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  1. The anxiety didn't begin or end with the class. You had fellowships and excellor sessions regularly. I felt it for decades. You were being forced to interpret on the spot random noises you had made up on the spot. The random sounds couldn't be just any random sounds either. They had to be convincing. The interpretation had rules. As children we all knew who in children's fellowship was faking and who was not. Kids test boundaries. There were rules and they bound the mind. It could not be faked. Speaking in Tongues in TWI was abuse. Interpretation of Tongues was indoctrination. The process was extremely constricting.
  2. My understanding of Rorschach tests is the blots are NOT random. Speaking in tongues is. Interpretation of Tongues would be more like divining goat entrails.
  3. This Swan person has shown up on my feed for years. Her content is mostly uninteresting and I disagreed with her conclusions. Until months ago when I happened to try again and heard something that I really didn't like. Her communication was not straightforward, and it felt like knives. Her boring videos were a facade. She clearly had a messed up upbringing. Familiar behaviors are present. It's someone you could watch build a fantasy world in real time.
  4. https://mormonstories.org/podcast/teal-swan-jared-dobson/
  5. I don't know how anyone gets past session twelve. Even more so the intermediate class. A a Twig Fellowship. The Manifestions were human torture. There was a sadistic element to them.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speaking_in_tongues "A 1973 experimental study highlighted the existence of two basic types of glossolalia: a static form which tends to a somewhat coaction to repetitiveness and a more dynamic one which tends to free association of speech-like elements."[73][70] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_association_(psychology) There's this
  7. Like Rorschach, before Freud babble nonsense . . . interpret . . . the message came from God, right?
  8. "Other artists, like Dalí, looked to dreams for inspiration." . . . Like with Jung.
  9. https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-understanding-the-persistence-memory-salvador-dalis-surrealist-masterpiece (interesting mention surrealism being related to Freud) "By splattering paint, allowing materials to fall and be placed according to chance, and doodling around the resulting shapes and composition, the artist essentially removed their agency as much as possible from the creative process." Removal of agency . . . like with Manifestations?
  10. WIKI LINK Mr. Bosch's work very clearly interprets itself.
  11. I have a false memory of that too. His paintings were full of apparent errors according to some . . . the actual errors were seen more clearly when looking at them up close
  12. This confuses me. Blue is overused. Seems an expensive dye back then. The Pottery Barn look in the back is oddly blue. Maybe they didn't know about blue back then? Joseph appears to be pointing out the kid isn't his, for reasons.
  13. No, I think people had seen apples before. Calculus might have help. A person can choose to look at the Bible as a list of actual events. I don't know why that's a discussion.
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