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  1. In a sense, I think that this is true.. but still.. in a way. I think that thinking that the forgiven will get his on that day- is a condition on forgiveness.. but that I can put conditions on forgiveness for the forgiver.. I would not dream of doing so.. I think that it is all up to the forgiver..
  2. I't trying to figure out what it was that we supposed to actually have known..
  3. I dunno. I think that it is over-rated. Freedom of Will that is.. There are times.. I've chosen to lay down in front of the steam roller- and yet it comes. Will I do it again? Probably. Nice evening it has been here.. I am at peace. What about you?
  4. I've seen a few others presented with it and turned it down flat. Maybe that will be their only usage of it.. Paradox, isn't it? :)
  5. Free will. Ha. There are a few moments of it in life.. at least that I've personally experienced.
  6. Free Will.. As much as everybody here likes to disagree with Mike.. I think he has a pretty good take on Freedom of Will.. everybody seems to have their own set of axioms.. are they chosen, or given? I don't know. My axioms are generally simpler. I wake up in the morning and can generally convince myself that I can still count to ten or so.
  7. The interview.. why are you here.. "I just kind of floated here. I did not choose this, it chose me.." heh so much for freedom of will.. heh
  8. a couple of years ago they undertook a study as to why they could not retain adequate qualified faculty.. heh at the moment they had faculty running away and screaming.. I show up with qualifications.. I feel like I got run over by the stampede. Then they asked me if it was a good place to work at. Would you be slightly interested in working for us? What do you think the answer was.. they hired an organization to try to sort out why they were going down the tubes.. I gave them an honest answer. I don't think they have the capacity to "forgive" me for my reply to this day.
  9. Heh.. sometime I don't even know.. I went back to school at the local 2 year college. Gave me a nice return to Academia. at the time it was a good environment. They took math and education seriously.. I went on to obtain a couple of degrees qualifying me to be able to instruct in a college venue. I could have been one of their success stories. When I came back, they let me teach a few classes but what I found was far less that what I left the few years before- constant infighting, no care for academic integrity.. I kind of floated up on shore. The difference of what it was and what it had become was like day and night. They were actively seeking instructors the year I left- the year I returned basically the welcome mat had been pulled in.. I had a lot of respect for one of my former instructors- first class ethically, mathematically, professionally- the administration reduced him into a babbling idiot.. It's hard to describe this in few words..
  10. arguing with someone about rancid butter.. heh God, it has been a good week here.. How about the rest of you?
  11. I find myself back here again. Sometimes I ask why.. not judgmentally of course. Just why do I keep coming back.. maybe its more of a question for myself..
  12. Knew that we Knew is circular reasoning..
  13. sowy.. i've listened to too much Firesign Theater.. the topic just hit an obscure point of my insanity.. Still. Ghee is nothing but rancid butter.. just enough though. Nicely aged. Hope the recent comments are entertaining enough. God Bless you Friend..
  14. The lack of debt works both ways.. heh.
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