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  1. They havent been able to fill the auditorium in a very long time. When there is a big event (anniversary, pentecost, etc.) they plan well in advance for out of state people to attend and even goto the extent of busing people in if enough people want to make the trek. When I was on staff they really had trouble filling more than the forst three rows and many of them were staffers happen to not be working for the STS. They have ran off so many people over the years that they are really hurting for attendance. Not to mention the most recent (2016?) purge of the way corps's ranks. They are so hard up for leadership that they are calling people who were dropped from the corps and inviting them back...not sure how many suckers they have found just yet. So this is my verbose way of saying that you are very likely correct in saying that the crowd is about the size of a packed liviing room.
  2. I know first hand the inflated ego that comes with a "major assignment" and all the gassing up that comes with it. My head size grew exponentially the first year or so of my cabinet position and it took me purposefully recodnizing that I was egotistical and purposefully changing my direction. I was never like that but accepted the position with an ungaurded mindset to purposefully avoid that massive ego that they engender. I agree wholeheartedly: Most way corps who take on a so called major assignment are very egotistical and very attention seeking. And the way corps are definately adored as great men of God or whatever....until they go cross purposes to the board of directors...then you aren't even spoken of in public.
  3. Im noit sure if this is still in effect since Rosalie got voted off the corn field by Vern John and Bill...but I know first hand that Rosalie would not use a computer and refused to have one in her office, so she had John L!nd3r print them out for her daily. This was a confidential practice that very few knew about, but I used to work for L!nd3r and asked what he was doing one day when I was in his office while he was compiling them. The answer was that the BOD liked to monitor grease spot for credible threats and such. As in these narcissitic twits really think that we are going to have death threats against them posted on GSC before on of us GSC possessos go do some sort of heinous crime against them. The sad truth is they are pretty much irrelevant except in their own world and people here are just telling what they know happened(s). Im not sure if Vern and the gang still do this in the same way, but suffice to say we are "officially" monitored.
  4. It not a huge demand in terms of TWI is really starting to grow. It's a demand caused by kicking out active way corps when you already dont have that many people in the first place. They are truly clueless.
  5. TWI is good at putting unqualified people out to the wolves and calling it letting you walk out on your believing, or growth or some such non-sense. My way disciple "training" was a joke. They sent me to Baton Rouge when I was from the east coast and have lived in NYC/LA - I could have easily gone into any big, gritty city and succeeded. But instead I went to Baton Rouge where we had lousy success except for the group that was LSU campus. This pattern continued throughout my life in TWI. Oh...your a chef? Then we need to assign you to the grounds department so you can grow....make that make sense.
  6. OldSkool

    After Long Hiatus

    Evening, Im about to hit the sack...old I guess. I'll hit you up soon. Hope all is well.
  7. Ham!!!! Whats happening my friend?! Glad you are back.
  8. To be clear, as far as TWI getting Biblical abortion right -- I've never really worked it in depth in over 10 years. My inclination is to agree that Biblically it's not murder. I think the issue that seems most egregious with TWI's PRACTICE based on the Bible is using it as an excuse for leadership seducing young women or another man's wife and then sending them off for an abortion to cover their tracks. Same with the practice of counseling someone to abort a baby to keep in line with the pregnancy policy. They used what seems to be Biblical truth as a license to sin, but what's new about that?
  9. That stems back to Pressed Down upstaging ole vic onstage and being sent out to do the trash run at HQ the next day as I undestand it. You know once Vic uttered anything it became gospel. The directors call it years of accumulated wisdom. I call it doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
  10. Nephesh chai was taken out of context to give license to terminate pregnancies out of wedlock by VPW, and likely Martindale too, though I do not know that about Martindale. I can only speculate that people who were full time way corps and had a child that was against the way international's pregnancy policy were very likely counselled to terminate the pregnancy. Other's here can verify. Now, putting the past aside, it's great to biblically distinguish sould from spirit since two seperate words are used and it certainly adds a lot of understanding to the scope of scripture.
  11. Oh, Martindale screamed vigoursly. Not sure about VPW, he was before my time.
  12. I think that's the point skyrider was making when he stated the thread wasn't about JAL but TWI's rather sordid practice of character assasination of people who passed away. Why not move his stance on health care to another thread dedicated for that? Or does any post that could be remotely related to JAL become a public health pedestal? Obviously, there are people who realllllly want to discuss this facet of his beliefs based on the video that was posted in another thread where he was interviewed and his views ran cross purposes to the main stream medai's. Personally, I was really hoping this thread could stay on track with the OP's desires. If this has to be that platform then I will bow out as well.
  13. Relatively speaking to grease spot cafe, which is all about the way international and it's splinter groups. Is Rosalie, Vern, Bill, John, or Angela public figures? Yeah same logic applies.
  14. The sickening part is they used these tragic incidents for their own gain. LCM rants were probably the worst, but I have heard VPW be just as mean spirited on old corps tapes that I wasn't supposed to listen to when I was in-residence. They were full steam ahead white washing VPW so they pulled all the old tapes and such that showed his true nature from circulation and from the Gunnison library when I was in-residence. To my knowlege the only place anyone can access all the old tapes and such is from the library at HQ, which is only accessible to staff, and maybe followers at certain times such a the AC. I digress somewhat, but all of this is leading to my point. Since the Allen lawsuits they don't publicly slander any longer because their lawyers taught em that. All of the slander is kept in house at confidential meetings amongst the way corps leadership. Even the way corps meetings were dry white toast and (at least under Rosalie) and sanitized to the point of being disinfected of anything meaningful. I used to pretty much doze off during corps meetings anyway. They have no in-depth spiritual awareness and them using discerning of spirits is laughable. The directors are so insulated in a world of their own choosing that they really have no idea what's going on in the world anylonger. So, the f-ups were usually good lap dogs, like I used to be, that eventually get a strong dose of reality and wake up out of the TWI induced slumber. A true in-depth spiritual awareness, and/or truly using discerning of spirits at TWI HQ would lead one rather quickly to the exits.
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