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Three movies or Three actors

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New game, kind of an easier version of name that actor or role...

In this one we are either looking for a movie (name three actors/actresses in it) or an actor/actress (name three movies he/she was in).


I'll start with an easy one:

Air Force One

The Fugitive 

Raiders of the Lost Ark

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The Hobbit, perhaps? George

Am I? Ok.   This actor or actress was in: Les Miserables (not the musical) Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Shine

It's sort-of a sequel. It's not labeled as one, but it can easily be considered a sequel.  AFAIK, it takes place afterwards with at least 1 character from the previous movie.   Just don't kill yoursel

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5 hours ago, Raf said:

Either more actors or turn it into movie mash up.

This one is hard, especially since Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are not in it.

Yeah, but their "BAD BOYS" is probably the only one anyone's heard of, unless they're related to someone who worked on the other "BAD BOYS".

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Bonus: different movie. Name either one. The first was a serious movie with at least one Oscar nomination. This one is just fun. If you recognize ANY of these actors, then you know, in one word, what both movies were about.

Ron Jeremy

Chansey Lain

Julie Ashton


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They're all porn stars  (and I think it's Chaisey Lain).

Unfortunately, the only "serious" movies of that genre that I can think of, Last Tango in Paris, The Devil in Miss Jones, Behind the Green Door, and maybe Boogie Nights feature none of those actors.  I've seen most of them in various Cinemax or Showtime features, but no single movie stands out.


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I've seen both movies.  I do remember Jeremy in Orgazmo.

An IMDb search of Boogie Nights does indeed show Nina Hartley, Tony Tedeschi and Veronica Hart, but you have to dig pretty deep.   I might have tossed in at least Heather Graham, if not Julianne Moore or Burt Reynolds.

Ummm...am I up?


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12 hours ago, Raf said:

What fun would that have been?

My feeling is that you probably don't want to use the main star (say, Johnny Depp for a Pirates movie); but if you're only going to give three names, it would help for at least one to be recognizable, and all the characters should have significant screen time.

There are TWO correct answers for this one.  You really should give both, to win:



The Blues Brothers


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