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  1. So, another thirty days have passed. Perhaps it would be reasonable to come to the conclusion the mr. geero does not wish to join the human race here..
  2. We're playing those mind games, together.. from another fellow soul mate from your country..
  3. In lack of other words, I adopt those those in the sixties spoke, we were co-opted. I don't know what all this means.. it is published in your country friend.. http://www.theguardian.com/notesandqueries/query/0,,-11884,00.html probably means the same thing here.
  4. As a teacher, or instructor it works as well. Sometimes the current book has methods or explanations that appear more like chaos than mathematics.. The worst is explaining undefined slope as "no slope". No, it is not No Slope. It is undefined slope.. undefined, because if you try to calculate the slope by formula, you encounter an undefined operation, dividing a real number by zero.. Students take the book to extend undefined slope to zero slope. Which is something entirely different.. Every line has a slope. Only one person came this Saturday for free wine, beer and chili. But.. th
  5. I've done something similar. They seem afraid to ask questions.. explain it all a different way. Still no questions? try another strategy.. if it is a fundamentally important enough concept I'll keep going at different angles until the students get it. I seriously don't see how someone can really learn something with questions being held for the last day of class. "most of your questions will be answered as we cover the material.." I had to teach myself the same way sometimes. One book not working for me? Try a different one on the same subject.. Its still the same. I'm working th
  6. Ham

    Zero divided by Zero

    Of course. :)
  7. Ham

    Zero divided by Zero

    I didn't mention the limiting process in my intermediate algebra class. Every once in a while I like to give the students a peek into they might see in the next level.. we were simplifying rational expressions where one encounters 0/0 in many situations.
  8. Ham

    Zero divided by Zero

    one example would be 2x/x. If x = 0 one has 2x0/0 which equals 0/0. But what if you got very, very close to zero.. say, .002/.001 = 2. then .00002/.00001 = 2, .000000002/.000000001=2.. could you then say 0/0 = 2?
  9. Ham

    Zero divided by Zero

    generally can be anything. The result is determined by the context in which is asked. The algebra books call it an "indeterminate form". In other words, it requires special treatment to really figure out what it is, on a case by case basis.
  10. Sometimes during dialogue, I learn more than the students do..
  11. But as far as interacting with ex-way, can you honestly call them friends? I'm also thinking of old "leadership". A general observation is that they do not have any real friends. Many have an audience. They have a microphone. Other than occasional nods and amens from the audience, there is no exchange, no dialogue.. maybe some in the audience like it that way, I dunno. The only thing personal I can remember about the minister in the church that I grew up in, is that he was long winded. Same for F*nnegan, C*mmins.. Tow*send.. I remember more from what I read in their class syllabus.
  12. If you consider AND to know the love of Christ, you now have five dimensions. But where is the fifth gospel?
  13. I've discovered recently that the vast majority of the old "friends" cannot function socially outside of the four walls that enclose their "home fellowship". I won't say discovered exactly. Its more like.. I found that nothing has changed. Even the promise of free beer won't pry them away.. socially I'm fairly dysfunctional as well. But at least I'm trying a few different things.
  14. I have few exway I've met here that I would consider friends. I have a lot of exway on my friends list on facebook.. a lot of them are the locals here. I tested my hypothesis last weekend. I posted an open invitation to a free chili and wine extravaganza. I think this would be equivalent to a well-stocked bar putting a "free beer" sign out in the street.. How many do you think came? so. If I can't even bribe somebody with the promise of free beer.. I'm not anywhere even near wallowing in self-pity here. I find this to be absolutely fascinating.. I got a few "likes" from friends
  15. In my opinion. A life altering experience would be to wake up one morning, or to take one brief glimpse into some kind of blinding light.. and come to the conclusion that EVERYTHING one once believed, is just, plain, wrong. Everything one believes dissolved in some kind of Cosmic Sea of light..
  16. Ha! No kidding.. one of old friends I initiated the reunion. The person claimed to be going through some kind of life altering experience. However. It was not Death. That is what it takes to change.. something, somehow has to die.. but no. Somehow the person was able to incorporate the old beliefs in a new structure.. my question was. How is what you believe now, then, in any way really different? Old wineskins generally cannot contain new wine. the person pretty much ignored what I was saying as nonsense..
  17. I didn't go very far up the ladder. I coordinated a twig here and there.. went wow once. Some "friends" climbed up the ladder, never to be seen again.. I have had one person in the last year look me up on facebook. He did not climb far up the ladder either. Years ago before that, I had somebody in an offshoot look me up to see if I wanted to go to his church..
  18. I'm glad you are more confident than I am.
  19. I have even stranger theories as regards to boundaries. Nothing material in this world is worth fighting over.. you are only fighting over ownership of a momentary illusion..
  20. Maybe in a previous life I was a monster.. and whatever retribution is involved followed me into this life..
  21. The theory is simple. Well.. set aside what is impossible or improbable.. what is left may VERY LIKELY be the true facts.. I'm.. obnoxious. Or unbearable.. or.. not unsanitary or unwashed. I shower daily.. Maybe I snore far too much.. or make far too much noise when I open a bag of chips, or whatever.. I know my jaw is designed so as the noise of my chewing exceeds that of about 90 percent of the population.. In many ways I am socially.. undeveloped. In many ways, I can't set or demand boundaries.. I'm a frigging Hippie. Sometimes I know too much, sometimes I know too little.. There
  22. How many of them have actually looked you up within the last ten years? Even if they have been long gone from the organization? Just curious. As far as I am concerned, the count is very close to zero. I have some theories about this..
  23. OH no. You may check out any time you want, but you can never leave. :evildenk:/> :biglaugh:/>
  24. cmon. there is no fear here, or is there.. Ms. preskie ended up with a bag of ..... and it was good s*it. No complaints, no troubles, I hope.. it took me four days to hitch-hike to Saginaw..
  25. One is Hawaiian sell out. Next to that is Beat the Reaper. Welcome to Side Six.
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