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  1. Perhaps if there are video of Loser Paul Wierwille his mannerisms could be looked at. I don't have any. Someone once hinted to me they saw his mask.
  2. I am not going to entertain the idea that they can change without evidence. Not maybe hopefully. The cult leader is void around which many gather. Looking at them with hope is just stupid.
  3. If a person is missing a leg . . . they can acquire a prosthetic. Effort is not going to replace it with a real one. In dealing with living forms of these personality disorder . . . pretending like there's a possibility of change is dangerous and naïve. They are dead . . . there is no possibility of change. (Dialectic Behavior Therapy might help some . . . good luck) You can read body language . . . and see the mask . . . which should fall under critical thinking skills?
  4. I believe there are people who cannot develop an authentic self. They have to mimic those around them. You could say they lack a soul. They lack a stable identity. . . . They are parasitic in order to survive because they can't "talk to them selves" . . they can't relate to themselves. Thus you can't relate to them, because they are not there to relate to. When they are off their game you can feel a void looking into their eyes. You could call call that unmasking. Am I speaking metaphorically? If the soul is a metaphor, if the self concept is a metaphor, if identity is a metaphor, then yes.
  5. The narcissist is triple scared of death as compared to the average person. Look at it this way. Narcissists want to be on top of the one who is already on top of the person on top. Death does not discriminate. https://psychcentral.com/blog/discoveries/2018/05/narcissists-7-weaknesses-reveal#4
  6. https://psychcentral.com/lib/why-narcissists-act-the-way-they-do#4
  7. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/toxic-relationships/201804/understanding-the-mind-narcissist
  8. just found this link . . . see not a person . . . "no real human left" . . . like dead
  9. Well it looks like we were both up all night posting on the internet so I'll blame it on that. We're clearly talking past each other. The concept of self / identity- in the context of a severe personality disorder - which I will assume is not anyone here - is what I am referring to as dead. It took me a 2-3 years to grasp this after first being aware of it. When I find a decent link I will post it.
  10. Of course I have. Honestly this is starting to feel like taunting. Some people can't develop a concept of the self. They just can't. Why does that sound so far out there? An organization that messes up people's concept of themselves. . . . Because the center of the group lacks a real identity. . . Therefore can't possibly support healthy bonds because it must contrive unhealthy adaptations There's a million ways to say it The center of The Way is death
  11. Death frightens NPDs/cult leaders. It is the ultimate lack of control. It is the ultimate change. Which nobody has any control over.
  12. This "change your mind" stuff is sounding familiar. Got cancer? Change your mind. A cult leader is usually a deeply damaged person. So damaged "dead" is an acceptable term in describing them. In a sense it is very literal. The masks are like putting make up on a corpse. I haven't said anything in essence that someone else hasn't. Just applying it here, about a specific cult called The Way, before this specific website disappears in the years to come.
  13. Is was a site I believe by someone raised in a cult. They were quoting another book. Also this thread points out the walking dead . . . The NPD's excessive fear of death . . . The masks used . . . I don't know if you are suggesting VPW could have ever changed. The idea he had an authentic self is what I've said is dead. Some call it oscified. Google it.
  14. Yes T-bone, I read that in a book or website. If I find the source I will post it.
  15. Yeah I'm not following you at all. Obviously "mask wearing" is something you, T-Bone, did if you spent time, 12 years?, in TWI. However you had the benefit of calling upon a "before time" in reconnecting with yourself after making the decision to leave. Not everyone has that, for various reasons.
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