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  1. It was either one or both (either you got it from Farrand or I did).
  2. Gettysburg. Great scene. Temporary truce so confederate soldier can savor some union coffee while the union soldier enjoyed southern tobackey. Free post
  3. I believe a gsc-er gave me this movie, though to be honest I cannot recall who and I've, um, lost touch with a couple.
  4. Dracula: Dead and Loving It. I don't know, it just sounds like it
  5. The one possibility with two subcategories: Not human. Animal, inanimate. Anyway, next!
  6. Oh stop being... so... melo...draMAtic, George
  7. No, this is Children of Men One of 470 Clive Owen movies released between 2000 and 2010
  8. Ok that made it easy but I've stalled enough games
  9. No. It was live action.
  10. You're missing the two most obvious possibilities (actually, it's one possibility with two subcategories). The people who wrote the fan letters KNEW they could not be read by the addressee.
  11. More than half the fan mail for this series could not conceivably be read by its addressee. One of the leads lied about his age and bluffed his origin when auditioning. He was only 18 but he said he was 24. He also faked a southern accent, though he was from NYC. The two antagonists of the title characters became such good friends that after a while many of their scenes were improvised. The series started airing as a replacement for the failed Captain America series.
  12. OoH yOu ArE pArT pF cAnCeL CuLtUrE. Allen, you cancelled me the moment I recognized you worship a fictional character and you fake your secret prayer language magic trick. You don't get to lecture anyone about cancel culture. The Holocaust happened. Six million Jews, plus millions of others, were systematically slaughtered. BuT tHeRe WeReN't ThAt MaNy JeWs In GeRmAnY. Statements like that are talking points among Holocaust deniers. They are not a part of the culture of educated people or even sincere people who admit they don't understand history. There is a distinctio
  13. Because Hitler only killed Jews IN Germany. Sorry, Prof. You don't get to hand out homework assignments, and your refusal to look up readily available answers to your question does not validate your holocaust denialism. There will be zero tolerance for Holocaust denialism at GSC. Zero.
  14. Are we back to Holocaust denialism? I thought we dispatched with that ahistorical anti-truth nonsense back in the early-aughts. 6 million Jews were exterminated by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust. This is a matter of fact not subject to debate.
  16. Oops. Sorry. This is from Manhunter, the original Hannibal Lecter movie, before Silence of the Lambs. In this scene, the agent figures out how the killer is choosing his victims. This is the agent's boss giving him a "how in the fresh actual hellfire did you figure that out" look. Excellent movie. Highly recommended. Here's an easier one:
  17. You're assuming an interest in history rather than an interest on labeling BLM demonic.
  18. Now I get the cross posting reference. Thanks WW.
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