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  1. Modgellan

    The Myth of Hell

    I am not at all sure that is a major factor to the lower participation here, let alone a main one. Facebook, Twitter, maturing, age, goals, changing personal foci, refusing to have others force their interpretation ... all have a part in the traffic here. Not many people come here to get preached to. I am sure of that. Do you yourself come here to learn anything? (P.S. it is not required that you do).
  2. Modgellan

    The Myth of Hell

    Currently reading the Bible is not a prerequisite to participating here, nor for asking questions about it. Also, there are many reasons for asking questions other than desiring to learn from others. my mother always asked questions of her contacts, not so much to learn from them, but to help them better define or develop their own positions. Rocky or others may or may not ever answer Mark’s question, but anyone can ask, comment, or discuss doctrine here provided they do not make personal attacks. the topic title defined the thread as “The myth of hell”. It is not limited to discussing Mark’s personal biblical doctrine. That is not how this place works.
  3. Modgellan

    GreaseSpot Fundraiser 2018

    Thanks Outandabout. if there is sufficient financial help so that Paw is no longer left holding the bills for this place it would have no reason to close shop. At this stage in life and after all that he has done, there is no reason he should feel obligated to fund it himself.
  4. Modgellan

    The Newbies' Guide To Greasespot Cafe Forums

    If I recall correctly the dots are indicative of your “rank”. i.e. it relates to how many posts you have made. When someone has made “x” # of posts their rank increases and the phrase changes automatically. At least that is how it used to work. The different phrases are embedded into the site and change the more one posted. There also was a way it could be edited. I am not sure how it works now with the new platform.
  5. Modgellan

    Wierwille: The Indoctrinator

    This is turning more doctrinal than about Wierwille Indoctrinator or TWI. Please keep doctrine where it belongs.
  6. Modgellan

    Frequent login issues

    I am not sure, but try logging in with your display name, Human without the beam, and password rather than your email address and password. ”With the upgrade there is no longer separate login ids and display names. Your login ID is now your display name.”
  7. Modgellan

    Did vpw cite his sources, or did he plagiarize?

    I have split what I think were posts regarding "Dispensationalism" to a new thread in Doctrinal by that name, located here: http://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/24710-dispensationalism/ let me know by PM if something was moved which should not have been, or if something more needs to be moved. Thank you, Meanwhile please keep discussion in *this* thread to the topic in the original title.
  8. Modgellan


    This thread was created to split the this topic off from a thread in "About the Way" located here: http://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/24675-did-vpw-cite-his-sources-or-did-he-plagiarize/ The above posts in this thread were moved here because I read them as regarding "Dispensationalism" rather than VPW's Plagiarism. Please let me know by PM if something was moved which should not have been, or if something more needs to be moved. Thank you.
  9. Modgellan

    Did vpw cite his sources, or did he plagiarize?

    I got the memo. It used to be easier to do than it is now. I will look into it. Meanwhile carry one
  10. Modgellan

    Concerning the Bible...

    Hah! No. I was just confessing it took me too long but it was finally open in case anyone cared to know. Carry on amigos
  11. Modgellan

    Concerning the Bible...

    FYI, the Trinity thread has been cleaned up and unlocked. It took a bit of time to get it ready.
  12. Modgellan

    The Newbies' Guide To Greasespot Cafe Forums

    This was a good reminder for newcomers. Bumping it to be seen.
  13. Modgellan

    Revised Rules

    The established rules for the forums can be found here: http://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/18326-revised-rules/
  14. Modgellan

    Billy Graham

    Whether a post is in one forum or another has no bearing on its merit or value. We try to keep the topics of threads in About the Way just that...about The Way. Occasionally within threads the discussion will wander off the topic, and that is to be expected, but the general thread topic usually comes back. Since Billy Graham had no presence within TWI the topic of his death does not belong there. If I had moved the thread to Memorium then it would have some different rules as to how people may speak of the deceased. I did not put it there. That is a whole 'nother matter.