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  1. Very happy to be of service, thanks for the kind words of encouragement! Interesting you mentioned that not known since the first century line wierwille used. You have very likely tossed that line in the trash bin..so not really trying to lecture you at all...so my rhetorical question isn't aimed at you. If the information wierwille presented hadn't been known since the first century then why in the world is the information he presented traceable to extant sources?
  2. Well...first let's start with the source of the phrase....is that source trustworthy? No. Then....break it down...accuracy - word. In this case, who defines accuracy? who defines word? If you came with the way international I would say you got a 100% on your GSC rhetorical pop quiz. Seriously, think about it. Is the way international qualified to say authoratatively what the accuracy of the word really is? Or does the way international tell you what is accurate according to their word? As for Christiaity, God, Jesus, etc...Ive found that simple faith..aka trust in God...simple trust just the size of a grain of mustard seed is more important than most other issues. What could be more important than faith? Love! Love is the most important of all - concentrate on God's love. Just take the pressure off your own back and leave yourself alone. I literally had to learn how to do the same things I am saying to you. Jesus yoke is easy and his burden light. TWI binds us with heavy burdens, onerous to carry. They are modern day pharisees. As for scripture, I had to learn what it really is. It's a vast literary work where the authors span about a 1500 year time period. It's existed in various forms over the years, and is cumulative in nature. It didnt become an actual book until around 1455 with the Gutenburg bible. The Bible isn't what TWI says it is. With that said, take time to look at scriptures such as: 1 John 1:3 That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ. The truth is God never sets rigid standards for how our relationships are supposed to work. That's the nature of relatinship. It's personal. But if TWI says we aren't supposed to have fellowship with Jesus Christ and scripture clearly does then I think the choice and path is clear.
  3. Boy oh boy they are uttely destitute when it comes to marriage counselling. The clergy who officiated my first marriage set a booby trap during counselling that likely proved to be the end of that marriage. During counselling, and there were numerous sessions, we were asked to tell the other what would be grounds for divorce in the marriage. I came from a long line of alcoholics so of couse being under pressure she said alcoholism. Well....Im a recovering alcoholic at this point and when I went off the deep end with my drinking some years back it was a real easy progression to divorce from there. Who in their right mind would ask an engaged couple to tell the other what would be grounds for divorce? I dont blame TWI or clergy for my marriage ending...it's largely my fault and I have made amends the best I am able. What I am saying if the concept hadn't been introduced at all we would have had a better chance of staying married through it all.
  4. Honestly, GSC has been an outlet and a place of refuge for me over the years. It's the only place I can go where people can relate and I can relate to their common experiences with TWI. Ive also used this site to expose what I was exposed to, and that was the cover-up and whitewash of all things wierwille. But more importantly has been my own cult recovery. GSC has given an outlet where I can see what others have gone through and how they navigated their murky waters, so to speak. Also, use the search function on the site and you will find a LOT of topics have been discussed and those discussions can really give some cool insight. I think if I had one piece of advice from an ex-wayfer that sits pretty high in importance is stay off your own back. In TWI I learned to condemn myself on an entirely new level....never fast enough, never good enough, just never enough. Just breath and breath easy. Enjoy life and enjoy the process of sorting all of this out, it's really a rewarding process of discovery.
  5. I bet that was a line for line quote with LCM too. It's interesting though, when I was in rez the version of this can of malarkey they pushed was "any two believers can make a marriage work because they can renew their minds." I guess the bullshonta morphs to suit the times... What you describe with their marriage and how its value was centric to being VP's successor....they still encourage this same type of stuff. They call it spiritual goals, thats how they put it to the way corps. You want to marry someone with the same spiritual goals as yourself. So if you really want to be a region coordinator someday then marry someone with the same aspirations. I had that pushed on me since day one with my time in TWI. Im thinking bottom line is TWI has no business talking about marriages with anyone.
  6. My apologies, could have made that more clear. It's against HR law to change someone's job because of their child's health problems. My director at the time was a bumbling doof when he came to visit us at the hospital. I wound up waiting on him to make sure he was taken care of instead of him actually caring for us.
  7. Thanks for your background (didnt wanna say story cause dont wanna copycat T-Bone...nah nah..j/k) Definately be thankful you didn't go into the way corps. It's not a good lifestyle and is stressful for kids especially. As for being way corps elite..it's a bunch of nepotism, good ole boys type stuff. Vic/Craig good ole boy system and Rosalie thrived on favoritism an nepotism on behalf of her better half Donna. It all comes down to who they like and who they think will do exactly what they want without complaints. I was on the presidents cabinet for a couple years and was running the Ground Department during that time. I literally could do without that entire experience. Actually, being a department coordinator was fun. I had a ton of responsibility and an ego to match. I quickly fell out of favor when my son was born with health problems and the directors wanted to demote me because it turned out he had chronic kidney disease. That sort of thing is highly agains HR law, it wouldve been different if the health problems were mine or my spouses but not children. I knew what they were doing and why and I had had enough. Im not sure if it was the stress of the health issues or what, but the gloves came off and I fought them for dang near a year and a half. My former wife and I were treated like lepers by staff, way corps, and clergy alike. Nobody really knew what to do for us and to make it worse all the protocol at HQ and me being on the cabinet shut off anyone else from helping out in any meaningful way because I was the directors problem and they were supposed to take care of me. Well the one visit I got from my director at the hospital when my son was born turned out to be me catering to his sorry butt. Anywho, be glad you never did any of that. Am I better from all the various experiences from my way corps training? Sure, I definately am, but I could have had similar experiences hoboing on freight trains and stopping in random towns for short periods of time to work and witnes...lol.
  8. Man...you have no idea (or maybe you do...lol) how bad the rip off goes for field way corp. They work a secular job then running a branch or small limb is a time consuming endeavor. They have to pony up their own gas money usually for driving all over the place...then there's all the little small change items that come out their pocket from meetings, classes, etc. Most field way corps won't even bother asking for petty cash because they seldom get it. The conversation might go like this ..I'm quoting an actual conversation here too from an old friend who was giving me an ear full about this crap. Branch guy to limb guy "I wanted to see if I can get $$ for gas from petty cash...it would really help." Limb guy to branch guy "oh yeah..well I can't do that but I understand. I just consider my travel expenses abundant sharing". That's the mindset.
  9. Oh...yeah...ABS was to be sent to HQ unmolested...lol. it was supposed to be distributed back to the field as there was need but it's a one way flow to HQ.
  10. Wasnt Kernel Sanders a millionaire? Cheap b@$turd couldnt kick in? Id rather have that southern version of austerity from when they cut coffee with Chickory cause it was hard to come by during the civil war. Community Coffee is a staple in Louisiana.
  11. Good grief, thats just gross...wtf was the salt for? I had no idea that was an official thing...
  12. DEAL!! I would do anything to be able to strum like that. I bet Lee Majors had to really practice to get that right...
  13. (Love that movie) Dude...that's not way productions...we can ONLY watch Dancing with the...oops I mean Athletes of the Spirit...nothing secular...u might need to go through your corps training again... On another note I would literally feed my right arm to wild dogs or at the very least sharks with lasers strapped on their backs before going inresi..anything ever again..left handed anyway...
  14. Cool! I have an entire stack of styrofoam cups I salvaged from the trash! One has a lipstick smudge that won't come off so be sure to give that to one of the ladies so she thinks the smudge is hers. Yee haaa ... Your abs at work?!!!
  15. They can stay as long as their money holds
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