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  1. I don't know if this is more a question, or an invitation to discussion. A neighbor gave me a slightly older computer, and IBM type with pentium 4 and Windows XP Pro (legally) installed (whoo hoo!) I was looking for a second system that would run more modern scanning software. And maybe Linux. It was ready for the landfill.. but apparently the previous owner tried to save it. What I found inside: a gig of memory, and 500 Gig SATA drive. The original was an IDE.. the cord for it was still intact (minus hard drive). And bad capacitors inside. I assume with the attempt to recover the machine, the owner found anomalies during the boot process, and "hiccups" at various inopportune times. So I broke out the soldering apparatus, and replaced the capacitors. The machine was then stable, after letting it run for several days. So for the dual boot idea: I didn't want to mess with the partitions on the SATA drive, so, I installed an 80 gig IDE drive, using the cable that was left in the machine, disabled the SATA drive in CMOS and then booted up with Ubuntu CD and installed it on the IDE drive. Now to boot from Linux or XP, all I have to do is disable the one drive in setup and enable the other one right after hitting the power button.. and one system cannot "mess with" the other.
  2. "my *critics* say I got my *doctors* at a degree mill.." since when does one become one among the most bitter former twi butt kissers because one makes this statement? "my critics.. they are ALWAYS working against me.. trying to frustrate da movement of da werd. " god forbid we should call a sleazeball *practically* defrocked *minister* on academic dishonesty.. including claims of taking every class Moody had to offer.. and unchecked plagiarism. not only did he have a fake degree.. he would have been defrocked, and likely tarred and feathered in the old church if he insisted on not "retiring".. what I can't see is the "bitterness" connection. How does making the above statement make one to be among the most bitter, most adamant butt kissers known to twi?
  3. so they don't teach them practical management nowadays. Or ethics. Or greek, hebrew, or aramaic. Or church history. What about figures of speech? They still have flossing 101 I understand.. So what's the purpose here? they apparently are not looking for the most bright, most capable..
  4. sorry, it wasn't my last topic here I guess.. over the last twenty, thirty, forty years.. what would you have done differently? there are some things set in stone that I would not have the cleverness, nor even the inclination to undo even if I could. One can't exactly undo ones's offspring.. nor should one even want to.. but what would you have done differently? Maybe this is da final report, sent to Squirrels in da far, far distant future..
  5. I have two words, but I will wait a little while to see what anyone else has to say.. wouldn't surprise me if I heard the same words.. pretend you on your psychiatrist's couch.. "so whadda you think, bub.." I couldn't think of where else to put this.. "open" didn't seem quite right.. just plain silly.. naw..
  6. Ham

    Rhyming with Rosie

    "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?" "A baby, once mom stored in tote, thou lookest now more like a goat.."
  7. Ham


    "so where did you MISS it?" "what are you not telling me?" or the worst I remember hearing.. "we KNOW something is wrong with you. You need to come clean..tell us what it is.." is that what they teach the corps to be "competent" to counsel? "where did you miss it?" It assumes facts not in evidence, to begin with. Too many assumptions: that you "missed it", whatever that meant. And its pretty vague- exactly WHAT was it that I was supposed to have "missed"? Another assumption. If one "missed it" (whatever THAT was) they could figure out exactly where it was.. "What are you not telling me?" Again, so many assumptions. That the person seeking advice and possibly deliverance is simply lying, concealing the "evidence" from the "minister(?)".. my question today in return would be: "and WHERE dd YOU get your degree in psychology.."
  8. You've got to be kidding me..
  9. what does one do when one gets "stuck" with counterfeit money. If it were actual counterfeit American dollar bills.. what do you do? how many trips to the bank with notes that have identical serial numbers, before they think it just might be YOU.. who printed them? I can hear the excuses. They look the same.. They worked for me.. I've bought groceries with them, for YEARS.. it doesn't make any difference who printed them. After all, it's money(?). Its the "message" that really counts.. they all say "in God we trust", don't they? why is it, just about the only people who accept these counterfeit bills.. are those in offshoots? it's.. "bills(counterfeit) of gawd.. printed, more accurately than those of the first century.."
  10. Ham


    Cheapness. Not just frugality- it's beyond that. It's an austere stinginess. So cheap.. so cheap, the guy's idea of an anniversary present for his wife is a new bucket and mop.. but really.. from related threads, we've seen the extreme CHEAPNESS that defines "what is da way".. a "biblical research center" that would hardly survive a heavier hail storm.. wood blocks nailed together in some places, and used as wall studs. Wasn't howie the *carpenter* the one who donated so much of his "talent" on weekends to erect the brc? Cheap, lazy (how long did it take him to put up a PREFABRICATED BUILDING?? I know why you found blocks of wood nailed together and used as studs. At least I'm pretty sure of it.. This wood was absolutely, positively otherwise UNUSABLE. Junk. Would better serve as fuel to heat the office in a pot belly stove.. Some may commend this kind of frugality. That is ok.. but you would think that they would want the finest quality of material to go into the House where "da word like it hath not been known since the earth cooled" would be presented to da world. The extreme cheapness here had a "trickle down effect". Soon, it reared its ugly head in the form of borrowing funeral home chairs for classes, "bumming" "used flowers" off of the same establishments, re-using styrofoam coffee cups, "stretching" coffee.. along with. Renting (if we HAD TO) CHEAP public buildings for branch and area meetings. Still stretching coffee.. assigning people to bring cookies or snacks, made with THEIR OWN MONEY, Running branch meetings and such in a medium sized house. This was in violation of zoning ordinance. They complained about having to SPEND MONEY to secure more adequate facilities. They were relying on the church across the street to supply parking for thirty cars or so. Then made it out as an attack of da debil, when the church objected to this.. and the city then sent them a letter citing violation of said ordinance. They SCREAMED.. cheap, cheap, cheap.. Cheap. When they moved out of the area, local "believers" were expected to buy their JUNK that was left over, that they could not sell in a rummage sale. cheap.. cheaper, yet. when they moved.. they enlisted help of the locals to load up the truck. But they had to rent the CHEAPEST. They picked the smaller one, and could only get everything to fit, only after packing the truck not once, but TWICE. cheap. When the branch guy moved in, he used my service on moving in day to trace one twisted wire pair from the outside of the house to the office, not for "the work of the ministry" but for his BUSINESS PHONE. No, I didn't see (or ask for) a dime. I figured I probably saved him about $150 or so by not having the phone company do it. But the wife was concerned that I wasn't finishing the job fast enough, so as to schlep appliances and stuff in like everyone else, for free. I guess I was too accustomed with dealing with that level of arrogance. Cheap, cheap cheap bastards.. I don't know if it is really some trickle down effect.. maybe more like its a disease they caught somewhere..
  11. If one is not a member of the Alpha club.. well.. what do *they* do.. Have we evolved beyond this? I don't think so. If you are not "in".. I remember a national geographic special a few years ago.. the newcomer to the tribe dare not fornicate with any young females.. The Ruling Class would visit "consequences" on any such relationship. Including.. violent attacks from the tribe.. The worst attacks were those of neglect. Of the tribe, those with greater wisdom would not help the newcomer, or one who violated sexual protocol with neglect.. they would not help as so far as instruction as to how to separate the umbilical cord at birth.. if one was Alpha, one could fornicate in the light of day.. weird, huh.. kinda like the pres and the first lady.. I mean.. does this make sense? "they* went as far as to regulate one's personal bedroom activities.. pregnancy.. wasn't there a time that one had to submit some kind of plan to superiors before pregnancy? My impression, there was an outright ban to this kind of "activity". Weird? No.. very intriguing..
  12. It's kinda weird. Shortly at the end of my way days.. I went back to school.. had no idea where the path would lead. I went to the community college on pell grants.. in a chemistry path. The grants went away mainly because my spouse didn't have a need for me anymore. Or some such reason. So I could not afford the environmental disposal fees for chem labs on my own. So I took what I had.. about 40 credits of math and general studies, to the closest four year school. My major changed from chemistry to mathematics. so two years later.. I have a bachelors in math.. what does one do with a degree in math.. not any local opportunities. The six (or ten, depending upon your point of view) year university offered a half a job, and no charge for classes.. ah.. a Field Promotion. A one week miracle training, and then instruct two classes.. I never taught a class in this manner. The first semester of teaching, the graduate assistants are HORRIBLE. I didn't choose the path, the path chose me.. the real strange part is.. this is the third year I'm on my own in the math profession.. and I feel like I've been doing it for thirty years.. sorry for the diary. Carry on, if you wish, friends.. :)
  13. Ham

    Hitchhikers experience

    Just wonder. If you don't mind. Please choose the worst experience you had.
  14. Ham

    vic never went wow

    No.. never did. Not even going on an adventure, or experience that could even be compared to it. Neither did he go way corps.. nor its supposed model, the Marine Corps.. Neither did Walter.. or loy.. panarello.. I dunno. Maybe wow lite. I don't think vic ever went out LEAD either. hitch hike to gawd knows where, withing the prescribed time.. the mrs tried it I think. Probably minus the hitch hiking.. So. What is the point? We have a group of Authorities on Life Itself.. which never experienced life itself, to begin with.. the mrs. complained that there should be more allotted baths along the way..
  15. Ham

    Here we go again..

    Why set up a system, or a "training program" where one has the possibility of having grovelling followers, and the power of summary judgment over other people's lives, if one does NOT have the intentions of actually allowing them to grovel, and kick their a** just "because"? No real checks and balances.. no REAL trained staff.. probably not any kinda trained medical personnel in case people get hurt in the middle of nowhere.. maybe they can just (make)believe.. and then convince people that this "priviledge" is God's will for their lives.. a year and a half, and they can be gawd's "elite"? If it was some kinda "rehab" or something.. to help get someone on their feet, physically fit, back into SCHOOL.. or on a path to a career- it would sound a heck of a lot more "humanitarian" or "godly" to me.. well, one thing I can smell- lawsuit. Even if you have a fifty page long hold harmless agreement, a court very well may rule that a REASONABLE (or sane) person would not sign it.. and award compensation anyway. How many acres do you say you have?
  16. For devils? I'm not saying all offshoots, or everybody associated with the old ministry.. that would include me as well I suppose. It just seems to me.. all of the ingredients are in place, in a few places. Unbridled, unchecked "authority" to dismiss participants at any time for any reason.. A Doctrine which cannot be questioned for any reason, only discussed and studied as if it were from the Mouth of God.. Absolute ignorance and denial of the past history of the parent organization, including proclivities of its founder and leadership.. Deification of the founder of the old organization.. it all looks like the makings of a breeding ground for mini-loys, mini-psycho geeros and the like..
  17. I can think of a number of reasons, among which: It shows us a glimpse of the arrogant, egotistical, self-serving, conniving and man-worshipping small minds that were and now are in charge of others in many, many ministry assignments or positions. The same kind of minds inhabit many of the offshoots. It would wonderful to discover that conditions have improved.
  18. I dunno.. it's just a thought. Nothing else seems to get their REAL attention.. all they seem to be willing to offer are little one on one damage control sessions. I've seen loving exhortation, pleading, begging, brow-beating.. and.. nada. The national ham organization may have it's internal little squabbles at times.. but if they did half of this kinda nonsense, my local club would probably cancel affiliation..
  19. well, I hope you found something..
  20. Ham

    David Degrandchamp

    I think he went corps.. anybody know anything?
  21. Ham

    Event One

    We were all born in event one. No relevance whether we wanted to be or not.. comment as you wish.
  22. Victims or Opressors... maybe a little bit of both. Businessmen, or more properly crooks, running a church like a business.. conning and being conned. Some of them came out of the corps as pretty darned ruthless.. coniving.. contract and promise breakers.. generally, try to pay you half (or even less) of what something was worth. Trade their spirituality for a pot of beans.. Many were cheap sonsabitches. Always arguing about the price.. Probably because of what was done to them. Many sold businesses, abandoned careers for this supposed higher calling, only to find the rules and objectives constantly change.
  23. Ham

    being possessed

    A Friend of the Devil is a Friend of Mine.. :)
  24. Ham

    The Internet (anti-way sites) disarmed me

    I established a few connections prior to exit. I don't know if they were really much better.. maybe just stepping stones along a (strange) way.. my marriage did not survive. The connections in this world seem to be fairly loose. Divorce seems to be a killer of connections in this society.. for whatever reason. For the man. I was half-way through a college degree and finished the time in a rooming house with others with worse issues..