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  1. Ya, just the type of guy that I would want to teach me the Bible and how to live a Christian life...NOT!
  2. No, that's not even remotely necessary. Ive never witnessed a muder either and I can say absolutely tha murder is wrong are so are murderers. Same with adulterers. No research needed and the fact that the truth of thour shalt not commit adultery caused so many people to run, hide, and cover shows just exactly what was going on. It was systemic adultery complete with wife swapping amongst the way corps and wierwille and martindale used others to arrange scenarios and procure victims that they could boink...no matter if the women were married or not. Thats disgusting and evil and you have spent how many years rationalizing that this behaviour that started with wierwille is somehow excusable because they talked about the bible with excitement....?
  3. I don't think those are the only two choices, false choices at that. Definately don't do what VPW taught in PFAL on avoiding ones own private intrepretation...I don't know what the opposite would be, but lets not do that either...both choices suck. How about just reading scripture with faith that God is perfectly capable of communicating himself in written form and just read whats written. The entire idea that we need to somehow work scripture back toi God's original intent is ludicrous and it sets the stage for wierwille telling us what God's original intent was and he was absolutely void of any authority to do so given his lifestyle as a drunken serial sexual predator who taught others' to be the same. He ws a wolf in sheeps clothing. Just read the Bible with confidence and trust in whats written without letting wierwille's fake theology throw you off base dude. I mean do you not believe the following? Hers' the correct choice Mike: 1 John 2:27 But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.
  4. Whats comical is a Christian ministry needed a "research paper" to figure out adultery was wrong... Thou shalt not commit adultery is about as plain and simple as you can get. No research needed. Geez where's that in-depth spiritual perception and awareness?
  5. Of course he did, he couldn't discredit VPW, him and John Lynn founded CES using wierwille's theology with a few changes of course.
  6. Wrong again. We are fellow worker with God and God credits the authors such as Paul, Peter, etc and they certainly did put themselves into scripture, view points, manners of speaking, etc. You make it sound like you understand what it was like for them to receive inspiritation of God to write what they did...truth is none of us know what that was like. 1 Corinthians 7:6 is a shining example: But I speak this by permission, and not of commandment.
  7. My short time on the cabinet and my short run on staff I never saw any efforts to reform, only cover while giving the appearance of reform. I heard Rosalie say on several occasions when it comes to confidential matters (and what isnt confidential with them) "just let them go ahead and speculate" --- which indicates they are fine with people drawing their own conclusions and most people conclude that there was a big reform movement afoot to undo what martindale alone caused. Thats what they wanted people to assume....but there was NEVER a true heart of repentance and never a true heart of change....only whitewash and preservation of what survived the whitewash.
  8. Man, that woman was a snake in the grass. Ive heard her brag several times in closed settings how so and so was "outFOXED" by her manuevers. Meaning one of her names was Fox, not sure if middle or previous marriage name, but Rosalie Fox Rivenbark operated by proxy and with full counsel by their attorneys on how to be a slick POS. She was a very mean woman who preferred the baseball bat approach but was forced into niceness. I think one of the biggest difference forced legal compliance brought about was working as staff provided a default layer of protection that doesnt apply outside of an employer/employee relationship. So this was extended to the way corps who were paid a salary. The harassment policy is a system of redress that was intended to protect the directors and the organization but it had the unintended consequence of protecting staff from the directors, et. al. I used the harassment policy on the directors after baiting them out to come after me. It ticked off Rosalie so bad that she got bit by her own manuevers that I was kicked out of the cabinet meetings, thankfully....talk about boring...anywho. I was told by a fellow cabinet member that Rosalie went on one heckuva rant in the first cabinet meeting I was booted from because I used their policy against them. Another humorous item is after I started posting here they started requiring non-disclosure agreements of their top leadership assignments. Perhaps that was in place with the directors and perhaps it doesnt apply to cabinet guys but I know it applied to officers and probably directors too. They have seperated office and director responsibilities. If a someone isn't paid staff and considered a volunteer then all gloves are off. So there is a higher rate of abuse amongst field way corps vs TWI employed way corps.
  9. So true. Personally, I think that the folks (some folks) who say we are beating a dead horse while TWI continues to proselytyze are themselves made uncomfortable by cognitive dissonance and instead of dropping the abusive cult prefer to drop the truth about the abusive cult. Its more comfortable for them that way.
  10. So, VPW is the one who ramrodded AOS into way doctrine complete with literals lifted mostly from the amplified to the point that it's codified in way literature and classes and you are saying VPW had second thoughts? Do you really believe he was actually remorseful about anything? I mean I wasnt there, Im not the searcher of hearts but wheres the fruits meet for repentance? Right just some speculations that VPW disapproved so he can stay blameless in your mind. Ok, exiting soapbox. Peace.
  11. Last I checked Mike was averaging around 5 pages a year on penworks book. He'll have it finished in the next few years. Patience.
  12. Yeah...I like science fiction too...star wars had an entire orchestra doing the music...
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