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  1. Correct. I had a long running gag on social media concerning the astonishing fact that Vigoda was still alive. This running gag ended in Jan. 2016
  2. Ding ding ding! Alfred Hitchcock knows how to pick hot mamas. Raf
  3. First you say it's a quote. We already said we don't care if it's a quote. Then you not only repeat the slur but you expand on it. Come on!
  4. Rules come up as necessary based on what's happening on GSC at a given time. We did not develop the rules with any pretense about having foreseen and accounted for every situation. That said, I am absolutely embarrassed that we have to tell people not to use offensive slurs to refer to fellow human beings. I don't care if it's a quote or if... COME ON. GROW THE F- UP! Seriously, we left a cult where they talked about people using these degrading pejoratives. Feel free to think that way, but do not feel free to use slurs to refer to our fellow human beings.
  5. Like I said, "to the best of my knowledge," which was mistaken in exactly one case. The current Twilight Zone is on CBS All Access. See the clue?
  6. Okay, giveaway clue: To the best of my knowledge, no actor or actress, in any iteration of the series, played the same character in more than one episode. The clue"The current revival is on a platform that not everyone accesses" contains a subtle hint about the current platform, which narrows down the possibilities (given how few shows on that platform are original). [oops. This is Raf posting]
  7. For what it's worth: I tried to fix WW's post as a mod and could not. But I did try. The dupe is gone. He's not crazy, for anyone reading. He did post the same thing twice. I just can't separate his post from the quote. Oh well. You can.
  8. Moderating, lately, has become a full time job. I am not entirely sure why, but whatever. We have been lax in allowing a particular rule violation in these threads (a rule that I am confident was created to address MY OWN awful behavior in this regard). This needs to be extended to all people, not just posters. His name is John Lynn. It is not "Lynne-sanity." While JAL is not here often, he has registered with GSC and has posted here on several occasions. Now, we know that there is a fine line between insult/ridicule and legitimate satire, and we want to be careful not to stifle legitimate and creative expressions of frustration with TWI. So we'll tread as lightly as we can on this one. In this particular case, we are changing the name of the thread to handle the rule violation. In the future, we ask that you all refrain from distorting people's names to insult or ridicule them.
  9. Please check first post for an update.
  10. Please do not use this space to "out" posters' real names or ID's. People who come to GSC need to know that their privacy will be protected. Thank you.
  11. Hi waysider. The idea behind his subforum is for anyone, ANYONE, to ask questions about us and about TWI. We can answer if we want. We can ASK if we want. It's like a little more explicit in its format than the average thread. Hopefully people will find it useful. If not, we scrap it and no harm done.
  12. This is an experimental answer: Most of us are not unbelievers, though some are. Many of us still hold to some form of what was taught in TWi although that varies wildly from person to person. A handful are mainstream Christians. A handful are unbelievers. Some are connected to various offshoots. The only thing most of us have in common is that at one time in our lives, we took the "foundational class" offered by TWI.
  13. UPDATED: 8/12/2019 This forum is an experiment. We will decide whether it is constructive based on how it progresses. The idea is simple: If you have a question about The Way International, past present or future, this is the place to ask. Due to the nature of this forum, we reserve the right to revisit the issue of who can ask and answer questions. For now, you do NOT need to be registered with GSC to ask a question. You DO have to be registered with GSC to answer and to respond to answers. ALL QUESTIONS have to be approved by moderators. Answers do not. Answers are not to be considered official statements from GSC, its owners or moderators. The standard rules of GSC apply: No namecalling, no "outing" people, no libel/slander, etc. The moderators and owners of GSC will not disclose the IP addresses of those who post here unless legally necessary (don't make threats, and we should all be happy). To clarify for those reading the responses to this question: it was originally posted as "Are you all unbelievers?" A similar question was asked by a guest, so I changed this one to make it more clear that this thread is an explanation of what we're attempting here.
  14. At the suggestion of GSC posters, we have decided to rearrange what was formerly the "doctrinal" section. The main forum is now called "Matters of Faith" and is intended for people of faith to discuss and explore how their faith affects their lives. The main GSC rules apply: NO POLITICS. Also, no namecalling, etc. You know the drill. Subsections of this forum include (as of Aug. 2019) the old doctrinal section, which is now explicitly to explore what the BIBLE teaches, and "Atheism, nontheism, skepticism: Questioning Faith." This is a specific section where people are more free to explore issues that do not presuppose the existence of a God/god/gods. Anyone, regardless of belief or unbelief, is free to post on any thread. We only ask that people recognize the presuppositions of each forum (for example, in the doctrinal section, whether or not you believe the Bible is true, it is supposed that your posts will explore what the Bible actually teaches, regardless of whether you believe it. By the same token, "chapter and verse" is not adequate for evidence being sought in "questioning faith" unless the issue being explored is "what does the Bible say." What the Bible says is not a guarantee for truth in that subforum). As always, the job of the moderators is to facilitate conversation. When in doubt, post in "Matters of Faith" and if we feel the conversation needs to be moved, we will move it. Best wishes, all. The mods.
  15. According to a radio interview in one of his movies, the band that influenced him most was Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters. ---Raf posting
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