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  1. As the person who got closest, WordWolf should go next. :)
  2. "We always thought the deadline for public knowledge was the publication of next year's budget since we've spent more money than we can account for. That won't happen for two weeks. I don't suppose I could prevail upon you to wait two weeks in the name of national security?" "Two weeks? There's no such thing as two weeks in the news business."
  3. Nope. You were closer the first time.
  4. Raf

    Berlin Wall

    Sounds like... No one. Doesn't sound like anyone
  5. Raf

    New member

    Wow. Congrats on the escape. Anything you can tell us about what it was like while you were in? Especially 2000-2012?
  6. Chevy Chase Modern Problems Dabney Coleman
  7. One of the lines CUT from this move is, "This is not Armageddon"
  8. Raf

    Berlin Wall

    He was at Gartmore at the time
  9. Character 1: "How are we supposed to get back off the surface once we've... once we've gotten down there?" Character 2: "We don't." Character 3: "Well, look on the bright side. We'll all have high schools named after us."
  10. Ugh. Does Your Mother Know? By Abba. Male lead singer in the original, talking about a too-young girl. Genders reversed in the musical and movie Mamma Mia!
  11. Are you sure Warren Beatty wasn't in that second movie?
  12. Almost certainly. Snd if WW takes another swing at the title, Jeopardy style, he should get it
  13. Yeah, look, I put the whole song up there and if you still don't know it I would have to do something drastic, like try to figure out if the rhyme scheme is ABAB or AABB or ABBA or something.
  14. The Great Muppet Caper was tons of fun. At the time, I thought the Muppet Movie was a bit slow. I have a Star Trek, Star Trek II feeling about the two movies. I guess I have to give TMM another chance. For whatever reason, you left out The Muppets Take Manhattan, The Muppet Christmas Carol (which was awesome) and Muppet Treasure Island. I never saw MTM or MTI. Pretty sure there was a space Muppet movie too. Didn't see it.
  15. The Hobbit II: Electric Bugaloo. I mean, The Desolation of Smaug Martin Freeman Black Panther
  16. Didn't read the comic, didn't watch the movie (despite trying repeatedly). Didn't watch the new series. How was it? I'm less concerned with how faithful it was than I am with how good it is.
  17. The current Name that Actor/Role clue is related to this show (and includes one of the actors in it).
  18. Ah! No, not Frankenstein. But I'm gonna sit out a round.
  19. Rod Steiger needed a bigger boat. F. Murray Abraham hated Mozart and Picard. Jason Robards almost caught bank robber Bill Murray. John Bernthal is the wild card here: he's the Punisher on Netflix and was a major character seasons 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead. I'm trying to remember other roles he played. I'm guessing something Nixonian in that recent Tom Hanks movie. My first WAG: Ben Bradlee.
  20. Impressed as hell with Arrow's episodes this season (8.1 and 8.2). The reveal at the end of episode 2 was mind-blowing, and I truly wish I had done my homework earlier because we all coulda and shoulda seen that coming. Talk about hiding a significant (if not major) character in plain sight!!!
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