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  1. By "at least one," you mean two, not counting the cartoon series, right?
  2. T-Bonè, Please be aware that I wasn't seeking to argue with you. It's my fault that it looks like I was. I was merely using your post as a springboard for my own thoughts on the subject, which are not scholarly or vetted. Just my thoughts. I presumed you know full well that the writing of the epistles preceded the writing of the gospels. My point was that I believe the Christology of the epistles circulated more broadly than any biography of Jesus until the gospels were written. I hold myself responsible for any lack of clarity on that point. Raf.
  3. I'll make sure to read that, but I don't want to go off topic.
  4. I have a purpose for everything I say, why I say it, how come I say it, for what reason I say it, my motive in saying it and what I want to accomplish by saying it.
  5. 19 years and 11 months between posts. I wonder if that's a record.
  6. We are not together. We hardly see each other. And we are most certainly distinctly independent. We're down to two active moderators [modgellan and myself]. I am Raf. I know it's confusing, but whether I post as Raf or modcat5 now depends almost ENTIRELY on which device I'm using. If it's Raf, I'm using my laptop. If it's Modcat5, I'm using my phone. Modgellan is safely anonymous. Pawtucket still runs the show and pays the bills and can run us out of town on a whim. GreasyTech, who has mod authority, is always on call to fix things up when the site goes down. So that makes 4 of us. Modgellan and I do not have a system. We check on reports when we check on them; whoever logs in first. He moved this thread. I just saw it. Excellent, thoughtful work by everyone.
  7. FYI: Adam Baldwin was the main character in D.C. Cab. from Star Trek Nemesis: Ron Perlman Hellboy Jeffrey Tambor
  8. too late for a penalty flag, but this was just a few entries away from another judge reinhold/fast times entry. just fyi.
  9. Maybe I wasn't clear. We don't pay respect to alchemy in honor of Isaac Newton's contributions to understanding the laws of motion and dynamics. We don't pay respect to anti-Semitism because Henry Ford revolutionized automobile manufacture. Why should we opt for B.C. over B.C.E. just because religious people used scientific methods to calculate an accurate calendar? One has absolutely nothing to do with the other! Now, if he were to say "I don't feel any more need to change B.C. to B.C.E. than Christians feel to change the names of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday -- all named for Norse gods," THAT would make sense. But clinging to B.C. because religious people figured out we need a leap year in 2000 is rather arbitrary. Does that make more sense?
  10. They all sounded naggingly famililiar. I got it at pre-atomic submarines. Then you had to go and give it away. BATMAN
  11. The Princess Bride, Though you are going to have to explain the Max and Valerie reference. I believe the director's father's name was Carl
  12. Well THAT clue couldn't be bigger
  13. I figured you had it with the Bruce Lee reference, but I wasn't sure. And I figured someone would connect "pity" and "fool."
  14. "Did Albert ever discuss his political convictions with you?" "Albert don't have no political convictions. He's an American!" *** "I don't work on Jan. 8. Because it's Elvis' birthday."
  15. Jekyll and Hyde? Prejudice and Pride? Boys on the Side?
  16. "But that says Bruce Leg." *** “Bruce Lee ain't dead you know. They got him krytonized down in Chatsworth, he's jammed in a silo and he's frozen hard as a carp. And they're gonna melt him down as soon as the economy gets better.”
  17. Ok, take a look at the last quote. Close your eyes. Hear it. Whose voice do you hear? If you get that right, 95% chance you get the movie. This movie was at least as good as Traxx. Probably a little better. LOTS of well known actors, almost if not all B-list. *** "Why don't you get off the street and get a decent job?" "Cause I need the bread!" "Then get a job at the bakery.”
  18. You and I remember voyage of the d*** very differently.
  19. Either of us could be mistaken, but I'm going to stick with I never saw it. Presumed innocent, we saw together. Still recall your amusement at Mr. Delay-Guardia
  20. Ok seriously and with as much respect as I can muster with the mod hat on: What the HELL are you people babbling about? Take a break. All of you. 24 hours. If you can't, it will be done for you. Take a damn break.
  21. This sounds like Game of Thrones.
  22. Funny thing is, obviously a courtroom drama, but definitely not one I've seen. Clearly it's about a first-degree murder, or we would not be talking about the death penalty. My first guess is a TV show, but I don't know if anyone made a movie with the same name. So guessing movies about murder trials I have not seen: Primal Fear ?
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