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  1. You had me at Sandy Stern, though George beat me to it. -- Raf
  2. Episode 5 blew MY mind. Anyone else?
  3. George is correct. WW is up. Modcat5 has spoken. I have spoken. This is the way.
  4. Nope. Sorry i did not see it sooner.
  5. No cones to report, but a lot of activity is being watched. I thought the Marco and Laura cones were just awful. [Oops. Didn't realize I was in mod mode. Sorry about that, folks. This is Raf].
  6. modcat5

    Anyone else?

    J Nnnn I sent you a private message and hid a separate thread over concerns for your privacy. Please take a look at your private messages and respond. Welcome to GSC.
  7. In an abundance of caution, we've hidden a recent thread that, in our view, contained enough personal information to "out" the person who posted it, affecting not only him but his family. We've advised the original poster of that risk and asked if he's willing to take it. To be clear, the poster did not say or do anything to violate GSC policy and we are acting only in an abundance of caution. Thank you for understanding.
  8. "These rules are meant to encourage civil, courteous discussion. They are not meant to stifle your freedom of expression. We want everyone to have a voice here; please use yours wisely and considerately." As you were, gentlemen.
  9. Welcome back. Feel free to familiarize yourself with our "fair use" policy. Carry on.
  10. THIS IS NOT THE GSC RULE. THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF THE GSC RULE. Please minimize extensive quotes from another website, and make sure you provide the link/credit when you do!
  11. Thank you to everyone for making this particular moderating task so easy. So the offending post was deleted, and every post that referred to it afterward as well. Which is to say, every post afterward. Thanks for playing, and thanks for the humor you found in the situation. I almost hated deleting some of the wittier replies. Almost. Play nice.
  12. Margie, did this ever get resolved? I hope you see this and answer.
  13. Apologies for my failure to approve this question on a more timely basis. We are not notified when questions are pending. Now we know.
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