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  1. Big folks have fight. Little folks shot in crossfire.
  2. I think we're talking about different subjects.
  3. And yeah, some folks had plans and tried to be crafty. Some folks just let me have it until I broke down. Mind you, I hated fellowship. I was hiding from that too.
  4. I should never have had to. That's the point. Those topics should have been for you, not me. I should not have had to come to Ohio to verify all this. That information should never have reached my ears. That perception of me by strangers should not have been made possible across state lines. Any threat you make won't come close to the damage already done. The Way International hates its offspring. You cannot understand that. Many topics should have stayed with the older generations.
  5. It is my understanding some of what I dealt with was LCM's reaction to his kids. The internet sites made a double pincers. The Way on one side. The Internet on the other. In retrospect the internet made what needed to not be known known. It could have been made private, invitees only.
  6. I've posted about the time in Arizona before.
  7. I came to HQ largely because of the events around the lawsuit and the repeated incidents with folks reading on the internet. Those events were essentially blocking escape routes, a chance build a separate life from an aggressive organization. LCMs mandates were confusing enough for a teen. I came to HQ angry. Lind@r could tell you that.
  8. Normally when people disagree with me they used a stick. Digest it. This is a real aspect of the TWI experience that continues. There were never any secrets.
  9. It's honest account. As a minor the websites were used to harm me. Tim-bo has bigger complaints but that's gotta be harder.
  10. I'm lying that false accusations change lives? I'm lying that I'm not the first to say this?
  11. I'm lying that there's no control how that information is used? I'm lying that the wrong people get accused?
  12. I'm lying that people not part of the Way read what was posted online for everyone to read?
  13. I am not out of line as this was repeated in numerous unrelated situations. If the truth bothers you I won't apologize. It was your cult Raf. You guys joined, you guys made websites. Their your leaders.
  14. My anguish was caused by ostracism caused by the websites I was not involved with. And decades of consequences that followed. Waydale was meant for bastad cult followers. Your business should have been between you and your leaders
  15. Again you're making stuff up. These people were not in TWI. Waydale cut off avenues for people trying to leave. Again, you blame children for VPW.
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