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  1. Ill readily admit I was a gigantic jerk up until about the year 2000. I followed the example of others who had been around longer than me and were way corps. Not everybody is a jerk. I actually held the Bible in higher esteem than anything way leadership had to say. And that started on my apprentice year, the year 2000. Personally, I did everything in my power to treat people with love and respect. I wasn't perfect at it and I probably stepped on a few toes along the way, but if someone said something to me I would be as meek as possible to them and do all I could to apologize for my faults. My main concern to this day is standing approved before God and not men.
  2. Thank God you didn't damage the portico paver. They would have taken you to the city gates and gotten you stoned.
  3. I have no earthly idea. With that said, it never ceases to amaze me the absolute BS surrounding VPW. No matter what context he was always the greates. Heck, he even tried to build his own genealogy with his Wierwille family lineage tracing back to the Hugenots, as if he's in a special bloodline where deep spiritual ministries run in the family. VPW was a master at leading people to think the he was some great man of God. I think many times he didn't come out and actually say what he wanted but led people to draw the conclusions he wanted them to. He was dishonest to the core of his soul.
  4. Ahhh...young Padawan....you are spiritual enough to master blades of grass but you have yet to master the snow shovel to the degree that you can catch the snow flakes with your shovel before they hit the sidewalk. A true master baster has developed the ability to lean against the shovel, catch flakes, and sling them neatly into a pile so nobody ever slips on the sidewalk while entering the OSC or Auditorium.
  5. Feelings come and go --- whatever the heck does that even mean. Stating the obvious. My dog comes and goes too...in and out the back door heading out to the backyard...lol Just renew your mind. --- da fuq? The love of God thinketh no evil -- scripture quote pulled comletely out of context and used as a battering ram against dissenters. Wierwille is a plagarist...uh uh...you are thining evil.... I have no friends when it comes to “The Word”.-- Whatever that means. I think thats fair though. VPW really had no friends anyway....just followers. Even his board of trustees were there to rubberstamp. He had no friends on the motorcoach either...just victims. ,,,I could keep going but will spare everyone my sarcastic humor...lol
  6. I really like that. I always hated that Good, better, best crap. It's one thing to strive for excellence and enjoy the pursuit by the work you produce. But for nothing to ever be good enough...yeahhh...my big butt is striving for mediocrity!!
  7. No...he was a dumb@$$ right up until the end.
  8. He called the law of believing Christian witchcraft. And he was right. He held on to administrations and many other doctrinal points from TWI and they changed a lot of other points to be more in line with scripture. it was an effort, I can admit that. However, I will not judge the man or his works...that job belongs to the Lord on that day. I am not directing this at John Lynn or his memory. Twi and most all offshoots cannot be honest with scripture. They are vested in their error and their livlihoods depend on it. They can't shake loose the fact that they love to be adored of men and followed as if they themselves were some great ones. They are vested in their lies. On the other hand, I bit the bullet and completely repudiated the way international and all things associated with them. At one point I had zero concern for anything Christian or Biblical. I have since decided that I will not abandon my faith because of false prophets and false ministries. However, the Berean mindset rules my day. I take everything to scripture to see if those things are so. Not only that but tracking doctrines through Church history is very insightful. For example: Diispensationalism or administrations did not exist in mainstream Christian theology before the 1800s. It was peddled by John Nelson Darby, who was a known occultist, and incorporated into the Scofield reference Bible and Cyrus Scofield was an occultist as well, a charlatan, crook, and was tied into illuminiati money families through the Lotus Club in Manhattan where he lived for years. Rockefellers, Morgans, etc. Here is a link to an article I wrote on law of believing. How I came to write it is humorous really. I was asked to write it by someone who left TWI and started their own actual Church. He rejected it but never said why. My work is not proven ministry research or even above reproach. I want to learn more, I want holes poked in it, I want to talk it over and enjoy other's perspectives. But...I digress. https://cloud.disroot.org/s/o2n6WBFDT3BNnSQ
  9. This is true. John Lynn was the biggest proponent of not throwing out the baby with the water. As intelligent as he was, if he had looked far enough beyond the bathroom he would have seen that many of TWI major doctrinal points are in serious error. Administrations, man of God crap, way corps making lifetime commitments, law of believing, the whole absent Christ spiel...I have literally taken everything I ever believed from TWI and did my own homework to the point that I have been able to not only identify what is in error, but also when the error was conceived and by whom. Wierwille is in a long list of false prophets and prosperity gospel preachers from Phineas Parkhurst Quimby to EW Kenyon to Kenneth Copeland to VP Wierwille. Name it and claim it. Abundant life crap. Jesus Christ did not die and rise again so we could have stuff. It was to redeem mankind from the corrupt sin nature and reunite us with God. I have never trusted God more and have never had a more rich relationship with God and with Jesus Christ. I am at total peace.
  10. Man o man. You just helped me put quite a few things in perspective. Rocky mentioned his way corps training and how he is still working to recover from that mess. It was in the way corps training that I learned to be extremely critical of myself. Nothing I did was ever good enough, it always had to be better. When I could no longer carry on appearnances and my outer shell began to crack - that's when I hated myself the most. I hated myself so bad that I was suicudal and almost successful. This was in 2017. I hated myself for feeling the way I did. I hated myself for drinking to numb it out. I hated myself because I couldn't stop drinking and desperately wanted to. I hated myself because I thought I knew better and yet could no longer live up to the cult cliches and quotes that are so prevelant in TWI. Really it's having a form of godliness but denying the power therof. It was polishing the flesh with no power to conclude the old man dead and press into the spirit. TWI taught me to hate myself.
  11. Same here. Im not over it yet either, but I am beginning to think that I am on the downside of the hill. Time will tell. It took me several years to re-adapt to society after leaving HQ. I still struggle at times.
  12. Thats awesome to hear, my friend! Liberating, isn't it? For me it came down to learning to accept loss. The five stage of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. I could never make it to acceptance and was stuck on a spin cycle of the first four -- in no specific order. I was unable to accept losses incurred from a son born with major health problems. Unable to accept that my life still matters after the way international, more so now since I am free from them. I could go on but I think you get the jist. I also drank heavily to numb it all out. I was the happiest guy on the outside but dying on the inside. I havent touched a drop in several years now. But alcohol and depression is akin to putting out a fire with gasoline. Once I learned to accept reality for what it is....I learned to approach God with a completely different mindset. Now I have an attitude of humility and respect. TWI teaches an attitude of entitlement, where Jesus Christ accomplished everything and is chilling at God's right hand and all we have to do is demand it and claim it. I am able to accept loss and pick up the pieces and move on. It's part of life. TWI taught me not to accept loss but to confess my desired reality until it happens. Wrong way for sure.
  13. Thanks! I am better and happier than I have ever been. Been a long road but worth it.
  14. Well. Because of the law of believing false doctrine, I was unable to deal with my emotions because that would have been a negative confession. That eventually led me to a complete mental and emotional breakdown along with 16 weeks of counseling to help get things figured out. So theres that.
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