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  1. So, what would be cast upon the window shade by interior light on a couple? It would be specifically formed shadows or...? George
  2. An Officer and a Gentleman Lou Gossett, Jr. Enemy Mine George
  3. This movie was a remake of one from about 40 years earlier. One actor appeared in both versions. He played the same character. The earlier movie was his acting debut; this one was his last movie. One character is afraid of being bankrupted, forced to wander the streets in a bathrobe. This actually does happen to the same actor in another movie. This movie spawned a sequel. (The original did not.) George
  4. This was "Perfect." John Travolta is a reporter trying to get the inside dirt on Jamie Lee Curtis's gym. The "used piece" was Larraine Newman. Also featuring Marilu Henner. FREE POST George
  5. Took a walk and passed your house late last night All the shades were pulled and drawn way down tight From within, the dim light cast two [TITLE] on the shade Oh, what a lovely couple they made George
  6. Peter (and Nancy to come) are not expected to make US landfall George
  7. Silly me. I thought you were quoting something from Pret a Porter (which I haven't seen). WW's up. George
  8. That's correct. A big hit when they released it. (Also, it's a cover of a song by The Rays). "Took a walk and passed your house, late last night. All the shades were pulled and drawn way down tight..." George
  9. And here's a continually updated Atlantic map for this page of the thread. The X's in the Atlantic look like the general start to a Florida/Gulf trajectory. The good news for Texas is that now we're starting to see cold fronts which actually push through. Those block storms and send them off to the east. George
  10. The depression finally gets called Odette: Doesn't appear to be a problem for North America, though it might head to Europe. George
  11. No. (And WM NEVER looked good dressed as a woman). As a really obscure clue, her appearance in the Man of La Mancha was referred to in a Pinky and the Brain episode. I'm pretty sure Raf knows. I could give more movies, but I don't think they'd be any easier. George
  12. Down on the Corner "Took a walk and passed your house..." George
  13. I could name three women from Grumpier Old Men. Only one of them would likely have been in Marriage Italian Style. George
  14. Nicholas got through Houston pretty quickly, but it's slowed to a crawl in Louisiana. As if they needed more rain. George
  15. John Travolta Urban Cowboy Debra Winger George
  16. The Beat Goes On (Not the first line) "All around, people looking half-dead, walking on a sidewalk hotter than a match head." George
  17. Greg Kinnear Mystery Men Janeane Garofalo George
  18. I was thinking Beverly Hills 90210, but that went ten seasons. George
  19. Just a few branches down. No loss of power, roads are fine. I'm back at work. George
  20. Interesting guess, but incorrect. Let's try a few more: Boy on a Dolphin The Pride and the Passion Two Women Boccaccio '70 Marriage Italian Style Man of La Mancha Ready to Wear (Pret a Porter) The Cassandra Crossing Grumpier Old Men George
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