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  1. The Nazi's found that mass shootings took a mental toll on their soldiers. Can't have good people going crazy. So they started the concentration camps where steps in the killing process could be broken down and made less personal. Himmler himself would carry a little book with him to remind him of their ultimate goal, when all this killing turned his stomach. It doesn't feel right, but it is right, he needed to remind himself. Anyway, this is where VPW got the idea for Retemories. (you read this on the internet, it must be true)
  2. Right, WE have the Truth. *thumps chest* (As in the royal WE)
  3. The term "household" as in the remnant must be uttered while stomping at least one foot and clenching a fist. It helps with correct pronunciation in distinguishing it from other uses of the word "household". God is not the author of confusion.
  4. Usually when a verse was read in a teaching, the practice of flipping to several other seemingly random verses (used before, scripture build up), maybe ranting on one of those random verses for 20 minutes, and then returning to the original verse at some point, if there was time left, . . . was the general practice. Getting the context was was like studying a painting after getting of the tilt-o-whirl. Yeah, it all became Greek to me.
  5. Great thing about the GYM is that getting there is half the babble.
  6. I feel like "lo shanta" never really had a fixed meaning. I'm sure folks on the outside thought one thing. And innies thought something different every time.
  7. The Dead are Not Alive. To celebrate is to admit defeat. Trick or Treating was devil spurt possesion. By little kids. Getting access to your home.
  8. Research really means re-search. There's a long-winded explanation for that. Like "God Bless you Abundantly above etc etc etc.". Just say a lot for friggin ever and put the listeners to sleep.
  9. "No condemnation, no condemnation" - Oops, Freudian Slip "Bless You" - F u 2
  10. "it's not who's right it's what's right" = renew your mind
  11. Renew your mind = Obey Obedience = Love
  12. "you can't change the past" - history belongs to Victor
  13. Tweeting is for birds. We learned in LCM's WAP class that "a little birdie told me" is a reference to devil spirit influence. I believe that to be in the syllabus. This is clearly the work of debil spurts.
  14. I'm unsure if you're saying PFAL is a valid interpretation of the Bible myth/story. Are we conflating VPW's views/intents with something that is thousands of years old? Tribal mentality is not confined to religion, or humanity. It is sometimes beneficial and sometimes harmful. One would expect to find this anywhere and everywhere?
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