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  1. I've come to realize that for me at least this is what walking for God looks like. Where I used to think that the pinnacle was to know that I know that I know that I know, now I understand what it means to see through a glass darkly. None of us have it all figured out and most of us are taking a step at a time and trying to figure it out. I believe that we should always be learning more and allowing depth into what we believe and grow into those beliefs, or away from some beliefs as we mature and gain a greater understanding of God and his ways. We are supposed to be transformed, as in transforming, it's a process and a fun one at that.
  2. Oh, no doubt - I'm sure the way international has varying shades of meaning depending on who the presenter is and if they are promoting some damn program...lol
  3. And this is exactly how they use the salt covenant - as leverage! I actually heard Rosalie say during a cabinet meeting that way corps who had taken the salt covenant andd copped out (and quit being way corps) suffered much greater consequences because they had taken the salt covenant and broken it, which is (not quite but damn near) almost unforgivable from God's perspective. Yet the Bible tells us not to swear an oath of the type that we swore upon graduation into the way corps.
  4. Mainly from the practices of the East India Company, et al. My illustration of doulos has a very narrow application in how I used it. Metaphorically the emphasis is one who gives himself up to another's will those whose service is used by Christ. This metaphorical meaning emphasizes the willingness of the one to serve the interests of another, and the corresponding fiduciary nature of the one who is being served. In this case way corps serve the interest of the b.o.d. of the way international, except the way international doesn't recipricate the commitment. It's one sided in nature. Yet the way international uses this same metaphor to lillustrate how individuals are to become sold out bond servants to the way international. Yet the way international never talks about their responsibilities to the ones who have committed themselves to the way international because they ignore that responsibility. Obviously, slavery in it's modern (and not so modern) practices is hideous and loaded with human rights abuseses. The etymology of the word slave emphasizes the many eastern european people from Slavic nations who were taken into slavery by Muslim conquerors.
  5. My biggest disappointment with the way corps training as well as living as active way corps was learning that the commitment I made in "salting myself to a lifetime of Christian sevice" to the way international was the commitment is one sided. As noted in previous posts on this tread and is encapsulated in the fololowing quote from TWI website: God will have to enrich their lives and supply their every need because the way international will do little to help them. Commitments biblically are typically a two way street. For example, a doulos (bond slave), would commit theirselves to serve their master's household and in turn they would be taken care of for their service and sacrifice. The way international expects the way corps to stay salted to the ministry that taught them the word (barf-ola) while the way international feels it owes nobody anything. The way international has a very long and sordid track record of using people up and tossing them aside when finished. The way international is a fiduciary by the very nature of their salted relationship with the way corps. But that is a one sided commitment. As way corps I salted myself to the way international yet they never salted themselves to me, not ever not once. Of course if the way would actually follow the bible they wouldn't ask anyone to take a salt commitment ever.
  6. Yeah, well her credentials are great up until they start the biblical research stuff.....but they did say that she has enjoyed biblical research for 40 years as opposed to serving on the board of a church that does biblical research...she very well may have done biblical research on her own for 40 years. That same 40 years likely coincides with the 40 or so odd years that the way international stopped doing biblical research...yada..yada.
  7. Hey, no worries, I am enjoying going over the topic the way we are. The article I wrote is by no means the end of the subject for me. I wrote it and put it out there for discussion, and perhaps selfishly, so I could learn more from discussion and other's points of view. I read the article you posted and of course your post and enjoyed the read/insight. For me, as it relates to the law of believing there is so much to carry away in application on a personal level because the magical thinking aspect, where there is literally no correlation between anything, yet a huge leap of logic occurs and leads to people being blamed, accused, lauded, etc because their believing was negative/positive. That's been a vital piece of the puzzle for me in learning to restore some sense of reason to my faith. Thanks for the link and taking the time to post. I guess this next bit from me really goes outside the topic quite a ways but maybe it ties into our discussion here or needs it's own subtopic. The following quote from your post illustrates both sides of the sword: His patient appears hopelessly trapped in a trap of her own mental choosing. I can relate to that state because of course I have lived it myself when I used to live by the law of believing. You simply couldn't talk me out of my own insanity on the desires I wanted to make happen according to my will. Yet he cuts right to the quick when he says "that chanting has the power to yield wisdom I didn't know I had—a power, however, that can only ever be proven by someone to themselves.” So this brings up my other off topic point. Matters of faith cannot be substantiated/unsubstantiated by rules of reason alone. In the scheme of things our very highly cherished sciences are shifting sand because the rules of logic have changed, and even the age of reason is a concept that only has a few hundred years at it's foundation. We are warned biblically time and again about puffing ourselves up with knowledge and even the fall of creation centers around the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Man has elevated his knowledge and rules of reason far above simple faith in God, yet it's a slippery slope or we wouldn't be here talking about it. Yet, matters of faith start with what a person has proven to themselves with the things of God and cannot be nullified by rules of the natural world because God is a supernatural entity. Anywho, more later, again - thanks for the post!
  8. Complete transparency. You will never find anywhere a public expense report from the way international. They have no accountability to those who donate.
  9. That makes sense to me. Even though we were mesagging on FB I was pretty sure it was someone trolling
  10. I always thought she was just trolling. I was even talking to whomever it was via direct mesage here on GSC. Supposedly, they were in the marines and were working on getting a PHd in quantum physics. I was in direct contact and even have her supposed real name, if it's a real person and not a troll. Personally, I thought about all of the possibilities and in the end didn't really care. Also, they said they were terminally ill with brain cancer and then disappeared off my facebook page sometime later. Were they real, terminally ill and passed away? Or just a troll? I dunno. Her real name was supposedly K@trina @llard - but who really knows.
  11. Rev. Vern Edwards Rev. Bill Greene Dr. Angela Priester Rev. John Rupp https://www.theway.org/ It's way down at the bottom of the page. I agree with you GerogeStGeorge, I always thought very highly of both Angela and Perry.
  12. I really appreciate your post. I wanted to respond to the entire post I only have so much time so I'll be back to discuss more shortly. When I was working the topic I actually started out with the self-help gurus, such as Rhonda Byrne with her Oprah approve book "The Secret" and you completely hit the nail on the head and drive that sucker home. They all seemingly operate pyramid schemes of various sorts and they all seemingly push the idea that there is this magical, hidden, knowledge that they can impart if you just buy something of theirs. The concepts still trace back to Quimby and others that took a secular route with their magical thinking crap. The step they took was actually logical, though it's based on a lie. That step is if you can heal yourself by your positive thoughts then you can also command riches by your positive thoughts. Now, I'm not letting the religous gurus off the hook either because Wierwill sold his classes and books as well. But the secular side is just as variegated and corrupt as the religous side. And you are so very very correct in noting the ones getting the loot from their magical thinking are the con artists selling their wares. I realy enjoyed your insight on Provergs 23 as well. I covered it briefly and you added some really cool insight. James Allen in his book "As a Man Thinketh" is typically the departure point for that twisted doctrine. And you have to completely ignore the rest of the verse to make it say what James Allen says it means. Twisted scripture for certain. More later. Thanks again!
  13. That is so incredibly gross. It still amazes me that people were so deceived that they thought this kind of behavior is Biblically acceptable. Don't get me wrong, I had my own areas of blindness that other's would be amazed as well with me.
  14. This sure describes my former way corps self, and it really is a good description of a lot of folks still in TWI. Excellent post! My experience is that most people that hang onto to TWI are more willing to leave if something better were there - my summation of many voices I've heard expressing disdain for TWI's current and recent state of affairs. Of course there is so much better out there when the blinders are off. My purpose in posting here from the beginning has been to expose the top leadership and their really treacherous practices. As an organization TWI is rotten from the roots and that will never change. My prayer is that more people wake up and walk where the Lord leads them.
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