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  1. Help! I'm a Has Been! I know. But that SHOULD have been the name of it
  2. Wink Wilkinson was the radio show host in Little Shop of Horrors.
  3. The general idea was recognizing these were porn stars and working backward. Well done. John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd
  4. And yet he got it in one try... :D
  5. Boogie Nights featured Nina Hartley, Tony Tedeschi and Veronica Hart. The other movie was Orgazmo, from the creators of South Park.
  6. Bonus: different movie. Name either one. The first was a serious movie with at least one Oscar nomination. This one is just fun. If you recognize ANY of these actors, then you know, in one word, what both movies were about. Ron Jeremy Chansey Lain Julie Ashton
  7. Keep it clean... ish Tony Tedeschi Nina Hartley Veronica Hart
  8. The other Bad Boys was, however, the better movie. And, of course, the correct answer
  9. Either more actors or turn it into movie mash up. This one is hard, especially since Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are not in it.
  10. No need to alternate. Green Hornet. Next: Sean Penn Ally Sheedy Esai Morales (hint, not Will Smith)
  11. Was he smarter than the average Jeopardy contestant? Was he smarter than a college grad? Was he smarter than a high school grad?
  12. New game, kind of an easier version of name that actor or role... In this one we are either looking for a movie (name three actors/actresses in it) or an actor/actress (name three movies he/she was in). I'll start with an easy one: Air Force One The Fugitive Raiders of the Lost Ark
  13. Moulin Rouge Nicole Kidman Billy Bathgate
  14. Dang it... I KNOW this one. Dance Hall Days, by Wang Chung? ???
  15. I love that an interracial relationship can be so normal that it is never discussed to the point that regular watchers with extremely pathetic eyesight don't even know they're interracial. She is not only white, but SMOKING HOT. Moving on: I have no idea who is between Elongated Man and Superman, as a character, but yeah, should be interesting. Kudos to the CW for even DARING to tell this story. I predict Tom Welling's Superman dies in the first 10 minutes.
  16. One of them has to be Annabelle.
  17. Um That actress is white, dude
  18. Ok, the last one I quoted should have been an enormous, comet-sized giveaway. It wasn't Armageddon, it was the OTHER movie about a catastrophic rock headed to earth: Deep Impact
  19. It sure did. Grace Under Fire.
  20. Ok, how about this. It wasn't Armageddon. It was the other one.
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