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  1. Hi T-Bone. Steve passed away in 2017. https://www.loosefuneralhomes.com/obituaries/Stephen-Lortz/
  2. I am behind on EVERYTHING Raf
  3. So wait, the "crossover" was all Flash episodes? -- Raf
  4. I just realized that the thread I started was no different in theme or content than this existing thread. My apologies. The two threads are now merged, and I am pretty sure neither has been damaged in the process.
  5. Everyone knew this one from the first line. Camman!!!!! Fine. X-Men
  6. We made a good faith effort to allow this discussion to proceed, and for the most part, you guys were able to do that without getting into the political weeds. That said, as the opening post noted, it is difficult to tell these days where the medical topic stops and the political content begins. Of this much we are sure: Everyone has spoken their piece. The thread has become redundant and the temptation to fall into a political debate grows with every post. Thank you, everyone, for respecting the space we are trying to maintain at GSC. On to the next topic...
  7. Meanwhile the article is literally about which of all the vaccines that work, work best, under which circumstances.
  8. The Telegraph is behind a paywall (the nerve! Expecting people to pay for a product! As if reporters have families to feed). Can you sum it up? (Please do not copy and paste).
  9. Allan, your inability to keep politics out of this conversation has tested the limits of our patience. And has failed. We keep politics off this page to prevent conversations from descending into endless debates about political worldviews, not to mention the endless namecalling and false accusations of political allegiance based on real or imagined associations, which on this page have tended to undermine GSC's mission. You are either unable or unwilling to keep politics out of this discussion. You will now be unable to inject politics into the discussion until further notice. Ordinarily we would not make this kind of action public, but the constant in-your-face defiance of the no-politics rule needs to be addressed in just as public a manner. Thank you.
  10. No politics. No warnings. No exceptions. Don't keep it up. Enough. You know better.
  11. No politics. No exceptions. No warnings. No apologies.
  12. Meanwhile... https://www.science.org/content/article/why-many-scientists-say-unlikely-sars-cov-2-originated-lab-leak Stop using GSC to spread COVID misinformation.
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