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  1. VPW invented problems that were not real and offered solutions that enslaved people with fear.
  2. Anyway, Christ is not absent at all. If it's Christ in you, from where will Christ "come" from? When did he come as a thief in the night? I see Christ in many that post their thoughts here.
  3. Yes to that WordWolf. Walter Cummins did the majority of the work and content of those two books. He has a site, but I'm not sure what he's doing these days. Continuing in the Scriptures
  4. The "second coming." is a cunningly devised fable. However, the coming of the Lord is talking about something they experienced and were encouraged to continue in.
  5. Good questions though, Charity.
  6. It doesn't say "second" coming. The coming of Christ, revelation of Christ and other phrases are used to describe a more sure word of prophecy.
  7. Your whole post is an interesting walk-through idea about death and spirit. I don't think the spirit can be killed or die, but it can be sleeping and then awakened. My friend, sirguessalot, could say more about the subjects. I have experienced a little of it, or a lot, but can't find the words yet. If one is dead then there needs to be a birth or awakening, like a seed in the ground, goes in without life and sprouts into life.
  8. more bs, I mean like how many lies are in this section.
  9. Drifted? I power boated out of that bs! Funny you bring up "flesh". This is what was used to justify sinning repeatedly. Cause you know you can't sin in the spirit, just in the flesh and God don't care about that don't you know.
  10. This comes back to that body soul spirit bs teachings. Like saying that some things are in the senses realm and others in the spiritual. It's all spiritual, all connected.
  11. There are no men or women without spirit, always has been, always will be
  12. Yeah, that's putting it nicely. Drop the button in, pull the button out. This might have worked for him the first couple of times, but after that it was routine walking in darkness.
  13. Good summation there Mike. I take issue with each one. I disagree with a lot of it
  14. Well....there's the old "in fellowship/out of fellowship" doctrine.... 1 John is not lining up with that old doctrine.
  15. Blaming everyone here for your deal.
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