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  1. Well, you said you were running out of clues. I've run out of guesses. George
  2. No. Nicholas Cage Steve Buscemi Ving Rhames Rachel Ticotin John Malkovich George
  3. Nicholas Cage Steve Buscemi Ving Rhames George
  4. What time period is this iconic role? Medieval, BC, 1800's, 1960's, etc.? George
  5. Not sure why you used Tom Cruise's given name, but Risky Business Rebecca DeMornay And God Created Woman George
  6. Some days, you just can't get rid of a bomb. George
  7. The Batman movie (1966)? This looks like the group of ambassadors who get dehydrated by Penguin, Joker, Riddler, and Catwoman. George
  8. Not just probably. Definitely. In this scene, he goes to a bar and starts shooting, to get everybody's attention. Then he says, "Good people on one side of the bar, scum on the other." Everybody goes to one side, so he says, "What? You're all scum?" So, naturally, everybody runs to the other side. "This isn't getting us anywhere. Tell you what. Everybody out, and if I see you here again, I'll kill you." Then he greets everyone as they leave: "Good night. Drive safely. I never want to see you again." Etc. I don't care what Rotten Tomatoes says. I think it's a fun movie. Robert Davi as the bad guy, with only a hint of parody. Priscilla Barnes as the mayor/love interest. Watch it. George
  9. The Lords of Flatbush The Waterboy Night Shift George
  10. When I was in grad school, a collaborator from England came to work in our lab for a few days. Wasn't it John Cleese who said that America and England were two countries separated by a common language? He'd ask me, "'Ave ya a gum bung?" After some thought, I realized he needed a rubber stopper. "'Ave ya a retort 'older?" Ah! A ring stand! And let's not forget the pronunciations: Instead of "I put some trimethylaluminum in a CAPillary tube," it was tri MEEthilealuMINium in a caPILLary. Of course, this worked the other way, as well. I made a business trip to England and decided to to use the hotel exercise room. I couldn't get the locker to open, when a local said that I needed to "give it a poundin'." Well, banging it didn't work, and I finally found out he told me to "Give it a pound (coin) in." (Put a pound coin in the slot.) George
  11. Interesting. That the principal actor would "use a voice" might imply a cartoon, but then there would be no reason for the other actor to believe he was "too old" for the part. Hmmm... George
  12. I think it's kind of cool that you still have all that stuff. I still have the books, but I think I dumped just about everything else (AC pin and photo, etc.), even a letter from VPW responding to my concerns about "Uncle Harry Day." (It reminded me of Catholic feast days for "saints.") I KNOW I got rid of all the tapes. I wish I still had the "Victors" barbershop group. Lots of good memories, especially early on. Fewer and fewer as time went on. Getting marked and avoided was probably the low point, from an emotional standpoint, but I'm much better off because of it, so -- no worries! George
  13. I don't think any of you have actually seen this film, but you might get it, anyway: George
  14. Josh Brolin Men in Black 3 Emma Thompson George
  15. I can also just use the PrtScn (Print Screen) button on my keyboard. That copies the image, which I can paste into Paint and edit. George
  16. Of that group, only Carrie Fisher was in AWOTM. It's definitely an all-star cast, but I don't recognize the film. George
  17. Did the "12 years to develop this film" include the 6 years one actor thought about it and the 4 years the other thought about it, and the extra year for the first actor, or was the total more than 20 years? George
  18. It looks a little like Edward James Olmos, so I'll try "Stand and Deliver." This looks like a classroom setting. George
  19. With essentially no fanfare whatsoever, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD starts its final season tonight. George
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