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  1. And, of course, Beta, which George covered. Whew. I'm beat.
  2. I've been looking forward to this. This is what's left of Alpha. I had to triple check. Is that... Spain?
  3. Next up, Wilfred. After which we officially run out of names. Last time that happened was 2005. Wilma. Beat the living daylights out of my neck of the woods. Where was I? Oh, right, Wilfred. Nothing to see here (yet?)
  4. First, Teddy. Wow, Bermuda's in for it.
  5. Trying to figure out how we went from "Paulette is a hurricane and here's the track and it will be a tropical storm through Sunday" to "Nevermind, it's gone" in about 12 hours. Sheesh.
  6. Not entirely sure what happened to Hurricane Paulette, but it's not on the Hurricane Center website anymore.
  7. And if you're reading this Tuesday or Wednesday, Sally is probably not an issue for you. Everyone in its path (northwest FL, Alabama, Mississippi), let us know how we can help.
  8. Teddy, meanwhile, looks genuinely scary for Bermuda.
  9. Ok, so just when I thought I wasn't going to worry about Paulette anymore, here's her forecast cone. WTAF. If it keeps heading south it could conceivably make another westward turn and threaten the US coast again. It could also sprout wings and zip over Africa on its way to Australia. What do I know. My point is, it's not dead yet.
  10. Also, Rene appears to have dissipated
  11. Seven systems. Paulette: Nothing for us in the USA to worry about. Rene: Down to a tropical depression but moving southwest toward warmer waters, so yeah, I'm looking at this one with a few lines on my forehead. Sally: Dumped a ton of rain on my area Saturday, but not so bad for us. Good luck Louisiana. Teddy: Headed for major hurricane status in the middle of nowhere. Keep an eye out.Next week could get hairy if it jogs west. Then we have yellow X near Tex-ico, not likely to do much. TD 21 should become Tropical Storm Vicky today before dropping back down to depression status,
  12. Thanks, George. Brace yourselves, LA! Do we have anyone there who can keep us apprised of the need for assistance after the storm passes?
  13. Somebody up there does NOT like Louisiana.
  14. Yes, we are expecting a washout this weekend in South Florida.
  15. Posting a static of Paulette as it appears to be making an eastward turn. The entire eastern seaboard is in the Sharpie cone
  16. I never tried that before. Would have saved me a ton of time in earlier threads. Anyway, yeah, doing it that way appears to be the shortcut way of copying the url and pasting it into the "share image by url" blah blah blah even I'm bored. Thanks for putting up with me on that.
  17. In a static image, you take a screen shot of the cone and upload the pic onto GSC In a dynamic image, you copy the url. When the image associated with the url changes, so does the image on GSC. As I write this, the Paulette cone above started at 5 AM Tuesday. I doubt that was the case when GSG posted the image 18 hours earlier. No reason to avoid the dynamic images. I was posting static images as a curiosity, to go back and compare the cone as it was forecast on "Frednesday" to the actual storm path however many days later. I'll jump on the Paulette bandwagon if I start seeing
  18. Raf

    New guy

    Greetings Utopian/Lunch. UL. You-El. Can I call you Yule? You can make your avatar a Christmas log or tree or something? Anyway, welcome. Look forward to your input. (Feel free to preach... in our Doctrinal section.. But be warned, people may not agree. In fact, good luck finding someone who does!)
  19. So Nana [seriously? Nana?] Is headed for Central America while Omar heads for the north Atlantic. Not sure anyone needs the cones, but let me know if you do.
  20. Not exactly sure why they care, but Wikipedia wants credit, so: Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15766744
  21. Silly is a major hint. So is Shhhhh. Most movies have one director, not directorS. WW, anything fun in the credits?
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