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  1. Under the Boardwalk! Drifters
  2. Rene Aberjonois (sp?) Star Trek VI: The Apology for Star Trek V Brock Peters Ok, there's an obvious route, and there's a more classic route. I'd be much obliged if you went the more classic route. But regardless, it's just a game
  3. Damn that was quick. Yes. I thought Pleasantville and Seabiscuit would throw someone off to guess Tobey Maguire But as the Genie said, I'M FREE!!!! Your move.
  4. Wild Hogs Pleasantville Seabiscuit Jurassic Park III
  5. Guess 2 is disqualified. Guess 1 is correct.
  6. She played: Theresa Stemple Charlotte Kensington Kate Burroughs Peg Mullen Eunice Higgins Princess Winnifred the Woebegone
  7. Oh. Well, i thought he was dead anyway
  8. The last two scenes of the "Love is a Battlefield" episode of Flash gave me the kind of chills and thrills I felt when I started this thread. Excellent work.
  9. Just watched 61* with my son. You can pick a name out of a hat and he was probably in it. But I'm gonna go with: Thomas Jane The Mist Andre Braugher
  10. And this needs to be clarified: The publisher in the original movie is the killer. I did not mean to leave any room for the possibility that he wasn't. In the remake, the publisher is ... closely associated with the military
  11. Let me rephrase something. The remake wasn't so much a remake as it was an updated adaptation of the novel that used the same source material as the original. You know how West Side Story was basically Romeo and Juliet? Yeah, same thing. So in this case: The original has the same name as the source material (a novel. Not trying to hide that). The "remake" has a different name and recycles the same general plot while changing the setting, characters and most other elements of the story... but the basic outline of the plot is the same: a powerful person kills someone and seeks to frame an innocent person, then employs the aid of an underling without realizing that underling is the person he's trying to frame. The lead actor and the actual killer in the remake were considered for the movie version of "The Fugitive" before Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones were cast. Personally, I could see it, but Tommy Lee Jones, man.
  12. Jack Bauer and President David Palmer were only together in the same place for one episode. The President was a central character in every season. Not the same president. You're up.
  13. He knows his writer. He doesn't know that's the person he's trying to frame. Explaining how this is possible gives away too much of the plot. Both movies involve a person in a position of power enlisting a subordinate to find "the real killer" (a person who is, in fact, being framed for murder), not realizing the subordinate IS the person they are trying to frame.
  14. The lead actor on this series has said the format/conceit, not he, was the real star. In every season except the first, someone played a particular public official. The character wasn't always the same, but the office was. A college drinking game requires players to drink whenever the lead character said "damn it!" Two of the main characters from the first few seasons are depicted as having a professionally close relationship, so it may surprise to realize that they actually appeared together (not counting split screens) in exactly one episode.
  15. I'll take either the original or the remake, though they are not similar to each other except the most basic plot elements. The original was in black and white. The lead character was a writer framed for murder by his publisher. The remake maintains the murder and the overall subordinate/supervisor framework (pun intended) of the plot. In both movies, the actual killer does not know the identity of the person he is framing and, in fact, enlists that person to help with the cover-up. The remake adds a twist ending in keeping with the new characters and setting.
  16. Did the lead character ever play first base? At least according to a familiar joke?
  17. I think you may be right. Felt like years
  18. " I don't scratch my head unless it itches and I don't dance unless I hear some music." *** "Only kin's allowed in here." "Alice, are you blind? Don't you see the family resemblance? That's my brother." *** "What are you?" "Mobile, agile, hostile!" "What is pain?" "French bread!" "What is fatigue?" "Army clothes!" "Will you ever quit?" "No! We want some mo', we want some mo', we want some mo'!"
  19. Three. We're talking about people who didn't need to know that, right?
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