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  1. It was not static. [You can tell because the path updated]. I'm screencapping because I want to go back and compare projections to the actual path.
  2. No, look who's talking did it. I just haven't been playing much
  3. George, is the shot you posted static or will it update as the storm progresses?
  4. Approaching Cat 5 strength. If you have the capacity to give, please consider assisting hurricane relief efforts.
  5. Ba ba ba... ba barbarino John Travolta!
  6. Goodness, haven't seen this in a while. Major hurricane making landfall in Louisiana? I'm going to assume anyone in the path of this monster will not be reading this until they are on the other side of it. Please let us know, when it is safe to do so, how we can help.
  7. Confused. The hurricane names this year were Edouard and Fay. What are Ellen and Francis?
  8. I hope Louisiana in particular had enough time to brace for what's hitting this week. A tropical depression is very wet as far as water is concerned. But to have it be followed a day or two later by an actual hurricane just seems like misery piled on misery. If anyone is monitoring local news there, please let us know if folks need help.
  9. So now Marco skims the coast today and tomorrow as a tropical storm, then Laura punches through on Thursday as a hurricane. See you on the other side, Louisiana!
  10. Both landing as hurricanes: Marco on Monday and Laura on Wednesday. I wonder if two storms in such close proximity throw all the models off. I have to look at previous posts, but the cones have been pretty crappy, no?
  11. And Laura appears to be bypassing most of Florida. Other Gulf states beware...
  12. Ok, so Marco [assuming it becomes Marco] could be worse. Makes landfall in Texas on Tuesday as a Tropical Storm. Not ideal, but preferable to a Cat 5.
  13. It's official. The Florida storm is Laura and the Texas storm, when named, is Marco
  14. 2004 and 2005 were hellishly busy for hurricanes, but I do not recall two back to back like this, so close that we didn't know which one would get which name. If the projections are right, the Texas-Louisiana one becomes Laura and the Florida-Alabama one becomes Marco.
  15. Unless, of course THIS becomes Laura first. In which case the one above becomes Marco. Is everyone taking notes? TEXAS! This one may be coming for y'all after all!
  16. Well, as they say, that escalated quickly. It will now be a hurricane as it blows through the Keys (which means it will be rough for us further north on Monday). But again, I'm still more worried about what happens in the Gulf. This is going to be hell on the Panhandle. Say hello to Laura, everyone.
  17. They're not issuing advisories on the one furthest west, so other than more-rain-than-average, it's nothing to buckle up for. The middle one should become Laura at some point soon. Not more than a tropical storm at this point, but that could always change. My area, South Florida, keeping an eye out. I'm a bit more worried about what happens once it is in the Gulf.
  18. No cones yet, but here we go...
  19. Go ahead. Make me mayor. You're up
  20. Coming up next, Laura and Marco. More details as they develop, but right now both are in the "what's that you say" category.
  21. George has the right franchise, wrong movie and line
  22. A variation of this movie's most famous line was used a couple of years later in a political campaign when the movie's star embarked on a brief, known-but-mostly-under-the-radar political career. While this movie is part of a franchise concerned with the criminal justice system, this is the only entry with a courtroom scene.
  23. Without even seeing the movie, I'm guessing Gran Torino
  24. No threat to the US, won't become a hurricane. That was fun while nothing happened. Next!
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