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  1. I am not connecting anything you say here to GSC. Perhaps many matters are being conflated with GSC? "free from censorship" - these things existed before the internet? What did the internet bring into being that wasn't there before? I fundamentally disagree, maybe numerous people in TWI did not see the dangers until the internet, but plenty of people outside of TWI prior to the internet did see them.
  2. GSC is not a living being. Not in the sense a cat or a human being is. It's information that is a double edged sword. Focusing on the positive does not mean the negative ceases to exist.
  3. Shunning is something everyone does, I think. Most people only need hear TWI leaders did gawd knows what to shun a follower who had nothing to do with it. Simple numbers game. Human nature. Rational precaution. Lots of people here don't give their real names, reasons could be TWI is reading, or strangers outside TWI are reading. TWI is ultimately the lesser danger. (It's dying and we are familiar with them).
  4. There's a lot here I don't disagree with you on T-Bone. I don't think all the good things are dependent on GSC or the internet. All can be accomplished without the internet. The Way International is people. Face to face. GSC is not people. There are people interacting with screens. Screens are not people. The discussion of voices is interesting. Are we really individuals on the internet? Are we really ourselves when minds are interfaced with machines? I think a lot of what's described on these boards are about times before the existence of the internet. Since the rise of the internet, cults and their derivatives haven't gone away, simply changed. You can imagine things may have been different if the internet existed in this form in the 60s, but VPW I can guess would have adapted as well. (I'll revisit this to add more - you touched on a lot)
  5. Starting a thread here to move away from another thread.
  6. The opening post appears to me to compare Waydale/GSC to TWI and the spin-offs. If you google "World Population" I think that number shown is much larger than the total PFAL grads. So large in fact PFAL grades divided by world population is essentially zero. When this much larger group gets this information, what would they do to us?
  7. A bomb doesn't care who is in its blast. What is unclear?
  8. That is fine Waysider, and isn't there a way to address that? Be able to connect to those in your peer group without influencing the wrong people?
  9. I can't see an overall positive affect of GSC. It simply exists as does TWI. Maybe it does good. But GSC claiming GSC does good is circular reasoning. I have to look elsewhere. I highlighted part of your post because I feel it does not reflect what I already said. So we are not talking about the same thing.
  10. On one hand you have to fight The Way International, on the other you have to fight the people around the people using the information posted here for personal gain. We have blood relatives in there. GSC seeks to harm indiscriminately. You've known that for years. My post you already read is clear. I think you're deliberately being ignorant on this, Chockful
  11. They held no power over you. If that's what you really are I am sorry to hear that. With the evidence that these websites influence those people around our families in The Way International, sites like Grease Spot Cafe remain a hindrance. Greasespot Cafe is a way for PFAL grads to continue to act out their training, analogous to "defeating the adversary" by making nothing but noise. Posting to the internet always has unintended consequences. Your one job is to forget. Never mention his name, the weekly who died last century. To disappear into the real world. When the birds are silent the rest of us don't have to consider them.
  12. Yes, I would think every generation going back knew that. That transition should be anticipated.
  13. God had to limit himself so as to limit the devil. Does that mean God is subject to reason?
  14. Some people heat butter in a pan to browwn to make a sugar free candy. I love ghee. Clarified butter. Big fan.
  15. I'm trying to get through Dune. And open an MRE. What does anyone really know? We still have to make decisions. Know that you know that you know - must feed the idealistic mind, which 20 somethings are prone to do. It's just a stage. I suppose black and white thinking are easier to accept at that age too.
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