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  1. Gyvonne moved to Florida in 2002.Has since been out of touch w/ The Way.Prayers for her would be most helpful.

  2. Rest sweetly dear lady.

    You are missed....

  3. likeaneagle

    The WAG of Gustav

    My son n law left for training for Air National Guard of NewHampshire. He is nowin Mississippi and class in cancelled for Monday. Looks like he cannot evacuate but will be helping out Mississippi. Hope this makes sence. Iam laying bed reading emails and such..I just had 2 stents placed in bileducts..Im buzzing alittle:)
  4. Ditto Pm me FII..I will give you my phone number, lets talk, if you are comfortulbul with this.
  5. Thanks Jim for posting this..altho, I feel I have worked out most issues I had, John may be able to help many who visit here for more one on one help..The front page reveals alot of hidden info on TWI..GSC cannot help most...sorry to say, I feel this place only aides in harbouring more hurt.. Maybe His website should be placed on the front page, so after folks read the doc's presented then they can get real help! That would be a great service!!!
  6. I was paying over 500 per month when I commuted by train and 2 buses a day. I opted to move to the next town where they have a Stop & Ride. I started using a Vanpool with 10 other professionals that work across the street from in busy Cambridge,Mass. I pay 160 per month now. I home by 5:15..Hooray! Best move I made.The Van is so smooth and the seats have headrest and armrest...:) I just sit back and rest, read or pop open my laptop..
  7. Fooledagain When I left in 2000, I continued to go to fellowships in my area..I sat thru a class that was about 24 tapes. It was on the book of Galatians...I actualy teared several times throughout that class because I saw where TWI II had driven many back into the law and ultimately bondage thinking... I knew I needed to correct alot of doctrine that was forced into my thinking... I think surrounding myself with good hearted patient people was a start for me.... We are at different stages...continue to learn and dont let your heart harden...:) SOme of my learning came from GS back around 2000 -2004, there was alot of valued understanding going on then..if you can did up the old archives I would start there.
  8. Thanks Mstar for posting this... The gates of hell shall not prevail against it..
  9. I knew Bob when he was Yard Dog. He took PFAL in my hometown and our area was blessed because of his heart for God and he gave it back to God by teaching with his lyrics and multi talent! I remember local Coffehouses and he would begin tearing while he was singing and would have to stop to wipe his eyes..His redemption was huge to him..He sang at my wedding..then he went into Corp. Ten yrs later he ended back in his home area teaching and I got to revisit and learn from him.. Bob's talent brought alot of heart to other's....no matter where you are in life...it is all good..
  10. Johnny! The video is hysterical...how funny..thxs for the laugh.
  11. bfhHey Dixie Chicks....love them!
  12. likeaneagle

    Good Tree

    Hi carole_virginia, I left you a gift on GoodTree.com — please give it to your favorite Cause or choose mine. Pick up your gift here Be Good, ************************************************************* Hi Folks, Did any of you recieve this email from Paw? I want to use this site but it is confusing. If you have any tips I would like to hear about them... I want to help Paw in his Internet businesses that support the Cafe. thanks This email sent by pawtucket@greasespotcafe.com through GoodTree LLC., 703 Market St. #470, San Francisco, CA
  13. WoW Senator from Texas brings light to the dangerous lightbulbs that we are suppose to be using only, by the year 2014. http://youtube.com/watch?v=e-LOtKIIKcg
  14. Thanks Bowtwi. Our whale watch trip was a gift to my youngest daughter, she said it was the best gift she ever recieved. Put a huge smile on both of our faces to watch the whales feeding and playing in thier world... It has me inspired to purchase a better camera to use in my travels here in New England.
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