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  1. Yes it does, doesn't it. very much different. and far more accountable.. the Trips are getting harder.. not that I am complaining. emothional intelligence.. maybe there is such a thing.. if you have found this.. god bless you. pretty much thought.. wisdom brings pain.. or is it the other way around.. maybe both are the same.
  2. Ham

    New Years Eve 2023

    Where I would rather spend New Years.. there is one place that would qualify.
  3. Ham

    New Years Eve 2023

    Your Lips move, but I can't hear what you are saying..
  4. Ham

    New Years Eve 2023

    This might be your new years 2023..
  5. Ham

    New Years Eve 2023

    Another good New Years music.. who do you think the star of the show is in this video..
  6. Ham

    New Years Eve 2023

    Like to go back to 1974 if I could, and find you there.
  7. and at night.. I will still read the Bible.. books on mathematics, and pray for divine wisdom. For Fellowship with God.. What about you..
  8. Heh. Hmm.. good point here.. Might be horrible, but generally I write my own religion. Not that I want to Rule over the masses.. There are times that passages from the bible come alive to me- other times.. mathematics. The class I was instructing- it was a business calculus class. When we started into linear programming- it spoke to me. I believe that God can breath in more than one context.. and how did the current material affect a business students philosophy- at the moment it turned to philosophy. How do you want to run your business.. what is feasible.. probably, the chances of just opening shop and having a million orders at the door step will not be very likely- even in a War economy. We will need to plan. Of course the other side of the world plans ultimate destruction- what do you do, just give up? Suppose that the end of the world never materializes and you did not plan your business within bounds- that is in a region of feasibility. I dunno. Of the maybe three or four "real" religious experiences I have had.. that was probabably the best. A student actually had the question- what do we do, we have absolutely no idea of what is to come.. Well.. as human beings.. I suppose that we have a positive attitude. We plan anyway.
  9. Hope I have not bothered anybody here.. What does all of this have to do with god-breathed scripture.. if there isn't such a thing people really need it..
  10. In the intervening years.. I think that God has tried almost everything with this people.. heh. Wars to fight that which we should not be.. even on grand scales. substances in the sixties with which one could generally see god and the universe.. everything else pretty much small in comparison.. the government is pretty much to blame (or praised, depending on your point of view here). Gave Acid to Christians.. Leary was actually pretty realistic. Don't like what the world is doing? Don't participate. Don't like it? Don't support it. Personally. The Sunday School teacher in my second grade gave me something just about as powerful.. just could not warn me about the real consequences of believing it.
  11. And then God gives them a real break in NT days.. redemption. OK.. you want the sacrifice of all sacrifices, out of pure LOVE- you've got it. No more special designations, no more one group over another.. all are welcome. The People- "its not good enough. How is THAT going to make me money.. and forgiveness.. what's with that? "They" still owe me.. and why should I trust a Living God when I have uncertain riches to get me by.." Well, the people- for the most part.
  12. OK.. what I think- the bible was not written BY a group of male dominated, war mongering, self serving legalistic group of homo-sapiens. It was written TO them. "they" are still pretty much the majority here.. some of us heard the message and changed. The Old testament sets limits on primitive unbridled barbarism.. can't hold another individual captive beyond seven years or so.. I am beginning to appreciate how revolutionary the old testament law actually was in that culture. The people of that era regularly sacrificed their offspring through fire to some godless deity.. even up to the times of Abraham.. the grand tradition continued despite being given a god who would accept animal blood vs human. The kind of people the law was addressed to.. Even Solomon. it took centuries to root out the madness that he followed- not until the days of Hezekiah and Josiah was Tophet defiled.. the high places thrown down.. I don't think that people have changed that much since then.
  13. Here is one to my supposed "ex".
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