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  1. I think the burning we feel is just passage along another stage of purification..
  2. I am currently teaching seven algebra classes. My grad school experience took two and a half years. Was it worth it financially, probably not. But every decade I feel like I have become something completely different.. I never decided to become what I would be in the next incarnation.. somehow "destiny" or something even more vague pushed me on.. I never thought I would be a window washer.. never thought I would work repairing broken technology.. never thought I'd be a ham radio operator, never thought I would be a mathematician, never thought I'd be an instructor.. I absolutely loath
  3. I think they have a special kind of ignorance.. j.l., j.s., all the rest.. They are so ignorant they can't fathom how ignorant they are. I don't think they are smart enough to be willfully fraudulent. Maybe they are driven by blindness and base desires.. survival.
  4. so then, if you do not know what your neighbors believe.. does it make any difference what your neighbors believe, is it any business of yours what your neighbors believe, to the extent that your neighbor wants to tell you what they believe. What about Numerology. Three versus One. Well, plus a few other significant numbers.. do you still feel uncomfortably different than others, and the rest of Gods Creation.. its just a question.
  5. Arguments with religious fanatics are useless.. including myself. I often argue with myself, I should know.. I would rather argue with myself. There are a few advantages to this strategy..
  6. My beliefs mostly imposed by others was suddenly abandoned (by others that is). Which is weird.. maybe I was the proverbial Rice Christian.. in some sort of sense.. Give me Family, and friendship, and I am your Christian.. maybe that's it.
  7. Ham

    Song of the moment

    Another Pictures at an Exhibition Promenade has been playing in my head for the last week o so..
  8. Ham

    Song of the moment

  9. For that matter.. does it bother you that your neighbour believes that God is a She.. or does it bother you that your neighbor believes that God is light.. or that god is an alien conspiracy.. the list could go on for pages. maybe god is part of me, or maybe I am part of God.. maybe I'm too ignorant, too unqualified to define God, by my own beliefs or through any collective writings.. but why would this bother anybody..
  10. Ham

    Song of the moment

  11. Ham

    God Evening.

    Good Evening.
  12. Any definition of the more abundant life was generally a moving target..
  13. The excitement is contagious, as are the black cross volunteers..
  14. by the Numbers, I'm supposed to be some kind of peacemaker.. so far, I haven't found any party, genuinely seeking peace.. well, except for Rocky. Once you thought the "young Man" might have a ministry of sorts.. what changed your mind?
  15. My offspring basically spit in young V*ctor's face. Pretty much. So he is rejected.. his pappy owes me his soul.. though I would never collect, even if I had to power to do so.. I would not want the responsibility of ownership. the soul of this branch of humanity, I would not seek legal reparations for payment.. if you want to be, or become scum of the earth, so be it.
  16. The character on the far left of the above image still owes me his soul. He traded it to me for a stinking tank of gas at ROA 1977. No kidding. "It will cost you.." "whatever.." OK. we are in agreement.. No kidding.. that is about how the conversation went..
  17. It looks to me like a *majority* of CFF was in attendance.. the current "majority" of cff could have had enjoyed real community, in my current town. Along with genuine respect.. but no. You have to do what you have to do.. I have a few questions for the fellow on the left in the above photo.. besides those, my general question is, who or what organization performed the ordaining?
  18. Things could be interesting.. This is a college I graduated from with a Bachelors degree in math. I then went on to another place where they offered a teaching assistantship. Of course, the first semester, all teaching assistants are just, plain awful. I read my reviews on "rate my professor". Somehow the students there figured I worked at the previous place I was only a student at. They claimed I was so awful, that I the previous place fired me, and the new place (where I was still technically only a student with a teaching assistantship) hired me because they couldn't find anyone else..
  19. I am going to see if they will let me teach an algebra class at one of the other colleges here besides the little place I'm at now. Then I will take a couple of engineering or physics classes at a substantial discount. The first day of class. Not teaching.. well, maybe that too. Often there are introductions. When the professor asks who are you, and why are you here. I'm thinking.. I will say something like.. I keep escaping from the facility where the people watch me because I'm bored, and there is nothing to do there..
  20. If you were a family relative of the *founder*.. you went to the hospital. Directly.
  21. Maybe we were given a glimpse into somebody elses nightmare.. This was never my personal dream. It pretty much violates any agreement I made with anything way. I demand my money, time and effort refunded. Plus interest..
  22. Ham

    The Cottonwoods

    AHA! Twice I've called the city sewer fixit business to fix it.. well. Considering what it would cost to remove four close to fifty foot trees in the city limits here.. I'd be further ahead with keep paying the sewer guys to fix it.. They do make the house cooler. I pull in air from the corner of the house at the base of the trees.. so they pay their way in one sense. Now, if I could figure out how to market the massive amounts of cotton in mid-June it would even be better..
  23. Ham

    The Cottonwoods

    There is a lot of clay in the soil, and water stands in the back yard in early spring.. I don't think there are any underground streams but I'm not certain about that.
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