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  1. O Brother, Where Art Thou? (?) George
  2. Desperado Salma Hayek The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard George
  3. I'll start this as an open thread (in other words, if you have quirky shows other than the two I'm mentioning, feel free to cut in. Two shows whose first seasons I just watched are described below. If you've seen them and have comments, those are welcome, too. The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. Kristen Bell plays a woman who sees a man and his daughter move in across the street. Murders happen. Or do they? She takes pills and drinks a lot (she has wine glasses which hold a whole bottle), so maybe she imagined it? The woman I watched the show with had seen the whole series before, so she knew the ending. I guessed who "the bad guy" was, though some of the events seemed rather improbable. It's a drama, but there are a lot of humorous moments. The last episode ends in a teaser for next season. Streams on Netflix. The Time Traveler's Wife. The main characters are a time travelling man and a "regular" woman. (OK, technically, we ALL travel in time, just in the same direction at the same rate.) When Henry travels through time, it is not intentional, it just happens. (He feels a bit nauseous just before it happens.) In "Terminator" fashion, he always leaves his clothes behind, so he's learned to be good at fighting and stealing (no clothes, no money, either). An older (late 30s) version goes back to meet the love of his life (Clare) when she's about six. He gives her a list of times he'll be "visiting," so she'll have some clothes (her father's) ready for him. The funny quirk is that Clare meets Henry when she's six, but he doesn't meet her until he's 24 (and she's 21). Older Henry remembers that, of course, so he knew they would meet when he was younger. Following, so far? There is no "can't be in the same place at the same time" rule on this show, and Henrys of different ages often wind up at the same place, especially important moments in his life (his mother's death in a car wreck, for instance). Ran on HBO, so it should be on HBOMax. The bad news is that it was cancelled after one season. The good news is that you can see all six episodes in one day. George
  4. The Princess Bride Mandy Patinkin Dick Tracy George
  5. I'm thinking Magnum PI, but he doesn't live on a boat, and, as far as I know, there are only two such series. George
  6. On to the Flash and Superman and Lois season finales. Both of the shows are more "team" shows than focusing on the individual heroes. Team Flash has gone through about as many cast changes as the Legends. Well, no. we've only traded Ralph and Cisco for Allegra, Cecile, and Chunk, but it just seems to have a different tenor. I thought the addition of the Still, Strength, and Sage forces was silly, though they've been in the comic for a while. But now there are good AND EVIL forces? At least it all got sorted out at the end. Now we just have to find out what happened to Frost... It's always good to see JW Shipp as Jay Garrick. It's fun that his wife Joan is played by the same actress who plays Nora West/Speed Force but is almost unrecognizable. Team Superman includes his family, John and Natasha Irons, and his mostly-evil-but-sometimes-good brother Tal. A few others get read in to the secret identity thing. I wondered why we didn't see Kara or any other heroes (other than the Ironses) help out. Something Sam Lane says in the finale indicates that although THIS Superman looks exactly like the Superman in the Crisis crossover, he's NOT the same one, as "whole leagues of heroes are on other earths." The main story line dragged out too long, IMHO, but there were nice touches. Bizarro World is cubic. When there is a big celebration for Superman and cohorts saving the world, some kids had Superman costumes on; others were dressed up like Steel or Natasha. I wonder if David Ramsey has some sort of ten-year contract with CW. He seems to have a cameo appearance in almost every show. He showed up in Flash a couple of weeks ago just to show that the green glowy wasn't a power ring. Now he appears in S&L to ask Irons if he knows who Bruno Mannheim is. Apparently Intergang will be the first threat of next season. It just occurred to me that this is a different John Diggle, since it's a different universe. I guess that's why the different haircut... Anyway, looking forward to Stargirl. George
  7. I presume that "luxury yacht" is not the same as "luxury liner," e.g. "The Love Boat." George
  8. DC has "retrofit" a number of characters into gay or bi. Jon Kent and Tim Drake come immediately to mind. And almost every new character has to be black (Naomi, the new Batman), gay, or both (the new Aquaman, Nubia). I have a friend who believes that DC (and perhaps Marvel) don't actually care if they sell another comic as long as they can continue to merchandise the properties. Sad, but believable. George PS: Having never read the Eternals, I had no preconceptions about the characters. Maybe that's why I liked the movie.
  9. "One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small." George
  10. Rosanna Arquette Arsenio Hall Michelle Pfeiffer Kelly Preston Robert Picardo Carrie Fisher Ralph Bellamy Steve Guttenberg Sybil Danning Steve Guttenberg Steve Allen Ed Begley, Jr. Russ Meyer Monique Gabrielle Corinne Wahl George
  11. Fletch Kenneth Mars The Producers (1967) George
  12. Before I comment on the season finales of Superman and Lois and Flash, a comment about Tom Swift, Batwoman, and Naomi. The Cosby Show did very well for many years. Although the cast was almost all black, the themes were relatable to most of America. It didn't target a black audience. This latest round of CW shows basically seem designed to appeal to black gays. (Maybe not Naomi, so much.) So, if your audience is ~ 1% of the population, you're just not going to get good ratings. Batwoman made it a couple of seasons, Naomi only one. I don't see Tom Swift being a hit, either. It's almost too bad, because the main story line isn't bad, but when Swift or someone else in the cast isn't railing about social justice, Swift is hitting on every other gay on the show. (And there seems to be a disproportionate number of them.) George
  13. Is that a new song? It sounds like the Jackson 5's "ABC." George
  14. If the other person doesn't want to sell, can your friend sell her half to her? George
  15. The nasty part will be when your friend tries to recoup (at least half) her expenditures from the other person. George
  16. I kept thinking of Pete Best as the fifth Beatle, though I wouldn't have thought of Bill, even had I thought of Billy Preston. George
  17. Sounds like something from "Sweeney Todd"! George
  18. Her flesh was covered by a Harley costume. George
  19. Of course, no one else answered, either... George
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