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  1. Yep.... lots of changes through the years. The pfal class was in need of replacement... it was so outdated in its presentation and features. I highly suspect, also, that twi wanted to clean up some of the claims and disinformation that wierwille offered up as biblical truths. The Rock of Ages had outlived its use. The annual pilgrimage to western Ohio was becoming a grind.... except to hook-up with old friends. The daily schedule of the roa had lost its zeal as the "Family Tables" of music, sharings and skits ran dry. And, the way corps were tired and overworked, especially when wierwille mandated that all corps grads attend Corps Week AND the rock of ages. With drive time, that resulted in many corps away from their homes and jobs for three weeks! As twi moved into the '80's, the corps grads were NOW having babies and pushing strollers at corps week/roa. With wives and mothers taking care of babies, most of the work force was men. Wierwille became increasingly frustrated that his corps work force was dwindling. Many corps were started to slip away from the roa and head home early. IMO.... wierwille was a narcissist. With his focus on "teaching the scriptures from the Big Top".... wierwille was a taskmaster with very little empathy for others. He didn't perceive the growing need for corps grads to take care of responsibilities at home. Therefore, as corps grads grew frustrated with this arrangement, they kept stepping away from twi each year with accelerating pace. The young, single corps were NOW parents with careers, families and growing responsibilities. The pop and flare of roa was fizzling away. Along with the exodus of corps was the exodus of excitement and zeal. The corps were no longer promoting others to "go corps." The program was turning detrimental to having a productive life. Thus, there was no need for the Emporia Campus. Every program was scaling back. The Rome City campus still had a structure of support as it was housing, teaching and meetings all under one roof. And, closer to headquarters for commuting back and forth. Whereas Camp Gunnison was viable as an investment and summer "camps".... although interest in having one's life monitored while on vacation (at camp) is deemed undesirable by most. Who wants twi to be looking over your shoulder when you generally have one vacation per year? For me, my memories of roa were only favorable for the first 3-4 years. After that, the "newness" had worn off and, as corps, it became another work week. Some of us were pulling a second shift of duty when others didn't show up for work at the breakfast tent or cold storage in the warehouse. Generally, the in-residence corps were assigned the lowly jobs of porta-pottie cleanup and/or trash detail.
  2. Adding further..... those who were committed to "the simplicity that is in Christ [II Corinthians 11:3] and not corrupted were the most loving followers in Christ. To this day, I believe that some got involved in twi with the purest motives and hearts. They simply loved to give and serve others believing that God called them to serve. When this involves a community of loving service to others.... it truly is electrifying. I, too, saw this on occasion.... but most often it is found at the ground level, not in hierarchy circles of elitism.
  3. JoyfulSoul.... welcome to GSC. When you went to ROA in '87 and '88..... allow me to give you another perspective. The mass exodus in 1986 was spurred by Chris Geer's paper, "The Passing of a Patriarch" (featuring wierwille's leadership of twi) and subsequent excoriating confrontation to the corps household in general. This unfair and biased confrontation spread fear and confusion.... resulting in nearly 80% of corps to exit twi. Thus, the following ROAs in '87 and '88 were significant changes of adaptation and posturing from the trustees. Simply put, those years were aberrations from former ROAs. The reasons why those two or three years (ROA - '87, '88 and '89) were so loving and uplifting is because Craig, Don, and Howard got off "their high horses" and came down to the level of the followers. They mingled in the crowds and showed their appreciation for our faithfully standing with them. Looking back, I see that self-promotion and hidden agendas were lurking nearby. Had the trustees TRULY CHANGED.... then these changes would have continued in 1993 where you admit that "the fizz was gone." So, the question becomes...."was the fizz REALLY there" or was this subterfuge? I highly contend that it was subterfuge, a stratagem used to deceive and conceal the long agenda. This "long agenda" was to keep followers in twi-servitude and keep the gravy train rolling down the tracks. Thankfully, you didn't get taken in by this subterfuge. You didn't go WOW or corps and eventually linked arms with mainstream Christianity. You didn't waste 5, 10, or 20 years of your life following in what one might describe as pseudo-Christianity, or worse, a cult. Some of us were hurt, but I don't come to GSC harboring bitterness. I come to GSC to warn others. There is a vast difference. Peace.
  4. Hey Rocky.... my response was not necessarily directed at you. It's just that when you said, "How human of them"..... I thought of the human response to neglect obvious reality by quipping, "Other than that, how was the class....play, Mrs. Lincoln." Translation: Other than wierwille being a serial plagiarist, lying, low-life, drunkard predator..... that pfal class was great, wasn't it?! .
  5. Several people have come forward on GSC to provide insight on the Jesus Movement. Sunesis comments on movement The Jesus Hippie Movement
  6. GSC is a good place to ask questions and revive your critical thinking skills to separate truth from error.
  7. Wierwille was a false teacher who interlaced erroneous doctrine in his pfal class. Other than that, how was the class...play, Mrs. Lincoln?
  8. What is it about cults that keeps people "hooked"..... even AFTER they separate from The Way? What could it possibly be? A combination of things? They have this attachment to their youth and days of nostalgia? They want to be right..... not able to admit their errors of judgment? They really do have a man-worship association with wierwille? Breaking free of mother-cult.... gives them a false sense of "growing up?" Living under "wierwille's roof"..... they are sheltered living in the basement? This mental disorder gives them license to "stay in their youth?" Others? I guess, even if these corps grads and advanced class grads (300-1,000 people??) live in their little echo chamber till the day they pass away.... what harm will it do? Sure, family members are affected and a few in the communities at large.... but how many people dismiss their ramblings as quirks in society? There are plenty of people in cults everywhere. And, there are fringe trappings that obsess others.... occultists, witch covens, UFO sightings, Big Foot, Loch Ness, Abominable Snowman, etc. It just seems to me that there is a "convenience" to have their little world wrapped with a bow. They like how it looks and feels under the Christmas tree. It makes them feel good, special and important. It all comes back to being **self-absorbed**.... not caring one whit as to all the questions that swirl around the illogic of it all. Obviously, that doesn't bother them, because they refuse to address it in conversation or debate. They like their little world of make-believe.
  9. As long as this man-worship doesn’t saturate the next generation it’s all good.
  10. Sure, makes sense. I took “power for abundant living” to have less. /s
  11. What’s it gonna take? Another 20 years before these guys die off?
  12. Was wierwille projecting a sin-conscious scenario by telling the story of the drunk at the back of the church? Translation: Wierwille WAS the drunk who came and sat at the back of the church. He sat and listened to the pastor's sermon and was unrepentant. The church didn't help him. In fact, the drunk ends up lecturing the preacher for his preaching a negative sermon. In confrontation, the drunk tells the preacher, "I could tell you more about alcoholism than you'll ever know (not exact, but close)." So, supposedly.... the drunk gets in the last word. And, the pastor vows in his heart not to ever preach another negative sermon. Score: Drunk 1 --- Preacher 0 .
  13. Wierwille stole Maggie, Snowball and Henry from B.G's class. Pathetically lazy. What Maggie Muggins told us about wierwille
  14. Yes. They set the stage for more diverging tangents in the future. One of the more interesting things in all this…. is wierwille built this adulation-platform on which he stood, but with no credentials or power-in-action. Sounds so similar to L. Ron Hubbard in Scientology.
  15. Every story in pfal had generic elements that easily appear to be made up. Again, it points to a man who was plugging in fake details of a typical story that could possibly relate to others. The concern that a traveling salesman might wreck his car….. sheeesh. No more imagination than that? Doing the story-hustle.
  16. Sounds more like an opportunist and shady huckster.
  17. No, I don't think the traveling salesman pictured a "Thelma and Louise" ending when he feared traveling down the road. So, you're right waysider. Where are the specifics in the other stories?
  18. Would it be safe to say that those earlier teachings on fear and negative believing were a pretext to the demonology fixation that came later?
  19. I suppose, in a sense, one could say that wierwille was hiding his lack of credentials and God-experiences behind stories, characters, one-liners, false or shady principles..... not just demonology. Most all of us got our first exposure to wierwille via the pfal class. Some of us old-timers didn't even get to see him teach the class.... we sat in audio classes. Not having done any research on The Way International in New Knoxville, Ohio.... I plunged right in by taking the word of wow ambassadors. They said that the class was the most extensive, biblical research class ever presented. I said okay and paid my $85 fee...donation. I didn't realize that Maggie Muggins, Snowball Pete or Henry Boloco were Canadian fictitious characters stolen from Rev. B.G. Leonard's class, "Gifts of the Spirit." In fact, Maggie was quite popular in a Canadian children's radio and television series. Perhaps, its only fitting that Maggie appears in pfal..... as if wierwille is teaching little children the basics in the bible. So, wierwille didn't even have enough imagination in his brain [narcissists are lazy, it comes with the personality disorder] to create his own pfal characters? Hallmark traits of a narcissist. Stories in pfal (in no specific order): Believing for red drapes --- emphasizing positive believing Mother who fears her child's death --- negative believing Traveling salesman --- fearful of car crash, negative believing Drunk in back of church --- don't preach negative sermons Sign on billboard, "millions now smoking" --- ??? So, most all these stories were filler food....er, taught to convince us of the "law of believing." Obviously, wierwille wanted to cement this "law" into our thinking patterns by giving it such weight. In hindsight, it seems like this was one of the cornerstones NEEDED to build a faithful following....ie scare the hell out of them if they succumb to negative believing. Or, if they don't choose to give "believing" proper allegiance in one's daily life. Sure seems, now, that pfal was filled with molding us into "right character conduct" rather than teaching foundational principles in the bible. Wierwille had no credentials to stand on. No real certifiable colleges of a Bible Seminary.... just radio preachers and other men who traveled the highways running retreats and conventions. Those are the 10-12 men with whom wierwille credits his studies of biblical research were launched. These renegade preachers off the grid held sway over cult-like followers who attended their retreats, events. Wierwille patterned his ministry in this manner.
  20. Howard.... just like his mentor, wierwille. A sexually-harassing creep. On my wedding day, Howard Allen is going to walk my bride down the aisle. Martindale is the presiding minister over the wedding ceremony. Monty H0bbs is my best man. The four of us are in the back room of the BRC awaiting for the proceedings to begin. Howard had been hitting the hard stuff, because I could smell it on his breathe and noticed him slurring a bit. Anyways, as we're waiting.... he comes over to me and says, "I like running with _________ (my bride's name), because I like to watch her boobs bounce." Imagine the creep that he is.... to say this on my wedding day and he's the sleaze who will be escorting her down the aisle and "giving her away." So readers and lurkers.... just know that Howard has a flirty, harassing underbelly to his emeritus-irrelevance. Peace to all.
  21. Thanks waysider.... you're right. I remember that now.
  22. After setting markers in pfal regarding the scope of fundamental principles and holy spirit field.... wierwille and twi-leadership spent more time preaching/talking about the devil than the things of God. At first (1976-1978), I thought that wierwille was simply preparing us to understand the multi-faceted workings of our adversary. Yes, we went through the dozens of names that he is called in the Scriptures.... ie. Lucifer, Satan, serpent, Antichrist, God of this world, Prince of the power of the air, Father of Lies, Beelzebub, Belial, Great fiery red dragon, dragon, destroyer, enemy, thief, evil spirit, adversary, tempter, wicked one, son of wickedness, etc. So, with all these different names, surely God wants us to pay attention to this. But then.... I began to sense that all the emphasis on the devil had a divergent tactic.... it kept wierwille from highlighting God in his life. Even the few examples that wierwille cited in pfal were suspect. Why was no one around to witness these moments? Wierwille makes reference the closing down the fortune teller's stand at the local fair (if I recall that correctly). And, first of all.... did it really happen? Or, the revelation "white heart / black heart" story and how God was teaching wierwille revelation? I just find these sporadic examples suspect.... since I never saw wierwille operate any revelation/power manifestations in the 70's or 80's. What's up with that? With the rarity of any power manifested, did wierwille spend more time on how the devil operates to keep us from spotting his fraudster ways? After all, he couldn't spotlight his OWN LIFE as a testimony for this power of God, now could he? Thus, he and martindale go into great lengths to show how the devil operates. Same with Athletes of the Spirit....... what is more glamorized is the Devil. All the unique costume designs, the music rips and squeals, the fire bursts, the sensual gyrations, and allure. The "believers" seem bland, obedient and unappealingly faithful. No contest: the devil is glorified throughout. Just like in pfal when wierwille doesn't want someone to criticize the tie he is wearing, or his clothing.... or soon, we "get down to the bare facts!" Wierwille surely didn't want to come across as the emperor who wore no clothes. He wanted you to see what he let you see: a prominent preacher, a man of God.... not a phony counterfeit. His stories in pfal belie a deeper truth. The things wierwille was trying so hard to hide. Does anyone remember wierwille's story about the time when Howard Allen was deathly sick? The story I remember hearing was wierwille and Howard were on the motor coach coming back from an itinerary. Howard fell deathly sick. And, wierwille had trouble attending to the driving AND helping Howard to get him to a hospital or home. Anyways, not far down the road was a hitch-hiker standing alongside the road and wierwille pulled over to pick him up. This guy was instrumental in helping Howard while wierwille kept driving. Apparently, as they got near home and Howard was no longer in serious condition, the hitch-hiker asked to be let off at a certain spot. Wierwille claimed that this "guy" was an angel sent by God to minister to Howard. A phenomenon. I always pondered why wierwille didn't minister healing to Howard... if, as he taught, that gifts of healing was one of the nine manifestations. Wierwille sure gave the devil his due throughout his ministry..... and then some.
  23. Many have shared thru the years how deathly paranoid wierwille was. He was in constant fear of losing his power and control over others. Was he also afraid that his secret sins would be found out and on display for others to see? I think so. The cult atmosphere is laced with watchful paranoia: 1) Watch out for devil spirit activity, 2) Watch out that your staffers are not speaking negatives and souring on the cult's headquarter experience, 3) Watch out for internet activity, specifically on the GreaseSpot website, and 4) Watch out that your believing doesn't falter and you're out of fellowship. In other words, the system is built on fear. As the numbers shrink.... the paranoia grows. More eyes are on the little remnant that's left. The tighter they grip, the more people want to escape the bondage.
  24. On the website it says.....Watch your thoughts, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. You know WHO ELSE was watching our thoughts and actions? The cult. They were watching us, molding us, indoctrinating us. Seems to me, this cute little phraseology turns deadly when a cult gains power over you. It's like a double-edged sword. Every little one-liner can "seem" good on the surface..... but in the twisted minds of cult leaders that one-liner can also be used against you. So, I don't much follow these little quips in life anymore. I like to use my critical thinking skills to get to the deeper levels of identity and self-governing. Burned by a cult will do that to you.
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