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  1. They are looking for somebody to single-handedly run that particular lunatic asylum.. my qualifications.. heh. It can't be done by one individual. The world really sucks.. heh. It is a "competitive position".. to one of my colleagues.. the last communication was "you know, even if the gods above me required it, I would absolutely not kick your foot.." feel free to do what you want but.. all that we learned in the Way Simulation is pretty small compared to reality. Some of you failed tje simulation miserably but who cares.. No Big Deal.
  2. Tonight it is wine. Tomorrow, it is (a lot of) coffee. heh
  3. I put my name in for the position.. run the place.. heh. Administrator.. good god.. heh we have in the back of the room.. a state of inertia.. I call it the Black Hole.. heh but no complaints here. Only observation.. Nobody moves. They merely sit, unless for the few times that they simply cannot, sit In a Learning Center- I would remove every single chair, every single place of stability.. I would replace every chair, every table, with a vertical writing board, a small podium where one could place their book and notes.. and we would have freedom to walk about the problem of the day.. A small bar. It could serve coffee, or wine or both..
  4. What if.. heh. What if.. this Simulation is based on some laws of physics.. generally we agree on them, their underlying tenets or from the mathematical version, Axioms, make some agreeable sense or logic.. heh. Can the Earth traverse backwards in its orbit about the sun.. I suppose, given enough energy to do so. In my mind I can visualize it.. but the cause and consequences might be more than that which I want to actually pay for. Or if I were a god like being I could just snap my fingers and let the underlings pay for it all.. but I would still be responsible for the final bill.. heh you know, angry mobs waiting for their pay.. heh I would rather ask the question- what do you really want to do.. this is why the local college will not hire me as an administrator. They want "big" changes.. the last few times in history that we have had big changes a whole hell of a lot of people have died over it.. I prefer big changes one very small step at a time. Can't give them what they want in the short time required.. so what will become of me.. My first observation. This place is f*ucking dam*ned filthy. If nobody else wants the job, I'll clean the place up. The Students deserve at Least- a clean place to work. A little bit at a time. Anybody want to follow me yet? (the leadership question..) Nope. OK.. I'll still keep doing it at $17.00 per hour. The math is the easy part. God bless you dear friends..
  5. Ham

    A New Friday Night

    they left room for him, and did not even care if he was half wasted and needed cues.. I would be happy if somebody loved me even half as much as this. :)
  6. Ham

    A New Friday Night

    What I like about this particular event- maybe I think too much. But- notice the spacing between McGuinn and Clark.. that was where Crosby went.. I think that they left room for him.. hoping that he would show up.. look at this one in 1977.
  7. Ham

    A New Friday Night

    Well, if you have an hour or two to spare.
  8. Personally- I do not think that there is any escape. I am always looking for the family that never was.. I would settle on a visit on a Saturday afternoon..
  9. Ham

    A Saturday Night, afresh.

    You've found me smiling, friend.
  10. Ham

    A Saturday Night, afresh.

    I guess that I will have to unleash the best of Chicago on you.. heh
  11. Ham

    A Saturday Night, afresh.

    Old Ones will enjoy this as well..
  12. Ham

    A Saturday Night, afresh.

    Oh yes, the old stand by.. Old Acid Heads will enjoy this..
  13. Ham

    A Saturday Night, afresh.

    I like this better for a Saturday Night.
  14. Ham

    A Saturday Night, afresh.

    Any dance with Mary Jane never really killed any of my pain.. heh
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