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  1. One of my grandkids came up with the question- who do you hate the most. Fair question I suppose.. I don't think I wanted to answer it.. so suggested a better question would be "who is your greatest enemy.." who is stopping you from being what you want to be.. the answer: "the devil..". OK, so as a Christian, we believe in redemption- what power does he really have.. none. Then the next candidate. The current Politician of dislike.. my answer- too easy of a target. They are too easy to find and blame- dime a dozen. Finally the whole room agreed on who to hate, who to blame- along with "you have to love yourself here.." heh I'll be honest here. Sometimes I can really hate myself..
  2. If you don't mind me saying.. After all of the "research" of how abortion is not murder, biblically speaking.. subject only to a fine vs. death.. And one is confronted with an unexpected pregnancy.. financial ruin so to speak, uncertain future.. all of that previous supposed rightly divided doctrine just melted away. Unplanned did not equal unwanted. By no means.. we found a way. I could not even imagine a modern world without this persons presence.. I feel in this particular case: Abortion = Murder. Or that it would have..
  3. still no answers.. we have met the enemy.. heh who or what is it..
  4. I think that this is the correct forum for this. Spiritually- as a "believer".. who or what is your biggest challenge.. greatest enemy..
  5. I will reveal mine shortly. Waiting for a few of yours and a justification as to why.
  6. It seems that others have asked the same question.
  7. We walked in the Dream, and we knew it was..
  8. "Mr. Skin" was a WWII vet.. Ed Cassiday. Of all of the music to refer to dear friend.. I listened to this album on a down side of an acid trip.. it is most memorable. The Spirit album is marked to be played at my memorial, if even that is to be.. or if there is even one.. one of the tunes on that album is a screaming nightmare. Why can't I be free.. and it showed up twice on the album.
  9. This is one of the few places that Balaam can have his foot talk back to him.. heh
  10. just Squirrel kicking at the guard rails.. heh.
  11. Yep. Same filter from over ten years back.. heh
  12. They didn't send me a card. I feel a little disappointment. For them. But this is not uncommon. I generally work the front lines.. lines constantly shifting.. I observe the same behavior in every organization I'm involved with.. they seem to have absolutely no clue what is really happening at the front line of attack.. they would not recognize the Devil if he bit them in the foot.. lets see how the profanity filter works here..\
  13. well.. for me this is about the closest thing to a Friday night. No work tomorrow.. unless I choose
  14. There is another Spirit tune where I aint, making, no deals.. I think it is on the 12 dreams LP.. I'm a cities own Son, I'm a man of means.. that's about all I remember right before hey Kiowa..
  15. All I need is a hot dog without a readable list of ingredients.. I will partake with the crowd. Make it a vegie dog.. too many carbs.. I'll have some dry wine. Or two.. on exceptions 3. What a good tune.. good enough beer and I'll deal with a few hours of high blood sugar.. heh
  16. Absolutely. Saturday Night on a tuesday.. what better can one expect.. forget the Moody Blues. Nice Groove Friend. Time for a Saturday.
  17. Here it is.. Crosby and McGuinn. How is it that they agree.. Too late to ask Crosby I guess.
  18. then there is Crosby.. pretty poor audio but.. there is another video somwhere he settiled differences with McGuinn and played it again. this version is Crosby/Nash
  19. Here is some slower destruction.. heh. Interesting these two settled their differences to play this tune..
  20. Thinking of old Way Leaders.. when we was FAB.. Harrison got a better handle on this than you did..
  21. Instead of a Tuesday Afternoon.. we get an early Friday..
  22. Have to settle on a bag of goodies and a bottle of wine, in a corner.. well, there are worse things.
  23. These guys made some pretty good music..
  24. Here is a Friday Night Pre-destruction. You guys get No Sugar Tonight. Heh Wait till Friday to view if you wish..
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