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  1. modcat5

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Gary Busey DC Cab Mr T oops. forgot to Raf
  2. A statement I posted yesterday explaining action I took as a moderator inadvertently made it seem that only one person was the target. The target of the moderating action was an exchange, not a single poster. We once again urge ALL posters to stay on topic. Thank you.
  3. FYI http://www.fox9.com/news/investigators/wife-of-alleged-cult-leader-victor-barnard-files-for-divorce
  4. DWBH: I am taking you at your word that the person you identified as Victor Barnard's wife is, in fact, his wife. EDIT: This post originally appeared to be directed entirely at DWBH. That was my communication error, for which I take sole responsibility. The remainder of this post is directed at ALL USERS. Multiple user posts were deleted, INCLUDING MY OWN. DWBH did not deserve to have the entire post appear to be directed at him. I am deeply sorry. --modcat5, Raf. Personal "calling out" of posters for being "friends" or "followers" on Facebook will not be tolerated on this site. To be clear, there are people who "like" and "follow" pages and identify as "friends" with people for the purpose of being able to keep track of what those people do and say on social media. It does NOT necessarily mean those people are actually "friends" or that the "follower" is indeed a follower of that person. I "follow" and monitor multiple people and campaigns that I do not endorse, either on a personal or especially on a professional level. Multiple posts on this thread were deleted in their entirety. One was trimmed to eliminate what I consider to be a minor but significant infraction of our rules. This thread is about its topic. Any future posts that are not on topic will be deleted. Not edited. Not trimmed. Not examined. Deleted. Please do not transfer an argument from a previous thread, especially one where the offending comments have been deleted, onto other threads. On a personal note: Dear friends are putting us in a position of having to take sides. We don't want to. But when it comes to GSC, we have ONE side: GSC. We will do what we must in the best interest of the site. If we err, we err. But it will NOT be out of disrespect for the mission, purpose and interest of GSC. I hope and trust this is the last time moderators will need to intervene in this dispute.
  5. modcat5

    Victor Barnard pleads guilty

    After careful consideration and in an overabundance of caution, we have decided to hide the spinoff thread that emerged from this discussion. We are aware that this action may be perceived as protecting people whose actions do not deserve protection. Please be assured that the only people we are interested in protecting with this decision are our posters, our moderators/administrators and our site owner. We suppose there is a place for healthy discussion about the second and third tiers of cult leaders, those who enable the leaders, the aiders and abettors of their abuses. But it's a fine line between identifying someone as VB's right hand man and accusing him of participating in criminal behavior. This decision is not final and the thread has not been deleted. It has been hidden so that we can delve into our previous policies on naming people to determine whether there is some middle ground we can reach where names are acceptable under conditions a, b and c but not x, y and z. We are amateurs at this. We are erring on the side of caution and protecting GSC against liability. Thank you for your patience as we seek to work this out.
  6. modcat5

    Thus Saith Paul

    Raf posting: First, the post-resurrection gospel never changed. In the gospels, pre-resurrection, it was the kingdom. But at the end of the gospels, Jesus gives the explicit instruction to disciple all nations in his name. The only change, scripturally, is that he's resurrected now. There are 40 days of appearances, only a small handful of which are shared in the gospels and Acts. We don't know how many people witnessed each appearance. But if you think he's teaching them the same thing after the resurrection that he was teaching before... I don't even know what to say to that. He of all people knows things have changed, and how. It is beyond reason to think he would not have shared information that they needed to know in order to make disciples of all the nations in his name after having instructed them to do so! So why DON'T the 12 do what he said explicitly to do? The Bible's answer is implied: the 12 struggled to get past the primacy of Israel and the Jews as God's chosen people. It's the only thing that explains Jesus needing additional visions after being told in person by the risen Christ to disciple all nations in his name. [The skeptical answer is that this is a major plot hole in a made up story, but I don't need to resort to that]. Peter should never have needed to explain to the disciples that Paul was justified in preaching to the Gentiles because all of them would have remembered Jesus explicitly saying disciple all nations in his name. So why did Paul learn more than the 12? It's not because he had a different mission. He had the same mission. It's because he got serious about carrying it out. And once he demonstrated his commitment to the instruction, he got more. So the revelation of the One Body comes to Paul. Why? Because the 12 failed to follow the instruction while Paul dedicated himself to it. Easy. Biblical. Corresponds to all scripture on the subject without inventing a reason for Jesus to not mean precisely what he said when he said disciple all nations in his name. [The skeptical answer, of course, is that Paul made his doctrine up and Christianity retconned the words of Jesus to make Paul consistent with his post-resurrection instructions. There being no resurrection, Jesus never said any such thing. The plot hole is only created when you have him say something clear and unambiguous and his most faithful followers completely ignore it].
  7. modcat5

    Thus Saith Paul II

    I just deleted the thread while trying to get rid of a duplicate post. Feel free to carry on while we try to fix it...
  8. modcat5

    Countdown 2019

    11 days to go
  9. modcat5

    Raising the dead

    Your history in TWI is fair game, as is DWBH's. We implore you both to keep real names out of it. Your marriage history is not fair game. References have been deleted. By the way: It's no longer a secret in these parts, but Modcat5=Raf. I try not to moderate conversations when I am a participant, generally, but I felt safe intervening here.
  10. modcat5

    Raising the dead

    I'm not comfortable with disclosing the personal histories of posters unless THEY choose to disclose them. Same goes for real names. Please be discrete with people's personal information.
  11. modcat5

    Your fave Christmas music

  12. modcat5

    GreaseSpot Fundraiser 2018

    I took Pawtucket at his word here when he said he was shutting down. But I should not be the one making public announcements about it. I will refrain from further comment until he announces what will be happening with this site. My apologies to all involved. See you soon.
  13. modcat5

    TV Show Mash-Up

    That is correct. read my last clue carefully. I dropped a major hint in it. Raf
  14. modcat5

    Name that TV Show

    I just realized we did this show... not recently, but very few POSTS between them and now. It's how I met your mother.
  15. modcat5

    Name that TV Show

    sorry. lost track. "Haaave you met Ted?"