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    Thus Saith Paul

    Raf posting: First, the post-resurrection gospel never changed. In the gospels, pre-resurrection, it was the kingdom. But at the end of the gospels, Jesus gives the explicit instruction to disciple all nations in his name. The only change, scripturally, is that he's resurrected now. There are 40 days of appearances, only a small handful of which are shared in the gospels and Acts. We don't know how many people witnessed each appearance. But if you think he's teaching them the same thing after the resurrection that he was teaching before... I don't even know what to say to that. He of all people knows things have changed, and how. It is beyond reason to think he would not have shared information that they needed to know in order to make disciples of all the nations in his name after having instructed them to do so! So why DON'T the 12 do what he said explicitly to do? The Bible's answer is implied: the 12 struggled to get past the primacy of Israel and the Jews as God's chosen people. It's the only thing that explains Jesus needing additional visions after being told in person by the risen Christ to disciple all nations in his name. [The skeptical answer is that this is a major plot hole in a made up story, but I don't need to resort to that]. Peter should never have needed to explain to the disciples that Paul was justified in preaching to the Gentiles because all of them would have remembered Jesus explicitly saying disciple all nations in his name. So why did Paul learn more than the 12? It's not because he had a different mission. He had the same mission. It's because he got serious about carrying it out. And once he demonstrated his commitment to the instruction, he got more. So the revelation of the One Body comes to Paul. Why? Because the 12 failed to follow the instruction while Paul dedicated himself to it. Easy. Biblical. Corresponds to all scripture on the subject without inventing a reason for Jesus to not mean precisely what he said when he said disciple all nations in his name. [The skeptical answer, of course, is that Paul made his doctrine up and Christianity retconned the words of Jesus to make Paul consistent with his post-resurrection instructions. There being no resurrection, Jesus never said any such thing. The plot hole is only created when you have him say something clear and unambiguous and his most faithful followers completely ignore it].
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    Thus Saith Paul II

    I just deleted the thread while trying to get rid of a duplicate post. Feel free to carry on while we try to fix it...
  3. We're here to tell the other side of the TWI story, which includes offshoots. In journalism, when we have civil lawsuits, we name the participants. Generally, this includes the victims of sexual battery (we don't name them in criminal cases, and decisions in civil matters are handled case-by-case) because if you're seeking damages, it alters the moral equation. If anyone has knowledge about the status or resolution of the lawsuit, please advise. I am a reporter, but not for GSC. If I have time to look this up, I will. But right now I don't. As a matter of good faith, we are allowing these posts to stand. That will change if information comes in requiring that to change. On another note, apologies to hiway29 for my failure to promptly act on his requests. Public blunder; public apology.
  4. A civil complaint is a public record and adequate for our purposes. Anyone named in the action who wishes to dispute the allegation is free to register on this site or to contact us to discuss the issue.
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    Countdown 2019

    11 days to go
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    Raising the dead

    Your history in TWI is fair game, as is DWBH's. We implore you both to keep real names out of it. Your marriage history is not fair game. References have been deleted. By the way: It's no longer a secret in these parts, but Modcat5=Raf. I try not to moderate conversations when I am a participant, generally, but I felt safe intervening here.
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    Raising the dead

    I'm not comfortable with disclosing the personal histories of posters unless THEY choose to disclose them. Same goes for real names. Please be discrete with people's personal information.
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    Your fave Christmas music

  9. This is a placeholder for a thread introducing the GSC to new posters. I thought it would come in handy to have some easy-to-find advice and information. This will be updated, but I invite longtime users to include your own recommendations and new users to ask questions. For now, this will suffice: Greasespot Cafe exists to provide "the other side of the story" about The Way International. With very few exceptions, members of this forum are former followers of The Way. That is the ONLY generalization that is safe to make those who post here. Other than that, our experiences and views vary widely. To wit: Some of us hold a deep appreciation for the work and ministry of Wierwille. Others think he was a moral monster. It is possible to think BOTH, and some people do ("he was a lecherous so-and-so who taught some neat stuff"). Some people are involved with offshoots of TWI. Others are more mainstream Christians. A few hold completely different religious views (I think we have at least one Wiccan). A vocal minority are agnostic and/or atheist. Do not assume a fellow poster is a Christian until that poster has made it clear, and do not assume a fellow poster respects Wierwille's doctrinal legacy unless that has been made clear also. Wondering why posters have moved "so far from the Word," for example, will likely provoke some less than charitable feedback. Some of us think we've moved closer to the Word. Some of us think there IS no "Word" in the sense defined by TWI and/or Christianity. All views regarding TWI are welcome, but they are also subject to challenge, discussion and debate. We've tried hard to divide the forum into different sections to make it easier to find topics of interest. Most of these sections are self-explanatory. The Open Forum is for topics of general interest. "About the Way" is ... about TWI. About Wierwille. About Martindale. About Rivenbark. About the practices and experiences associated with TWI. We don't host discussions of politics on this board. We tried. It was too volatile to justify for our purposes. Get your fix elsewhere. Our doctrinal section is for discussions of doctrine. While it is open to everyone, the key in every doctrinal thread is to remain on topic. We recently started a subforum in the doctrinal section to isolate conversations with an agnostic/atheist bent. Feel free to peruse, participate, or avoid it like the plague. But whatever you do, stay on topic. If you don't know where a topic belongs, take your best guess and post it there. A moderator will move it if we think it's in the wrong place. The prayer room is not a place for debate. We have rules. They're a little out of date, but they give moderators a guide to resolving disputes. The Golden Rule applies here. Be respectful, and you'll be respected. But be careful: not everyone defines "respectful" the same way. You may feel it's respectful to tell me my opinions will send me straight to hell. I may feel it's respectful to tell you you're brainwashed and deluded. Take a breath, try to resolve your disputes amicably, and report a post or conversation to the moderators if you feel intervention is the best way to handle it. We used to have a LOT of moderators. Most are now inactive, but a couple of us are still around. We have real jobs. Give us time to address issues brought to our attention. This will be updated.
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    GreaseSpot Fundraiser 2018

    I took Pawtucket at his word here when he said he was shutting down. But I should not be the one making public announcements about it. I will refrain from further comment until he announces what will be happening with this site. My apologies to all involved. See you soon.
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    TV Show Mash-Up

    That is correct. read my last clue carefully. I dropped a major hint in it. Raf
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    Name that TV Show

    I just realized we did this show... not recently, but very few POSTS between them and now. It's how I met your mother.
  13. modcat5

    Name that TV Show

    sorry. lost track. "Haaave you met Ted?"
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    Movie Mash-Up

    Maggie Smith won an Oscar for playing an actress who loses an Oscar. In the play, her character says she Hope's the award is presented by Michael Caine because he's so classy. In the movie, her husband is played by Michael Caine, so the reference is changed to David Niven.
  15. modcat5

    Recently Returned to the Roman Catholic Church

    For what it's worth: As you all (probably) know, moderators have two accounts: one as a moderator, and one as our normal selves. For a long time, the moderators' identities were secret. Many were outed a few years ago, but not all. If you don't know by now that I am Raf, you probably don't care. Whatever, I am Raf. It is not my place to disclose the identities of other moderators, with the exception of pawtucket, who owns the site but rarely posts. Two mods have mostly been monitoring things here day to day. Modgellan is the other one. I will not disclose Modgellan's identity. And I will not disclose Modwildcat's ID either. If he/she chooses to, that's up to him/her. Personally, I think this moderator's faith journey would be fascinating if he/she would disclose his/her identity. Finding out that modwildcat returned to Catholicism is ... not terribly interesting to me. I mean, who is modwildcat? But finding out THIS PERSON returned to Catholicism is surprising, to say the least. So, I invite modwildcat to post under his/her original screen name and continue this fascinating conversation. Hit me up with a PM if you can't find your login credentials. And wow.
  16. Vince has been teaching that you could lose your salvation for at least 20 years. --Raf posting.
  17. modcat5

    In The Beginning...

    And you will again.
  18. modcat5

    In The Beginning...

    It was funnier when you were serious.
  19. modcat5

    Anybody got the words?

    Parody is fair use. You can't sue over it. I'd be curious to know if anyone has the information and can tell whether the original artists were credited. Signed, Raf
  20. modcat5

    Anybody got the words?

    This topic is not distasteful. The song is. And it's a part of TWI history that is fair game. It's no more political than discussing VPW's lie about being invited to Reagan's inauguration or LCM's bloodlust for stockpiling nuclear weapons. Certain topics that are About The Way will occasionally border on politics. Some may even cross the border. But this one, I think, doesn't. Feel free to disagree.
  21. Thank you. No one took me up on the offer anyway. And, for what it's worth, I think that's terrible news. :( Signed, Raf
  22. He's apparently planning a teaching this evening. PM me if you want details. 4/4/2018 Signed, Raf
  23. Best wishes, Mr. Lynn. I hope your trust in holistic medicine is not misplaced. May your struggle be brief and your life long.