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  1. modcat5

    Name that TV Show

    I just realized we did this show... not recently, but very few POSTS between them and now. It's how I met your mother.
  2. modcat5

    Name that TV Show

    sorry. lost track. "Haaave you met Ted?"
  3. modcat5

    Movie Mash-Up

    Maggie Smith won an Oscar for playing an actress who loses an Oscar. In the play, her character says she Hope's the award is presented by Michael Caine because he's so classy. In the movie, her husband is played by Michael Caine, so the reference is changed to David Niven.
  4. modcat5

    Movie Mash-Up

  5. modcat5

    Recently Returned to the Roman Catholic Church

    For what it's worth: As you all (probably) know, moderators have two accounts: one as a moderator, and one as our normal selves. For a long time, the moderators' identities were secret. Many were outed a few years ago, but not all. If you don't know by now that I am Raf, you probably don't care. Whatever, I am Raf. It is not my place to disclose the identities of other moderators, with the exception of pawtucket, who owns the site but rarely posts. Two mods have mostly been monitoring things here day to day. Modgellan is the other one. I will not disclose Modgellan's identity. And I will not disclose Modwildcat's ID either. If he/she chooses to, that's up to him/her. Personally, I think this moderator's faith journey would be fascinating if he/she would disclose his/her identity. Finding out that modwildcat returned to Catholicism is ... not terribly interesting to me. I mean, who is modwildcat? But finding out THIS PERSON returned to Catholicism is surprising, to say the least. So, I invite modwildcat to post under his/her original screen name and continue this fascinating conversation. Hit me up with a PM if you can't find your login credentials. And wow.
  6. Vince has been teaching that you could lose your salvation for at least 20 years. --Raf posting.
  7. modcat5

    In The Beginning...

    And you will again.
  8. modcat5

    In The Beginning...

    It was funnier when you were serious.
  9. modcat5

    Anybody got the words?

    Parody is fair use. You can't sue over it. I'd be curious to know if anyone has the information and can tell whether the original artists were credited. Signed, Raf
  10. modcat5

    Anybody got the words?

    This topic is not distasteful. The song is. And it's a part of TWI history that is fair game. It's no more political than discussing VPW's lie about being invited to Reagan's inauguration or LCM's bloodlust for stockpiling nuclear weapons. Certain topics that are About The Way will occasionally border on politics. Some may even cross the border. But this one, I think, doesn't. Feel free to disagree.
  11. Thank you. No one took me up on the offer anyway. And, for what it's worth, I think that's terrible news. :( Signed, Raf
  12. He's apparently planning a teaching this evening. PM me if you want details. 4/4/2018 Signed, Raf
  13. We're not going to entertain this topic at GSC. While we are generally open to hosting a wide variety of discussions, some topics are off limits. Politics is one. This thread (and another similar) is in a category the moderators never anticipated. That does not oblige us to entertain every crackpot topic that comes along, and be assured, this is a crackpot topic. The earth is spherical. This is not subject to debate or discussion. Feel free to take this topic to Quora, Reddit, Facebook... wherever you want. But it's not going to be entertained at the Greasespot Cafe.
  14. Best wishes, Mr. Lynn. I hope your trust in holistic medicine is not misplaced. May your struggle be brief and your life long.