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  1. sometimes the Holy People have too much a sense of humor.. crazy as anyone else. Yes, sometimes we have something good to say..
  2. Maybe.. to stab myself in the eye with a fork, like I have always wanted to do.. Hey.. I mean its fun. At least it can be self-entertaining.
  3. Then there is option 4. Harry relied on the material savings from parents on the old farm to support his self-supporting business.
  4. Hmm. Try attempting grad school when you are in your fifties.. and maybe even a second graduate degree.. from experience: the younger crowd can't figure out why you are there.
  5. they call any publicity, a Gift from God.. yeah. any publicity is better than no publicity.. so sad. I received a gift from one of these organizations after raising sufficient hell about them here.. a shattered coffee mug with a shattered inscription. .. ordinarily given to contributors. They only shattered themselves.. If you want to send any more broken contributions, my address is still the same.
  6. I would like to know what the "church" has to say about sowers, stiffi.. cff.. crf.. et al.. in years to come..
  7. Maybe he has accepted his self-imposed "sentence". Of course it assumes a lot.. I think the lack of transparency is mostly a control issue.. one must admit that one, is not.. God.
  8. Apparently the book is always open, except when it is closed.
  9. I only (initially) volunteered for three weeks. Kind of. voluteered.. paid to volunteer. I didn't join the army..
  10. Somehow, we need to define the bigger problem.. unfortunately, most are too blind to see it. Or its. Or whatever it or they are or is.. we have met the enemy in a very small venue. Maybe we are blessed..
  11. Ham

    A Legend Of Greatness

    Friend, I never knew some of my favorite musicians dedicated a song to the Great One..
  12. Ham

    A Legend Of Greatness

    Maybe I'm a progressive.. I'm holding out for the year he threatens lawmakers along with their villages and Burroughs with Perpetual Winter unless they figure out some way to legalize the recreational use of Cannabis in the state of Pennsylvania.
  13. Ham

    What does one do?

    What does one do with it.. Save it. Put it in the closet.. and next year, re-gift it to another relative. Then they will be asking the same question.
  14. Ham

    A Legend Of Greatness

    Within six short days, a Legend of Greatness will emerge from his residence, and will utter a Great Message to his followers, and to the world..
  15. why would the context of go and sin no more be relevant in terms of smoking a God made vegetable.. go on, just smoke no more pot..
  16. I see you have the proper description properly spelled..
  17. I feel like my, if you could call them extended family never left as well.. all of the old doctrines are still well set in place, including mark and avoid and willful ignoring. Even after they left or got kicked out years ago. I'd rather sit here, cold, friendless in the dark than go back to what they have to offer..
  18. Ham

    Event One

    We were all born in event one. No relevance whether we wanted to be or not.. comment as you wish.
  19. Miscellaneous comments. It takes the right kind of personality, to wake up one fine morning, find everything one believes is just plain wrong, or unexplainable.. and end up playing nice in this existence.. Other than that. What is the possibility that one can get even with the Whole Universe? Very good questions, Raph..
  20. Shardovan could perceive the recursive occlusion in his philosophy..
  21. Maybe we are caught in some kind of time trap. Like.. Castrovalva. the books are indeed very old, and they chronicle the rise of civilization to this very day..
  22. The problem with the spiritual smelling sense thing.. those who exercise it fail to be able to smell their own feces.
  23. Ham


    I always liked series and sequences. So far, except for infinity, the extended real numbers and such, I haven't used anything here past high school algebra. We're just adding fractions. of course to show the sum of 1 - 1/2 + 1/3 - 1/4 + 1/5 - 1/6 + ... is really ln2, requires a tad more. but one could take a calculator, start adding and subtracting fractions and observe the sum gets closer and closer to 0.6931 as one keeps it up.. Did you know, there are two decimal representations of the number 1? maybe or maybe not. They might look different, but they are in fact the same thing..
  24. Ham


    I flunked Real Analysis my first time through..
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