfulness and you know I have to teach whenever and wherever God opens doors. Some weeks and months our people are gone a great deal, but I know I do, and others do the same, even when we are out teaching we arrange for our tithe to be in every Sunday night." ############## "The class money pays the overhead expenses......the faithful tithing/abs is the mother lode." Do the math......10% of income really adds up!! What if splinter group reaches 300 adults who faithfully tithe... 100 couples and 100 adult singles = 300 people Average in high incomes/low incomes.....ballpark averages Average annual income of couples (together) = $80,000 resulting in $8,000 tithe per couple $8,000 per couple each year X 100 couples = $800,000 per year If adult single average annual income = $40,000 results in $4,000 tithe per single $4,000 per single each year X 100 singles = $400,000 per year TOTAL: $800,000 + $400,000 = $1,200,000 per year tithe total [300 people]
  3. Here is some background on ss withholding policy...... Rosalie's Retirement Plan These comments give some insight: Skyrider quote: "There was a time when twi required staffers to sign a waiver form on SS payments. My yearly SS statement shows ZEROES for those staff years at hq. Around 1985 or thereabouts, twi's auditors/accountants informed twi that it needed to change its policies on SS waivers/payments." Linda Z quote: "In October of 1974 a law was passed exempting churches and their employees from paying social security and Medicare taxes. The law changed in 1984, and churches/church employees had to start paying into SS, although I don't remember having SS tax deducted in any of the years I was on staff (82-86)."
  4. Rocky…..that SS withholding policy was changed in 1985/1986. Again, it was something (if I recall correctly) that was mandated by law or new policies…. not by twi’s consideration of staffers future/retirement.
  5. For some reason......filthy lucre comes to mind.
  6. Wierwille made it clear about his thoughts and policy on retirement. Time and again, he spotlighted Dorothy Owens and Rhoda Wierwille as examples in how a believer conducts himself/herself in retirement......ie, KEEP WORKING. As Oldskool pointed out.... things changed after the Allen lawsuit. Quite the benevolent ministry, eh? Only when lawyers and legalities get involved does twi get backed into a corner to do the "morally-right thing."
  7. Although dozens of top-tier leaders and clergy left The Way International prior to wierwille's death (1985)...... I don't recall any of them starting up a splinter group that aligned with most of the tenets of pfal. That all changed when wierwille died. With wierwille gone.....seemingly, lots of these rivals saw an opportunity in front of them. Knowing that twi was a pyramid-structure......if they stayed, no golden parachute or paychecks in the long term. The best retirement package one could achieve was to become *pyramid point man* of his OWN group. Thru the years, trustees made it clear that twi would not be providing a substantial retirement package. Thus, it was understandable why dozens of region guys and corps coordinators took to the splinter-path. When leaders are not justifiably compensated for decades of faithful hard work.....they move on. Chris Geer was the most brazen in this attempt. His public assault on the then-trustees, craig, don and howard....was the most notable post-humous alignment and power-grab in memory. His assailed attack on the corps, claiming that 90% of them were possessed..... was a bridge too far. This disruption spread confusion and division that would never mend. Interestingly, as geer's quest for power unfolded in the following years....he patched together (can we say plagiarized?) a franchise-class that he sold to others. Talk about golden parachutes and paychecks....!!! LOL Many of these splinters who hit the trail in 1986-1988 have had YEARS/DECADES to cash in their paychecks. Those who self-installed themselves as the splinter leader didn't have to go find another job or be retrained. They simply kept doing what wierwille did. They tweaked some version of pfal..... pointing out where twi had gone wrong and convinced their band of followers to keep supporting them. Some of these guys are now deceased. They got to ride off in the sunset with those pfal tapes tucked underneath their left arm and a bible in their right hand. WordWolf quote from Revival and Restoration thread: "I really think that RnR is more a matter of the golden parachutes and paychecks of a few twi higher-ups who realized twi was planning on leaving them high and dry. If they had been given a bigger slice of the pie, they would have stayed in twi longer yet. These were leaders who stayed when all the previous exoduses (exodi?) saw everyone with sense jump ship. Other than realizing they were getting older, there was no reason to finally leave." It has been long known that when Martindale was ousted from twi in 2000...... that he went to Toledo and got a job at Bally's as a fitness trainer. A few years later, he worked at UPS and slung boxes for a paycheck. And, a reliable source just told us that he also did a stint at Home Depot as a "cart boy." Amazing to see the freefall.... (without a parachute). BUT NOW...... is craig martindale trying to start a splinter? The narcissism runs deep in these ex-twi corps. It is a fascinating study to see how these guys operate. How they rationalize their actions. How they dismiss ALL of wierwille's plagiarism, sexual predation, drunkenness, exploitation of youth, etc. etc. etc..... in God's name.
  8. Somewhere along the way..... I remember hearing an old preacher say, "True Christianity has no religion in it." Religion is all man-made wherein authoritarian rulers set up their own hierarchies, mandates and judgments over others. Mark 8:15 And he [Jesus] charged them [his disciples], Take heed, beware of the leaven [doctrines / bureaucracy] of the Pharisees, and of the leaven of Herod. After 20-25 years of corps graduates..... The Way International mandated their corps grads to be involved and confrontational over those "under them." Seemed like every year the modern-day Pharisees ratcheted up more intimidation and pressure to 1) witness and 2) abs. This *manufactured spiritual bureaucracy* was similar to that of a shake down.
  9. Yes.....leaders (rulers) and followers (workers). Long gone are the days when those distinctions were not so distinctly defined. Where action, love and fellowship on the field was a driving force for involvement...... NOT dictates (dictators) at headquarters. When I got involved, our twig fellowship rarely, if ever, mentioned Sunday Night service teachings or events. Maybe my memories are hazy..... but I know that the songs we sang were mostly church hymns about Jesus. It wasn't until around 1977 or 1978 that I saw a significant change in twi's cult antics. Evolution of a cult, baby.
  10. How can it possibly be *honorable* before God...... when modern-day Pharisees [twi and splinter leaders alike] uphold "the law of wierwille-doctrine" above the scriptures? How can they cling to wierwille's teaching on "the absent Christ" when we see plainly that there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus [I Timothy 2:5] and he is the mediator of the new testament [Hebrews 9:14]? If these splinter guys simply regurgitate pfal to their ex-twi groups..... then they are omitting "the weightier matters" of God's law, judgment, mercy and faith. And, some of us here at GSC believe that wierwille skewed the teachings of the nine manifestations of holy spirit. He tweaked them in a way that assigned them as rote [routine] acceptance....ie. speaking in tongues with interpretation in a believer's meeting. Oftentimes, calling on someone in the audience that was neither ready nor inspired by God with such utterances. I believe that our service, here at GSC, is far greater than the well-worn path of modern-day Pharisees and hypocrites. The splinter guys are also lording over God's heritage......not setting free those who are held captive to pfal's cult-indoctrination. Matthew 23 details this clarity: Woe unto you........hypocrites [shut up the kingdom of heaven against men] (verse 13) Woe unto you........hypocrites [ye devour widows' houses and for a pretense make long prayer] (verse 14) Woe unto you........hypocrites [make disciples twofold more the child of hell than yourselves] (verse 15) Woe unto you........hypocrites [omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy and faith] (verse 23) Woe unto you........hypocrites [make clean the outside of the cup...within is full of extortion and excess] (verse 25) Woe unto you........hypocrites [whited sepulchers.....full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness] (verse 27) Woe unto you........hypocrites [you build the tombs of the prophets and garnish the sepulchers] (verse 29)
  11. I agree with this assessment...........ie, *a few of these twi higher-ups (ex-corps coordinators and clergy)* would have stayed with twi if the bod had dished out TO THEM a bigger slice of the pie. Heck, if they're going to continue to preach and teach pfal according to wierwille, then why instigate division? BECAUSE..... Rosalie and Donna were making them jump thru hoops with NO JUSTIFIABLE COMPENSATION. So.....they take their marbles and move the game across the street. Big whoop. Here at GSC, we've gone back and documented the flawed research. We've shown clearly the doctrinal errors and how it led to practical errors in judgment and service. We've lifted the burdens of fear, guilt and shame and set twi-captives free. We've documented the plagiarism and how the wierwille-mystique gave way to idolizing a man who was NOT fit for the office of a church elder. Here at GSC......it is my contention that we've done far greater service for the ex-cult community than these guys from RnR and Oideos will ever do.
  12. Yep....they are reaching back when the deception worked in vic's day. Back when..... there was NO INTERNET Back when..... twi could CONTROL the messaging and revised history Back when..... vic praised his Ohio-frumpy adult enablers with crazy hyperbole Back when..... wierwille and howard could sexually abuse any girl "in the kingdom" Back when..... youth "leaders" idolized the cult leader and drank his kool-aide Back when..... elena whites!de wrote a fabricated utopia of "The Way: Living in Love" Those were the days, my friend. LOL
  13. BUMP ############ Well, it's been over five years...... and it seems appropriate to ask a few questions. Anything happening with all those cloistered-clergy efforts at Revival and Restoration? Are they gaining any momentum or has their bluster faded away? Are their teachings reaching any one besides the choir? Any one here privy to their status? ############ I can't help but think what I said a few years ago has come to pass......i.e. "First of all, this RnR group will SOON REALIZE.......once people break away from the fear-based twit-cult, they will NOT automatically follow another "designated leader." Once the stranglehold is broken......and IF any venture on over to GSC......they will find whole new vistas of thought and freedom. Their critical thought processes will engage......AND......many will STOP GOING TO AN RnR-SPLINTER GROUP, as well. Many who went to CES..........don't anymore. Many who went to CFF..........don't anymore. Once people break free from the chains of fear, manipulation and exploitation........they ain't going to regularly attend RnR "fellowships" and give a hunk of their hard-earned money to ANOTHER group that preaches wierwille-adulation. Plus, add in some corps grad egos who want salaried........and, bang, off to the races they go with more in-fighting, back-biting, and splintering. Once people exit a cult..........it's a new world out there." .
  14. No, I don't have Rinker's book.....but it sounds like something I'd be interested in pursuing.
  15. No, it was Dr. Higgins who introduced wierwille to the works of E. W. Bullinger. She sat in the first "The Gifts of the Spirit"[Bullinger's class]........er, pfal class.
  16. Interesting background information on Bishop K.C. Pillai ...... from Mrs. Wierwille's book. "Bishop Pillai had made arrangements with Dr. Williams to be our host in India. There couldn't have been a better person for this assignment. It was definitely God's providence that we should be making our missionary teaching tour at a time when Dr. Williams could be our host." [p. 125] "During the years prior to India's independence in 1948, many of the Indian revolutionaries were imprisoned for trying to oust the British. During those times, Dr. Williams contributed to the independence movement by personally carrying communications to and from these patriots. He was trusted to take correspondence and messages to those who would later become the highest political leaders in the Indian government, men such as Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Vice President Dr. Radha Krishna, and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the father of India." [p. 126] "Because of Dr. Williams's contacts and credibility, it was possible for Dr. Wierwille to meet personally, if he so desired, with the current president and any of the cabinet members in India's government and many governors of provinces." [p. 126] Note: emphasis added to Mrs. Wierwille's quotes. ################# So.....Bishop Pillai had personal communications and access to Dr. Williams and requested that Dr. Williams host the Wierwille family during the travels throughout India. ################# Now....background on Pillai. Page 96 Exact quotes from her book. Look at Dorothy's statements in second paragraph......LOL "In the summer of 1953 Dr. Wierwille's brother Harry went to Tennessee to visit a Christian children's camp called the 'Tennessee Mountain Mission,' which he was financially supporting. While there, Harry decided one evening to attend a nearby Baptist church in Chattanooga, where an Anglican bishop from India was scheduled to speak. This speaker was Bishop K. C. Pillai. After hearing Bishop Pillai that evening, Harry called Dr. Wierwille and enthusiastically told him of the teaching and asked Dr. Wierwille if he should bring him to Van Wert since 'the Bishop,' as we called him, had a couple of days open before his next engagement. Doctor responded, 'If he's that good, you better bring him here!' Hastily we scheduled a few meetings, and Dr. Wierwille set aside personal time to spend with the Bishop." "It is no secret that Dr. Wierwille was always in search of greater knowledge and understanding of God's Word. He felt there was so much more to know than he knew. One reason he had inadequate knowledge of the Bible was that he had in his formal education studied theological and other writings instead of having focused on the Bible itself. So he was forever continuing his quest to see God's Word, rightly-divided." Hence.......vpw was always plagiarizing from others to present himself as someone he was not.
  17. BACK TO TOPIC ...... ################ YET.... wierwille didn't believe it [this *Christ-in-you* scriptural truth that he, vpw, gave extensive theatrics to drive home its significance]. Else he would have structured his ministry on Christian truths, not lockstep obedience. Individuals within this ministry would have flourished with personal sovereignty, boundaries, dignity, integrity......rather than denigrated, ,manipulated and exploited. This histrionic performance was a "hook" that snagged youth into his boat. His theatrics were classic "bait and switch" in every sense of that concept. ################ From 1976-1982, I do not remember ANY TEACHING BY WIERWILLE where he drilled down on this "Christ-in-you" truth and made it the centerpiece of his teaching. To me, it was one of those pfal-hallmark *truths* that I could see clearly from the scriptures. From this launching pad of truth.....EACH INDIVIDUAL IS FULLY UNIQUE AND A MEMBER IN PARTICULAR. Thus, the corps-clone factory in Emporia made NO sense to me. Sure, some basic discipline training..... but not the harsh treatment of individuals. Does God want a campus of clones? Heck, the Old Testament is rich in detail of strengths and weaknesses of men like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, etc. And, after Pentecost.... the scriptures don't show us men and women who walked out of a clone factory. We were railroaded by a charlatan, folks. Wierwille NEVER submitted to a program where he was someone else's servant. Even more so, rules be damned as wierwille eloped with Dotsie to Kentucky.... when they both clearly knew of the rule that pre-seminary students were NOT PERMITTED to get married before completing their seminary training [p. 28 BATS]. When wierwille came to the campus.....why was he singling out corps and dishing out such harsh public criticism? Why was he flaunting his smoking at lunchtime and forbade any one else to pull out their smokes? He was a striker. This intimidation and combative environment fed into his malignant narcissism. Wierwille used the vehicle of a "ministry" to gain access and control over others. Period.
  18. Desperation has set in. More and more people are going to the internet and seeing twi's ruse.....and leaving this cult. The corps program is dismal. Hundreds of corps and advanced class grads have abandoned them in the past ten years. Very few want to be worker bees at twi's compound. As twi's relevance fades into obscurity, the ONLY THING THAT THEY CAN CONROL IS THE MYTH OF WIERWILLE AND PFAL. Controlling this "information" is the key to their survival. Nothing else would hasten their collapse faster than losing "the high ground of this narrative." Yes, pfal was a stolen class from Leonard. They don't care. Yes, there are flaws throughout pfal. They don't care. Yes, wierwille was a liar and a thief. They don't care, GSC has exposed twi in every possible way, from soup to nuts. They cannot shut down this information. They cannot silence their critics. The only thing twi can do is to command (threaten) their followers NOT TO GO ON THE INTERNET. Yeah, that works...LOL. For many, it only heightens they sense of suspicion and concern that twi is hiding something. Yes, they are hiding information. Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism In the book, Lifton outlines the "Eight Criteria for Thought Reform": Milieu Control. This involves the control of information and communication both within the environment and, ultimately, within the individual, resulting in a significant degree of isolation from society at large. Mystical Manipulation. The manipulation of experiences that appears spontaneous but is, in fact, planned and orchestrated by the group or its leaders to demonstrate divine authority, spiritual advancement, or some exceptional talent or insight that sets the leader and/or group apart from humanity, and that allows a reinterpretation of historical events, scripture, and other experiences. Coincidences and happenstance oddities are interpreted as omens or prophecies. Demand for Purity. The world is viewed as black and white and the members are constantly exhorted to conform to the ideology of the group and strive for perfection. The induction of guilt and/or shame is a powerful control device used here. Confession. Sins, as defined by the group, are to be confessed either to a personal monitor or publicly to the group. There is no confidentiality; members' "sins," "attitudes," and "faults" are discussed and exploited by the leaders. Sacred Science. The group's doctrine [PFAL] or ideology is considered to be the ultimate Truth, beyond all questioning or dispute. Truth is not to be found outside the group. The leader, as the spokesperson for God or all humanity, is likewise above criticism. Loading the Language. The group interprets or uses words and phrases in new ways so that often the outside world does not understand. This jargon consists of thought-terminating clichés, which serve to alter members' thought processes to conform to the group's way of thinking. Doctrine over person. Members' personal experiences are subordinated to the sacred science and any contrary experiences must be denied or reinterpreted to fit the ideology of the group. Dispensing of existence. The group has the prerogative to decide who has the right to exist and who does not. This is usually not literal but means that those in the outside world are not saved, unenlightened, unconscious, and must be converted to the group's ideology. If they do not join the group or are critical of the group, then they must be rejected by the members. Thus, the outside world loses all credibility. In conjunction, should any member leave the group, he or she must be rejected also.[3]
  19. The only way to hold to this cognitive dissonance..... is to stay in an "endless present." No matter that some 150 way corps exited twi between 2007-2016. No matter that very few want to sign on as hq-staff employment. No matter that another exodus happened in 2017....with corps coordinators & clergy leaving, no less. No matter that Steve L0ngley, one of twi's foundational class teachers (2004) cut ties with twi. No matter that twi has backtracked on their "debt policy" they established in 1994. The cult keeps them from REVIEWING HISTORY.....even within the last 10 years. The followers are thought-conditioned on obedience to their leaders. They are institutionalized by Nurse Ratchet and sedated with their daily dose of medicine pills. Lunchtime announcements keep the daily lecturing of "us versus them" pertinent so that they do not stray into questioning authority. Subtle. Daily. Indoctrination. If every day one STAYS IN PRESENT CONFORMITY...... then it shuts down ACCUMULATION OF HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES from which to catalogue, analyze and discern truth from error.
  20. Nothing else matters to this cult except preserving the narrative....ie wierwille was called and destined by God to "teach this word that hadn't been known for centuries." Problem was..... preachers and ministers HAD been teaching these truths. Twi is a classic example of an authoritarian, thought-control cult. Manipulation of 1) behavior, 2) information, 3) thoughts, and 4) emotions. The only way twi can function is thru deception at every level. Notice how they skewer twi-history and ONLY focus on the 1967 pfal-filming as a seismic shift in the spiritual universe. Why do they AVOID.... Wierwille's beginnings of teaching Leonard's class (1953) in the Van Wert Church basement? Vpw's staying on church payroll until August 1957. New Headquarters and Independent Beginning: Thursday, December 19, 1957. Ten years of vp's driving from city to city to teach pfal classes (1958-1967). Meager abundant sharing.....until confiscating Heefner's and Doop's independent works (March 1972) Really, wierwille only had 10 years of exponential growth AFTER cunning deceit and exploits. Wierwille lost an eye, had cancer.... keeping this cancer secret from the body of believers. Reminds me of something I recently read about George Orwell's character Winston Smith in Nineteen Eighty-Four. Winston worked in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth where his job was to rewrite historical documents so they matched the constantly changing party line (twi's "present truth"). This involved revising newspaper articles and doctoring photographs -- mostly to remove "unpersons" (mark and avoid people/corps). In manipulating and altering historical realities......in essence, “history had stopped. Nothing existed except an endless present in which the Party (Cult) is always right.” Another thing, twi avoids any mention of all other attempts of these foundational classes.....Another pfal class full of dead men's bones Power for Abundant Living (1967). Wierwille plagiarized wholesale from B.G. Leonard (stolen class) PFAL '77. Wierwille attempted to update this class in 1977 (failed) Way of Abundance and Power Class (1996). Martindale's attempt. A class filled with sport analogies and jockstrap ego. (crash & burn) WAP Class Update (2004 ?). Three Amigos teach sections. Still has the lingering effects and questions of Craig Martindale's presidency and cover-up. Power for Abundant Living Today (2022). Shiny and new. Makes it looks like twi is actually doing something rather than just serving refried teachings over and over again. With each passing decade..... twi has become the "unpersons."
  21. Wierwille took this histrionic-homiletics to absurd levels. His stories in pfal were zingers.... implanting a coded-message of intimidation and fear into the minds of youth. Even in the 12th Session of pfal, wierwille closes out his class with telling students to spend the next three months reading his pfal collaterals. Indoctrination 101. Keep them involved. Keep them addicted. Keep them indoctrinated. With each new class/program level came more aggressive measures of commitment. Seal your corps vow to twi with salt. No matter how much debauchery, plagiarism, drunkenness, or evil you uncovered at the top levels of twi..... you were "salted" for life? Screw that!! The Scriptures state plainly to flee even the appearance of evil. Oftentimes, especially in closed-session meetings with corps..... it was debasing and mean-spirited. Wierwille ruled by fear.
  22. Thank you BecomingMe for your courage and honesty. Your willingness to address these issues openly (imo) is a testimony to your mental strength and stamina to acquire personal autonomy of your authentic self. Good for you! Never give up, never give in. Like many others who went thru the gauntlet of twi, some have endured great tragedies of family separation and estrangement. You are not alone. I hear you. I, too, went thru a valley of emotional stress and trauma after my deprogramming episode in 1981. Wierwille fanned the flames of this episode by giving me FALSE PROPHECY.....stating, face-to-face with me, that "Your parents will be dead in five years for having done this to you." Still, to this day.....I find it alarming how few understand the depths of the wierwille/pfal mystique. One of the many things that those *deprogrammers* brought to my attention was Robert Jay Lifton's book --Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism. Well, now.... it seems apparent to me that the charismatic wierwille, cunning, deceiving, lazy and a malignant narcissist, displayed an uncanny grasp on how to indoctrinate people. Immersed in that environment for nearly five decades, Craig had his conscience seared with a hot iron and cannot recover his moral, psychological compass to generate compassion and empathy for others (like so many other top-tier corps leaders). He is stuck on the hamster-wheel. One of the things that I've found very helpful is writing and posting my thoughts. Thru the years, posting on GSC has been like "running a clear, mountain stream thru a muddy creek." It washes away the filth and disease. Thus, I hope you BecomingMe continue to voice you thoughts, opinions and critical thinking via posts here or elsewhere. If there is anything that I could possibly ever do for you, please send me a private message. You are such an inspiration to us all. Take care.
  23. The 1967 pfal class was a mixture of plagiarized information, scriptures, stories and theatrics. Wierwille was nearly 51 years old and had spent 14 years (1953-1967) teaching this material and honing his skill of histrionics. Wierwille inserted "zingers" into pfal via his stories. Who could forget the story of a mother and her little boy. As the story goes..... with each passing month, she feared that something tragic would happen to little son. Wierwille builds the story with melodramatics and accelerating voice inflection.... "....and she held that fear and held that fear UNTIL ONE DAY IT HAPPENED, HER LITTLE BOY WAS KILLED OUTRIGHT!" You know what killed that little boy, wierwille proclaimed. So, you just quit your yakking. It was the fear in the heart of that mother that killed him. FEAR is negative believing. It is the law of believing in reverse. God would have to change all the laws of the universe for this not to happen. Fear killed her little boy. That's the law of believing. But the theatrics of *Christ-in-you, the hope of glory* was not a story, but scriptural truth [Colossians 1:27]. Once again, with immense theatrics....wierwille highlights this truth with repetitive emphasis. Over and over he repeated the phrase....Christ in you, Christ in you, Christ in you, the hope of gloooory!! Animated, on his feet, shaking his fists, overacting in theatrical drama.....wierwille claimed its significance. Colossians 1:27 To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. YET.... wierwille didn't believe it. Else he would have structured his ministry on Christian truths, not lockstep obedience. Individuals within this ministry would have flourished with personal sovereignty, boundaries, dignity, integrity......rather than denigrated, ,manipulated and exploited. This histrionic performance was a "hook" that snagged youth into his boat. His theatrics were classic "bait and switch" in every sense of that concept. Seemingly, wierwille could NOT pull off the same theatrics ten years later......at PFAL '77. The re-filming of his pfal class was a failure. Why the failure? Were the stories and zingers and theatrics THAT IMPORTANT to pfal's success? Or, had the plagiarized material that wierwille once taught repetitiously escaped his grasp? And, if the importance of *Christ in you* was shout-to-the-Lord glorifying.....why did wierwille rarely teach it nor expound upon it? Well, seems to me that wierwille used theatrics to ensnare a following, but wierwille's malignant narcissism was his wheelhouse. He used every tool in his woodshed to keep people from finding out his true and authentic self. With power and control firmly established, the depths of his narcissistic pathologies came to the fore. His enablers and inner circle kept the mystique growing as Drambuie-wierwille stepped out of the back room for another late-night corps meeting or night owl. But for many staff and corps, this wierwille family heritage was hard to stomach. The theatrics no longer work.....when one sees behind the curtain.
  24. Lest we forget..... wierwille's teachings on "spiritual adultery."
  25. Rocky, OldSkool, Waysider, WordWolf, T-Bone, Twinky ---- ALL of you are right. "Spiritual Goals" was (is) a nebulous, vague concept that wierwille injected into the twi-lexicon to coerce followers to the next higher level of twi-servitude. In its most basic form, having "spiritual goals" was OBEDIENCE TO WIERWILLE/TWI. Occam's razor ...... ie. the simplest answer is most generally right. Like Scientology, many groups have their own brand of "spiritual achievement." For reasons known by psychologists, people seem more motivated when there is a "level to climb" in front of them. Not only does it give the person personal satisfaction, but it broadcasts to others in the group that this person has reached another level. Like crabs in a bucket.... each one trying to climb over each other to get to the top. Wierwille stumbled along for decades until he grasped onto the three main "levels" that would define his ministry......1) staff, 2) advanced class grad, and 3) corps. The College Division group was short-lived......as was Fellow Laborers. IMO, wierwille did not promote fellow laborers, because it was state-run and did not involve headquarters. Thus, wierwille had no use for it. Here at GSC, we've discussed and dissected wierwille's attributes, characteristics, carnality and modus operandi thousands of times. But the reasons why wierwille built a pyramid-system (and all its trappings) and levels to scale this manufactured spirituality known at The Way International was because..... wierwille was a man of the flesh. Wierwille did NOT know God....in the biblical sense. Therefore, he tweaked around the edges and worked in the shadowy terrain of a deceiver.
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