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  1. No it's not. You're the moderator, and you have a very nasty unchristian bias, and you allowed this post to stay in about the way for some time. There is no other side around here anymore but a push towards writing memoirs and ted talks. That some found redeeming value in those things is awesome. However, others, like myself, returned to Jesus Christ and found a great relationship that the way international and others would love to hide. So it's clear to me that when a moderator leaves an anti-Christian post in the about the way section, then there's a problem and this is no longer an objective website and no longer does it serve its stated purpose. Jesus Christ and most anything Christian is not welcome here, and therefore I'm unwelcome here. But on the other hand, let a Christian post pop up in about the way, and It's immediately moved.
  2. God and Jesus Christ have been excluded from this website, unfortunately. Thanks for sharing what helped you and may it help others, God Bless!
  3. OldSkool


    Thanks all! I really appreciate the kind words.
  4. OldSkool


    My work on GSC is complete. Thank you for giving me a place to vent and I wouldnt be where I am now if it wasnt for my time here. Some of you if not all may think im crazy. I was crazy and this isnt the same. I thought I was crazy in the beginning too...its fine. https://www.eyesupandopen.org/index.php/articles-from-various-authors/my-testimony-expanded-version
  5. If hostile reactions are calling you out on your bullshonta then so be it. You taking a page out of mikes playbook now?
  6. Exactly. So if the moderators choose to let their bias rule the roost here at GSC and allow posts such as these then its pretty much a given that I will not participate here. Its intersting how others demand tolerance in their atheistic view points, yet Ive been very tolerant, yet that tolerance is used as an excuse to bash my Christian beliefs. Fair enough. I didnt realize about the way section on grease spot cafe was made to "challenge the foundations of one's belief." I thought iit was to tell the other side of the story. Im not here for that and neither am I here to challenge the foundation of anyone's beliefs unless those beliefs tie into "About the way".
  7. Though this isnt a "Christian" website, many people here no longer have any respect for Christians or their beliefs. Bible bashing is a large part of what grease spot has become and frankly I find it offensive and seldom participate here as a result. It is what it is because Ive grown so far past the way international I have little left to say on them that I havent stated already, or has been stated by others. I feel this site is no longer tolerant of Christians and that includes me. Peace.
  8. Those guys had so much fun n performing...they all smiled frequently on stage. Huge fan here...as if you couldn't tell.
  9. Love watching Pulse...some of the best post Roger Waters live footage ever....
  10. OldSkool


    Cool, your welcome and very happy to hear you are on the mend!!!
  11. I think there is room to maneuver on this one because forgiving a wrong brings up the ability to discern, or judge, right from wrong and take appropriate action according to the situation. Theres times I have forgiven unconditionally, in the case of the way international's leadership who wronged me, and thers times I havent. I feel that people equate unforgiveness with bitterness and hatred. Nothing could be further from the truth. Its a case by case scenario that has no room for black and white thinking, though modern day churchianity seems to handle the topic in said manner.
  12. Agreed. The main point I was making is it's a bit easier to see people in person and communicate in a more intimate manner than the interweb. It does help to see people's expressions and such, body languaget, etc. But on the flip side many of our debates on GSC have yielded pleasant enough results. So we are here to discuss and debate and even argue...how else can we prove all things? Great points, Sir!
  13. Exactly. Right on the money. This is the cornerstone to my cult recovery and recovery from alcoholism. Im simply not the same person as I was...true repentance and forgiveness has occured. It has encouraged me to read your summation on the matter. Thanks!
  14. We need more cow bell....
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