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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I really enjoy seeing the different ways the thread goes. And a big hi to Skyrider. Always enjoyed your posts and support.
  2. Firstly, when did he renounce the trinity? Correct me if I'm wrong, but VPW was ordained as an Evangelical and Reformed minister. Since part of their dogma is the belief in the Augsburg Confessions, I would suspect that he believed in the trinity back then. Secondly, did VPW ever mention the evangelist William M. Branham? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_M._Branham Branham was an enormously successful evangelist of the same era of VPW and Oral Roberts, and Branham's ministry had many parallels with VPW's, including a divergence from the trinity. I'd be really intereste
  3. I couldn't find the part where he got drafted during WWII. I bet there's an interesting story.
  4. I rested my forearms on the dining room table.
  5. Speaking as a person that's run his own company for the last 20 years... They had everything. No taxes. Great profit margin. Free labor. Free advertising. Dedicated and committed workforce. And they fsked it up big-time. If the had kept their dicks in their pants and spoke the truth, we'd still be coming to ROA 2015.
  6. "We don't use people. We use things and love people" --VPW Right.
  7. Anyone remember when VPW said it would be a Corps requirement? I think it was about '76 or '77. And thinking that it would rule me out as Corps material.
  8. Makes me think of Joe Coulter and Carrie Williams. Both good men, talented, motivated, hard workers. AFAIK, still with TWI. Are they there because they truly believe that they are working for God? Or because they are old and gray and TWI will (maybe) take care of them and they don't have any other options. I don't know. Just seems sad, no matter how I look at it. He tore out a part of your heart, but you've shown you still have plenty of heart left. I've loved reading your posts over the years. You're a great lady and I'm sure you're a great mom.
  9. Skyrider, if you ever decide to write a book, I'll be first in line to buy it. BTW, I think the Mormons use the term "earthly family" as well. Doesn't make it any less creepy though.
  10. Part one aired last night where I live. Fascinating stuff, with more than a little commonality with TWI on certain issues.
  11. Yeah. Been there, done that. After *lots* of faithful service, I asked local clergy to marry my wife and I. They said "after she takes the class". Well, she took the class and they still wouldn't do it. We got married by a Universal Life minister". 28 years ago. Still together. My daughter did her first wedding service as a Universal Life minister two weeks ago. The circle is complete. Without TWI.
  12. After running my own business for the last 20 years, I have to ask, how could they be so stupid? Five senses-wise, back in the 70's they had everything. They had free labor, free advertising, a product that had a huge profit margin, no taxes, and a zealous workforce. A business owner's dream. All they had to do was to keep their dicks in their pants, stop infighting and at least make a small effort to tell the truth, do the right thing and keep their stories straight. I'm still speechless at the stupidity and arrogance.
  13. Trying hard to get that image out of my mind...
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