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  1. We had to drop whatever we were doing and stand and clap when they walked in the room. That alone is insane. Stop eating, quit doing your home work, stop sitting...Craig is here YAY!
  2. Another re boot? Seems there's one every few years. Meet the new cult, same as the old cult.
  3. LOL yes I did mean adulterous. Autocorrect strikes again. I was out WOW when I walked into a certain Reverend fooling round with a 19 year old woman. I told my friend and he had seen them too. The Rev's wife was upstairs and Rev was in his office with his secretary, a new PFAL grad, "working on a teaching". I then found out from the child of this leader that this had been going on for a while. I sat on that information for a while. A few weeks later, that leader took the teen fellowship out for ice cream "his treat". He had me go to his office and grab some of the ABS to pay for the ice c
  4. Exactly what I started to figure out when I decided to leave. "wait a minute...we are paying to work AND getting reproved by very angry leaders who cheat on their wives. WHAT THE..." You should have been there when a friend and I went to Craig to let him know we had "discovered" an adulatory and theft problem among some leaders. I thought he was going to punch me.
  5. Allan you are right about how much pressure she was under. We almost didn't go and that was being framed as a spiritual failure on her part and I was even spoken to about not having believing "big enough" to carry the weight my mother carries to take care of me. I really believed that if we didn't make it, I would have been to blame. I was proud of her but I was also relieved. I was afraid that I was screwing things up for her, which of course is ridiculous. I was 11. The only thing that bothers me at this point is the run around I got about it. If God wanted her to steal my money, why was she
  6. It's hard to accept that reality. But you're right. Those of us who grew up in TWI, we didn't join. We were dragged along and then left when we got older, so it's really hard to see how this could even happen. It's hard to let go, it's hard to know how to handle this, who to be mad at, if anyone. But I saw plenty of terrible abuses, thefts and lies in TWI so why am I surprised? I know this, TWI didn't care where that money came from as long as the pyramid scheme kept the money rolling in and the vulnerable people were there for them to take advantage of.
  7. Hi. It's been a long while. Sometimes talking about The Way can be helpful and sometimes it just makes me remember bad things. I am dropping by to get this off of my chest. I just found out that my mother paid for her Corps experience with money that was supposed to be in an account for me for when I turn 21. I was 21 years ago but never got a real answer as to where that money was. Imagine waiting for 10 years for the day you get this pay out for that time you were almost killed in a car accident and then it just isn't there and no one can tell you anything about it. As I remember
  8. Thanks guys. I am having a heck of a time doing this on my mac. I have a PC at work, might try it there.
  9. Greasespot used to have audio of a thing that Donna M-Dale said about my friend Naomi’s death. She died in a famous plane crash that killed Democratic Party Chairman Ron Brown. Does anyone have this audio? It’s not on the site anymore.
  10. My Jr. Corps brother DTension posted these on Facebook. Thought I’d share. They’re pretty funny.
  11. I guess I wouldn’t use the word “cult” if it were a positive thing. But I hear you.
  12. I distinctly remember our WOW Home being reproved for not having enough students. We basically had to fill a quota or risk being “off the word”. My house was regularly full of people you would never want in your home. At the root of Christianity that should be OK as a pure heart should want to help anyone who needs help. But we had people coming over that you would never want near your kids. I was especially upset by the class we ran that featured people from the local (and I am quoting as a matter of fact) the “reatarded adult home”. I mean, where do you draw the line? These people couldn’t r
  13. It’s crossed my mind that if I were that twisted, which I am not because I am not a psychopath, I have all the tools, experience and knowledge to start my own cult. How easy it would be to do that rather than get a job. It wouldn’t be hard to find the local lonesome people who need a purpose in life and who have jobs so they can give me 15% of their income. I went WOW three times, I am good at that. No disrespect to the lonesome people but that’s who we sold the class to the fastest. That’s who came for the kisses and free coffee cake. I can’t imagine, as a father today, allowing active drug a
  14. A few years ago a friend of Brian M’hands told us that he and his family were planning something of a coup. Years later , here it is apparently. I don’t think they wanted to go the splitter route. They wanted to revive and restore as far back as 4 years ago. That’s the exact term they used. Wow.
  15. That’s a blast from the past. I remember Michael Fort.
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