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  1. I was a WOW in Dorchester in 1980 and then a WOW vet in Fall River in 81. I was a kid but am in touch with some of the adults from that time in my life.
  2. They had a young adult rock? They're making it seem like this is the reboot.
  3. I worked at a WOW Burger tent with Stevie Kay and a recent conversation had me look her up and we had a really nice conversation. But she doesn't seem to want to talk about it and I don't blame her. As for "is it different now?". Probably not enough to make it right. They cling to VPW in an L. Ron Hubbard retro history way. The entire thing is the house the foolish man built upon the sand. It was rotten for so long that being 'different now' is moot. The reason people don't leave is mostly fear based and that's not a good thing. They should make sure there's a bucket of condoms at the Young Adult Rock.
  4. I did a bit of a deep dive into these young people and many of them are the sons and daughters of old Way people. 3rd generation lifers, not new people. Word Wolf makes sense with his comment. I just want a Wow Burger.
  5. We used to get beer and Jack Daniels from a guy who worked Bless Patrol. What a blessing.
  6. and they used old photos in the ad as if any of those people are still standing with them. Did they forget that The Rock was a sex a thon and that's why they cancelled it? Ad is on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C2pwIHkLABY/?fbclid=IwAR1-Il2YocWkNCA9wpIJOOMO3A4bs-aXtjbNve1_vEffmrHxv6mTraao27Q
  7. The amount of adulatory that was going on is mind numbing. I have spoken to many friend's who's parents were involved in it. But what I saw first hand in residence was our teen slumber parties. Games of truth or dare that went too far. Which teens will do if they're unsupervised but that's the problem. We WERE supervised.
  8. I am told by folks who are “in” that they have "not taken an anti vaxx stance". They’ve always been..., uh, pro choice. Your abundant sharing paid for some of those choices.
  9. Former Jr. Corps member Steven Perez of Family Corps 9 shared a photo album of his recent visit to the Indiana Campus in Rome City. Good stuff both photos and captions. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=dtension&set=a.10161220720074418
  10. I always felt like it was high pressure sales with quotas. Even in the 70's. Our hearts might have been in the right place but we would be in "trouble", especially as a WOW (twice) if we weren't constantly running classes. Hence the homeless, addicts and others who were there for the food and kisses. But that was my experience.
  11. Ah. by 88 I was gone. The revelation must have changed.
  12. 480 adults? That is unbelievable. Imagine thinking that this is the only real/best? I mean, come on. It's so good and accurate that it's a secret? lol I am also surprised, but shouldn't be, that they peaked at 48,000. I was once told that the rock of A had 100,000 people. It's a trip to continue to find out that your childhood was even more of a lie than I thought. Thanks for the reply.
  13. I mean like really witness. We went door to door all the time. We stopped people in parking lots, supermarket and malls. We went to churches and tried to convert people. We left flyers on cars and bulletin boards. This was a touch way to grow up like when you knock on the door of a school mate or a teacher. Awkward. Between that and taking furniture from the trash, growling up way was a real damper on school/social life. Nothing like branding the new kid as the town weirdo. I have been wondering if they still recruit this hard anymore. We were aggressive, argumentative and could be quite rude. We also invited the town's addicts and drunks into our homes and would be surprised when the horn of plenty grew legs or when my wow sisters would get assaulted. Lots to process here. Sorry if I am rambling.
  14. Did it even exist on VHS? I have a beta copy but am not parting with it. God told me Beta is the way to go ;)
  15. We had to drop whatever we were doing and stand and clap when they walked in the room. That alone is insane. Stop eating, quit doing your home work, stop sitting...Craig is here YAY!
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