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    Splinter Cults are WORSE........not better

    Hey, EX-corps coordinators and corps sycophants........are you STILL idolizing wierwille? Have you gone back and **corrected** his doctrinal errors that he taught? Errors like..... cancer is a devil spirit (unless you think that wierwille DIED POSSESSED OF A DEVIL SPIRIT). LOL How about all major church denominations are led by those born of the seed of the serpent. Do you guys still teach THAT? To me, it seems like wierwille was more fixated on the devil, not God....in his later years. Why is that? I had one-on-one encounters with wierwille......and he gave me FALSE prophecy. Wierwille's personal prophecy to me
  2. In a galaxy far, far away...............I got involved in The Way International, because they were offering a foundational class on the Bible. At the time, I was in my second year of college and out cruising on my 900 Kawasaki this one Sunday morning when I stopped at a state park to stretch my legs and two WOW ambassadors approached me. I attended some twig fellowships and signed up for pfal........and took the class. There were 12 students in this class......everyone was under 25 years old. Add two WOW years, Way Corps training.......and its potent mixture of manipulation and indoctrination.......and my transformation into a cult was complete. Corps coordinators had us jumping thru hoops to avoid public embarrassment, guilt and fear in nearly every closed-door meeting. Wierwille taught many corps nights and would rail on those corps leaders [4th, 5th and 6th corps -- mainly].......calling some "cop-outs" for leaving him. When Barr1e Hill went thru her deprogramming experience and came back to twi, and later Monty Pelt0......wierwille had them on main stage telling their stories of escape. See......"twi was your true family." The "Us verses Them" teachings were a daily occurrence. My involvement in twi lasted until 1998.......after six agonizing years as Oklahoma's Limb Coordinator. And when martindale was ousted in 2000 by twi's lawyers, no less.......that should have been a big fricken clue as to how rotten twi had become. But STILL......lots and lots of corps remained committed to twi-servitude. And now, FINALLY.......after 16 years of Rivenbark leadership, more corps have had enough and splinter cults are cropping up. Ric0 Magnelli is heading up Oikeos and Bob Moynihan, Michael Fort and Ed Horney are spearheading efforts for Revival and Restoration. Splinter cults run by Corps Coordinators.........surprise, surprise. The guys who were the most steeped in complicity AND hypocrisy want to get behind the microphone and lead others?!?!? NO THANKS. In my opinion........splinter cults are WORSE, not better. Maybe it's just me, but I think Matthew 23 speaks volumes of seasoned Pharisees who make it their business to run roughshod over other peoples' lives. I think that the Lord does NOT look kindly upon them. How many times did they bind heavy burdens upon us, grievous to be shouldered.....while they themselves regurgitated "the law of believing" in their teachings to us. All those crappy teachings on *the wooden spoon* at the Indiana Campus. All the Group Confrontations and Yell-fests over one corps person who no longer wanted to jump thru some damn hoop. All that disgusting MOG-doctrine crap......where wierwille was "the man of God of the universe." And, demanding that way corps stay loyal to the board of trustees......even when it was blatantly obvious that the "twi-debt policy" or the"no-pregnancy policy" was God-awful tripe. Or, the "mark and avoid" policy. Hypocrites!! Woe unto you........hypocrites [shut up the kingdom of heaven against men] (verse 13) Woe unto you........hypocrites [ye devour widows' houses and for a pretense make long prayer] (verse 14) Woe unto you........hypocrites [make disciples twofold more the child of hell than yourselves] (verse 15) Woe unto you........hypocrites [omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy and faith] (verse 23) Woe unto you........hypocrites [make clean the outside of the cup...within is full of extortion and excess] (verse 25) Woe unto you........hypocrites [whited sepulchers.....full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness] (verse 27) Woe unto you........hypocrites [you build the tombs of the prophets and garnish the sepulchers] (verse 29) The Lord Jesus taught it plainly for all to see..........scribes, Pharisees, and hypocrites. Got it? Corps coordinators..........ppffffftttt. You guys should have YOUR BUTTS in the seats learning from others.
  3. skyrider

    Splinter Cults are WORSE........not better

    What is a Way Corps minister? Is a "way corps minister" one who has a special calling? Does a "way corps minister" lose his calling when he/she exits, or is kicked out of, twi? Do "way corps ministers" have a higher upgrade to minister to others than advanced class grads? Moving forward after being cast out, this R&R group had to drop the wayspeak lingo fast........ Way Corps ministers.......Way Corps service..........????? If they are no longer "way corps ministers".......are these guys no longer "reverends?" .
  4. skyrider

    Splinter Cults are WORSE........not better

    Exactly! Hence, the word "splinter cult."
  5. skyrider

    Splinter Cults are WORSE........not better

    Those who intentionally hide and dismiss wierwille's plagiarism, research foibles, and sexual predation AND have made it their business to lord over others.........THOSE SPLINTER GROUPS are worse! At the starting gate of splintering from twi, they are hypocrites before God and man.
  6. skyrider

    Splinter Cults are WORSE........not better

    Yeah, Raf........it is a blanket statement, because (obviously) none of us have looked into every splinter group out there. But.....the way I see it, a splinter group is one that has people who've split from twi and want to continue in "the Word as wierwille taught them", and/or research the rightly-divided word" utilizing pfal material, and/or band together in home fellowships to embrace the nostalgia of the early days of twi. I'm sure that there are other derivatives "of fellowship" out there who may have drifted to more church-oriented doctrines, but have basic relationships and friendship that stem back to twi-days. The swath of splinter groups is wide......I certainly would not dispute that. Why is it that those with titles think that they are EN-titled to lead a splinter group? As I said before.......corps coordinators should have THEIR BUTTS in the seats and let others teach and lead. Their pride and arrogance is what makes it WORSE. .
  7. skyrider

    Splinter Cults are WORSE........not better

    Exhibit C: Victor Barnard Exhibit D: Chris Geer
  8. skyrider

    Splinter Cults are WORSE........not better

    Well.........the point being, I'm here at GSC to sound the alarm on cults and their tactics. I care about the people who get ensnared........ I care about those who are bruised and brokenhearted..... I care about setting the captives free...... That's the mission of GSC......to tell the other side of the story. Beware of splinter-cults, too !!! That's the point.
  9. skyrider

    Splinter Cults are WORSE........not better

    Corps coordinators are the LEAST qualified to start a splinter group. Their hypocrisy and complicity to all that went before.......makes it wrong. (imo) Exhibit A: John Lynn Exhibit B: Momentus
  10. Damn straight !! These splinter cults are not better.......they are WORSE. Matthew 23 comes to mind..........scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites!
  11. On April 18th........Revival and Restoration posted a 5-part series of teachings that were recorded in Stateline, Nevada on October 6 & 7, 2018. Do these guys still pay homage to twi's Anniversary Weekend that is held the first Sunday of October each year? Podium..........check Teachings......check Students at tables.....check Bland repetition.........check The marketing of this event was entitled The Mystery Living and Real........see, just this subtle hat tip to how wierwille launched his exclusivity from other Christians. On twi's anniversary weekend no less........of all the weekends in a calendar year they picked this one!?! LOL. So, how do they gear up this "revival?" They've got to separate themselves from the pack (other splinters and churches)......else, why would "students" bother to attend their freelancing conferences and give money/support? Michael Fort is the first teacher in this series on the Book of Colossians. In his teaching at the 30:40 mark, he teaches on "Coconut Monkey Trap." He has a handout depicting this trap and has it passed out to the students......(because it's worthy of a handout in the context of "The Mystery"......???)......oh, the irony. How to catch a monkey in the jungle In my opinion, these R&R corps leaders are STILL caught in wierwille's monkey trap. They put their hand into the coconut to grasp what was inside.......and STILL haven't let go. They refuse to let go and cannot get away.......even though the coconut is tied with a steel cable to twi. The monkey cannot acknowledge why he is trapped in this device. Same anniversary weekend Same podium-style teachings Same authoritarian corps leaders in charge Any acknowledgement of wierwille's plagiarism or predation? Any admitting to complicity to wierwille's wrongdoings? Any repentance to the Lord Jesus Christ and Body of followers? Any open discussions to correct all wrong doctrines/practices? How about dismantling the delusional MOG-doctrine? Lots more....... The corps monkeys are STILL caught in the trap. .
  12. And, so it goes.............corps and clergy had been leaving wierwille since 1975 and wierwille takes to writing these corps letters. These corps letters were preemptive strikes..............attempting to keep the corps from exiting en masse. Just like preemptive strikes in pfal.............The six stages of wierwille's climb to power Wierwille was manipulating us .......strategically and deceptively.
  13. Letter after letter...........
  14. And this letter............February 1982
  15. Now what? Are you CORPS......or aren't you? Were you CALLED to be corps......as wierwille stated time and time again?
  16. How about this letter? What say you R&R leaders? Don't you have the heart of a doulos.......like twi's board of directors?
  17. skyrider

    Evidence: Letters VPW wrote to the Way Corps

    Bump .....
  18. Moynihans, Forts, and Horneys...........you guys should NOW re-read wierwille's *corps letters* from your "left the ministry" vantage point. Letters vpw wrote to the way corps *********** ********** More to follow............
  19. Appreciate it, DWBH. Love you brother. Keep standing tall.
  20. Questions That Should Be Answered By R&R Leaders: Now that you guys are no longer with twi........are you, as described by wierwille, "cop-outs?" Do you think that you are possessed with *deceiving spirits* because you are not meek to twi's board of directors? If you are characteristically mislabeled (misjudged) and slandered......what about all other corps/clergy before you? Was wierwille using bully-tactics against others who "abandoned" his authoritarian rule? Since you've walked away from those who "taught you the Word"......have you lost all those rewards at the bema? Now that you are labeled "mark and avoid"......has your understanding of that term changed? Wierwille died of cancer.......do you still teach, as wierwille did, that cancer is a devil spirit? What about the "law of believing".......wasn't it misconstrued by cherry-picking scriptures? Let's address plagiarism. Wierwille stole B.G. Leonard's class and taught it as his own, didn't he? Books, articles, and sermons were "lifted" along the way....with hardly a mention to Stiles, Bullinger, or others? And, the "Red Thread" teaching was Rev. Oral Roberts "The Fourth Man" teaching......wierwille simply tweaked it, right? How about we talk about the *holy spirit field*..........if this was such a cornerstone of wierwille's ministry (cough, cough) why has it been neglected for the past 30 years? Who ever notes, in present-day reality......the demonstration of the spirit of word of knowledge, word of wisdom or discerning of spirits? Heck, I sat in the BRC in 1981 when Dr. Wierwille vehemently stated that an 8th corps guy had a daimon spirit......and after stern confrontation and fuming, wierwille walked away from this guy. No spirit was cast out and the corps guy went back to his unit, graduated, and went on LEAD staff. Huh? What are you guys doing to correct the DOCTRINAL errors that wierwille taught? What are you guys doing to "heal the bruised and broken-hearted" of those who wierwille and martindale sexually abused? Why are all of you guys "teachers?"...... Doesn't anyone have the gift of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist or a Pastor? Sheesh.....it reminds me of the saying, "Those that can't do....teach." I've got lots more questions..............but this is a good start. And, another thing........you guys REALLY need to pull your head out of this echo chamber of self-congratulations and cognitive dissonance. Go to church for a couple of months and learn from them. You guys sound boring as hell.
  21. So......THIS is what they've got after TWO YEARS of exiting twi? What do I see? Three corps coordinators trying to position their authority over others Corps devotees attempting to assuage their twi involvement/guilt A few butts in seats.......and stuffy deadness in the air A bland website....https://revivalandrestoration.org/teachings With no one adding to the comments section about the teachings When dozens of corps signed that March 2017 letter to twi's board of directors........how many of them are ALREADY gone from this R&R group? I would wager a guess of 60%. Oh sure, they might show up for a teaching or two in their local area........but who wants to fly into Nevada for a bloviating yawnfest? Who is going to head out the door for some witnessing to bring others to this group? And.....just wait another 2-3 years and see the lackluster involvement. Why didn't these folks just hook up with CFF in Ohio.....rather than start their own gig? Well, for one thing......egos reign supreme! For them to join up with those in CFF would have been a subtle admission of not being "woke" like CFF was in 1995 (when Shroyer and others exited twi). And, as they say......"If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes." Ex-corps coordinators and region guys like to stand at the microphone.......it strokes their ego and narcissism. And......coming full circle.......all of this probably connects the circle of understanding into why wierwille, when he sat thru B.G. Leonard's class in Calgary, Alberta in 1953, rushed home and started signing up friends and family for "his" (cough, cough) October 1953 class. The ego and greed of man. There is nothing new under the sun.
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    This social security issue was discussed on this thread: Rosalie's Retirement Plan Yeah......wierwille / twi was in accordance with the law, BUT.....they used every opportunity and advantage (they had us sign waivers) to screw us in the long run. Thanks wierwille............PPPFFFFTTT.
  23. Hey, you cult-parents and rah-rah splinter group parents............listen to your grown children. Stop and think about those early years of parenting and why you wanted kids. Remember all the pain-staking hours you went thru to protect them? The hundreds/thousands of hours you poured over them with love? For most all, the "cult-standards" soon became your "family-standards," right? The wooden spoon....silence at open meetings.....confining, suffocating, overbearing. Meetings, meetings and more meetings.......where kids (under 12) were isolated from parents. Then, at age 12.....it was thrust upon them to partake of these classes and heed its direction. All of this was unnatural to a child's world......reaching out to explore the wonders of life. Here at GSC.......for several years now, the second generation of twi-cultees have been speaking out. The hurt, anguish, depression and damage has taken its toll on the identity formation and psyche of many......especially those trapped at HQ. Invariably, it was/is the most sycophant, zealot "leaders" who disregarded their children's needs.....and ran roughshod over their wellbeing. Blinded by cult-obedience, the corps leadership was constantly attending classes, meetings, set-up meetings, after-glow meetings, confrontation meetings, etc......all efforts of twi-servitude, not God. The crazies were off the rails......and the whole damn train went crashing into the ravine. Years of wierwille's teachings on "Us versus Them" [even church leadership were seed of the serpent].....stay with the twi-household or you're outside God's protection.......cop-outs, lose your rewards, ....then martindale's greasespot by midnight, homo-purge, other purges, cross bridge to promised land, the prevailing word.......everything on the conditional relationship of strict obedience to cult-doctrine!! Add, the backdrop hysteria of Geer's poop paper......firings, secrecy, exodus, insinuations, innuendo, infighting, splinter groups......no wonder the youth caught in this crossfire at hq went running for the hills (colleges and elsewhere) to escape the bullets. Splinter groups who strictly adhere to wierwille-doctrine and practice? REALLY?? My brother-in-law........NONE of their kids want anything to do with his splinter group. Yet, the parents trudge on like it's their duty to "stand for truth" and make others miserable..... Where is the LOVE? For God's sake, parents..............LISTEN to your grown children. Listen with your heart.
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    Countdown 2019

    Yeah........Happy Birthday, Twinky. Pass the chocolate cake......please.
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    Lurker for Years, Joiner at Last

    Hi Leah..........welcome to the Café. For those of you who grew up at hq and had parents in leadership positions, I can only imagine the hardships, scrutiny, challenges and fear that were embedded into your psyche at such a young age. As you distinguished astutely in an earlier post.....it sounds like you are well on your way to separating your "cult self" from your "authentic self." And further, you have now established proper boundary lines with your family and loved ones by openly and publically stating what is acceptable, and not acceptable, to you. Good for you! Keep claiming what is rightfully YOURS.......an "authentic self." Individual sovereignty........to think, explore, believe, live, challenge, and commit to the passions that burn within your soul. My wife and I exited twi nearly 21 years ago after, what I would term, six turbulent years as leadership in Oklahoma. Suffice it to say that I spent time with your parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and some of your first cousins. Look how their lives have changed in the past 20-something years! Commitments changed. Perspectives altered. None of what they were, or weren't, committed to should hold sway to YOUR goals, passions or self-esteem. You have every right and reason to pursue this journey of self-exploration. And, from the sounds of things.....you've read some good books and, for years, have read threads here at GSC. Good for you. Go at the pace that fits your schedule. Most all of us have a past of *burdens, hurts and fears* that we are working thru or have overcome........hell, I went thru 10-days of deprogramming to fight my way back to my fiancé and then, dealt with years of being estranged from my parents/family. So, yeah......I can relate to the challenges one faces of self-authenticity and autonomy. Live on the sunrise side of the mountain......and greet the days that are before you. You are a brave woman and I commend you for it.