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    The Cottonwoods

    Its been a cold spring, but the four dimensionally monstrous cottonwood trees here are bursting to break forth in their annual glory.. They are at close fifty feet tall. I will herd the cotton out to the street with a leaf blower. The event will look like a snowstorm in late June..
  2. What do I think.. most local way and ex-way probably think I'm "occupied" by Legion.. I can't get *most* of them to grace my door with their presence even with offers of Free Beer..
  3. I remember (kinda) being born once. Can't remember the previous times. Do I really have to go through that again? Oh well..
  4. It's been more than thirty days from the last request. What's Up, Doc? Not saying that geero is a "Doc". It is a rhetorical question. In other words, a question not requiring a specific answer.. or is it a question which knows the answer before it is asked..
  5. Absolutely. Of course, hazarding the hills, you might offer some "tip" from the refrigerator, beyond laughing cow cheese..
  6. Sadly, he is not exactly dead.. vic is Dead, long live Vic.. If souls reincarnate, we'll have to work this small mind over next time around..
  7. I really think the former organization was a breeding ground, for .. devils. Maybe in a weird sense, an environment welcome to walk ins from evil intelligences.. Something like that. Maybe this is how devils propagate the species.. somehow I was a host that was rejected..
  8. They were led down the path of destruction. The offshoots do the same. One of them claims to be operating under the purity of the conditions of when Geo J*ess ran (?) the corps program. At the best, or "purist" days, the way bred psychopaths..
  9. The Lunch Special of the Day: Grubs, with some more of that Old Third Red Eye..
  10. I would choose the Colorful Dodge City, and call the bar the Last Chant Saloon. Complete with a Theosophist's corner, seating for a "passel".
  11. Ignorance and denial of the past.. The Organization was such a paradise before loy and the other "bad people". So they want to run the program like it was back in the day, when G. J*ss ran it.. loy, geero, any may others were recruited into, trained by, and groomed by the very system they strive to emulate..
  12. For devils? I'm not saying all offshoots, or everybody associated with the old ministry.. that would include me as well I suppose. It just seems to me.. all of the ingredients are in place, in a few places. Unbridled, unchecked "authority" to dismiss participants at any time for any reason.. A Doctrine which cannot be questioned for any reason, only discussed and studied as if it were from the Mouth of God.. Absolute ignorance and denial of the past history of the parent organization, including proclivities of its founder and leadership.. Deification of the founder of the old organizatio
  13. Vanity has a seductive way to try to convince us that the song is about us..
  14. its not really that much different though. maybe what is different at that point is Graduate Consequences.
  15. The Original is not fake. The original is You.. well. Unless "you" is not true. You may ignore me. I'm into weird dang..stringing chairs..
  16. If there is "power to be had".. I wonder why *mr* lynn currently needs fervent prayer, of others.. power that somehow is not so easy, to have..
  17. I have a maroon (half red) car, but birds never defecate on it, it is currently broken down and stored in a small garage. Maybe it is just lucky..
  18. Ham


    If God didn't want us to be spiritual, he wouldn't let us have weird visions either.. Just saying.. Maybe I'm saying the same thing that you are saying.. Emotions can be very visually oriented.
  19. Ham


    but, where do we go from here.. the Illusion of Control has melted.. we are really small beans compared to the cosmos.. what are we after reality melts. are we friends, comrades, enemies.. adversaries.. what are we.. patiently waiting for an honest response.. Ham
  20. As to the original post in this thread. I would say we are not alone in mistreatment. It is not beyond my imagination that the "elders" in this supposed college would find it far easier to sweep this kind of conduct under some convenient rug instead of honestly dealing with the issues.. I had a *minister* in an offshoot who could not publicly acknowledge exactly what the "sin" was in one particular circumstance. The consequences of his negligence will never be fully known in this lifetime..
  21. Sometimes, off topic proves to be relevant to the thread at hand..
  22. Ham


    the troubling part about this, at least to me, is how the Bots (generally speaking) would welcome a Government which would march "heretics" and "unbelievers" into death camps and such. Surely they would wash their feet in the blood of the wicked.. has this particular mindset changed in any way? If it has, I will retract my words.
  23. so then.. you were not exactly invited.. yourself.. either. A long time ago. I was a guide to some, through a long, strange trip.. now, it would be nice if they could reciprocate. It is asking, far, far, far, too much.
  24. I hope you will suffer through a round about way explanation of what was my bible knowledge previous to way days.. my dad died when I was in something like the 8th grade. One day I was looking through some old material in his desk in the basement.. among which was a Holy Bible (which was so old that the cover had rotted off). I had no idea what I was reading.. the new testament was missing, except for a page that claimed it was a Masonic Lodge version.. of *something*. The still readable pages were probably from Leviticus. I read about cutting up birds.. disembowling goats and cattle.. fo
  25. Maybe next incarnation, he will have the option to opt out.
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