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  1. Now that makes sense. Is Donna on that board?
  2. Man, u know that how to win in life pitch is gonna come back to their erroneous law of believing schtick.
  3. She used to have L@hn L!nder print them out for her because for years she refused to have a computer in her office or use one at all. I started posting here to expose the things twi wants to hide. However, i always took satisfaction knowing she was reading along.
  4. Make no mistake, that is the same Robert J McCulloch that i was on the cabinet with in the mid 2000s.
  5. Oh... Donna Martindale as CEO....that explains everything. Rosalie sets her girlfriend in charge and has the lap dogs running around Donnas feet. Rosalie is just too old at this point. By putting Donna in the true power chair she insures her legacy of ineptness. New boss same as old boss.
  6. Lol....the only CD or DVD player i even own is my sons xbox1
  7. DeLisle was booted by Rosalie for speaking up. I dont know what he spoke up about....i do know he was forced to admit publicly that he hasnt helped people. He was forced to leave hq and went to Montana.
  8. Malaka is greek slang for wanker....lol
  9. No doubt.....twi hasnt gottwn the news though....tbey still teach that crap.
  10. According to twi biblically jews in the bible should be called Judeans because they were from the province of Judea. Modern day jews were descended from the Khazars and are non-Judeans and ok to call Jews. Bout as clear as mud?.....lol
  11. dont think so. There arent too many people left in the way international after rosalie marked and avoided a few hundred folks in the latest r nr revolt.....lol....
  12. Yep. Not to mention as corps our lives were so intertwined with our assignments. Financially, socially, family, et al. When me n my ex left, I had us the hell away from all things twi by insisting that we relocate to a city near hq where my child's healthcare was being handled at the time. The day I emailed john rupps sorry behind our resignation letter we had literally spent months extricating ourselves from twi tentacles. It took several years after leaving to come to grips with reality...the reality that i volunteered myself in the prime of my life and spent many years advancing an abusive
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