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  1. cman

    The Key to The Bible

    Yo Wray! You missed the part where John the B baptized everyone, even Jesus. Everyone was all cleaned up! :)
  2. cman

    The Key to The Bible

    Or maybe another Monty Python movie in the making.
  3. cman

    The Key to The Bible

    A bit of abstract thought and thinking with some seemingly obscure notes being put together. Not heard much with anything related to the bible. Still, there is plenty of room to play like an artist or musician. If you just started or been at it a while, I say bravo! Wraysed2.
  4. cman

    The Myth of Hell

    I asked a couple of rhetorical questions, that's all. Doesn't matter anyway. I don't do surveys. If an answer comes out in a post, that is okay, but I could change my mind.
  5. cman

    The Myth of Hell

    Wow.....and you think you are the one to say anything about anything
  6. cman

    The Myth of Hell

    Without some kind of threat of some kind of hell, most doctrines will fall apart. The sign on a church billboard down the road from my house says that "Jesus is coming back". Just another threat in my opinion. Based on the destructive non-loving doctrines that teach that Jesus Christ is not here and present, but will come back at some future time. Love, yeah love is one of those concepts that some think that people need to be taught and defined. I don't think so. And what is it to love God? Please don't try to answer that for me or tell me what and how to get it done. Is it love for me to share my experiences with the myths of hell? Is it love to show where I got the hell from, how these "love god" bible people promote destructive teachings and practices? Yes Jesus said a lot of things about love in the bible, so does Proverbs and Genesis and Deuteronomy. As well as the many souls I encounter daily.
  7. cman

    The Myth of Hell

    Scripture is a bottomless pit of hell by itself. The further it's taken the worse it gets. Time after time this has proven to be true. I've proven it to myself after more than 20 years of practicing the bible. As well as others here who have done the same. Clear thinking was replaced by words in a book. We took what we called spirit and demanded it to do our will and called it walking by the spirit. The spirit, Christ, is not a tool to be used, never will be.
  8. cman

    The Myth of Hell

    no one here is without the spirit to understand, but I'm sure that grammar school battles don't contribute tossing around ideas is encouraging though
  9. cman

    The Myth of Hell

    Some things are not found in the scriptures till they are found in life. Spiritual things I suppose. There are a lot of "myths" about many subjects, which can add to knowledge about the subjects. I don't know how to change a topic name, I think it can't be done after the first few posts.
  10. cman

    The Myth of Hell

    The fire of hell, and the fire of love, same fire I think. I do applaud your effort Mark. It could be the myths, plural, of hell.
  11. cman

    The Myth of Hell

    that's a good one Sudo, it's always "look how great this is" then comes the enslaving fear narcissistic based doctrines and some kind of "future" event that is supposed to scare us into doing things
  12. cman

    End times viewpoints

    end times or time ending happens to everyone the Revelation of Jesus Christ If it's Christ in you, then where is he going to come from? Not seeing Jesus Christ does not mean he left. Vanishing or disappearing is not the same as leaving. Or maybe Jesus and God are "somewhere" playing cards waiting to blow up the world to save a few. If you can see from a different viewpoint, and you can, it might look a little different with the same elements. Instead of something happening externally, maybe internally is where it begins and ends, ends and begins.
  13. cman

    End times viewpoints

    There are a few viewpoints that bounce around in my head about end times. I've considered many viewpoints over the years without a definite decision on one or the other, without excluding any totally. Looking at life itself and lives and my life has to be considered as well I think. And then all this combines in me for some sort of beliefs. edit? lines are double spaced for some reason, anyone know how I can fix that?
  14. cman


    without anything to obsess about, there is a strange feeling like nervousness or like butterflies in the stomach a seriously nothing to do and accomplish type thing I guess same feeling after quitting the way or drinking or buying and selling on ebay some kind of drive to do something, to accomplish something not just bumping this thread but trying to complete the thing, finish the thought probably a never ending thing, being careful and attempting to direct obsessed to more worthy
  15. cman


    Nice post T-Bone, I can relate to it. I think we have a drive to find out a matter. Then once found, or had enough of it, we move on to a new thing.