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  1. "These rules are meant to encourage civil, courteous discussion. They are not meant to stifle your freedom of expression. We want everyone to have a voice here; please use yours wisely and considerately." As you were, gentlemen.
  2. Welcome back. Feel free to familiarize yourself with our "fair use" policy. Carry on.
  3. THIS IS NOT THE GSC RULE. THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF THE GSC RULE. Please minimize extensive quotes from another website, and make sure you provide the link/credit when you do!
  4. Thank you to everyone for making this particular moderating task so easy. So the offending post was deleted, and every post that referred to it afterward as well. Which is to say, every post afterward. Thanks for playing, and thanks for the humor you found in the situation. I almost hated deleting some of the wittier replies. Almost. Play nice.
  5. Margie, did this ever get resolved? I hope you see this and answer.
  6. Apologies for my failure to approve this question on a more timely basis. We are not notified when questions are pending. Now we know.
  7. Electric Bugaloo The unofficial subtitle of every unnecessary sequel. You're up. Raf
  8. Because it's not correct: And I can dance with you honey, if you think it's funny, [title] that you're out? Raf
  9. Knight Rider is correct. David Hasselhoff's ex wife, Catherine Hickland, later married soap opera actor Michael Knight. William Daniels, voice of KITT, is never credited. --Raf
  10. This is not up for discussion. The original thread that was locked and hidden was initially allowed to continue as long as it did not venture into politics. We made it clear that the thread would be locked and hidden if it began to get political. The avoiding of politics did not last ONE POST. It is possible to discuss your walk as a member of your faith without promoting a conspiratorial view about what other people want by "infiltrating" your religion. And it is possible to explore whether your faith is consistent with a group of people who claim to embrace it even though they engage in conduct or beliefs or whatever that seem to be in conflict with that faith. What we're not going to do here is host a discussion about the gay agenda's desire to infiltrate the Catholic church as part of a socialist plot. This is the end of the discussion. Up until this point we have been taking action on posts and threads only. We urge you not to compel us to extend that to posters. It's not necessary, and the parsing of "is this politics or not" is not worth it. Move on.
  11. It is Over the Hedge (named Steve by the squirrel, played by Steve Carrell). Your move. Raf
  12. Raf posting: The only Vietnam war starring a TV star with a supporting role by an Oscar winning (later) actor that I know of is Casualites of War, though I am not aware that its director, Brian De Palma, has ever won an Oscar. He's entertaining (Untouchables, Carrie), but not Oscar winning that I know of.
  13. I should say: The main actress is probably best known for this series, but probably not well known at all. One of the main actors was better known for a later series. The other was better known for an earlier series. -- Raf
  14. Correct. I had a long running gag on social media concerning the astonishing fact that Vigoda was still alive. This running gag ended in Jan. 2016
  15. Ding ding ding! Alfred Hitchcock knows how to pick hot mamas. Raf
  16. First you say it's a quote. We already said we don't care if it's a quote. Then you not only repeat the slur but you expand on it. Come on!
  17. Rules come up as necessary based on what's happening on GSC at a given time. We did not develop the rules with any pretense about having foreseen and accounted for every situation. That said, I am absolutely embarrassed that we have to tell people not to use offensive slurs to refer to fellow human beings. I don't care if it's a quote or if... COME ON. GROW THE F- UP! Seriously, we left a cult where they talked about people using these degrading pejoratives. Feel free to think that way, but do not feel free to use slurs to refer to our fellow human beings.
  18. Like I said, "to the best of my knowledge," which was mistaken in exactly one case. The current Twilight Zone is on CBS All Access. See the clue?
  19. Okay, giveaway clue: To the best of my knowledge, no actor or actress, in any iteration of the series, played the same character in more than one episode. The clue"The current revival is on a platform that not everyone accesses" contains a subtle hint about the current platform, which narrows down the possibilities (given how few shows on that platform are original). [oops. This is Raf posting]
  20. For what it's worth: I tried to fix WW's post as a mod and could not. But I did try. The dupe is gone. He's not crazy, for anyone reading. He did post the same thing twice. I just can't separate his post from the quote. Oh well. You can.
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