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  1. Not helping. Hopefully WW or Raf can answer. George
  2. There are certainly enough familiar actors that I must have heard of this movie, but I doubt I've seen it. Are you saving the "giveaway"? George
  3. I can't decide whether those are roles or actors. Preston and Welles had many roles, but I don't remember Cronkite doing anything other than the news. On the other hand, I could imagine actors portraying Cronkite and Welles, but not Preston. Unless these were all characters from "Drunk History"? George
  4. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Steve Martin Parenthood George
  5. Fine. Be that way Summer School Kirstie Alley Madhouse George
  6. Yes. Chuck Norris is from Texas, is half-Cherokee (two grandparents), and, if what I've read is true, actually Texas Ranger (though I suspect it might be an honorary position). You're up. George
  7. Seems familiar, but I'm not "hearing" it. George
  8. Two versions of this movie are available. The theatrical release is shorter and has several light elements to counter the action/drama. The version released on video and streaming services is much longer, has virtually no lightness, and actually has a significantly different plot. This movie was initially going to be split into two parts, with an alleged singular continuing story line. But by the time filming was under way, the idea of the film being in two parts seemed to have quietly gone away. One of the stars was pregnant during the latter part of filming, but only one of the co-stars guessed it. George
  9. Kirstie Alley Madhouse John Larroquette George
  10. (Moved to Movie Mash up, where it belongs)
  11. Over the course of the show (8 years), "DA Alex Cahill" is abducted and held hostage 22 times, shot 3 times, and drugged once. After the eighth season, CBS wanted to extend the show's contract for two more years. However, with the star's wife being pregnant at the time, the show was removed from the line-up. The star and the character he plays share at least three things: They are both from the same state, they are both part Cherokee, and they had the same profession (when the actor wasn't acting). George
  12. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (?) George
  13. Meg Ryan The Presidio Mark Harmon George
  14. Mama Told Me not to Come "Deep down in Louisiana close to New Orleans..." George
  15. Thomas, it is. Ken Howard played him in "1776." Nolte played him in "Jefferson in Paris." Diggs played him in "Hamilton." Dillane played him in the "John Adams" miniseries. Georg
  16. No, The Hollywood Knights Scarface Amazon Women on the Moon The Fabulous Baker Boys Ant-Man and the Wasp Hairspray Malificent Batman Returns The Russia House George
  17. No. Here's a hint: I got the idea from your penultimate Movie Mash-up. (And Conreid portrayed the role as a voice actor. The others were live.) George
  18. No. It's "Along Came Jones." (Interestingly, I always heard "Sawtooth Sam," not "Salty Sam.") FREE POST George
  19. I'll wait a day to see if Raf or WW chimes in. George
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