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  1. Well stated? Someone agreed with interdependance I did not.The darn thread should be deleted then.
  2. Ya think after this long teaching the secret should be out. The off shoots too who made tons of bucks.I would rather speak and give people the word than make a darn dime.God is our sufficiency
  3. The bait with the hook deeply embedded.Still an org,still a based cult of look at us how we are so successful so filled with abundance .Oh afterward to maintain our lifestyle at the expense of yours send us money lots of it you owe it to God.Even though he freely gave Key is freelySure sounds a lot like Joel Ossteen or the rest of the tv preachers
  4. Regurgitated.Culture changes,society changes.Based on the word not a man.
  5. What Waydale did was expose the "wokeness " of the day.The lies,the affairs,the changing of history.I used to read it then get a big head ache why? The truth? yeah! the couple running it had some bad times it just was not them.The head in the sand mentality was sickning,the denial even more so
  6. The " gift ministries" were massively over played.Just like in the spin offs.The milking of a people to live a lifestyle beyond their means.Most would not live up to the demands of corporate life.The man of God thing imhp in my humble opinion is a throw back to wanting a king.Christ is the head no one else
  7. It just showed a realistic view of a rainbow colored org
  8. Charge all the left overs in the way for a class that you pretty much have memorized.Cash cows for jesus
  9. Wrights policy of apprenticeship, students living with the teacher is not new. The idea that Wright just talked while the students worked is like the corps, wright taught not how to work but conceptual practices. Here in Midland, Mi home of Dow Chemical we had one such apprentice. The son of the founder of Dow a Alden Dow. He and his new wife did one summer in Wisconsin .The writings of Dow never talked of his time there or were to my knowledge any interaction with Wright again. Dow went on to win a world wide acclaim on his low bearing house with a pond around it .Gurdjieffs teachings were never mentioned. Dow was a Presbyterian.
  10. Yes his student one Alden Dow came back to Midland,Mi( his daddy was the founder of Dow Chemical) and built his home which is bizarre by any means.In the 40's Dow won a world wide award for his house. Back to Frank Wright a flamboyant dresser one whom thought so highly of himself that us mere mortals trembled.Frank had to have the best of everything no matter the cost. Again sound familiar?
  11. Influenced third wife of Frank Lloyd Wright to hold a school at Taliesin east home of Wright. Each apprentice would live with the teacher and work 4 hours a day for free to learn Wrights style while he did very little but criticize. Students were there 3 months.Male and female.There were arranged marriages. See Ken Burns Frank Lloyd wright film. The idea was to live with the master learn hi genius and become better architects. Sound like a program called the Way Corps? some 40 years later?
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