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  1. Yes, figurative for thoughts, words, ideas, doctrines - related, their relationships to each other. Just think of how twi progressed into their doctrines. And the results of that doctrine.
  2. Words, ideas, doctrines, passed down (or up) through generations. Personally, I stopped all the way lies in my house and hopefully my kids futures. It will only get worse for some that continue with the way doctrines that has roots from many generations before it. And I'm sure there are more and worse doctrines, more targeted doctrines, that have gone through more generations than I care to count.
  3. Well, yes, "children of" and other such phrases would imply relations or relatives of.....like the "father of lies" is obviously a relationship. I tend to think it (whatever it is) has been passed down through generations.
  4. It doesn't bother me that any of pfal was taken from someone else. I do and will point out that pfal was off the mark in many ways, in a positive manner that someone might hear, from the first session through the advanced class and more. I'm glad that GSC is here as a forum to voice these matters. And I am not alone, without these other members, including mike, things would not be said that need to be said.
  5. This is the same cry-baby thing you have done before. Your accusations are false, not true, lies.
  6. Yup, that's what you were taught mike. A blanket judgement on an entire group of people.
  7. lol, pretty obvious that someone thinks it's all about him
  8. you missed the point did I say humans forgiving humans, no, you did let's take something like "God" and refer to that as something that forgives, and not 1 John according to pfal If you want to use scripture than call it.
  9. That whole confess your sin for forgiveness was to justify wrong doing. Namely, VPW's sex life. Which some others adapted to quite quickly. Forgiveness is a way of life, a reality, not something that happens according to what is done or not done.
  10. Wow johniam or is it johnboy (Richard Thomas). Do you really think someone here hasn't heard all that and comprehended it?
  11. Thinking back at some of the places I worked, fear was used a lot. Like fear of getting fired or doing something the wrong way, or somehow shamed. TWI went further than that, trying to get deep in your mind and life and be afraid of every thought.
  12. Funny he said that in the class but promoted fear through the way tree, turning the tree upside down and killing the leaves. As Bolshevik said somewhere back a few posts, fear was institutionalized. The no fear thing was all about getting you through the 12th session anyway. After that you were fair game.
  13. I have to disagree with this statement. Keeping yourself occupied is good I suppose, but I would say the chances of knowing, finding out, is better than this old guy has put forth. From one old tired person to another. And knowing what I don't know is still knowing, knowing what it's not is still knowing. Just getting a little bit of a glimpse of "the universe" brings more questions as well as some answers. More "universe" comes as it happens.
  14. commercial, saw it when I was active, laughed then, and still a good one powerful living
  15. We wanted to be right with God or something like that. This was taken and used as a rope around our necks. That "in fellowship, out of fellowship" teachings is a noose around the neck, cutting off the air, the spirit. Tighten the rope with fear of being wrong and letting it loose if we were right. Torture, plain and simple. The illusion or delusion of fellowship with God.
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