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  1. Well.......the "tried and true method" of splinter groups is to establish a central office or location. Central Office = spiritual authority, central planning, bookstore, material, pamphlet and newsletter distribution, collection of tithes and offerings Building or Church = teaching services, events, leaders' meetings, events, reunions, children's activities, camps, etc. If there is NO "brick-and-mortar".......then, I believe that Teachings going out into the ethereal of humanity will NOT alone sustain the human spirit. Also, NO class-tier structure to follow in R&R.....commitment steps 1, 2 and 3. These guys better "follow the yellow brick road to Oz"........or people are going to lose interest fast. LOL
  2. Taxidev, two things might help to clear this up..... 1. I inserted this link as a reason to explain my reasoning, Phasing in a Splinter. In expounding on phase #3.........I stated, "Phase #3 of Securing a Central Headquarters [BRC/Church].....like CFF, Finnegan's group, Hendricks group, etc......is essential. Maybe Dottie Moynihan will open up her family wealth's checkbook and give a hefty donation.....or one of the others. But....just to be having weekly teachings on Facebook is going to fizzle.......soon. Teachings going out into the ethereal of humanity will NOT alone sustain the human spirit. I highly suspect that MANY of these self-appointed corps have been planning these phases already!!! From all that I have gathered in studying how wierwille and other splinters garner movement.......they must operate from a "central office or headquarters." Wierwille clearly understood this and was claiming in December 1957, even though it was a RENTAL HOME IN VAN WERT, that they had a new headquarters. Look at all the other splinters...... like CES/STFI, CFF, S.O.W.E.R.S. or when Geer moved from Gartmore to Maine......what do all of these have in common? If the central office is NOT established.......then, imo......those teachings are going to fizzle in impacting/building a movement. Now, you can disagree with my assessment.......but I have historical evidence to back up this statement. 2. As you stated....."I have YET to get any indication that they want a 'central location'......" The operative word in this is........YET. Maybe it will take 3 or 4 or even 5 years ........ but if they want to grow in impact, then they will need a central office and/or building. Doug McMull!n owned property in MS and thus, S.O.W.E.R.S. was grounded in Mississippi. Look around. This concept is not rocket science. Peace.
  3. The "birds of a feather" were flocking together OUTSIDE the church denominations. Wierwille didn't like the confinement and structure of answering to church boards. He was free-wheeling in his decision-making. Running with renegade preachers, traveling "scholars" and guest speakers......it gave wierwille complete flexibility and control to "do as he fool-well pleased." Sin included. Claiming to be "the man of God".......was a bridge too far. A rambling preacher, yes. The man of God for the whole world......no.
  4. Birds of a feather flock together.......people of similar interests, background, ideas or characteristics will often congregate or hang out with each other, people who have similar ideas or values tend to stick together. Mrs. Wierwille's book chronicles the men and women who were instrumental in vp's learning and development. At the E. Stanley Jones Ashram (retreat) in North Carolina 1944....young wierwille and nearly 200 others present. [p.48] Rufus Moseley was a main speaker at this retreat.....and became a mentor, visiting vpw on two different occasions. [p. 52] Inspired by Perry Hayden's teachings on agriculture and tithing.....wierwille firmly held to the doctrine of the tithe. [p. 55] Glenn Clark and his Camp Farthest Out....utilizing the great outdoors to encourage peace, love, prayer and tranquility. [p. 56] E. W. Kenyon....he was fixated on "Study to shew thyself approved unto God...." His great work and writings inspired vpw. [.76] Foreign Missions in Honduras 1951.....Bertha Scheidt was a devoted, tireless worker in many educational programs. [p.77] At "The Divine Healing Convention" in Tulsa 1951, wierwille was instructed to seek out the man J. E. Stiles. [p. 78-80] According to this book, Rev. Stiles was able to answer all of wierwille's perplexing questions and to help him receive into manifestation holy spirit. This marked a turning point in vpw's quest of the holy spirit field and solidified his emboldened stance that he was unable to find answers in colleges and universitites, in churches and classrooms or mission fields. The churches were unable to fulfill his need. Starr Daily was a guest speaker......in and out of prison in his younger years, and published Love Can Open Prison Doors. [p. 82] Albert Cliffe was zealous over "the law of believing." He was instrumental in promoting Let Go and Let God. [p.94] .......* Mrs. W. puts Cliffe on page 94 (out of chronological order -- January 4-8, 1953). .......Why? It put more distance (in the book) from connecting Leonard's Feb 1953 class to Wierwille's Oct 1953 class. B. G. Leonard, whom vp met in Tulsa 1951......ministered healing over the phone to Mary Wierwille and she was healed. [p.87,88] Leonard's class "The Gifts of the Spirit" was the foundational cornerstone and rock.....and vpw made it his own. [p. 90,91] .....Picture of vpw in Leonard's February 1953 class. [p.90] .....Picture of Dotsie and Don in Leonard's June/July 1953 class [p.91] THEN......page 99, "In October 1953, Dr. Wierwille taught the first Power for Abundant Living class, which was held in the basement of St. Peter's Church. The first two classes were called "Receiving the Holy Spirit Today." The name was then changed to the broader title that fit better with the entire scope of what the class covers. Also, "Power for Abundant Living" would have a greater and broader appeal to people, especially to those not from religious backgrounds." .................p. 100, "The people who had been part of B. G. Leonard's class on 'The Gifts of the Spirit' were considered graduates and not included in the rosters of Dr. Wierwille's classes." Translation: Wierwille's class WAS LEONARD'S CLASS. The two carloads of people who attended the June/July 1953 class and were not included in the rosters of new students of this October 1953 class. They were already grads......and did not pay the registration fee (imo). Also, the name of the class was changed. Marketing strategy and distancing it further from Leonard's work. Page 101, 102.......Dr. E. E. Higgins attended vpw's class and she was the person who introduced wierwille to the great and influential works of an Englishman named E. W. Bullinger (1837-1913). She gave wierwille his first Companion Bible and a copy of Bullinger's How to Enjoy the Bible. The dots connect. Wierwille claimed to have intricate inroads into the holy spirit field. Yet, in all my years (corps, staff and clergy).......I never saw wierwille operate any of the revelation or power manifestations. Not once. In conclusion, to me.......Mrs. W's book documents how wierwille was a searching opportunist, looking for a niche like all the other renegade preachers, itinerants and guest speakers who traveled the circuit thru the late 1930s - 1960s. Birds of a feather flock together.......and wierwille found his shtick in compiling, plagiarizing and marketing the works of E. Stanley Jones (Abundant Living - 1942), to Leonard's foundational class (1953), to E. W. Bullinger's research work (Companion Bible and How to Enjoy the Bible). Unwittingly, this book reveals a paradigm that debunks the myths and mystique of victor paul wierwille.
  5. Greasespot Café and its predecessor Waydale have done an extraordinary service in exposing wierwille's fallacies. The rose-colored glasses have long been removed. Anyone who cares to research the depth of deception, lies, plagiarism, predation and authoritarian control will find an immense body of work here at this GSC-website. Or, like many of the recent corps who exited twi.......one can keep peddling the wierwille "research" and mystique to your kids and Facebook page. Heck, if you don't believe it here.......READ it in mrs. wierwille's book. The dots are easy to connect. Even with this sanitized version, she lays bare the truth that wierwille DID NOT have a spiritual connection with God, nor did he believe the Scriptures. And clearly, wierwille did not have any formulated thought or conception of a class-based ministry UNTIL he sat in B.G. Leonard's class in 1953. BAMM......right there, we uncover one of wierwille's big lies: The Way, Inc was NOT founded in 1942. Why the lies? Why the deception? Why the fraud? Wierwille was NOT what he purported to be. He built his "ministry" from the plagiarized work of others. Wierwille's narcissism was the ruling core of his decisions. This explains the wielding of authoritarian rule and control. No true empathy for others is found in those with narcissistic pathologies. The holy spirit within is not front and center to this man's life. Therefore, he must embark upon lies, deception and fraud. Lies built upon lies. Wierwille claimed (cough, cough) that the Lord sent the "snow-on-the-gas-pumps" (on a sunshine day) and spoke to him to TEACH THE WORD. Yet, wierwille never tells anyone about this event until he tells the corps decades later. Yeah, right??????? This "revelation" was too contrived......a fraudulent mish-mash to add credibility to his plagiarized work. The dots connect. YET.......the newly-exited corps have NO interest in uncovering these lies, deception and fraud. The leaders of splinter groups WANT to keep trekking on the SAME PATH OF BUTTS-IN-SEATS with nary a glance at how or why The Way International came crashing down. Rico and his clergy-lieutenants are now the men in charge!!! They get to stand at the podium and "teach the word" to others. They fly here. They hold classes there. In Montana, they had a camp outing and taught on the birds, animals and creation of God. Ain't it great? ppffftt. Leaders who fell for decades of deception...... .............and now people want to follow THAT? It boggles the mind to see the gullible on display..... Cult-Splinter Insanity .
  6. "Geer does his “Word Promotions” franchises out of Maine, Quillen runs his offshoot out of CFFM in Illinois, and Agent MacMullan helps run SOWERS on his family’s MS farm with V2P2, victor paul wierwille II, JP’s kid." Why do I seem to recall that term *spiritual hitchhikers*.......? Could easily been rephrased as "splinter groups"...... Now, it is AGAIN clear.........why wierwille used this preemptive strike in pfal: Wierwille's ministry work was a splinter of B.G. Leonard's work. Like other preemptive strikes in pfal, wierwille injects this "spiritual hitchhiker" into his class. But rather than address (expose) the full essence of it, wierwille directs its meaning to the new (novice) students who would, in turn, hitchhike off this newfound knowledge. In other words.....projection. Wierwille was projecting onto others what he himself HAD DONE. The Way, Inc was a splinter group.....
  7. Former Corps Coordinators........have joined this splinter masquerade. When wierwille's motor coach parked behind Wierwille Library at Emporia, KS......who facilitated the procuring of corps girls? When martindale visited Camp Gunnison......who did the pimping for him at Cabin 12? Why is it......that ruffians, thugs, goons, spooks and pimps are considered Christian leaders in these new splinter groups? Perhaps......the pfal-doctrine is what masks all of this from view?
  8. Everyday is Halloween in Wierwille's Wayworld...........where ruffians, thugs, pimps and spiritual secret agents masquerade as Christian ministers. How is this not discernable? Behind their masks, the goons appear to be gentle and caring.......not the ruffians and thugs of wierwille's regime. The spooks no longer carry two-way radios to follow direct orders from the authoritarian trustees. Nor do the spooks conceal a 9mm handgun or practice evasive driving skills or train/handle guard dogs. Today, these men are removed from their "former" life at twi........or are they? Geer, Quillen and MacMullan oversee splinter work.
  9. Right before our very eyes......we see the Revival and Restoration Group Phasing in a Splinter. They have those weekly "teachings" that are put on their website........claiming a pseudo-mantle of teaching the word. Now......they are in the process of promoting a camp get-together next June. Then.....they will establish hierarchy in the group and push for a central location. Voila......phasing in a splinter in 3 easy steps.
  10. Yes, Rocky.........personified narcissism. But also.....I would add wantonness to describe this as well. For those who adhere to Christian theology and doctrine...... II Peter 2:18,19 gives a succinct glimpse of wierwille's spiritual state at that time. II Peter 2:18 For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantonness, those that were clean escaped from them who live in error. II Peter 2:19 While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage. To the Very End.......Wierwille's Wantonness ........ great swelling words of vanity they allure lusts of the flesh they promise others liberty they themselves are the servants of corruption this corruption overcomes others others, are then, brought in to bondage Succinct and poignant. .
  11. Outie......I know. Teaching this wierwille-legacy to the corps was adding leaven to the wierwille doctrine, right? I suppose there are many ways to explain this.......but I see it as cunning craftiness and sleight of men. In other words, this wierwille legacy stuff was IN DIRECT CONFLICT with what true ministers in the church should be teaching and advancing. Namely, true apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors or teachers DO NOT advance or carry doctrine that disrupts the unity of the faith, the knowledge of the Son of God. [Ephesians 4:11-14] And further.....corps coordinators like Moynihans, Forts, and Horneys were complicit in these "winds of doctrine." The corps training.....which I often refer to as corps indoctrination.....had a "green thread" of *wierwille allegiance* running thru this training/tapestry. As best I can tell, it picked up steam after Harry died in the Fall of 1977 and wierwille's days were counting down. His narcissistic visions of self and legacy were of utmost importance.......and thus, the corps coordinators were given their marching orders as well. Then with wierwille's failing health.....it's time to designate a successor to the throne (cough, cough) and herald the October 1982 date as the 40th Anniversary (cough, cough) of his presidency and reign, and step down. The corps program was indoctrinating followers towards unbridled adulation for victor paul wierwille. The corps coordinators were cheerleaders of this counterfeit message. TODAY.......lots of these guys run splinter groups. The subtle messaging is STILL THERE. The Wierwille Mystique is still there..........hiding in plain sight. Thus......many splinters are following an Anti-Christ message.
  12. Perhaps, when this Revival and Restoration Group of corps and followers get together next June......they will study wierwille's old corps notes, pontifications and "prophecies" that he made over the years. Since wierwille was their Patriarch.......his life and legacy is worth studying, right? Blood Lines Matter .........Many of us heard the great swelling words of wierwille's ancestry, heritage and legacy during those campfire settings. That's when, many times, the full-throated bravado came forth. Wouldn't it be good to review this wierwille heritage during this Georgia outing? Detail the bloodline and how God is working thru the ages to bring about his deliverance via the wierwille bloodline and wierwille ministry, right? Johann Heinrich Wierwille (1792-1889) Herman Heinrich Adolph Wierwille (1828-1887) Henry Ernst Wierwille (1875-1956) Victor Paul Wierwille (1916-1985) Donald Ernst Wierwille (1940-2000) .....[passed over for LCM-ministry & leadership] .....Loy Craig Martindale (1948- ) .....[given mantle.....but ousted from twi] .....Luke Summerv!ille ............................[false prophecy, never twi's 3rd president] .....Rosalie Fox Shumate Rivenbark ..... [took over as twi's 3rd president] ...........where did all the wierwilles go? ............why did the legacy fall flat? Many of us sat for HOURS AND HOURS listening to victor paul wierwille ramble on about the wierwille legacy. Dotsie writes a book and fluffs up the first paragraph with bloviating wierwille ancestry. All of it went SPLAT. Will the Real Victor Paul Wierwille please stand up.....er, come clean. Will the former corps coordinators please explain their complicity in this fraud? Next June would be a good time to come clean.......with Georgia on my mind.
  13. Remember........wierwille used Summer Camps to groom his followers BEFORE the corps program. Just saying......
  14. Gee........lookie here. NOW......the R&R group is also planning to have a spend-time-with-us-in-nature's-playground extended weekend in June, 2020. You mean to tell me that these guys have FINALLY come to realize that always demanding butts in chairs NEEDS SOMETHING ELSE? Does this help their agenda.......or, simply mask its intent? ~~~~~~~~~ The Mystery Living and Real: EPHESIANS This Christian gathering is open to anyone who would like to enjoy a time of Biblical study, live music, outdoor activities, and fellowship with one another. The focus of the event is seeing God’s plan for believers as members in particular to be joined together and function fully in the Body of Christ. Stay awhile and take the opportunity to explore the gardens, hike, fish, bike, enjoy water sports, and much more. Special room rates are available June 21-30, 2020 Save the Date June 24-27, 2020 “Therefore, rejecting all falsity and being done now with it, let everyone express the truth with his neighbor, for we are all parts of one body and members one of another.” Ephesians 4:25 (Amplified) Callaway Gardens Callawaygardens.com Pine Mountain, Georgia Housing: Cottages, Lodge, Hotel Rooms, and Suites Airport is: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Registration Opens: January 1, 2020
  15. Was Wierwille's First-Failed Corps Program.......ie which vpw labeled the "zero corps" [to DEFLECT from his failure]........too heavy-handed [subjugating] on these young participants? I know that twi's damage-control narrative put all the onus on these young corps, but I ain't buying it. I think that wierwille went into this "training" like a charging bull......and these young whippersnappers pushed back on his bullsh!t. And further.......subjugating being the core objective of the corps program, it adds more evidence as to why wierwille got so irritated and irate when corps walked away. He felt entitled to disparage the character and reputation of those who left.......they were "cop-outs." In his narcissistic world, he was "The Teacher" and "his" people were to be subservient to him. And, to this day.........how many splinter cults out there are ingrained with subjugating their followers? Structured with classes that take you from level A to level F (follower)...... even these classes depict what level of subservience you are at.
  16. Thanks Rocky.......lots of great insight. There are plenty of ways to supplement this *very real human need for belonging* .......besides going to classes and parking one's butt in a chair. Look around and partake of the vast avenues of BELONGING to something bigger than self: Community.......volunteer work, charity walks, habitat for humanity, red cross blood drives, committee involvement, parks and recreation, safety, etc Religious...........bible study groups, choirs, programs, youth groups, children's activities, daycare, grieving and group participation, societal issues Self....................golf outings, cards and game nights, book clubs, bowling league, bike club, 10-K runs/walks, get a dog and go to your nearest dog park Academic..........take night classes at community college, attend lectures, go to World War II Museum, study different cultures, learn a new language Hobbies.............find other enthusiasts of your particular interest, bee-keeping, woodworking, bird watching, kayaking, camping You belong........get out there and find your true passions. The world is a BIG and EXCITING SOCIAL EXPLORATION....... Do NOT allow some little cult leader to coerce your butt in a chair...... When peer pressure and coercion is involved.......subjugating is not far behind.
  17. As top-tier corps/clergy (cough, cough) splinter from twi.......soon thereafter, some of wierwille's hard-core men desire to subjugate others with new, ongoing teachings, classes and weekends that you just can't miss [and the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round]. In the immortal words of The Church Lady from Saturday Night Live................"How Conveeenient." Subjugate --- 1. to bring under control or subjection; conquer 2. to cause to become subservient; subdue Looking back at wierwille's ministry and corps program........I believe that subjugating was the core of the corps program. Wierwille did NOT design a "leadership program." THAT was all a deceptive tactic. Wierwille designed a FOLLOWship program wherein the youth were subjugated to his control.......and corps women were subjugated to his sexual predation!! He sat back and picked his prey. He targeted the innocent and vulnerable into his classes and programs. Isolation. Immersion. Intimidation. Indoctrination. Idolization. Classes can have profit........or........classes can be steppingstones to indoctrination. Already, we see that Rico has a foundational, intermediate and advanced class/course to offer. THEN.......how about a special weekend in Montana? Enjoy some hiking, fishing, kick-back relaxing and all. Is this good? Or, is this to get you to drop your guard.........and start the CULT PROGRAMMING all over again? HOW does this happen AGAIN? HOW does someone throw off the shackles of twi's hypocrisy and absolute power over the individual.......THEN, fall again into a splinter group that runs classes, demands tithing and claim that they are, indeed, the ones to follow? It nearly baffles the mind to see how some are so easily persuaded against their own will and better judgment to repeat the same cycle. Especially those who follow those corps "leaders" who are ADAMANT that wierwille was "the man of God" who walked by revelation. And, most notably.......those who pattern the SAME pyramid organization from afar, the SAME class structure, the SAME clichés and the SAME approach that "humble yourselves and our classes will answer your questions." Screw that !!! I believe that Taxidev had it right when he stated in Splinter Cults are WORSE: Are you someone who prefers to be led? Are you someone who prefers the life of those institutionalized?
  18. That teaching tape is from March 1985.....the last Sunday teaching of victor paul wierwille. He died two months later. Wierwille always took to the podium near March 17th....in honor of his older brother, Harry Ernst Wierwille's birthday. In fact, twi made a tradition of it after H.E. died in the Fall of 1977 when vpw instigated the "Burn the Chaff" [travel light] weekends in 1978 and onward. If I recall correctly......this teaching "The Hope" was sent out as a *tape of the month* and long-standing wayfers treasured it for its significance of being wierwille's "last teaching." And, then....it was doubly significant, because he taught "The Hope" and died two months later. So, JJ.........you have in your possession one of the most special, treasured, spiritually-significant, super-duper tapes OF ALL TIME.
  19. Amen.......[on the bold-faced statement above]/ You know........I rarely have agreed with TLC on much, but on THIS.......I AGREE. If twi had stuck to scripture.......ie. "the simplicity that is in Christ.........it would not be circling the drain today!!!
  20. Standing UP.......and Speaking OUT against one's former cult is challenging. Especially, against the deep pockets and zealous fanatics in Scientology. With paid harassers, spies, lies, and private i's........the scientology goons go to your place of employment, harass neighbors and community, spread lies on the internet, doing anything and everything to provoke a response that they can then videotape and smear your reputation and drown your livelihood. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leah Remini's Final Episode of "Scientology and the Aftermath" Even this New York Post article headlines this story from the Scientology Cult's point of view (smears, character assassination) "..........the final episode of “Scientology and the Aftermath” will air on Aug. 26, at Remini’s behest — it was not canceled. The former Scientologist-turned-anti-Scientology activist has used the Emmy-winning series, which premiered in 2016, to examine the organization’s practices." "..........Remini said thanks in part to the church’s retaliation, doing the show is “emotionally draining."
  21. The evolution of twi.............. Involvement that was simple and carefree ........... before ALL of the evolving definitions Involvement that was youthful and freestyle......... to rigid and legalism Involvement that could be "when I choose" .......... to demanding and onerous Involvement with "friends and fun activities" ........ to boring meetings Involvement to live/see the power of God ............ devolve into religion and worse (cult) Yes, in one's youth......far away from headquarters.........youth were inspiring youth to get involved. What I saw in the early '70s .........was a far cry from what was happening in the '90s. BUT......when I sat back, studied and reviewed ALL of wierwille's history and character, it became obvious that what twi became......is what wierwille was hiding all along. Mrs. Wierwille's book lays out all of the fringe ministries/elements that wierwille encountered. Chapter after chapter.....she honestly lays it out how vpw was "ready to quit," disappointed, perplexed, unsatisfied, and searching for more answers. The denominational environment (rut) was discarded (Dec 1957) when vic fully decided that he could build a class-based ministry like his teacher, Rev. B.G. Leonard in Canada. YET......wierwille did not have the uprightness of heart before God to build his ministry ethically or spiritually on truth and experience. Lots of story-telling to ad-lib his way thru..... but how little was his own life's experiences. He plagiarized Leonard's class fully in the early stages and, with each passing year (1958-1967) added and augmented from Stiles, Bullinger and others, until it was filmed in 1967. SO........ in my youth, I did not connect all the dots of wierwille's behind-the-scenes marketing strategy of pfal. Stories, one-liners, definitions, preemptive strikes against church and family, sleight-of-hand skewing of dispensationalism, rigid private-interpretation of the manifestations, standing in "the household of God," etc. etc. etc. In my youthful exuberance to love and serve God.....it took years and years to see the deception of wierwille's marketing ploy. And, it took years for OTHERS to see it as well...... Jimmy Doop came here to GSC in 2008 to give his last post......of what he experienced.
  22. Sure there are lots of reasons...... But in all that we (most all of us, anyway) were searching for.....concerning them that seduce you in I John 2 lays it out there. We were seduced (away from) ....... having an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous We were seduced (away from) ....... knowing Him, and keeping His commandments We were seduced (away from) ....... having the love of God perfected in us We were seduced (away from) ....... having his anointing (holy spirit) that abided in us, help and guide us Lots of reasons, yes. My in-residence corps training had NOTHING to do with seeking and embracing Jesus Christ, the righteous. My in-residence corps training had EVERYTHING to do with obeying twi-leadership and giving adulation to victor paul wierwille. So, yeah.........as for me and my house, we were seduced. If that's an oversimplification for you, then I just don't have enough time to explain myself concerning this cult's "truth, spiritual enlightenment, knowledge, friends and fellowship, careers, lifestyle changes, bad situations, good times, power and positions, etc. etc. etc."
  23. In one's attempts to understand Twi's evolving definitions.....it's comparable to parsing the stages in Scientology. In biblical terminology, the word that is being danced around here is.........seduce. Those who got involved in wierwille's twi in the late '60s-mid-'80s.....were seduced into his denomination, cult. Sure, many of us remember him standing next to Debra and singing "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" [look full in his wonderful face....].........BUT, did we do that? NO. Men like Heefner, Doop, Anderson, and Wade saw it "up close and personal"........and EXITED. IMO........anyone who stayed after 1978 was seduced into his cult. Definitions, groupings, specific applications of service.......look at all the nuance and levels of "commitment" created by wierwille. Unbelieving Believer Inactive Believer Standing Believer Believing Believer EGADS........
  24. So true.......it becomes progressively more nuanced in accordance with your commitment level. At first, you are born just "body and soul" When you receive holy spirit (via the new birth).....you become "body, soul and spirit" complete (#3 = complete) BUT......until you manifest this new creation within you (via speaking in tongues)....you are an "unbelieving believer" (see the nuance) When you manifest holy spirit by speaking in tongues.......you know that you are heaven bound and all hell can't stop you from going (twi-version) BUT......you want to do more than THAT, don't you? Therefore, you need to learn how to do "tongues w/ interpretation and prophecy" (intermediate class) Thus, you now are able to EXHORT and COMFORT others in the ekklesia (the called-out body of believers) in orderly fashion in a believer's mtg BUT......you want to do more than THAT, don't you? Therefore, you need to learn how to operate ALL NINE of the manifestations. Thus, you then need to sit thru twi's advanced class, memorize the 16 keys to walking by the spirit and all definitions of each manifestation. Now......you are FULLY TAUGHT (a mature believer)...........except you need to attend all meetings to be "faithful in the present truth." No matter how many decades you've been in twi.........the board of directors are always the LEADERS, and you are a lowly student. You cannot leave twi EVER.......or you become a cop-out, a greasespot-by-midnight, and if not dead, surely possessed. You are ONLY a "believing believer" as long as you jump thru all of their hoops, adhering to ALL OF THEIR MANDATES AND UPDATED CLASSES. Okay, that's enough............now I've got a frickin' headache. .
  25. "The Way is a fellowship of the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ for the manifestation of the more abundant life. A follower of The Way is filled with and manifests power from on high, holy spirit, and freely avails himself of fellowship meetings for spiritual nurture and growth. The Way fellowship is cemented together by the Spirit of God with each individual believer being transformed by the renewing of his mind according to the Word of God." TRANSLATION: The Way Ministry is a pyramid scheme, where the top Pharaoh/Pharisee mandates policy, and the workers obey with daily tasks of servitude. The servant-follower obeys the chain-of-command by adhering to teachings, classes and home-group meetings of weekly conformity. The Way Group masks its coercion and cohesion by utilizing scripture and factions of pseudo-Christianity to entice new recruits. The deeper chambers of this pyramid reveal that all of these workers and their servitude is for the leisure, lust and longevity of the man-god ruling over them.
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