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  1. I used to think I was a critical thinker. The more I think of it, the more I question that. Learning logical fallacies and recognizing when you've employed them is humbling.
  2. And the Birds of Prey show was represented in Crisis. Felt like it needed to be said.
  3. I have no recollection of Dana Plato being in anything other than Diffrent Strokes and my pre adolescent fantasies. But the other two were in Exorcist II: The Utter Waste of Celluloid. At least, that's what is SHOULD have been called.
  4. Few terms I hate more than "Richard Burton was in the sequel." This movie is why.
  5. NO, was, of course, either a typo or an autocorrect. That was supposed to say JL.
  6. p.s. I don't think Batwoman is any more about Kate's lesbianism than Flash and Arrow are about their lead character's heterosexuality. It's who the characters are and it's being handled matter-of-factly, imho.
  7. I'm gonna recommend the DCEU movies on the expectations:quality scale. The Cavill trilogy (MoS, BvS, JL) are ok at their peak. Snyder was just the wrong choice for director, and you can tell in the moments from NO that you just KNOW were directed by Joss Whedon. EM works. You gotta give the kid a chance. Also, Wonder Woman and Aquaman were both entertaining movies. Not art, but still very good. Definitely better than Thor 2 and Iron Man 2 and 3.
  8. Ok now this all makes sense. I think Ezra Miller is terrific. But then, I have an autistic son. Is Barry SUPPOSED to be an "ordinary forensic scientist" in the comics? (I thought EM was Elongated Man, which made me wonder WTF you were talking about with GG).
  9. Les Miserables was very well acted and very horribly sung. A big let down. You're up
  10. Yeah, it's a little confusing.
  11. Adding: Light of Day The Secret of My Success
  12. I will say this: A show element that I HATED more than any other Arrowverse element returned for Crisis, and I hated it, for all the same reasons. But it did not ruin my opinion of the crossover overall. Best of the best. Except for f---ing... that .., gottamit...
  13. Ok, but only one deserved OMFG!!!! Pretty sure it was the first.
  14. Kirk Cameron and Michael J Fox met their wives on the sets of their shows. Fox became a big movie star. Cameron did not. DiCaprio reunited with the Growing Pains cast at Alan Thicke's funeral in 2016. Left Behind might have been interesting to TWI followers. Back to the Future had something of a wider audience. You're up.
  15. OMFG Ok, look, lots was awesome. Some was... underwhelming. Avoid spoilers if you can. THAT CAMEO, OMFG!!! Enjoy.
  16. WW, when are the final two parts airing for you? It's tonight for us.
  17. I'd get turned down by either of them to this day... New clue: One of two 1980s family shows in which the "teen" actor met his real life wife on set... this one did NOT feature a current or future movie star. (a wannabe, yes, but legit, no). The first time the main cast reunited was at the funeral for the lead actor in 2016. By then only one, a late addition to the cast, had become a major movie star. The "teen idol" star of this series starred in a trilogy of movies that MIGHT have been interesting to us as former followers of TWI, but not as interesting as the trilogy of movies starrins the other teen idol from the other series in the first clue.
  18. Sorry. Ok. Three movies... Life With Mikey Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey Casualties of War
  19. And since there's no question, I'll move to the next movie Hint: same lead actor: "He's like the son I might have known if God had granted me a son." ... "Charge 'em for the lice, extra for the mice, two percent for looking in the mirror... twice..." ... "For the wretched of the earth, there is a flame that never dies Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise."
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