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  1. To clarify- This is what Waxit posted Sunday 04/19/2020 as the introduction to his other thread regarding this topic. I deleted that post for at least three reasons. 1) it was posted in the Open Forum rather than here in Doctrinal. I could have moved it, BUT... 2) He already had this thread moving lively along here, and 3) Users here at GSC do not get to dictate the comment style of others, or limit responses to those they like. Numerous scriptural replies had been made already at that time, and continue to be presented but rather than discuss why they do not apply, Waxit repeats his own version, (largely) ignoring those which have been posted in response. Very little has been off topic in this thread, and I applaud those who have responded for being very cordial to our new participant. It has been extremely civil on their end. THANK YOU. It is like flogging a dead horse. The intent in our forums is to discuss, if anyone's intent is to "win" the argument... it simply is not going to happen! Everyone here (some more than others) is quite familiar with the scriptures and we all have our own ideas regarding them. Telling others they do not care about scriptural truths here demonstrates one's lack of familiarity with the other users of this space. I recommend new participants spend some time reading previous threads to get an understanding of the immense depth some of our members have in this regards. That is not to say we cannot learn from someone new. I think that has been stressed several times on this thread and elsewhere in the forums. It is however, a two way thing. It does not work well to come in and lay claim to an indisputable truth regarding some aspect and then simply expect everyone to gather around your feet as if you have all the answers. We have been there before. It does not play well in these pages. If we truly have made our case others might agree with us. It has not seemed to happen here. Few at GSC have itching ears just waiting to hear each new thing, no matter how poorly it is presented. I know we are all home with much more time on our hands these days. IT SHOWS! I, for one, have read more of this particular forum section in the last two weeks than in the previous 15 years combined . Be well and stay safe.
  2. Is it possible the last name was spelled “Pavlica”? There is a person by that name on Facebook who has former TWI Connections. That person is listed as Susan Pavlica with a last name that now starts with a J
  3. Now I see the view Socks was referring to, and I didn’t mean sound like I was challenging his opinion. Thanks for the screenshot. I was explaining what I see, not making any ruling. Perhaps my use of “disagree” was too strong a word. That is why we talk about it. I was thinking of the view from my phone after I click on Doctrinal where QF is listed as a “Subforum”, just like Europe is in ABTW, and STF is in Offshoots, and those in the Prayer Forum. It is just how subforums appear in the platform. Perhaps adding another Subforum here will help?Maybe position the new one above QF? Of course it is worth looking in to.
  4. I think the idea has merit, and could be a very friendly part of this section. It fits as a subforum in this section, as does the existing Questioning Faith one. (For what it is worth, I disagree that QF in any way defines the Doctrinal Forum. It clearly is listed as a subforum just as STFI is nested under Offshoots) My thoughts (and just my thoughts for the purposes of this discussion): Personally I would like to see it as a place to talk about the role your faith plays in your life, what you do with it, how it affects your real life, what you do etc. I think some of you were going that direction if I understood the comments. i don’t think it should be limited to Christian faiths. There were some practicing eastern religions around here for awhile. Who knows?, there might even be someone who is a practicing Muslim. Even atheists and agnostics have their own standards for living their life. Afterall, GSC is specifically not a Christian site. My point is, I see it as possibly a place to talk about real life choices we make based on our core values whether they are founded in the Bible or not. i.e. “what am I doing with my beliefs.” The nitty gritty of specific understandings of scripture, tenets etc should stay in the main Doctrinal area. It might be a good way to get to know people today rather than who they were 40 years ago. Every now and then someone shares like that, and it usually goes well. I seem to recall Twinkie doing it now and then. Anyway keep talking about how you view it and your ideas about it. Maybe some ideas on a name for it?
  5. Below are the forum mission, rules and purpose as posted by the owner of this site in 2008. They have served us well and at this time they still apply to all, in all areas of the forum ~~~~~~ Welcome to the GreaseSpot Café Forums! The forums are for the purpose of discussing The Way International (TWI)--and many other topics of interest. While our mission is to tell "the other side of the story" about TWI, we recognize that posters' opinions about their TWI experience range from pro to con to somewhere in between. We welcome them all. The GSC Forum Rules Be courteous, and please don't make it personal. Remember, others feel as strongly about their opinions as you do about yours. It's okay to disagree, but when doing so, criticize the message, not the messenger. For example, "I remember that event differently," is appropriate; "you're an idiot" is not. Also, don't assume someone is calling you a liar just because he/she disagrees with you. Please do not engage in insulting behavior, personal attacks, and inflammatory language. This includes: calling fellow posters names accusing them of "needing a therapist/shrink/meds"  labeling others with terms such as "Wierwille apologist" or "perpetual victim" distorting another poster's name to insult or ridicule making disparaging remarks about fellow posters' character, motives, intelligence, religious beliefs (or lack thereof), or life outside these forums. Implying negatives about fellow posters is also not acceptable.  Be aware that sarcasm toward another poster can quickly turn a discussion into a flame war. And by the way, "He hit me first" didn't work with your mom, and it won't work here. We disapprove of comments that stifle discussion or label a particular viewpoint as unwelcome. Such comments hinder thoughtful and open discussions. Do not accuse fellow posters of being "trolls." If you suspect someone is trolling, PM the moderators; please don't start a thread about it. Do not "stalk" another poster from thread to thread to perpetuate an earlier disagreement (but don't accuse someone of stalking if he/she just happens to disagree with you often). Do not talk negatively about a fellow poster in a thread where he or she is not participating or start a new thread to "call out" that person. Do not challenge a fellow poster's personal recollections of his/her TWI experience. People deserve the freedom to share how TWI affected their lives and should not have to fear interrogation or feel pressured to "prove the unprovable." Generalizations about how TWI affected everyone who was ever involved in the organization may be challenged, however. If you wish to question those generalizations, start a new thread. Violation of the above rules will result in deletion of the offending posts and/or suspension. Persistent refusal to follow them may result in permanent banning. If you have a specific problem with a poster, settle it outside the forums or use the "ignore" feature. Threads that deteriorate into little more than bickering will be deleted or sent to the Soap Opera Forum, at the moderators' discretion. These rules do not (and cannot) cover every possible eventuality, so please don't try to find loopholes. The moderators will use their best judgment regarding "grey areas." The Purpose of the Rules These rules are meant to encourage civil, courteous discussion. They are not meant to stifle your freedom of expression. We want everyone to have a voice here; please use yours wisely and considerately.
  6. Hah, nobody knows, and I think it is the Invision software not just GSC. I recall there was a problem with typing Walter Cummins name for awhile.
  7. I am uncertain what you did, or what you saw, perhaps you were trying to reply to another thread regarding Patterson? In a search I saw at least two threads with that name. One was in your own thread in the New Members forum and another that was in the Friend Tracker forum.
  8. TLC- you earlier objected to an entire post being removed and falsely assumed Raf's feelings were hurt as the reason it was removed. I remind you now of what I wrote in the quote above. It is not Moderator's job to edit what you or anyone posts. Occasionally we will take the time to do so as a courtesy, but it is not our regular procedure. It is too time consuming. Stick to the topic, argue the topic, but stop attacking other posters.
  9. A new topic was split off from this one and numerous posts from here were moved to it as the discussion had shifted away from Victor Barnard (the subject of THIS thread)
  10. Discuss the topic all you want, but attacking other poster’s character or motives will NOT be tolerated. Further posts in that vein will not be edited, they will be deleted in their entirety. If part of those posts are on topic, that part will be gone too. It is your responsibility to stay on topic and not violate our rules, not mine. Discuss, object, disagree in the thread all you want. The key is to not make it personal or about another member. Got it?
  11. Wellfergoodnesssake. Perhaps posters need to be reminded this sub-forum is specifically titled “Questioning Faith”. It goes without saying that bible verses quoted in here might not be accepted by some others as “facts”. This is not, by any means, meant to say you can’t quote or cite verses in this place. How can we question faith without mentioning verses upon which faith is based? However, if you use Bible verses as facts in this space, expect to be challenged. In any case, this sub-forum has the same rules as any other place on GSC. Discuss the topic, but not other people’s mental acuity. I have removed a number of posts by various people which severely stretched and in some cases fully violated those rules. Behave or don’t play. I am not going to edit future posts, it is too time consuming. I will instead just delete them entirely even if part of the post is meaningful. The whole post will be gone. Next stop is Soap Opera or deletion of the thread completely. I really have other things to do.
  12. Several posts have been edited or deleted to remove personal arguments against other poster’s rather than the topic or the points being made by users. you guys are bigger than this. Stick to the discussion. I will not edit future posts- I will simply delete them and references to them or remove the thread completely. and to think a thread on resurrection, started by a user who has not been here in two years, got resurrected 3 years later. Remarkable
  13. I see you have already visited and posted on the Memorium thread. I am glad you found it. Now- Hold on, Kata. Your posts are hard to read with the texting shorthand , odd grammar and then the all-caps shouting in your later posts. (Please stop that last one, it isn’t liked on any Internet forum I know of.) Now then, this is a discussion forum. When someone posts a position others respond, and they may or may not agree with you. This particular forum is specifically named “Questioning Faith”. The response you got towards your claims might be expected especially in this sub forum. Certainly people of faith, or no faith, are welcome to post their views here just as in our other forums. However, you do not get to fly off the handle when they don’t agree or when they point out what they believe to be erroneous about your position. That holds true here and on our other forums. I will leave this one at least for now, but future out of line responses like it will be deleted once brought to the moderator’s attention. Make your point, try and defend your position when others disagree, but don’t call others rude snobbish fops (is anyone here dressing with extreme fashion?) when they don’t buy whatever you are presenting.
  14. It is clear that this thread has become more oriented to the Doctrinal forum so consider it moved.
  15. Hi Son of the Hog Ward- Our "Friend Tracker" forum is a good place to post (or search) inquiries about people you might recall. If they are here, they can either reveal themselves or send you private messages. Many of us first came here for the same reason. Good luck and thanks for visiting.
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