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  1. "Hitler was a poor tramp and it needed the acclaim of the Germans to make Hitler what he became. This the exhibition tries to reflect. It is about propaganda and it is about the means of his attraction." https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-11542473 When in doubt find a BBC documentary and quote about Hitler.
  2. But, Love IS obedience, right? https://psychcentral.com/lib/can-a-narcissist-love/
  3. The grave accepts folks from those days every day. There's no point waiting for change. Give them new names in your mind. They cannot be who they are needed to be. Frame them as someone else. Your expectations can then be lower.
  4. "I watched helplessly as language became an obstacle" Anyone actually reading this?
  5. Henry Ford was the only American mentioned by name in Mein Kampf. Ironic. Doing things at an industrial scale. Numbers matter. Yes?
  6. Not sure anyone equated atheism with nihilism. I'm sure one can believe in gods and still be a nihilist. One can believe in gods and believe there is no eternal cosmic justice either.
  7. Is this, "atheism", really atheism with a nihilistic view?
  8. Speak in Tongues Speak in tongues Do it every-day Oh what fun it is to know in the spirit we can pray (cause bells summon spurts, and we can't have that, it's just too silly. Maybe, who knows.)
  9. There are two questions. The first is doctrinal. The second question leads one to accept a rather subjective product while discussing a separate topic.
  10. Not sure God will heal with just a tithe. Might not start until abundantly sharing or plurality giving. Less than abundant sharing is the tithe, and for that God won't send you his spit, if I remember correctly. I'm assuming God's spit is what heals. Just rub it in. So short answer is no.
  11. I thought this was a regular event. Maybe it wasn't. The movie was an opportunity to thump your chest and chant "sola scriptura" and then thumb your nose at authority while Luther gets worked up, (an authority that doesn't even know you exist).
  12. Neither can our past selves. And the always changing significance to life they gave. So we've all died many times you could say. Not sure if that files in somewhere already.
  13. The Nazi's found that mass shootings took a mental toll on their soldiers. Can't have good people going crazy. So they started the concentration camps where steps in the killing process could be broken down and made less personal. Himmler himself would carry a little book with him to remind him of their ultimate goal, when all this killing turned his stomach. It doesn't feel right, but it is right, he needed to remind himself. Anyway, this is where VPW got the idea for Retemories. (you read this on the internet, it must be true)
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