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    If you want the number to be infinity in the extended real number system.. simply choose to sum all of the positive terms first.. 1 + 1/3 + 1/5 + 1/7 + 1/9 + ... This series diverges. In other words, is not bound by any real number. It "blows up" even before one gets a chance to add on any negative terms..
  2. Ham


    Like the series 1 - 1/2 + 1/3 - 1/4 + 1/5 - 1/6 + ... = ln2. ln2 is a real number. Approximately equal to .6931 if you re-arrange the series, say like: 1 + 1/3 - 1/2 + 1/5 + 1/7 - 1/4 ... you still use up all of the same terms. However, the sum will be greater. The real weird thing about this. One can simply pick a number. Any number.. and one can find a re-arrangement of the series which will sum to that number. It might be a *tad* difficult to list the series correctly, but it does exist.
  3. Ham


    Given any Conditionally convergent a series, on can chose it to sum any sum which one one wishes.
  4. It is the short story. Dreamer, nothing breather, nothing but a dreamer.. Allright. Here we go again.. Now is the time.. There is too much.. that we need to share. Aw, yeah, we've gotta see.. I'd glad to find myself back home.. the twelve string guitar has always suckered me in.
  5. If you don't mind me saying. To reclaim one's identity, sometimes one must push the "reset" button. For some, that might mean going to a few church services where the preacher refuses to define God Almighty for you.. maybe go to a few Catholic services. join a local civic group, and do some REAL good in the community. Or at least try to. Listen to old music you used to like to listen to. Beatles, Spirit, Jefferson Airplane, Led Zepplin, Traffic, James Gang, Yes.. and newer music that you missed like Norah Jones, Crowded House.. Eat somewhere between 600 and 800 morning glory seeds.
  6. Ham

    Free Gesticulation

    I heard that somebody signed in high german once..
  7. Maybe a similar question. Could one claim that early christians impacted culture? In a real measurable sense? One might say.. yeah, look, we have writings that survived thousands of years.. but writings from those who are of different religion might be able to boast the same claim.
  8. My original thought for this thread was from how another poster referenced this particular piece of "history" as not being relevant today. In other words, what good does knowing that the old ministry was being run by delusional, screaming, gun-toting psychopaths? Things did not improve after chrissy poo exited the scene, either. I know the general attitude: leave me alone, this is not "edifying". What difference does it all make in regards to my eternal security (ahem, eternal salvation) and all.. I don't see how "truth" always has to be "edifying". I wonder if *mr* geero still packs he
  9. Another thing about the paper.. I believe it to also show geero as an enabler. Supposing it to be factual, if indeed the old man came sniveling and crying about his treatment from the trustees and his family, the best thing he could have done would have been to immediately drive him back to the airport and send him home.. but instead it appears he just allowed and enabled more bad behavior. More sniveling. More tantrums.. more calculated meanness, especially to geero's wife..
  10. I think the relevance of the "document" is that in either case, whether his claims were factual or not, it makes out geero as a delusional nutcase. a royal rear end kisser.. him and those with the same kind of minds.. from what I understand of the old vicster, he needed a ROYAL amount of said kissing to be comfortable anywhere at home, or on his travels. Would go off on someone if a blade of grass accidentally fell on the wrong spot. With so much in common, maybe the two should have gotten married, or something..
  11. I think it is a historic document. It documents the insanity that inhabited and inhabits way world and the majority of the ex-way organizations. I'll be nice and not paint them all with the same brush.. some turned out OK. If some of it is correct, it also documents the last few ranting sniveling moments of herr manogawd, which geero claimed existed but did not write the details. Well, the sniveling about his "men" at headquarters and his family was well recorded, but not the ranting. It also documents how geero kissed wierwille's rosie rear end.. despite the corruption he was aware of.
  12. I can think of a number of reasons, among which: It shows us a glimpse of the arrogant, egotistical, self-serving, conniving and man-worshipping small minds that were and now are in charge of others in many, many ministry assignments or positions. The same kind of minds inhabit many of the offshoots. It would wonderful to discover that conditions have improved.
  13. You know.. the best teachers and supposed preachers of the sixties and early seventies, stood back from the microphone..
  14. Ham

    Song of the moment

    It's nice to see and hear music played by some people stoned out of their minds sometime. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXQR6RiB9zc
  15. There are now FERPA issues to deal with.. FOI might not be enough to ply personal information out of any institution, even if the said subject is long past dead.
  16. Time ran out on Wierwille.. I think it is more than that. I think time took one look at the pathetic bastard and went on a dead run, screaming from the room.. sowy. Maybe I just need another beer..
  17. I'm glad you've learned to laugh.. I suppose the situation is so comical, one can't really help oneself..
  18. You know, this is mathematically speaking, a very accurate, precise statement..
  19. I wonder if the "program" has produced anything new at this point.. or different from the old parent organization..
  20. And apparently, he isn't saying very much..
  21. The only thing. The Cats must go with me.. I don't currently have a camera.. if I could send a picture of my current desk littered with wine bottles, bottles of vitamins, cds, radios monitors and computers.. somebody there would be convinced that that was my home..
  22. Now there are some sexy tomatos.. globules of delight.. an orgy of awesomeness..
  23. They really need me to be there. I don't know if they are willing to admit it.. as much as I need to be there. For more than one reason.
  24. Another example of "your Abundant Sharing at work".
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