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  1. DWBH......metastasized indeed. Hearing of *Charlie Quillen* after all these years and "The Solution Radio Show"...... is another example of "everyone's got a psalm and doctrine." If I remember correctly, he is another one of those guys that wierwille despised for leaving hq and splitting out on his own [around 1981, 1982]. Much like wierwille ...... when he calculated that he needed 6 more families to faithfully tithe ........ these splinter groups CALCULATE when they can have their **break-away** moment and BE IN CHARGE. What does it take? Faithful Tithing. Sponsorship. Big Donors. 80 people? 120 people? Amass a group of followers. Get dedicated followers to "spread the message." If genuine......signs, miracles and wonders will follow. If counterfeit......NEVER ALLOW THE MASK TO SLIP. Start a radio show. Establish a website. Do weekly teachings. Relentlessly tell people that YOU have the answers. Network and ally with others for specific events. Guard against zealous, competitive corps leadership. Strategically distance yourself, and group, from the mother-ship. ........just like wierwille did, when he splintered from Leonard's work.
  2. All of these newly-exited corps are purposely dismissing The Wierwille Doctrine. Corps teaching after corps teaching.....(and Sunday Service Teachings, too).......wierwille claimed that the ONLY WAY to "stand on the Word" was to remain faithful in the way international. If you left.....you went out into the dark night of the soul. These corps, who've jumped into these new splinter cults (to try and make a splash)........are deceiving themselves. Wierwille could NOT have been more clear. If you left him/twi........you were "NOT on the Word." He relentlessly taught - - - "The Word is the Ministry and the Ministry is the Word." If you leave the ministry (twi).......YOU LEAVE THE WORD. THAT is what wierwille taught.......(and that's why it was, as is, a cult).
  3. Wierwille despised the "Reverends" who left him/twi. Any clergy who exited twi and, STILL, used the "reverend" title......wierwille denigrated. The Wierwille Doctrine: Standing on The Word was ONLY available to those in twi's household. Period. Read the December 1978 Corps Letter ------ "The least you could do if you were ordained and now you're outside the household of The Way is never to used the term 'Reverend.'
  4. It sure was interesting (annoying)......how some people felt entitled to lord over others? They didn't need to be "at the top" ......to have layers and layers of "servants" at their beckon call. .
  5. Kathy.......here are a couple more tidbits to ponder [bold-face added]: Victor and Dotsie married on July 2, 1937......secretly eloping to Kentucky. On page 28, Dotsie explains: "We felt that there were two reasons to keep our marriage a secret. For one reason, Vic could continue playing college basketball, since that privilege might be taken away from him if it were know he was married. Another reason was a rule that pre-seminary students were not permitted to get married before completing their seminary training. But by December of his senior year, Vic was securely positioned on the basketball team and felt safe that he would be allowed to complete the season." Skirt the rules, ignore the rules, damn the rules........modus operandi of slick vic. Hey, I wonder what would have happened if I secretly got married on my interim corps year........and then, in my final year of in-residence made it known that I had LIED and BUCKED THE F-ing RULES and did my own thing? And, yeah.......Dotsie stayed silent all those years about "twi's founding in 1942." What a farce!!! They were struggling along in that small church in Payne, Ohio in 1942.....and there was no way that vpw had visions of a class-based ministry (twi) just because six kids were singing in a Youth Choir. Sheesh. What a fabricated LIE that victor ginned up and Dotsie went along for the ride. EVERTHING CHANGED......when vic sat in Leonard's class in 1953: Vic saw that with a class-based ministry (from Leonard)....he could operate outside the framework of denominational church boards. Run classes.......strongly mandate the faithful tithe; Foundational.....Intermediate......Advanced Classes. Advanced Studies Classes..........Renewed Mind, Defeating the Adversary, The Way Tree, CFS, etc. Class Photo after each class (just like Leonard always did). In-house publications, sanitized way magazine......control the messaging ALWAYS. Dotsie, Ermal, Dorothy, Harry, Howard, Emogene, etc........enablers. All got their little fiefdoms. Dotsie was the "First Lady of The Way." Ermal, in the early years, supervised construction efforts. Harry added investment and business acumen. Howard drove the bus and guarded vic's drunken exploits and sexual predation. Emogene sat in her office watching afternoon soaps.....yet, commanded the title of Queen of The Way Bookstore with tentacles reaching into shipping, receiving, warehousing, limb bookstore training and rock of ages bookstore recruitment. The enablers were given power over these fiefdoms for their loyalty to wierwille. .
  6. And.........So It Begins. This R&R splinter group is sanitizing (censoring) the comments of others. And, those 896 members (cough, cough) are still in the nest.......because they haven't learned how to fly. But the time is nigh.....when many will stretch their wings, jump from the nest and fly away. Maybe, in all their research ability.........they will research Mrs. Wierwille's book and find: Mrs. Wierwille sanitized the life and history of twi's founder, victor paul wierwille. The wierwille bloodline and history took great liberties (tweaking details to fit vpw's narrative). Wierwille coat of arms was three sea gulls......not three doves. See how easy it is to tweak history!? Clearly, vpw plagiarized (stole) Leonard's class in 1953.....and deceptively, taught it as his own. The 1942 myth of twi's beginning was to preempt the questioning of wierwille as "founder." The Way Inc. was a SPLINTER GROUP.......from Leonard's research and work. In twi-lore, the India itinerary was heralded as "the great Christian Minister Dr. Wierwille visits India." Yet, Dr. I. S. Williams was president of the All-India Federation of Churches and pastor of the St. Paul's Hindustani Church in Byculla, Bombay and devotee of Indian history ..... was host to the wierwilles and opened the doors for vpw to speak. Respect was given to Dr. Williams.......not the American pastor. Wierwille resigned (fired?) from the Van Wert Church in August 1957.......and the church board unanimously accepted his resignation. Twi began its first independent undertaking on Thursday December 19, 1957 [p. 219.....last paragraph]. Money, money, money.......wierwille calculated that he needed 6 more families to tithe faithfully to pay his expenses [p. 228]. From 1957-1967......people did not stick when wierwille taught those LIVE classes. WHY? After 45 years of twi..............why can't questions be asked? Why are people black-listed for ASKING QUESTIONS? What are they hiding? Why is wierwille given a free pass and sanitized at every turn. Could it be that it was stolen valor from other great ministers who did the work and walked the talk? Yet, wierwille came riding in on the coattails of others and heavy-handedly purged those who questioned him and soft-talked the masses at big events. Mrs. Wierwille's book......even though heavily-sanitized......exposes the myths and mystique of victor paul wierwille to anyone who researches the details. .
  7. "If we could get another 6 families interested in our local group meetings who would join with us week after week in fellowship as well as the giving of their tithes for this work and ministry we would have a greater group than we have even now." There are so many things nauseating about wierwille's solicitation letter......but this quote is extremely nauseating and calculating. Let's see......Average median household income X 10% (tithe) X 6 (household incomes) = amount needed to adequately pay expenses and wierwille's salary Not 5 families.......6 families who will faithfully give their weekly tithe What ever happened to looking to God......to do exceeding abundantly above all that you ask or think (calculate in your pea brain)? I've said this several times.......Mrs. Wierwille's book debunks the myths and mystique of victor paul wierwille.
  8. "We are free, we can walk in love and in unity with those who want to love us and walk with us. We are free to change when God's Word shows us where we must change. Oh what a joy to be free and to walk in liberty." Oh, yeah......we can walk in love and unity ..........NOW that we started a SPLINTER GROUP.
  9. Three ways to garner support: Stay in Van Wert ...... and hope to pick up some church congregants Stay in communication with Leonard........and pick off some of his support Move operation to wierwille homestead......and utilize harry wierwille's support
  10. Yeah........and wierwille is STILL siding up with B.G. after taking [and stealing] his foundational class in 1953. Here, in 1958.......wierwille heads up to Canada for a week at a Missionary Convention. In attempts not to be cynical about wierwille's motives.......I cannot help but think that wierwille was meeting with Leonard and others to sway them into his organization. Struggling to stay afloat, wierwille was ON THE MOVE to find more people to weekly tithe to his fledgling work. Later, Leonard found out that wierwille was NOT working alongside him......BUT splintering from him and teaching Leonard's class as his own. Leonard was mad ...........and started copyrighting after that.
  11. Mrs. Wierwille's book documents the struggles and challenges of their fledgling splinter group [from B.G. Leonard's class and teachings]......after leaving the Van Wert Church in 1957. And, like most splinter groups who are strapped for cash and reaching out for ANY MONETARY SUPPORT THAT THEY CAN FIND.......wierwille did the same. When the wierwilles left the church pastorate, they found housing at 649 South Washington Street, still in Van Wert......[when you don't have much money, or much of a plan......you don't move far]. This house was the Queen Anne style with a three-story round tower with fretted windows. Back then, wierwille utilized letter writing as one of the main tools for solicitation of support and funds. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [p. 228] November 5, 1958 Dear Friend in Christ: Greetings to you from Headquarters in the Name of Jesus Christ......... ......... From November 18th to 25th I will be with B.G. [Leonard] in Canada for a Missionary Convention. Eric Watson will be back from his 7 months afield and the big news is he is getting married to Mona Nelson, one of B.G.'s Congregation. Enroute to Calgary I will stop at Denver to meet with Dr. Stemme of Burton College and Seminary to discuss with him The Way Biblical Seminary. Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 27th. I will be back for Thanksgiving and I was wondering if you would like to have a special Thanksgiving Service that night at Headquarters? If we could get another 6 families interested in our local group meetings who would join with us week after week in fellowship as well as the giving of their tithes for this work and ministry we would have a greater group than we have even now. Although I sure thank God for your faithfulness and you know I have to teach whenever and wherever God opens doors. Some weeks and months our people are gone a great deal, but I know I do, and others do the same, even when we are out teaching we arrange for our tithe to be in every Sunday night. When it comes to our expenses to operate Headquarters I have complained only about the light bill from Ohio Power. They charge us commercial rates which is morally not fair as far as I am concerned but they are a utility monopoly and they have legal rights backed by the Utilities Commission of Ohio so what can we do. I have also been thinking about putting the Wierwille family back on an $80.00 a week schedule, but to be real truthful to try and run our family of 7 of us on much less than a hundred and to maintain the dignity that we as leaders of The Way must have, because of the nature of our position, it would be real difficult. We as a family apparently have many obligations which a similar sized family would not necessarily have. Well we have no complaints only thanksgiving. I have never felt better in my life, in the work of Christ than I feel now. We are free, we can walk in love and in unity with those who want to love us and walk with us. We are free to change when God's Word shows us where we must change. Oh what a joy to be free and to walk in liberty. Another thing I know is true that if we would have our Bible teaching fellowship on Sunday Morning instead of Sunday Night we would have many more in attendance. Having a family I know what a chore it is to get the children out and ready on Sunday Night when they should be put to bed early. But, we are a pioneering group and as such we many at times have to push ourselves to do certain things that the more or less nominal Christians would not do. Well God bless you for your prayers and help for The Way ministry and the whole cause of Christ. Sincerely, In His Service, Victor Paul Wierwille ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As a fledgling splinter group started in 1957........and NOT the 1942 myth of twi's starting date........wierwille was grasping for ways to keep from drowning. Why is any of this important? Who really cares after all these years? BECAUSE.......it's the same thing that every splinter group does Splinter cults claim love and liberty.....from what they left behind How about a Thanksgiving Night Service? Sound familiar? No damn it.......I spend time with MY FAMILY on Thanksgiving The Way Ministry was a splinter group............and went thru the fits-and-starts of a fledgling operation with no money or support. When one reads thru Mrs. W's book, one of the most salient points throughout is the struggle for money. And, when talk of "A Permanent Headquarters at the Wierwille Homestead" was bantered about in 1959.......a schism arose by those who did not trust vic and harry to keep the farm operation [money] separate from the ministry. The first "twi-exodus" ensued......... So, what does every splinter group do? Teach, teach, teach........and find people to give, give, give. Build the cult.....er, charitable ministry whose main, and only, mission, is "to teach the Word (cough, cough)." No help or support to community events or services. No help to food drives. No help to Red Cross. No help to homeless shelters. No help to spouse abuse services. Hock the classes and teachings as secret, spiritual insight. Same old, same old......every splinter cult does it. They want to get you in ANOTHER splinter group as fast as possible. Many corps leaders still want to leverage their power over others. These corps leaders want to CONTINUE the ruse. Who ordered the code red?
  12. In this figurative, hypothetical situation............several questions surface: Why do I feel a need to approach this "dog" in the first place? What breed is this "dog?".......Rottweiler, Labrador, Havanese, what? Where is this "dog" ...... on the street or at his home? If this "dog" is on his own property.........why am I there? ....... Frankly speaking......after 40 years in twi, maybe it's time to stay away from dogs.
  13. Welcome back...... Mr. Bob Moynihan Mr. Michael Fort Mr. Ed Horney Mr. Rico Magnelli Mr. Tom Knupp etc. .........to the land of mere mortals.
  14. December 1978 Corps Letter What was happening in December 1978? Why were clergy leaving twi? [ Shortly after Jim Jones and Jonestown Cult mass murder ] Note: 1) The "great accuracy of the Word" and 2) the principles of The Way Ministry are interlocked !! If you LEAVE twi......you LEAVE the word. ~~~~~~~~~~~ "Some I ordained have not remained faithful -- they've broken fellowship with God and the household of The Way. Yet, I was good enough, loved God and you enough, and you were blessed and honored enough to accept God's ordination and my blessing. Breaking of ordination commitments has made me very hesitant about future ordinations. What should I do?" "Why all the problems? I think you know what I mean? Fighting and dislike of each other -- jealously, prejudice, divorce, remarriage, dope, etc. etc. etc. God forbid that our ordinations of Way Corps grads turn into a mockery, and a laughingstock of the community." "The least you could do if you were ordained and now you're outside the household of The Way is never to used the term 'Reverend.' If you're still sticking in the household of The Way but you've neglected the loyalty commitment to the ordination vows and the exciting, continuing fellowship of it, build up your life on the Word and believe again in the great accuracy of the Word, and principles of The Way Ministry, that your ordination may again be meaningful."
  15. So.......how much divergence of the wierwille-doctrine can you have and still be considered "a wierwille follower?" Muddy the waters all you want..........but if you weren't in "The Way" then you were out of fellowship. As ex-corps, can you throw away all the corps letters and teachings .........and still be deemed in the top tier of spiritual status? If the corps.....er, ex-corps don't uphold the standards that wierwille taught.......then, advanced class grads and ex-corps are on EQUAL footing. Umm...............same goes for ex-reverends. You can't claim reverend status and refute/rebuff the source of that claimed status. How much can you dismiss and water-down.......before you become unrecognizable as a splinter cult of twi? When the heavy-handedness is removed and questions enter the fray........who holds the authority over all the others? As more questions surface about wierwille and/or his teachings.......do they get a fair hearing or harsh confrontation? Sound doctrine should be able to withstand an onslaught of questions.......from every angle. Sound practice should be able to address all the questions regarding wierwille's past plagiarism, predation and pathologies. Now, is the time to separate truth from error.
  16. Yeah.......splinter cults "taking care of each other." The "reverends" stay "reverends." Corps still hold spiritual status and leadership roles in this two-tier system. Rather than align with wierwille-mandates of DFAC (dropped from active corps).....they dismiss vpw's contempt on cop-outs. The splinter cults laud pfal-doctrine..........yet, bury every corps letter (and teaching) that wierwille directed their way. Cognitive dissonance is on parade as these splinter cults fly their flags and wear their masks. And then, others follow them into these splinter cults.......because "churches are evil messengers." OMG.......is this what institutionalized means? Psychosocial perversions, indeed.
  17. Splinter Cults, who elevate wierwille at every turn, are deceivers.......and deceive themselves. How many times did wierwille's prophecies NOT COME TO PASS? The Wierwilles must stand together......or The Word will not live. The corps are responsible for taking care of the wierwille family. The prophecy of Luke Summerv1lle, wierwille's grandson, as the 3rd president of twi. A grand-scale "Family Camp For All Believers" would be built at Camp Gunnison. ..........(etc.) When are splinter cults going to acknowledge that wierwille had scores of false prophecies? /sarc Cherry-picking the things they agree with.......and dismissing the things they don't. To those who've done an honest assessment and review.....the wierwille legacy is in shambles. Blood Lines Matter
  18. Again, imo........the reason why I view splinter cults are worse than twi........is based on my original interest and involvement. It can be succinctly summed up by something that DWBH stated in the thread The Six Stages of Wierwille's Climb to Power: NOW......splinter cults have an inserted LEVEL OF AUTHORITARIAN PONTIFICATORS at the onset. Guys who've been around for 45 years rehashing wierwille teachings and cultclap one-liners at every turn. No thanks. Who wants to be led around by a bunch of 65-year old know-it-alls? The youth have disappeared back into life.....gone baby gone.
  19. Some of these corps coordinators have been "on this treadmill" for 40-45 years. You cannot convince me that they are just willing to have organic, free-spirit home fellowships WITHOUT CENTRALIZED ORGANIZATION. Ric0 Magnell! has his tweaked "foundational, intermediate and advanced courses" up-and-running. He is criss-crossing the country and BUILDING the wierwille-esque model. Bet the farm that the revival and restoration guys envy his fast sprint out of the starting blocks. MLM-courses that every slave/peasant.....er, believer can hock to family and friends. And, tithe....and everything just like a mini-twi. LOL The R&R model is in transition. It has to change. Soon. [To paraphrase a common expression]...............Too many chiefs and not enough Indians
  20. Thanks Penworks. Appreciate it. I would not be surprised if "elderly and cults" has MORE to do with splinter cults than twi. It just seems to me that wierwille's cult was filled with the youth of the 70s. We didn't have a whole lotta seasoned adults leading us on the field. Our ranks were filled with novices and peers. Peers leading peers. LOL.
  21. Wierwille skewered the scriptures at every turn away from the Lord Jesus Christ......and promulgated the First-Century Leaders as "teaching the Word only." Everyone ELSE was there to "serve tables" ...... [ie. do all the manual work so as to accommodate those with double-honor, the elite spiritual heavies]. The corps coordinators were one-dimension removed from mog-mandates..... and thus, the enforcers of wierwille-doctrine. So yeah.....it may not look like it now at these early stages of *revival and restoration*........BUT THE END GAME is to once again restore their "rightful place of honor wherein others serve THEM." Notice on their website that these corps coordinators teach things like "The Philippians Project" or "Imitators of God" [tweaked versions of wierwille-doctrine]......while some other corps are teaching things regarding "Heart, Love, Treasure or Jesus Christ." BEWARE: the corps coordinators are steeped in wierwille-doctrine thru-and-thru and will subtly nudge and indoctrinate all others into THEIR ideology. "Freedom in Christ" is NOT in the R&R dna........because the corps coordinators are AT THE HELM. It's a very subtle distinction, but it's ALREADY THERE for those who have their eyes open. It's baked into the wierwille-doctrine. Give it a couple of years........and watch it evolve.
  22. Okay Guys and Gals.......it's been over two years, so where do you stand? If you STILL want to "restore this ministry".......then you STILL uphold the authoritarian style of dictatorship from wierwille. Right? So, you STILL opine for "restoration".................is that because YOU want a pyramid structure like the one wierwille instigated? How do you justify the "restoration" part..........since it's not literal towards twi, is it the *ideology* of wierwille doctrine and thought? Yet, you are NO LONGER CORPS.......................because you left twi and abandoned your corps commitment. Wierwille spoke plainly on this. All of the corps letters from 1977-1982............detail this specifically. Over and over again. You cannot "serve wierwille" and abandon his beloved spiritual headquarters and ministry.......he called all those who left cop-outs. Others, too, like John Lynn..........publically stated, loud and proud, that he "thought wierwille would be proud of him for his stance." NOPE. Wierwille was vehemently adamant that ANYONE WHO LEFT HIM OR TWI.......was walking into darkness and the night of the soul. Do you STAND with what wierwille taught........or don't you?
  23. How long before someone posts on GSC......... "I left the Revival and Restoration Group, and here's why......."
  24. On one hand.......splintering does have its "advantages." It awakens some from the cult to break away from the deep-seated bondage and captivity of twi.......and later, they find out that their offshoots encounter the same problems and cultish ways (i.e. geerites, CES, CFF....). One person here at GSC recently posted that s/he had been with twi for 14 years.....and then, with a Geer group for 18 years (before leaving in 2005). So, offshoots can add a mixture of advantages/disadvantages to the mix. Ugh. But on the other hand.......it divides families. For decades, families have been divided by twi's teachings and cult tactics. The "mark and avoid" ploy is the same thing the Scientologists call "disconnect." Shun those family members who are not in agreement or fall in line. In the last two years......that March 2017 letter to twi's BOD (noted above.....and if I'm not mistaken) lists two of Don and Wanda's girls who disagree with twi's doctrine/practices and therefore distanced themselves from the group. Same goes with C!ndy F0rt........so now that Howard and Wanda are married.........they have children (and grandchildren?) who are not welcomed at The Way International. So much for......promotes "harmony in the home."
  25. Hey, EX-corps coordinators and corps sycophants........are you STILL idolizing wierwille? Have you gone back and **corrected** his doctrinal errors that he taught? Errors like..... cancer is a devil spirit (unless you think that wierwille DIED POSSESSED OF A DEVIL SPIRIT). LOL How about all major church denominations are led by those born of the seed of the serpent. Do you guys still teach THAT? To me, it seems like wierwille was more fixated on the devil, not God....in his later years. Why is that? I had one-on-one encounters with wierwille......and he gave me FALSE prophecy. Wierwille's personal prophecy to me
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