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  1. Ah, yes, perfect history is in the Bible. Jesus juggles children directly after persecution. Not enough critical thinking to see placed coincidences. Merlin wins. blocks o stumblage, on and on. Write again, he will. John keeps eating locusts and honey exclusively. meh ta 4, ale leh gory, fig yos o speech, never, gods matchless word into the pigs driving them off the cliff. prose like mine, prose like mine.
  2. My mom says people here complain too much and she no longer bothers with this forum. I will not do the same.
  3. Wraysed2


    He's likely still in Toledo, right? *cringe*
  4. Q: What are displays in redundancy used merely to beg for more redundancy? A: The Bible!
  5. "They cannot both be correct. That is an actual error." Yes, I think you've isolated another. I think Nazareth is the city that doesn't show existence in any book or journal, besides the new testament, until 180 a.d. to 350 a.d.
  6. GOD Hello Everyone! What I was going to illustrate about the Bible here, will have to be postponed or skipped because it appears that bibles (perhaps all) may have been altered by the Mandela effect. What bad luck. No big deal. I will reference my hand-written gospels in a spiral notebook that I had left unfinished in 1999. Dorkily, I even wrote down the dialog of "Jesus" in red. Alright, so I have to retrieve it. Hopefully the location hasn't been gizmoed by the Mandela effect as well. Cheers - JMW
  7. GOD Hello All ! Try to feel out the following: Here I'm going to show what improper (and unoriginal) sub-chapter titling causes. Hopefully you may see the circumstantial evidence that entire chapters and perhaps intrachapterally, there are long, sweeping, allegorical clauses that have very basic, everyday (or perhaps very mysterious) meanings. for reference: I'm using NIV "gift and award" bible, The Zondervan Corp. ,....anyways.... I like the version in Mark 10:1. Subtitled "Divorce". and it starts with "Jesus then left that place...", and that's one hint right there that the end of chapter 9 flows into chapter 10, but anyways... He gets off the boat, people crowd around, "Pharisees" come into play and wish to talk about lawfulness of divorce, the Christ then states it as he does, concisely, to the point, and with command of multiple points of the subject, enough to perhaps cause heated interruption and additional argument from the tempter-like figure. Have we learned anything more about divorce and adultery that wasn't anywhere else in the Bible? meh. But...Oh my G, I did it again! I don't like the version in Mark. That's the one where it says "when they were in the house again". Okay so in Luke, he tells a parable about the Pharisee and the Tax collector and is well composed around the children that people "were" "also" bringing him in the next sub-chapter. Usually kids should stay-away from the Jeezner, for a bit, if it were heated or more serious. The one in Matthew was the one I was thinking about. (Or I was mixing the adult situations with the children situations from different gospels. can you believe it????) Anyways... Matthew 19 It's given away again..."When Jesus had finished....". 18 flows into 19. So, the "Pharisees" come and dicker. Law and morality are redundantly restated with the added warm monkey of disciples chiming in on the subject later. Jesus needs to be ready to juggle children without dropping them in the next sub-chapter. It starts with, "Then little children were..."; more breaking of flow with silly subchapter titling. I'm just going to blurt it out: The Pharisees (at least, in these cases) are representational of doctrinal persuasiveness that may crop up from within in the group....of starving, homeless, wretched, wandering, irrational, dirty, ignorant, festering, flea-bitten, no good, gypsy freak, depraved, scorned and yet forgotten, people. Does Jesus juggle adult situations and children situations well? Should we not juggle with sub-chapters? Or were real Pharisees continually tracking Jesus down all over wilderness just for five minute conversations on subjects such as divorce?
  8. George Clooney Ocean's eleven Julia Roberts
  9. GOD Hello Everyone! Here we're going to cover some "Uncle Dave talk". Try to feel out the following: We're going to go over the multitude feedings in Mark. It does seem to dress-up the comings and goings to and from the crowds in specific fashions that I haven't decided to see through just yet. So... Mark 6:38 They have 5 loaves and 2 fish for the crowd of 5000 and 12 baskets of pieces of broken bread and fish are collected. Jesus walks on water, does some other stuff. And the specifics to the in-between stuff may be important but for now... Mark 8:5 They have seven loaves and a few fish for the crowd of 4000 and 7 baskets of just plain "broken pieces" are collected. The Christ then takes opportunity to condescendingly remind them of the collections (as well as perhaps throwing them off with recalling the number of baskets as if that's important), and then condescendingly ask them, "Do you still not understand?". He's answered nothing really and Jesus needs a brisk smack to the chops....or.... He's throwing around some sassy-sling groovy talk. What could be so important about the pieces? What is their utility? He's going to feed multitudes?, do other miracles, die on a stick or tree, come back to life, go to the clouds?, and have you wondering what the pieces of fish, fish bone, leftover possibly viable seed if baked cold, fibrous material, and...and... and... huh... are for.... Now, experienced fishermen had developed tramell-netting by those times and constructing and mending such nets required some pretty good skills, to be sure. A noob better start with....say....the easily forgettable archaic and primitive basics. Awwww....do you want fish?
  10. You'll have to rerun all lessons of proper fingering (and each and every lesson really) on a regular piano or weighted key electric piano (synthesizer) after each lesson. What can be whipped out on touch flat screen can be stumblesome on a real keyboard..............didn't know what i was talking about, finally the link loaded. Synthesia looks great.
  11. GOD Hello Everyone! Oh, WOW, I did it. I actually reversed the (general) order of the baptism and temptation in the desert. I probably got that from watching too much Godspell the movie. But anyways, what I derived from Godspell's reversing of the order as well as the placement several steps in sequence later, shows me (and Godspell's authors might agree) that temptation occurs continually for "Jesus". So...mistake intended. Now, I had also wanted to cover what I feel is blatant figure of speech. Metaphor. Replacement Talk still representing real people with real problems. Eating wild locusts and honey. How often could come across the chance that all you have to eat is wild locusts and honey. Who would only want to eat wild locusts and honey. Who could imagine a universe of nothing but humans, wild locusts, and honey. Did John do it once? get stuck with it twice? got stuck with it for a week? a total slut? i mean, what? and wtf does it matter that God wants you to know it as a f a c t u a l t h i n g ? ? ? ? ? ? / ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? It means to take the good with the bad and put it together, figure it out, and love the result, ect. ect. And if it's allowed once, it's allowed.
  13. And I voted yes, because, the area has always been about sudden conquest and tyranny.
  14. We'll find out what 13 yrs twiggetry, 6 ROA mud-hops (with loads of German Chocolate cake and grape-juice for breakfasts), Wisconsin mini-Wowing, and the 7 first video PFAL classes, can be utilized for.
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