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    Thus Saith Paul

    TLC- you earlier objected to an entire post being removed and falsely assumed Raf's feelings were hurt as the reason it was removed. I remind you now of what I wrote in the quote above. It is not Moderator's job to edit what you or anyone posts. Occasionally we will take the time to do so as a courtesy, but it is not our regular procedure. It is too time consuming. Stick to the topic, argue the topic, but stop attacking other posters.
  2. Modgellan

    Victor Barnard pleads guilty

    A new topic was split off from this one and numerous posts from here were moved to it as the discussion had shifted away from Victor Barnard (the subject of THIS thread)
  3. Modgellan

    Thus Saith Paul

    Discuss the topic all you want, but attacking other poster’s character or motives will NOT be tolerated. Further posts in that vein will not be edited, they will be deleted in their entirety. If part of those posts are on topic, that part will be gone too. It is your responsibility to stay on topic and not violate our rules, not mine. Discuss, object, disagree in the thread all you want. The key is to not make it personal or about another member. Got it?
  4. Modgellan

    Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

    Wellfergoodnesssake. Perhaps posters need to be reminded this sub-forum is specifically titled “Questioning Faith”. It goes without saying that bible verses quoted in here might not be accepted by some others as “facts”. This is not, by any means, meant to say you can’t quote or cite verses in this place. How can we question faith without mentioning verses upon which faith is based? However, if you use Bible verses as facts in this space, expect to be challenged. In any case, this sub-forum has the same rules as any other place on GSC. Discuss the topic, but not other people’s mental acuity. I have removed a number of posts by various people which severely stretched and in some cases fully violated those rules. Behave or don’t play. I am not going to edit future posts, it is too time consuming. I will instead just delete them entirely even if part of the post is meaningful. The whole post will be gone. Next stop is Soap Opera or deletion of the thread completely. I really have other things to do.
  5. Modgellan

    Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

    Several posts have been edited or deleted to remove personal arguments against other poster’s rather than the topic or the points being made by users. you guys are bigger than this. Stick to the discussion. I will not edit future posts- I will simply delete them and references to them or remove the thread completely. and to think a thread on resurrection, started by a user who has not been here in two years, got resurrected 3 years later. Remarkable
  6. Modgellan

    Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

    I see you have already visited and posted on the Memorium thread. I am glad you found it. Now- Hold on, Kata. Your posts are hard to read with the texting shorthand , odd grammar and then the all-caps shouting in your later posts. (Please stop that last one, it isn’t liked on any Internet forum I know of.) Now then, this is a discussion forum. When someone posts a position others respond, and they may or may not agree with you. This particular forum is specifically named “Questioning Faith”. The response you got towards your claims might be expected especially in this sub forum. Certainly people of faith, or no faith, are welcome to post their views here just as in our other forums. However, you do not get to fly off the handle when they don’t agree or when they point out what they believe to be erroneous about your position. That holds true here and on our other forums. I will leave this one at least for now, but future out of line responses like it will be deleted once brought to the moderator’s attention. Make your point, try and defend your position when others disagree, but don’t call others rude snobbish fops (is anyone here dressing with extreme fashion?) when they don’t buy whatever you are presenting.
  7. Modgellan

    John Alexander Dowie

    It is clear that this thread has become more oriented to the Doctrinal forum so consider it moved.
  8. Modgellan

    1971 to 1989

    Hi Son of the Hog Ward- Our "Friend Tracker" forum is a good place to post (or search) inquiries about people you might recall. If they are here, they can either reveal themselves or send you private messages. Many of us first came here for the same reason. Good luck and thanks for visiting.
  9. Modgellan


    You are correct. This is the proper location for the thread. As always, if a topic loses interest it works its way to the second page and beyond. Meanwhile, comment if it is interesting and ignore if it doesn’t.
  10. Modgellan

    How does one change the banner photo?

    ahh, I didn't even know there was such a thing on here until you asked! The size needs to be 240 kb or less (pretty small for a photo). I just changed mine to see if it worked. It did. I did crop an existing photo to an oblong shape similar to the banner shape. Mine was just a 100kb but it should allow up to 240kb. I may try again with another. Edit- I redid one at 238kb. It also worked.
  11. Modgellan

    Old Way Tapes

    there was quite a discussion about the names of the members in this thread-
  12. Modgellan

    How does one change the banner photo?

    Do you mean your profile photo?
  13. Modgellan

    Raising the Dead 1 & 2

    It was in Open, but it is now moved to Doctrinal.
  14. Modgellan

    The Myth of Hell

    I am not at all sure that is a major factor to the lower participation here, let alone a main one. Facebook, Twitter, maturing, age, goals, changing personal foci, refusing to have others force their interpretation ... all have a part in the traffic here. Not many people come here to get preached to. I am sure of that. Do you yourself come here to learn anything? (P.S. it is not required that you do).
  15. Modgellan

    The Myth of Hell

    Currently reading the Bible is not a prerequisite to participating here, nor for asking questions about it. Also, there are many reasons for asking questions other than desiring to learn from others. my mother always asked questions of her contacts, not so much to learn from them, but to help them better define or develop their own positions. Rocky or others may or may not ever answer Mark’s question, but anyone can ask, comment, or discuss doctrine here provided they do not make personal attacks. the topic title defined the thread as “The myth of hell”. It is not limited to discussing Mark’s personal biblical doctrine. That is not how this place works.
  16. Modgellan

    GreaseSpot Fundraiser 2018

    Thanks Outandabout. if there is sufficient financial help so that Paw is no longer left holding the bills for this place it would have no reason to close shop. At this stage in life and after all that he has done, there is no reason he should feel obligated to fund it himself.
  17. Modgellan

    The Newbies' Guide To Greasespot Cafe Forums

    If I recall correctly the dots are indicative of your “rank”. i.e. it relates to how many posts you have made. When someone has made “x” # of posts their rank increases and the phrase changes automatically. At least that is how it used to work. The different phrases are embedded into the site and change the more one posted. There also was a way it could be edited. I am not sure how it works now with the new platform.
  18. Modgellan

    Wierwille: The Indoctrinator

    This is turning more doctrinal than about Wierwille Indoctrinator or TWI. Please keep doctrine where it belongs.
  19. Modgellan

    Frequent login issues

    I am not sure, but try logging in with your display name, Human without the beam, and password rather than your email address and password. ”With the upgrade there is no longer separate login ids and display names. Your login ID is now your display name.”
  20. Modgellan

    Did vpw cite his sources, or did he plagiarize?

    I have split what I think were posts regarding "Dispensationalism" to a new thread in Doctrinal by that name, located here: http://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/24710-dispensationalism/ let me know by PM if something was moved which should not have been, or if something more needs to be moved. Thank you, Meanwhile please keep discussion in *this* thread to the topic in the original title.
  21. Modgellan


    This thread was created to split the this topic off from a thread in "About the Way" located here: http://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/24675-did-vpw-cite-his-sources-or-did-he-plagiarize/ The above posts in this thread were moved here because I read them as regarding "Dispensationalism" rather than VPW's Plagiarism. Please let me know by PM if something was moved which should not have been, or if something more needs to be moved. Thank you.
  22. Modgellan

    Did vpw cite his sources, or did he plagiarize?

    I got the memo. It used to be easier to do than it is now. I will look into it. Meanwhile carry one
  23. Modgellan

    Concerning the Bible...

    Hah! No. I was just confessing it took me too long but it was finally open in case anyone cared to know. Carry on amigos
  24. Modgellan

    Concerning the Bible...

    FYI, the Trinity thread has been cleaned up and unlocked. It took a bit of time to get it ready.