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    The Cones of 2021

    Ok, not a cone, but look: Peter and Rose [Charlie Hustle Hurricanes] are nothing to worry about, but look yonder, West of Africa. See that red X? That one's got me ready to stock up on gas and empty store shelves of water. Of course, could be nothing. But yeah, keep an eye on it.
  2. One of the leading characters in this drama series was gay... until he was cured! The curing storyline ticked off the actor who played him so he left the show. He was replaced by another actor playing the same character, with a "plastic surgery" explanation. Later in the series, when that character's sister was replaced by a different actress, there was no explanation whatsoever. It was handled as if it were her all along. The character perhaps most identified with this series does not appear in the first season until the last minute of the final episode, and then only from the back or with her face concealed under a huge but very stylish hat, a veil and a pair of sunglasses. That's because she had not yet been cast. Remember the gay guy? He had a homophobic brother. The homophobic brother was played by a gay man. The two men who played the gay brother were straight. I may have used this series before on this thread or a similar one. Some of the clues I'm not using yet seem familiar. In any event, it's been years, so whatevs.
  3. In Jurassic Park, John Hammond brags about the narration in the tour vehicles. "The voice you're hearing is Richard Kiley. Spared no expense." That's why I guessed Richard Kiley.
  4. Hard to believe the last surviving original cast member of Diff'rent Strokes is Todd Bridges. I thought he'd be first to go.
  5. Raf

    The Cones of 2021

    All quiet for the moment, but there's a disturbance in the Atlantic heading northwest that could spell trouble for the east coast in the coming days. Not sure it gets a name, but don't think it cares.
  6. Part of me wants to answer, and part of me wants to see what the next clues are. Mr. T. as a guest star had me thinking Silver Spoons, but it didn't last that long and, to the best of my knowledge, did not attempt backdoor pilots or spinoffs. Then it hit me: A popular series with a troubled cast that fizzed out without a proper sendoff... It even had a cousin oliver, if i'm right. I'll give others a chance since I just had a turn...
  7. What exactly are you referring to, WordWolf?
  8. Raf

    The Cones of 2021

    Thanks, Deputy St. George.
  9. The one thing you did not mention is the obvious "are not acting in an inappropriate manner" clue, which is a long way of saying "Ain't Misbehaving," which is the show that made Nell Carter a star. You're up.
  10. Kate Jackson and Jacklyn Smith were the other two
  11. Just gonna sum up my non-clue clues... Oh, for f's sake... Cut me some slack... Come on! Seriously? The title of this show would be right at home on this list. Remarkably few episodes explored interracial issues.
  12. The other one was hotter. No. Not her, the OTHER one.
  13. Seriously? If that's your deduction, then you "are not conducting yourself in an inappropriate manner." Cousin Oliver is a TV trope [cliche, common tactic] where they try to invigorate a show, usually a show with kid stars, by introducing a new, even younger kid. The trope is named after a character on The Brady Bunch.
  14. Come on! A new cast member was introduced to "cousin oliver" the show in the third season. The character's first name was the same as the actor's. The same actor went on to star in four other sitcoms (one smash hit, the others flops to moderate successes) where he had the same first name (as well as others where he had a different first name). He did star in an animated theatrical release as a character named Oliver. No indication that he was anyone's cousin, though. The show gradually shifted its focus from the original family setting to the relationship between the lead actress and the cousin oliver character.
  15. "Big Broadway star" has a double meaning. And no, it has nothing to do with the name of the show.
  16. Cut me some slack, I've been busy. Ok, the lead actress was a big Broadway star. That was punny. One of the episodes was called "Knock Three Times." That was before someone extremely familiar with that song joined the cast. My last two posts begin with major hints.
  17. Oh for f-s sake, no it was not One Day at a Time. Ok that was a hint. Maybe too subtle, but nonetheless.
  18. Speaking of steps, my stepdaughter got married Sunday. So I've been distracted. Meanwhile: Hard to imagine, but true: The star of this family-oriented comedy had drug abuse problems and fluctuating weight issues that became a problem for producers. Liza Minelli helped get her back on track. In a guest appearance that did not involve her singing, Whitney Houston (then an unknown) made her acting debut. The lead actress and the lead actor became very close friends. When the lead actor died (after production on the fourth season had ended), the lead actress was at his bedside. His final episode, the season finale, aired three days after he died.
  19. A. Mr. Iglesias B. Step by Step
  20. Technically, he DID give the answer. I say give it to him.
  21. Raf

    The Cones of 2021

    Hello, Larry
  22. Raf

    The Cones of 2021

    Click here to find out where you can donate to help the victims of Hurricane Ida.
  23. Raf

    The Cones of 2021

    Thanks, George. As of 11:40 am Friday, the cone of Ida (this is Ida) hasn't changed much, though it did become a hurricane a touch sooner than predicted.
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