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Three movies or Three actors


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8 hours ago, Raf said:

Oh snap, I think I know this one...

Anyway, I'm out of movies that wouldn't give it away in a second, so Raf if you have a guess before it gets stupid easy go ahead and make it because from here out it won't take but a few seconds thought and this game is over.   

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Yes that's him.  Which one gave it away?  I thought Everest was a descent enough clue to begin with for someone who might guess it was him.  After that I ran out a few of his less familiar movies.  He has obviously broken out into the mainstream within the last 10 or so years with "Gangster Squad", "Men in Black 3",  "Avengers:  Infinitity War" not to mention "No Country for Old Men".

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19 minutes ago, Raf said:

My hint was "oh SNAP"

I assumed that was a clue, but I didn't (and don't) get it.  Unless it's something Brolin said as "W."

This requires two names to win (both are in all three movies):

Annie Hall

Love and Death

Play It Again, Sam


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