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  1. Some of those names seem familiar, but I'm not getting it, yet. George
  2. Due to the recent hiatus, I'm bumping this. WW is up. George
  3. Christopher Walken The Deer Hunter John Savage George
  4. I just got back from vacation. GS was on the fritz when I left. Raf is correct. LITB ended its run so Mathers could go to high school. Alice Cooper said he "was Eddie Haskell in his younger years." George
  5. I presume that these lyrics are from the same song? George
  6. Ah. I don't know what makes them "progressive," but I recognize the bands. Definitely in my time frame. Still don't know the song, though. George
  7. Cowboys and Aliens Daniel Craig The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo George
  8. I should point out that the rest of the regulars here (Raf, WordWolf, Human without the Bean, and I) are in the 45-65 years age range. I don't even know what "progressive rock" means! George
  9. Although the series was still earning good ratings, it was agreed to halt production and the series became the first prime time American production to have a series finale. A popular rumor that surfaced about the show years later is that notorious rock legend Alice Cooper, in his younger years, portrayed a character on the show. This is because he was misinterpreted when he said , "I was ------ in my younger years," meaning his life was LIKE that of the character. (That's what happens when you use a metaphor instead of a simile!) George
  10. Fred Flintstone could be John Goodman or Alan Reed, the voice of cartoon Fred. Hannibal Smith could be George Peppard or Liam Neeson. Jed Clampett could be Buddy Ebsen or Jim Varney I don't remember who were in the Hardy Boys, and "Helen Benson" is unknown to me. I'm going to guess "Breakfast at Tiffany's." I think Peppard and Reed were in it. If "Helen Benson" was Audrey Hepburn, that, plus the song, would clinch it. George
  11. Sounds rather grim. Don't recognize it. If none of the others get it in a day or so, please add more lyrics (presumably none that contain the title). George
  12. It's probably Shazam! or Isis. I'm going with Shazam! George
  13. Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of my faves, too. George
  14. Sorry. Not getting it. George
  15. Okay, now I know who Cesar Millan is. I've seen bits of his show from time to time on TVs at the gym. George
  16. Not ignoring you. I just don't recognize the song. George
  17. That's right! I forgot about the recent Three Stooges movie. FWIW, I think John Kassir did a "Fine" job playing Larry in a made-for-TV movie about the Stooges. Also starring Paul Ben-Victor as Moe and Michael Chiklis as Curly. George
  18. I have absolutely no idea who Millan and Van Praagh are. And I'm sure that that second sentence will make sense, eventually, but I'm not getting it yet. George
  19. This one seems a bit more familiar. George
  20. Raf's up, here, as well. George
  21. There aren't a lot of shows which have been around for 20 years. SNL and the Simpsons come to mind. But one should be able to come up with more than three characters for performers in either of those shows. Without googling "Jack McFarlane" or "Grimm," I'm at a loss. George
  22. WW is up, though his posts in Movie Mash-up would almost count as a round here... George
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