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  1. Bolshevik

    Thus Saith Paul

    Paul was educated, is there doubt to that? VPW's credentials are not what he claimed. Paul was actually putting his own thoughts together based on his knowledge and experience and ability and he probably wrote and said a lot more than the epistles. Paul is written about by others who gave account of his deeds, bad and good. What evidence is there that Paul was not inspired by good intentions? Not to mention, Paul's ideas seem to have had some staying power. The criteria used to show Paul as a possible con-man are criteria set forth by VPW, the plagiarist. Is everyone VPW stole from and misrepresented con-men too?
  2. Bolshevik

    Household of God Teaching Is Antichrist

    Would it be similar to the use of term "earthly family". Because, nobody out there would understand what you meant if you said "biological family". *Cues Burning Bridges by Singing Ladies of the Remnant of Old Drapes*
  3. Bolshevik

    Nothing New Under the Sun: The first sin of mankind

    I'm sure if you explained to LCM that to fight Medusa you have to look in the mirror . . . . . . he'd see it as a trick of the Adversary to get him to walk backwards . . .
  4. Bolshevik

    Nothing New Under the Sun: The first sin of mankind

    I think of Medusa with her head of snakes as another example of women being associated with snakes in mythology. She turned men to stone. LCM's constant blame-shifting was just following in Adam's footsteps.
  5. Bolshevik

    Picking up threads

    Maybe this is why Wowmobile bumper-stickers say "All Roads Lead to The Rock"
  6. Bolshevik

    Picking up threads

    Maybe I'm not sure how uncertainty is being used here. But I would argue awareness of the fact that there is always uncertainty makes one aware of the infinite. A lack of the infinite means any god is finite, and therefore can be ultimately understood, and made unnecessary.
  7. Bolshevik

    Revival and Restoration

    Stealing bicycles? https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/cross-check/tripping-in-lsds-birthplace-a-story-for-e2809cbicycle-daye2809d/
  8. Bolshevik

    Revival and Restoration

    LCM certainly had a greater influence here than VPW did. VPW is some dead guy who couldn't write or even plagiarize in plain english. That is all. VPW had the spirit of the 60s he could fashion and mold easily, as far as I understand. People were begging for "leaders" like him. LCM, had memories of some dead guy, and a bunch of people with nowhere else to go.
  9. Bolshevik

    Gutenberg and YouTube Evangelists

    Interesting in light of a recent booted poster. https://www.livescience.com/62506-flat-earth-convention.html Despite early claims, from as far back as HG Wells' "world brain" essays in 1936, that a worldwide shared resource of knowledge such as the internet would create peace, harmony and a common interpretation of reality, it appears that quite the opposite has happened. With the increased voice afforded by social media, knowledge has been increasingly decentralized, and competing narratives have emerged.
  10. Bolshevik

    Plagiarism on the road to success

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurens_Janszoon_Coster http://theweek.com/articles/454295/johannes-gutenberg-15thcentury-con-man
  11. Bolshevik


    Is this something?
  12. Bolshevik

    Is atheism a religion?

  13. Bolshevik

    Is atheism a religion?

    Math defines itself? So does math determine the universe? Or does math describe the universe? Certainly is a useful tool. We are built to look for patterns. We see patterns of math. But did the patterns of math shape the universe to make us to see it? Or maybe matter and energy follow rules that result in patterns we call math. I feel less cross-eyed there.
  14. Bolshevik

    Is atheism a religion?

    Are you saying proof is a group effort? Or is this the "is mathematics objective or subjective?" question?
  15. Bolshevik

    The Way Biblical Research - New Slogans

    Wasn't it the Blue Book where we learn to burn other people's toast?