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  1. hehehe IT IS WRITTEN What bologna. Red herring. It's a relationship with the leader. What is written matters little. Contradictions are overlooked because the truth . . IS NOT WRITTEN.
  2. Of course it was. LCM chose what to highlight it as many others did. "Save the person then love the person" I think was one way to say it. Love-bombing was diminished and the threats were increased. Obviously misapplying older tactics. When joining a cult a person is choosing to be hated.
  3. Your first option conveys the idea he did not love himself and thought even less of you. I think it was in the WAP class LCM drove home that being right comes before loving the person.
  4. That would lead to The Law Believing. For VPW as an NPD it was his magical thinking . . . he did it to survive For the "neurotypical" it was ego inflation . . . to get through perceived or real hard times. All training to be more like him, his image, what he want to be seen as. NEEDS to be . . . just to get it parrellel.
  5. Wierwille's ego couldn't be deflated because he had no ego. The grandiousity is a salve to the pain of that reality.
  6. PFAL, the Advanced Class, the total TWI "belief system" is chaos. It's complete chaos. The orderly homes for TWIGS and the perfectly cut grass and the feigned smiles gives the illusion that something or someone is in control. 1 Corinthians 14:40 my foot. The value system should have been in order first, not the fa├žade.
  7. HA!!! A full blown NPD had no ego, has no self, no identity, does not experience real life . . . they are the true zombies, they are vampires, they are the undead, they are devil spirits, . . . feeding and occupying without contributing . . . like cancer. To be infected, be bitten, to be smitten, to be moved by an NPD is to join the ranks of the white walkers in the army of the dead.
  8. Well he saw snow on the gas pumps. Nobody has ever seen anything like that before. Except everyone. But HE saw it, so he MUST be the messiah. . . . confirmation biases happen in shared fantasies, too, right? May I borrow $1000 from you and loan it back to you later and charge interest? You're welcome. Someone here was pointing this out long ago about Eve and the serpent, (they both had spirit so they could talk to each other), . . . she doubted her own thinking and a new idea was inserted . . . with consequences. That's crazy one class sets up for a later class. Remove thoughts in one class . . . Sell them back in another class with a new meaning. Seeing the contradictions on paper is humorous . . . but I don't think this medium captures the intensity and persistence. Logical consistency is unnecessary when pushing a lie. In fact it's probably the inconsistencies that serve as red herrings while the real agenda is pushed. Folks with personality disorders don't necessarily plan this, or construct this ahead of time. They are persistent, have practiced this since they were toddlers, and simply act on impulse. The rest of us just project how we think everyone else thinks onto them . . . and get disoriented when the results are unexpected.
  9. I agree with this. Attention needed to be directed to him, VPW. He needed narcissistic supply. There will be inconsistencies and lies which VPW couldn't acknowledge because he confabulates. These are often amusing when not destructive, but countless folks went along with it for their own motives, be they benign or selfish.
  10. he changed "gifts" to "gift" if I remember right . . . he had some direction it sounds like I think
  11. Did it come from Leonard's Class? Or Stiles? Was VPW's purpose for it just copy and paste?
  12. Overthinking is a quick way to get depressed. . . . so constantly be internally looking for ways God may or may not be talking to you . . . and constantly remind yourself there's no condemnation it's not working . . . you meathead. VPW (as an NPD) needed others to reflect back his image. His reality was a projection of a projection. Love-bombing sprinkled with threats is a tactic to get compliant mirrors. He can only project that which he isn't. It sounds, T-bone, like you're describing wiping a canvas clean to paint a new picture, in going from PFAL to the Advanced Class. The verses you quote mention eyes and seeing. I suspect VPW dissociated a lot . . . from stories I have heard. It can sometimes be "seen" in their eyes. The blank out of body stare . . . as if possessed. I wonder if possession might not mean something has taken over. It might mean something simply isn't there.
  13. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/inside-the-criminal-mind/202002/the-narcissist-criminal
  14. Took the Advanced Class same year as LCM Jr. . . . The Rock was no longer a thing and I forget the month that was . . . I think the Advance Class sort of was an attempt to replace the function of The Rock as far as "coming home". . . they started those bus tours. Overall this isn't very fair to fireflies to associate them with the seasons in New Knoxville.
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