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  1. frank123lol


    DWBH said 65 grand a year pension.Plus house
  2. And to think,I helped wall ace stay in twi
  3. Don't have to pay a reirement.B&D will sue for undisclosed amount.Typical twi
  4. Heard Loy was teaching publicly again in Ohio
  5. Previous limbo said it.I had an escape plan by writing to the Lc of Mi.He said I could be Tc if I wanted it
  6. Was in Miss in 78-79 as well as 80.We were all told to leave for lallyos.Went back to Mi.Been here now for 36 years
  7. DWBH,Glad you share,people listen.All these guys got their hand out,has to be ego,they are all up in years.I know I am.Ya want to make a few bucks do something,flip something,help someone.The gospel is supposed to be freely shared.People ask me if I go to church?No been down that road...Like my friends here,real life fb. I too enjoy my life..Every damn day..It is a gift.Nice to see heading down the stretch of life,God really does provide.I can say the scripture Been young now old,have not seen God's bunch not havin'what they need.God stands behind his promises.Have fun all
  8. As everyone has said before,I will add this,The so called leadership covers up,acts like it never happens and plain tells you it is none of your beeswax. As far as your friends if they are your friends they will be after if not make new ones..You are in charge of your life not them.Spiritually responsible is a li. The freedom in Christ has been replaced with a gestapo mentality.You need them which is a lie.Leaving will be hard as you are making a new path outside the so called protection of the way.God Speed in your new direction
  9. I supply the taco chips!
  10. Wonder what requirements for this?First you were not a pfal grad then you took wap class intermediate then ac class were nope not ac grad .Then ac for cop outs coming back then a live class then a every two week class for grads ad nauseum
  11. As people have said here before the way paid for a lot of abortions
  12. I was at one of Roa minister times.It was a guy in a wheelchair.Wierwille parading looking for a miracle.I prayed for the guy. Heck he did not want to be in the wheelchair who would of course he had condemnation.. Were we ministers or magicians....
  13. Yes withe the silk suits special designed suits air conditioned tents special food bottled water. Cars?Yes The best.Custom motorhomes.To teach the void(word)charge hell out of us.Says freely given freely receive Many times my twig needed the money more than them.As every man has need?Only them
  14. So story I heard is Martindale is getting 65 grand a year.A house.Name still on Gunnison.Talk about a golden parachute. Someone who deceives.tears down will get what is comin'.Your abundant sharing at work Everything we did was to support this?Thank God I got out.God had to work overtime it seems but I ended up ok.....@@ me off as so many did not fare as well
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